Cheng Xinxiang, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a non-genetic inheritor of Hunan embroidery, submitted a proposal for the “Proposal on the Establishment of a National “Hanfu Day”. Cheng Xinxiang believes that China’s Hanfu is one of the most important carriers of Chinese national culture. The “Hanfu Cultural Renaissance Movement” caused by it is a journey of cultural tracing of the Han nationality under the background of contemporary cultural globalization. The ultimate goal is to revive China. Traditional Culture. For this reason, Cheng Xinxiang suggested: It is planned to set the third day of March every year as the Chinese Hanfu Day. The third day of the third month of the lunar calendar is the birthday of the first ancestor of the Chinese nation, Huang Di, and it is also an ancient festival.

Although the probability will not pass, I still support it. If you don’t shout to open the door, how can someone honestly discuss the issue of opening the window with you? There is still no official recognition of Hanfu. Even taking a marriage photo is not going well. On the contrary, some ethnic minority costumes are photographed without taking off their hats. Hanfu and ethnic costumes are different. No matter how curious ethnic minority costumes are, they are officially endorsed from birth. Some ethnic minority costumes have been “invented” for only 20 to 30 years, and some were even “designed” more than ten years ago, which is shorter than what some people call “Taobao Hanfu”. However, they have official endorsements, so they can be officialized and formalized from the beginning, even if they are reinvented, they can be said to be “ethnic traditional costumes.” However, Hanfu lacked official endorsement from the very beginning and developed from the bottom up from the folks. Therefore, various forms of chaos and barbarous production are very normal behaviors. Many people do not hate Hanfu, but just hate the pain in the process. If they are asked to go to a certain point in the future when they have resolved this pain, they will not hate Hanfu-it is like everyone’s attitude towards industrialization. Now all kinds of thinking about industrialization are good, but they are not willing to accept the pain of industrialization. . The way to solve these problems is to go to officialization, regularization, and standardization. First, it has sufficient authority to endorse, has a formal legal status, and will not be treated as a fancy dress; second, it can also formulate and implement standards to eliminate the disorder of form; third, it can better integrate with modern society. Countries like Japan, Korea, and Thailand have launched modern models, which also avoids the problem of Wuxi marriage certificate photos. So I am very happy to see this point raised by a representative, at least to achieve the officialization and regularization of Hanfu. No matter what his purpose is. If he is in pure national sentiment and self-consciousness, then I am very happy; if he is in self-interest and business purposes, I will be happier—at least there is a related group of interests. Although the proposal may not be passed, it must not be passed unless the proposal is passed, and when the proposal is passed in the future, all the predecessors who fail the proposal will receive their merits. One more thing, if in the future, when Hanfu has been formalized and standardized, and it is the same as kimono Hanbok, then the younger generations will certainly be grateful that the ancestors have developed the Hanfu system tenaciously in line with a group of national sentiments and under various pressures. How impressive the spirit is. Those who oppose Hanfu now will probably “unknowingly feel that they have always possessed this spirit.”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Some people say it’s useless. I say it’s useful. Zhuangzi said that everyone knows what is useful, but they don’t know what is useless. From International Tooth Day, Book Day, Earth Day to Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, there are too many memorial days, and There are no holidays. Of course, most adults have no time to set up festivals. The holidays are not closed because it is not for everyone to go there to have an opportunity to promote the Chinese culture; to allow some primary and secondary schools to hold it on this day Some activities let our children remember where they came from; to keep the suit and leather shoes busy for a day, you accidentally opened the calendar and paused for a few seconds: My ancestor is Yanhuang Hanfu, the full name is “Traditional Han Nationality Costume”, also known as The costumes, crowns, and costumes of the Han Dynasty were from the ascension of the Yellow Emperor to the middle of the 17th century (late Ming and early Qing). The center, formed through natural evolution, has a unique Han nationality style and character, which is clearly different from the traditional clothing and accessories system of other nationalities. It is China’s “clothing country”, “state of etiquette”, “Splendid China”, and Sairis country. It embodies the outstanding craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Han nationality such as dyeing, weaving and embroidery, and inherits more than 30 Chinese intangible cultural heritage and protected Chinese arts and crafts

