In 2017, Wang Sicong bought a 100-inch Sony TV for 499999 yuan. At that time, there were only two in the world. Wang Sicong said that he bought the first one. Unexpectedly, afterwards, Suning officially released a detailed screenshot of the same TV numbered “S01-1600001”, and shouted Wang Sicong: We are the first in the world. Is a 100-inch TV unusual for Wang Sicong? Not surprisingly, Wang Sicong bought a 120-inch LeTV TV in 2016, the largest in the world. Is it rare to buy a TV for 500,000 yuan? Not surprisingly, LeTV’s 120-inch TV is also priced at 500,000 yuan, and Wang Sicong’s drink in the bar is more than 500,000 yuan. Therefore, the gimmicks of “Global Limited” and “World’s First” are what Wang Sicong cares most about. However, a different voice is particularly noticeable among the joyful sounds, and that is Suning. They released a screenshot of the same TV detailed bill numbered “S01-1600001”, which proved that Wang Sicong’s one was not the first one in the world. The real first one was sent to a gentleman in Wuhan. Now Wang Sicong can’t sit still completely. Usually, I am the only “entertainment inspector” to question other people’s shares. Now I am still questioned when buying a TV? Immediately afterwards, Wang Sicong posted another photo taken with the TV, showing that it was taken on March 9, earlier than the optional “world’s first station” sent by Suning. Wang Sicong responded to Suning: naive Ningning , I posted it today just because I just returned to Shanghai, but it has already happened. The implication is that this one is ordered directly from the manufacturer, without going through any e-commerce platform. Not only responded to Suning, proved his identity as a “world’s first” user, but also reflected on the side that what he wanted can be obtained directly from the manufacturer, without queuing or the help of any channels, secretly showing off. Fan. Netizens often compare Wang Sicong with Suning Master Zhang Kangyang. One is the son of a domestic entity industry giant, the other is the son of a domestic appliance retail giant. The two successors are both returning from studying abroad, and the age difference is not too big. The public will naturally agree. Compare the two. Today, Wanda is gradually out of the crisis. With most of its debts basically paid off, it still has more than 100 billion liquid funds in its hands. However, Suning has fallen into a debt crisis. It not only transferred part of its equity, but also stopped Suning Sports, etc. The operation of the field has shrunk the front and began to focus on the main retail business. Compared with Wang Jianlin’s “stocking” of Wang Sicong, Zhang Jindong’s desire to cultivate successors is well known. Although Zhang Kangyang, who was fledgling at the beginning of the year, has led Inter Milan to highlight the siege, it will take time to prove whether he can take on the important task of the entire group.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The rich second generation is more arrogant and likes to show off their wealth (still relying on their father). In a sense, they are indeed a “discipline inspector” (nosy) and half a public figure in the old entertainment circle, but currently they only bring bad things to China. (Telled most people in China what it’s like to have a wealthy dad, and told most people that even if they struggle for a lifetime, they may not be as good as others’ starting point). I haven’t heard of any achievements (current investment It’s pretty good) I don’t like it or hate it, it doesn’t matter to me.

7 months ago

Many people will talk about the fact that his father gave him 500 million yuan to start a business, and then they will say that someone has the ability to not take your turn to be sour balabala.

In fact, I want to say that if you are someone else, you will receive an education like Wang Sicong from an early age, and then you will have 500 million yuan after completing your studies. The contribution you make is definitely greater than that of the current Wang Sicong.

So sometimes, class really decides something…

7 months ago

He is actually an ordinary man with his parents alive, the only child in the family, reading, working, and falling in love. He seems to be no different from all ordinary people. To be honest, maybe he has a rich dad, he is old Dad gave him a sum of money for him to start a business. He succeeded. He became the dream husband of many young girls and became the second generation of a group of rich haters. , And then succeeded in attracting a lot of people’s attention and became a “net celebrity”. Then he likes to post various comments on the Internet like many keyboard guys, but because he is Wang Sicong, he got more attention, oh By the way, he, like many ordinary people, also has a pet dog, but it’s a bit more expensive than ordinary people. Therefore, such an ordinary man can’t be ordinary because he has a good father. Money is not ordinary anymore?

7 months ago

A few words from outsiders. Wang Sicong is likely to be an inferiority complex, sensitive and unhappy person. Unhappiness is about psychological feelings, don’t be arrogant. In terms of conditions, he has everything outside, except for a relatively lonely childhood. However, there is a strain of tension everywhere in his behavior. To put it bluntly, I also know one or two rich people. Why do people fight and show off with the poor? Generally speaking, there are two reasons. The rich or peers are not very acceptable. The group he wants to join does not recognize him. Lemon, as the level of worry-free food and clothing, I actually sympathize with this mood. Over time there will be anxiety and depression. There are many solutions, such as personally participating in charity work. Personally, not the kind of personally signing a check.

