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The murderer of Xueya’s case is not Wu Yunxi: 1⃣️All the shots of Wu Yunxi pushing Xueya were conceived by her, she recalled them, not from the perspective of God. 2⃣️The apple necklace was planted by Wu Yunxi and put it in her pocket. Wu Yunxi saw the necklace in her pocket, and she tracked Xueya’s motives for trying to harm her. Wu himself followed the clues of the necklace and made up for herself. Ya pushes down the plot. 3⃣️Logan has discovered that Wu is not the real culprit of his sister. He helped her go to the United States for surgery, helped Luna study abroad, gave her money and helped her get revenge (how can she be so good to the enemy?). 4⃣️ Xiulian should have also discovered that it was just that she hadn’t performed on TV, otherwise she would hate her so deeply, and finally put Wu Yunxi’s sisters in her wallet. 5⃣️To say something off-site, Wu is the main heroine, and Xiulian revenges for more than a dozen episodes. The murderer is a sister, which is too boring. The perpetrator of Xueya’s case is most likely Dr. Xia: 1⃣️He kindly provided an alibi for Wu Yunxi, in fact, to get rid of his suspicion and prove that he was with Wu when he left. 2⃣️When I went to the villa to catch the rape, I found that his wife had cheated on Zhu, but at that time, the camera was given so that Eun Xing did not expose her. Later, I suddenly wanted to divorce, and I also squatted to catch the rape and beat Zhu at that time. I am afraid that Wu will recall other things, so I want to monitor Wu’s every move during the fake marriage. 3⃣️Logan suspected it was Xia, so he sent a nanny to Eun Xing to make her life difficult (but he didn’t expect to hurt Luna). 4⃣️ At that time, Xiulian locked the bunch of parents in the car, as if saying “the murderer is among you”. Xia’s “sickness test guarding” Enxing, Luna’s case is likely to be a re-enactment of Xueya’s case: Both cases emphasized necklaces. The apple pie necklace Xueya bought in the United States was given by Enxing’s father. Sapphire necklace. Dr. Xia’s so-called promise “to prove that there is only one daughter of Eun Xing” is definitely not just as simple as buying a piano teacher (it is not a big push for the plot, because before Qian Teachers also bought exam preparation teachers, but it does not affect the strong Luna ). This “proof” must be even crazier things, such as making up for Enxing’s knife and guilty of Enxing’s crime. The last time Eun Xing pushed Xueya on the stairs, and something on the table hit Xueya, Eun Xing was crazy at that time, thinking that she killed Xueya, Xia was a guardian mad demon, so she threw Xueya in order to commit the crime. Ya pushed it down. This time Eun Sing thought that she had cut Luna and pushed her down the stairs. Luna would die. Xia was afraid that Luna would wake up and explode Eun Sung’s violent incident that affected Eun Sing’s future and went to make up the knife. Xia loved Eun Xing more and crazier than expected. Not only did he make up for his daughter Seoya and Luna, he was afraid of affecting Eun Sing’s mentality, and he might not even let Eun Sing know that her father helped her kill (otherwise the daughter would leave a psychological shadow and feel guilty), he let Eun Sing Xing found out that Xueya was falling from a building and Luna was stabbing a knife in her head, neither had anything to do with Eun Xing. If Xijing was planted because of the necklace, it would be the same as Wu’s method of planting at the time. Xia and Wu would have physical contact when he was more familiar with him, so he led Wu up to the 47th floor and stuffed her with a necklace. This time Wu may be inspired by Xijing’s back pot. Xia Yunzhe’s role position: 1⃣️The screenwriter pays most attention to “contrast”. How scared Dr. He was before, how dark it is now. I didn’t dare to shoot when catching the rape, in order to help my first love get revenge and divorce the rich wives…From the image of “wholesome” to “smiling-eyed and domineering man”, every detail emphasizes that he is a relatively small angel among these villains. . 2⃣️Almost all children are the mapping of parents. Their good and bad have a lot to do with family education, so here is mainly classified into parents: [mainline role] Zhu Dantai: cruel, sadistic, unscrupulous for real estate, ordinary small people do not As for the killing of Qian Ruizhen himself: femme fatale, iceberg vicious, instigated killing, all tragedies are caused by her, but she has never taken the initiative to kill Shen Xiulian: 100% pure image of a good person, kind, calm, and treat each person with gentleness whether he is born or not. A child, Wu Yunxi: If Xueya’s case is reversed, she is also a pure good person. Although she has selfishness, she is not bad in nature. [Deputy line role] Jiang Marie: Because her husband was in jail, her daughter was bullied, and she was bathed by herself. It was discovered that joining the good people camp to revenge Li Kuizhen & Shangya: The couple [Dr. Only He] has always seemed to be a role between the main line and the side line. The screenwriter deliberately made him the least suspected person, so it is very May be the most unexpected behind the scenes. Tonight, I’m waiting to see what’s going on in episode 6. If Luna is Xia’s daughter, it would happen to be bad.