7 months ago

When our own girl wore Hanfu in film and television dramas but was said to be Hanbok, when Huaxia clothes were considered to belong to Fusang, perhaps the alarm sounded was that we had forgotten where we came from. Externally, as a unified China It is especially important for a nation to have its own imprint. This imprint should undoubtedly be the imprint of the main nation (think Rome and the Soviet Union). This imprint is not necessarily Hanfu, but can be many other things in Chinese culture. Class contradiction is the core contradiction, but after the Cold War, the ideology has faded, and the confrontation between civilizations has become the mainstream of international confrontation. The decline is the necessary reform we have made in order to integrate into industrial civilization, and even not only to integrate into industrial civilization. Modern radical thinkers believe that we can integrate into Western civilization as a whole. Russia once thought that it could integrate into Western civilization, but now lies half-dead to the north of us. Apart from carrying forward the Chinese civilization, we have nowhere to go (Hanfu is just an opportunity, most people don’t need to wear it, but this day of every year I see a young Han Jiaerlang on the street, remembering where I came from is enough)

7 months ago

My girlfriend is a Sankeng girl, but I don’t have a Hanfu. According to my girlfriend, these circles can be used to describe inferior workmanship, hunger marketing, random restructuring, and competition for copycats… and even many people wearing Hanfu. People’s uncivilized behaviors have indeed aggravated our disgust. I still remember that many years ago, high school ordering class uniforms, there are many choices such as Hanfu, I was originally inclined to Hanfu, but when a girl went up to canvass, she said, “Every girl should There is a set of Hanfu” “Youth without Hanfu is incomplete” Barabara pulled my disgust to the full. What I hate the most is moral kidnapping, and I changed hands to the other party in anger. Then I started to reflect because of some mentally retarded behaviors in the circle. To deny a certain kind of culture in its entirety. In fact, what we need to do is because of choking. In fact, we should advocate a more benign, open and inclusive Hanfu culture. In fact, Chinese culture should also be like this. It is the ambition of a great country to be confident and not arrogant or impetuous. , A Chinese dream that never fades

7 months ago

You can refer to the current situation of China’s China Service Day on the third day of March. China China Service Day started in 2018 and is hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. This activity has been held for several years, and the achievements and shortcomings of the Hanfu movement can be clearly seen. I personally think that the Hanfu market is still in an era of chaotic competition, and the time is not yet ripe, so it is not appropriate to accept the intervention of state power too early. Especially considering the legend of Gaia this year’s Spring Festival Gala, and considering the aesthetic level of the big stores in the industry, I hope everyone will think twice. If the ethnic costumes of the Han nationality are fixed on plastic candy wrappers and curtains and mosquito nets by state documents, it will really be overwhelming.

7 months ago

It is also very amazing. A matter that is not directly related to many of us has been anxiously opposed by so many people, not for ourselves, but for the ethnic minorities, and for the ancient aristocracy. Our revolutionary martyrs overthrew feudalism. Didn’t it mean that we can put on the clothes worn by the ancient nobles and use the things they used? It is said that the Hanfu of the ancient aristocrats is not worn by ordinary people. If there is a kind, you should not go to the Forbidden City In ancient times, ordinary people couldn’t enter the palace. They also opposed it for the ethnic minorities. Did the ethnic minorities oppose it themselves?

7 months ago

stand by. I saw misunderstanding comments on the Internet and used them as examples. Netizen: “No ethnic minority will oppose Han Chinese wearing Hanfu. Only one ethnic group is afraid, because in history, they shaved their hair and changed clothes and ruined Hanfu. They were afraid that the Han people would retaliate against them after regaining their national identity.” It is considered biased and the Han nationality is a friendly nation. From the great unity of 56 nationalities, it can be seen that the Han nationality is tolerant and diverse. However, in recent years, the Hanfu movement has encountered constant resistance, which caused some netizens to mistakenly believe that the ethnic minorities gathered in the capital did not like Hanfu. In my opinion, it is because of the collision between the old culture and the new retro culture. Some older generations think that if young people like Hanfu, they will deny Chinese tunic and cheongsam, but in fact, Chinese tunic and other Chinese clothes do not conflict with Hanfu. Hanfu is juxtaposed with the traditional costumes of various ethnic minorities, not with Chinese tunic suits and cheongsam. While young people like Hanfu, they also favor modern traditional costumes. I support this proposal! At present, the Hanfu culture should be promoted quickly to eliminate the national misunderstandings cited above; second, beware of the smearing and rumors of traditional Chinese culture by foreign forces. I hope that Hanfu will regain its glory in the 21st century.