7 months ago

I can’t feel dreams and goals in Wang Sicong’s body. When the whole society lacks dreams, the most popular dream today is the so-called “make big money”, and Wang Sicong may have dreams to prove himself. Unfortunately, this kind of dream is too general to be determined. The goal, and because his father’s glory has become a hell difficulty, his label has been fixed as the rich second generation. However, the extravagant hope of the subconscious made him often expose himself, but also to prove himself, but unfortunately there was no plan to prove it failed one after another. People’s evaluation of him is unfair, but the word fair is inherently ridiculous. After all, birth is not fair. I hope to get rid of the evaluation of the halo behind you. In fact, Wang Sicong now has a chance to prove himself, and that is something that no one in the country can do, paying all his money for his father. At that time, the Chinese people and the world will remember you as a successful entrepreneur. Well, this is an impossible task. So he might be his father’s back for a lifetime, it’s quite desperate? Not that most people want to be back.

7 months ago

A man who has stood at the end from birth, the person who will be the most reincarnation on the Internet. The son of the former richest man in China, and the only child, has studied abroad, because he is smart enough to go to college but rich, no matter whether he is smart or not, he is young and vigorous. No matter what he wants to do or do business, he does not lack money or capital. . You are famous because you have money, because you can make friends with famous people, because you have money, and people will cheat, because you can do everything with money. How to evaluate him, because he is the child of a rich man, he has a lot of auras, but he is still young and has not yet created any high achievements. Wang Sicong once said, since he has auras, why not use them? It would be foolish not to use these auras. Special education and special personality. On October 18, 2017, Wang Sicong was ranked 37th in the “2017 China Top Investor Ranking TOP50”. On May 12, 2020, Wang Jianlin/Wang Sicong and his son ranked 7th in the “2020 New Fortune 500 Rich List” with a fortune of 138.15 billion yuan. I think he is a very autonomous person, never subject to public rumors. The courage to develop into one’s hobbies and hobbies to turn one’s hobbies into his own career is a man’s lifelong dream, this is Wang Sicong, he is also a man with both EQ and IQ, he also has a rich history of love whether those girls are fancy His money is still something, and he has to admit that he is a prodigal son and will not succumb to a good-looking skin. He also has good leadership skills. His IG team used to win the World League of Legends championship.

7 months ago

The son of the richest man, once. The Disciplinary Inspection Commission of the entertainment circle, that was because there were no acquaintances in the entertainment circle at the time, and after entering the entertainment circle, there were more acquaintances, and I shut up. So, the Discipline Inspection Commission or something, anyone really believes it? The beloved of national husbands and female boxers, as everyone knows, calling national husbands every day is just for fun. But the creation of this slogan just shows that the Chinese Internet’s pursuit of money supremacy has also promoted the Internet snobbery and selfishness in a disguised form. What is there to boast about? Girl group, what stuff? There are two kinds of women’s groups for Wang Sicong, those who are paid to go to work and those who are paid to go to bed. Which subject do you mean? The e-sports circle and IG are the last holy places in Wang Sicong’s heart. This is also the reason why he has not completely sold out IG. but. . . Back then, the saviour of the e-sports circle was too much. Is it true that you are not afraid of going out and being beaten? Investing in a small expert, was scammed and lost money, and lost all the capital at that time. His old mother took out all the private money for relief.

7 months ago

He is a very smart person. On the surface, he looks like a rich second-generation who has nothing to do with nosy everywhere. In fact, he still understands the public’s psychology. What can bring him heat is very important. Ah, his background has helped him resist the nosy pot to a certain extent. He also said that he is the Discipline Inspection Commission of the entertainment industry. If an ordinary person speaks, he must not be chased to death. But he is rich and the public will feel that “the rich “There is no need to rub your traffic. He must dare to speak… It’s so cruel. The boss is not nosy at all. He just knows what the public likes to see.

7 months ago

In fact, whose parents were once the richest man in China, the family company has 100,000+ employees. Only worse than him. Think about it in another way. Even if 10,000 out of 100,000 people slack off, what is the concept? Who can stand it. Besides, I think he is lewd. Consider that there are peripherals working every day. That city is not a thousand dollars. Not to mention the kind that doesn’t charge money. This is not bad for him. It can only be said that his actions are not in line with traditional domestic values ​​and moral values. China is accustomed to secretly spending hundreds of millions to build a house, raise a few small wives, give birth to a few illegitimate children, and lose hundreds of millions in a casino overnight. And on the surface, it is magnificent. In a way, he was very similar to the other wife who had a few rooms and had a bunch of children. It’s just that they show the other side of society naked in front of people, which makes people uncomfortable. In fact, the world or human beings are like this, and this is the real world. Compared with all kinds of intrigue and meanness in the business field, these are all pediatrics. Even for these emerging Internet companies, they are not crawling out of a sea of ​​blood and corpses, and there are a lot of dirty things along the way. Private morality is really a non-existent thing. Maybe it’s too much, it’s really nothing to say, it’s good to show off, only then will I say that I am virtuous.

7 months ago

I usually don’t know this person in detail, but occasionally I see hot searches on the browser to see who he scolds again. I instinctively have no favor with this person. He can have this kind of enthusiasm today (Weibo has a lot of fans, and no one around me uses Weibo) is more about the money and social status of his parents. If only in the entertainment category, I think he is barely successful. But other than that, has he contributed to this society? I also have my own scale for public figures. Today I heard about the news that Yang Chaoyue has settled in Shanghai as a special talent, but I remembered that there is also a man like Wang. I want to see his evaluation on a whim. At least what I thought in my heart, based on his current social image, girlfriend football team? Pindaddy failed to invest? I really can’t afford any good social evaluation.

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