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9 months ago

With Teacher Qian’s character, how could she report that “Pei Luo Na” won the final award with a look of satisfaction? She must know something because she is so aggressive. But don’t tell me, En Xing’s drawing is quite fierce. I really have a headache. How can the screenwriter here let me go so far? I’ve already watched this dog-blood drama. The following is not a reasoning or a complaint that I want to write in the middle of the night. Currently in 5 episodes, there are many thieves, and the progress is slow. A bunch of people are hitting and hitting big moves and they are still entangled one after another. I’m tired of watching everything, like playing a game for a long time without results. The role of Rona. Justice is the real righteousness, and stupidity is also really stupid. Looking back at the last season, one of the most critical things she did was to tell her mother that Aunt Xiulian rescued herself who tried to commit suicide and awakened her mother’s last conscience and did not regard Xiulian as an enemy. I thought it would be the same this season, although she will continue to cause trouble, but the last few episodes can play a key role. It turned out to be cold so early. River motion sickness shocked me and dropped my chin. Actually, when I saw the gift box saying “Abba”, I could guess that it was for Eun Sung, but I didn’t expect this guy could really do harm to Rona. I didn’t feel guilty to buy the teacher, and I was worried that Eun Sing was nervous. Oh, I can’t blame it. After all, you are someone’s real dad, but I do think he can really treat Wu when he becomes a good man. To be honest, I looked really engaging last season, Zhu Xijing and her brother I also liked it very much. This season until now, there are very few brothers and sisters. Every time my sister comes out like crazy, she bites and bites, but she seems to have been fighting alone, and her father doesn’t care about her brother, which is also very miserable. As an audience, I feel like I know too many secrets from the perspective of God and I feel a little bit brave. Please, can you let the characters know the truth of some things quickly, such as let Teacher Qian doubt Zhu Dantai, and let Zhu Xixun tell his sister’s father about the money for the housekeeper Yang, don’t bite Wu Bufang and get tired. I still admire the protagonist’s acting skills very much. To be honest, if I didn’t go to see the acting, I would really abandon it… I can guess the dialogue. When I meet, I either tear or pretend.

9 months ago

Looking at the top floor is really crazy. There is no three things to say. I will be mad. I never know who will be entangled in the first season. Who killed Xueya and Xiulian died? Season 2 Is Luna dead? Who made the knife? When Xia Enxing pushed it down, Luna should just be in a coma. Who made the knife in the end? Is Luna dead? Who is pulling the oxygen? Logan? Zhou Dantai? Xia Yunzhe? Xia Yunzhe is so angry, too scumbag. You turned back when Wu Yunxi was about to trust you? why did you do this? Why should your daughter be so bad and help her? In the end, Xiulian returned or was the mother of the twins?

9 months ago

I think Luna is not dead. Evidence 1: There is no God’s perspective to show the plot of Luna’s death, only showing that her intubation was pulled out, but last season Zhu Huiyin also showed that she was killed and then alive, and Shen Xiulian was killed and then alive, so Luna was very It is possible that he did not die but was protected as a backhand. Evidence 2: Wu Yunxi was rescued by Logan Lee as soon as he was about to take medicine at Luna’s grave. It just so happened that it happened to be acting, and I couldn’t see how sad Wu Yunxi was. Therefore, the plot of Wu Yunxi taking medicine was performed with Logan Lee. Who is it for? Who sounded the alarm on the night Luna was struck? Dr. Ha said that it was not him, and that Logan Lee and Wu Yunxi were played for this person. This answer is written after watching the sixth episode of the second season-we will wait and see. (I think I was kidnapped by a Korean drama recently, ah, ah, don’t wow, I didn’t watch the three chase after watching it, it must be.)

9 months ago

Now I feel the most reasonable speculation is that Luna did not die and penetrated into ICU. Teacher Qian saw Eun Sung kill someone to help her cover up the crime, and brought the necklace that Luna tore off to Xijing’s side and framed Xijing for killing Luna, so he was confident when awarding the award. Full of ignoring Xijing’s threats, saying that the first place is Pei Luna and Xia Yunzhe is going to give Luna to protect Eun Sung. There is speculation that Wu Yunxi will tell him that Luna is his biological daughter. It’s hard to say that it’s too late to save Luna. Personal speculation may have caused Xia Yunzhe and Wu Yunxi’s distractions. It happened that Xijing’s mother returned to the plot for a better development. The scene with wings on her head was Liu Zhenni! Let’s zoom in. One of them has no hair, and Zhou Dantai’s seat was empty when the award was announced, and Jenny’s mother threatened Zhou again. It is estimated that the pig egg tart has something to do with Jenny’s death!