7 months ago

Support 1. The Shandong Provincial Museum just held the Ming Dynasty Hanfu exhibition some time ago. It is said that Hanfu was founded by Taobao, please ask if Taobao existed in Ming Dynasty. 2. Some people say why not resurrect the coarse cloth short coat, saying that it is civilian clothing. Please, in ancient times, ordinary people wore coarse cloth short coats. It was a feudal ritual system and productivity did not allow it. Now that we are in New China, the productive forces have developed tremendously. The common people can afford to wear silk and satin. You also let people wear coarse cloth shorts. Your feudal thoughts are really deep. May I ask if I can only eat bark Guanyin soil for Chinese food? After all, ancient civilians rarely could afford meat. 3. Don’t represent others by yourself. I don’t mix in the Hanfu circle, but I support Hanfu. The current voting on Weibo is also a big advantage for supporters. How can some people represent others? 4. Did you know that there are ethnic festivals in ethnic autonomous regions, and they can be holiday? Why does the festival in Hanfu destroy national unity? You can ask the representative to advise on the establishment of ethnic costume festivals. I am very supportive. Everyone wears national costumes for meetings, and I am also very supportive. 5. Who said that cultural proposals are not important? Please take a look at what is the five-in-one strategic layout. In addition, why can’t we promote Hanfu culture when we promote traditional culture? Does this conflict with the promotion of other traditional cultures?

7 months ago

Only when I went to society did I think of the good school uniforms. Everyone in school wears school uniforms, which eliminates comparisons and obscures the curve of youth, allowing all students to concentrate on learning. China is now in a critical moment of survival as a great power. I suggest that the country implement a national clothing system. Not only will it save everyone’s energy and money from thinking about clothes and buying clothes every day, it’s better to make clothes into a huge ugly so that everyone can see. Just vomit and lose interest in intercourse. This will help more people serve the motherland wholeheartedly.

7 months ago

When I started watching TV dramas in elementary school, my favorite one was martial arts movies and the other was gun battle movies. Martial arts movies like martial arts most. The main reason is that the costumes in martial arts movies are very beautiful, and the beauties in ancient costumes are very beautiful. When I was in elementary school, I didn’t know anything about shaving and dressing. But at that time, I really hated the TV series of the Qing Dynasty from my heart. I felt that the braids were too ugly and the clothes were not good-looking. Later, the biography of Zhen Huan was said to be very beautiful, but because it was a Qing Dynasty costume, I never saw it. Later, when I studied history in middle school, I hated the Qing Dynasty even more and felt that the costumes of the Qing Dynasty were unsightly. I was also curious about why in zombie movies, zombies basically wear clothes of the Qing Dynasty. Slowly, I feel that it may be because the clothes are too ugly, and the color and style match well with the zombies. Later, I kept thinking about it, if those ancient costumes are still worn on the street, it would be great. I really didn’t expect that starting from 2017, with the rise of short videos, driven by young people, more and more young people began to wear Hanfu. It seems that beautiful things are everyone’s favorite, and they can’t be stopped. I am really very happy about this. Therefore, I firmly support China Hanfu Day. On the street, in the park, in the scenic area, Hanfu itself is a beautiful landscape.

7 months ago

For the unity of multi-ethnic countries and the elimination of ethnic barriers, the country has sacrificed many things of the Han nationality, and at the same time, it has tried its best to improve the presence of ethnic minorities, such as bonus points for the college entrance examination. However, it is undeniable that in China’s five thousand years of historical records, the system and culture of the Han nationality do dominate and lead the way, and to a certain extent represent the culture and image of China. Nowadays, compared with other ethnic groups who have always wore their own national costumes and inherited their national customs, the Han nationality’s externalization is the most serious. Wearing clothes from the West, people who wear Hanfu are regarded as alien, but this is originally Han nationality. Traditional costumes! Now that the various ethnic groups in the country are integrated and more harmonious, I don’t think it is necessary to give up on the maintenance of Han costumes because of the consideration of the inheritance of Chinese culture. Otherwise, let it go. Hanfu can only appear in film and television dramas or studios, and become a costume or a clothing for entertainment. Compared with other ethnic groups that still perform their daily functions, don’t you think Hanfu is too pitiful? Ethnic integration means that a hundred flowers bloom and each shines brightly, and it cannot be at the expense of a nation’s cultural heritage. It is because of the country’s suppression of Han culture and costumes that Japanese, South Koreans and Vietnamese have jumped out to touch porcelain and steal. They think that Chinese culture has been broken down and they are the real heirs. Isn’t this the sorrow of national culture? So I think the Hanfu Day is set up so that the Han people can have a festival to go out in Hanfu in a fair manner, so that the Hanfu culture can be gradually revived after the Qing Dynasty destroyed it, and it can be inherited and developed. The revival of Hanfu can also inspire and drive the development of other ethnic cultures. This is an indispensable course for the revival of Chinese culture. Otherwise, the economy will be less developed in terms of the country’s comprehensive strength.

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