9 months ago

Why can Qian say with satisfaction that the winner of the grand prize is Luna, because she can’t accept that she is being manipulated by a child like Si Kyung, even if the award is given to Luna who does not like it, she will not give it to Si Kyung who threatens her And I guess that this is also a way to redeem themselves. Ten years ago, the trophy should have been Wu Yunxi. The judges of this session were invited by Wu. The vote is transparent and fair. It is difficult to cheat, and Luna’s authenticity Extraordinary, in fact, in Qianxin’s eyes, Luna’s singing talent is also very high. Eun Sung made a mistake in singing. Whether it is because of guilt or for the sake of elegant reputation, he can only read Luna’s name. There is a high probability that Xijing will study abroad. Well, Xijing is indeed lacking. Zhou Dantart will not let his daughter go to a school that is not well-known and shame him. It is not bad to go abroad and mix with a diploma that can be seen. When Eun Sing ran away, he put the trophy in the locker. When Dr. Xia came to exchange the trophy to the Xijing locker, Luna had been sent to the hospital for treatment, so it was unlikely that Dr. Xia made up the knife. The trophy has always been in Eun Xing’s hands, but it was impossible for Eun Xing to panic at the time. The fire alarm went off after Eun Xing locked the trophy in the locker. Only Dr. Xia changed it after the investigation. Trophy. Moreover, Dr. Xia only found out after investigating the parents that Luna, who was killed by Eun Xing, was actually not that hypocritical. It’s just that there is no principle, and he prefers his daughters. Other people in the play say that Dr. Xia is too good for Luna, but Xia’s care for Luna is much less than Wu Yunxi’s care for Luna. Zhou Dan Tart changed positions during the festival. From the middle to the side, but he didn’t have the tools to make up the knife, Eun Sing kept holding the trophy. In the end, it was not Xia who pulled out Luna, Xia was not in that suit, and the shot was too directional. It was Xia Fang’s full face. It may be Rogen, there is no part of Luna’s body, but Zhou Huiren can feign death, and Luna can also feign death, oh oh don’t want Lunaliang.

9 months ago

And who is ringing the alarm bell, who is pulling the pipe, maybe the screenwriter himself hasn’t figured it out yet, every time I say who the real culprit is, I don’t have a real sense of it. . . Regardless of whether she killed it or not, afterwards, her and her mother’s actions were no different from the murderer. I hope that Luna will hint at Xia Fenghuang’s scumbag to pull out the pipe. The screenwriter is quite ironic. The play said: Luna died and scolded her online, saying that the security guard was pitiful because she wanted to cross the class.

9 months ago

Personally, it was not killed by Enxing. From the analysis of the existing 30s preview: How many people fell, who is the person with something stuck in their head? There is something stuck in the head, someone must be seriously injured or dead. I think it’s Luna. Xijing ruled out (because she was regarded as a suspect); Jenny was not, because in the trailer, parents of one screen were all being questioned by the police, and the corresponding voice-over of the screen was: the prisoner was clearly on the scene, and Jenny’s mother was there, and her expression was natural, and she was victimized The person should not be her. Others have nothing to do with the main storyline. So I think only one person fell, and it was Luna who was seriously injured or killed. 2. Who did the murder weapon on the plug? It was Eun Xing who pushed it down, but it was Mr. Qian who added the lethal weapon later. First of all, everyone guessed that Xia Yunzhe is unlikely. In the notice, Mr. Qian asked “Even if Luna was killed?” He was at home after the incident, and he was more inclined to let Xia Yunzhe handle some things after the incident, such as the crime or Luna did not die. Go out again? So he shouldn’t do it. Is it Eun Xing? It is possible. The easiest thing is that she pushed the person down and then went up to make up. But I think the probability of this is relatively small, because after all, there are still operations such as taking away the necklace and blaming Xijing. She was in a trance state at the time, her expression did not seem to realize that the necklace was being pulled away, and she was too young, she should not be able to push it down and follow it to see the injury before making it up. I think it is Teacher Qian who is more likely. In terms of motivation, (1) Teacher Qian was the biggest gainer who blamed Xijing, and it was a trophy that was inserted on his head. Xijing has always threatened Teacher Qian’s desire for the trophy, making Xijing even more after the incident. Persuasive; (2) I hate Wu Yunxi (the misunderstanding in the fifth episode is that Wu exposed the contract to her mother’s prominent conflict point), and wanted to let her daughter beat Wu’s daughter (to her daughter that she should win if Luna died), so Later, when I saw that Luna, who had fallen, was pulling the necklace as evidence, she was dying and had enough motivation to do it all. The following detailed reasoning in the trailer: (1) The necklace was pulled down but was not found after the incident, indicating that Luna was taken away after it fell, sheltering Eun Sing, and there is a scene in the trailer showing Eun Sing was wiping and staining the room. Bloody hands, it should only be her parents. The preview seems that Xia Yunzhe has been sitting next to Wu Yunxi with a relaxed expression. In contrast, the last thousand teachers in the fifth episode were going to give awards after receiving a call in the office. At that time, Eun Sung had a dispute with Luna in the trophy area. So it is speculated that Teacher Qian went out of the office and found that the glass in the trophy area was broken and went out to see everything, and then did the following actions to protect Eun Xing. (2) When Teacher Qian stood on the stage to give awards, there were many scenes in front of the scenes highlighting the scenes such as fear of nervousness and finally uttering Luna’s name. I was a bit surprised and puzzled, but after such speculation, I felt a little more reasonable: Teacher Qian After doing the previous things, I was still a little frightened, so I gave a lot of shots to be afraid and uneasy (personally feel that being threatened and announcing the answer will worry about nervousness but will not be so), Teacher Qian already knows that Luna will not be able to accept the award, and Xijing is back. You will no longer be threatened. The fair announcement of Luna’s award can help alleviate suspicion, so finally Luna was announced as the award (otherwise I don’t think she will easily win Luna whether she is threatened or personal grievances). (3) From the preview, Teacher Qian urged Xia Yunzhe to kill the child again, whether it was to kill him or commit the crime, Teacher Qian seemed to have participated in the party or knew all the details. Finally, let’s think about it, maybe Teacher Qian still has some conscience, but took the necklace and did not commit any crimes. Maybe it was a character lying in the dark. In order to deepen the contradiction between the characters and promote the next development… Haha, I will analyze so much. Well, I read the trailer very seriously, and I want to predict a wave before it airs tomorrow. If you are right, you will be happy, and if you are wrong, you will be a suspenseful crime novel.

9 months ago

Make a prediction post 1. Luna was pushed down by Eun Xing, and she was made up again by Eun Xing. 2. Xijing learned that Luna was the winner, and asked Qian Ruizhen to question. Then quarrel angrily and leave. Send the injured Luna on the stairs. The screams caused everyone to come. 3. Qian Ruizhen came home and saw the blood on Eun Xing. She realized that it was Luna who had been pushed by Eun Xing. She told the post-doctor Xia that Dr. Xia would kill Luna’s guardian of Eun Xing. 4. Qian Ruizhen tried to conceal the fact that Yu Ye did not give her father. Blaming Xijing, tell the police about Xijing’s bullying of Luna at school and threatening her to get a trophy. 5. Dr. Xia came to the hospital for the sake of Enxing and wanted to make the last shot. Was rushed by the twins’ mother. Unsuccessful. 6. The mother of the twins came to the hospital to guard Luna after hearing the news of Xijing’s murder. Let her not be harmed by others. Find out the truth. Guarding Xijing 7. Logan returned to China to meet with the twin mothers and tell her about Xiulian. Then the twins’ mothers joined in revenge. Help Xijing get better

9 months ago

In the sixth episode, Qingya Art Festival, Eun Sing pushed Luna down the stairs to her death. Before the game, the doctor gave two necklaces, a sapphire to his daughter Eun Sing, and a silver chain to Luna. Eun Sing threatened the doctor to help him, and asked the doctor to buy Luna’s accompaniment teacher to temporarily change the repertoire, but Luna played very well. Okay, I got the first place. After Eun Sung killed Luna and ran away without paying attention, her necklace was caught by Luna, and then taken away by the teacher Qian who rushed over. Teacher Qian and the doctor helped to burn evidence and frame Xi in order to cover their daughter’s crimes. Jing; Chairman Zhu took advantage of Teacher Qian’s transcript at the police station to get the necklace hidden in Qian’s coat li, and did not say anything. Luna’s mother finally discovered the murderer and finally discovered the doctor’s favoritism towards her daughter… I’m really distressed without subtitles, so I’m here.

9 months ago

I think so. First of all, it can be ascertained that Luna’s neck was cut by Eun Sung, and she was pushed down the steps by her. The broken wing of the trophy inserted on Luna’s head should have been done by Eun Sing. After all, the trophy was always in her hands, and in the end she hid the broken trophy (the murder weapon). I didn’t expect Luna to die. I thought she would become a vegetative at best, and then wake up after a few seasons. Although Luna often acts like a pig teammate, she is indeed a good girl with a kind heart. When returning to the light, her heartfelt voice was to ask her mother to give Min Xueya the trophy (this is her way of atonement for herself and her mother), and to apologize to her mother. Unable to base her success on the sacrifice of innocent people with peace of mind, this is the value of Luna. Luna is really offline, I’m very sad. I hope that Dr. Xia, who unplugged her oxygen tube, will be retributed in the next episode. For example, Luna is actually his biological daughter.

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