I encountered a grand piano in a shopping mall that no one patronized. After playing for a while, the service staff reminded me to leave. Can understand the maintenance needs, but the sound of the piano is quite serious…? I am not bad at playing (hhhh praised by my fellow friends), I am more curious about this situation. Is it because people are invited to play regularly?

Experience this situation first-hand. It should be at Tianjin Galaxy International the year before last. It should be called Vientiane City now. There is a grand piano in the lobby on the first floor. There will be a performance the next day. Maybe the performance staff can’t stand the sound of this piano, so it is recommended to find someone to tune it. The organizer of the event found me to help them tune this grand piano. There is a circle of drawstrings next to it. I don’t use it or let others watch it. I used to look at it this way, okay, this piano has already gone rusty. There is no maintenance at all, just as a display. It’s also very interesting when tuning, because the shopping malls come and go, there are always people who stop to watch and chat. This is all normal. The key was halfway through, and a security guard came over to me and told me who asked you to play? Who let you in? Tell me not to move! Okay, I have to tell him that someone on your side asked me to tune in, you don’t know it. And I am tuning, not playing. I remember that this piano is particularly difficult to play. After tuning him up, he did some sorting. Zheng Sheng was a lazy waist, and when he was packing up and leaving, another uncle who appeared to be the lobby manager came. Maybe he saw me when I got up, and ran over to me and told me that he couldn’t touch it. Valuables of Barabara. I…


By zhiwo

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4 months ago

This is easy to understand, just two words, I don’t understand. Many people don’t know that pianos need to be tuned, and they don’t know that many managers in shopping malls who are tuned every year do not play pianos themselves. It is difficult for them to have the awareness of the maintenance of these instruments. In many commercial places where people work as soon as possible, pianos are mainly used for decoration and to set off the style. He is not a concert hall. There are professionals who know how to maintain musical instruments. Don’t talk about them, but many parents. The piano at home has not been tuned for a few years. It’s no surprise that I asked us to tune the piano until there were some mechanical failures.

4 months ago

Because there are so many little kids, iron pianos can’t stand the toss. I often go shopping in the mall next to my house, and one day a domestic piano was released. I went up and played it down, and it was not bad. Sitting there for twenty minutes. After the play, a little girl ran over and sat there, holding ice cream in one hand and pressing indiscriminately in the other-I said the keys were sticky. I went again after a week, and a few keys were visibly sagging. Feel bad. Played for ten minutes, very awkward. A little kid was attracted to me when I was playing, and started to smash the keys in the bass zone frantically. His mother laughed at the side, looking bored, and left. I went there in another two weeks, and there was no sound for a few keys. At that time, I also wondered if there were any songs that avoided these notes. At this moment, another little boy was playing with his fist and tried to squeeze me off the piano bench. Another week passed, the piano was still there, and the key cover was sealed with tape. -This is the fate of putting pianos in domestic shopping malls. I don’t know if the operators of the shopping malls regret it.

4 months ago

Many places are virtuous, a big shopping mall, put a piano, and then surrounded by a railing to prevent it from passing, and then also wrote 4 words on the side of the public piano, and then you go up to play well or not to play Okay, when you go up and play, you can remove the iron fence, and then you can’t sit down firmly, and the security guard on the side will chase you away. This is called a public piano, haha. The pictures I found on the Internet seem to have seen that the public pianos in many places were donated by some good men and women, and then the squares of the shopping malls and squares will write that someone donated it, and finally they will not be allowed to play or maintain the tuning. , The benevolent benevolence donated a decoration for nothing. This is the same reason as many basketball hoops in our country are locked.

4 months ago

I am engaged in the operation of commercial streets and shopping malls. The main problem is the inability to screen customers. When the general mall opens, these pianos are open to the outside world. But as long as one month has passed, it must be locked. Because most of the bullets that go up are children. The piano boys who have studied are okay. There are some mischievous babies who go up and make noises and affect the shopping experience of other customers. There is no other way but one size fits all and no personnel use it. If it is only open to piano lovers, first of all, the security can’t tell who can play. The second point is that if you treat customers differently, you will complain if you don’t care why they can play but my children can’t play? My child has passed level four… Then there is no way, as an operator, it is impossible to assign a song to the piano. An employee with music appreciation ability is dedicated to the piano. Is it really impossible to play the public piano? Yes, I believe that as long as you are willing to spend a little effort, go to the operation office to find a building manager and make an application, most malls will let you play.

4 months ago

In fact, you have said the answer yourself, but the order of the words is not right, so you can’t solve your own confusion. Now let’s straighten out the causality. Because the sound is not tuned, it is not allowed to play. The merchant is afraid that potential buyers will hear the bad sound and be dismissed. Hahahahaha, just kidding, this display piano is not forbidden to play, it is for people who have no intention to buy it. If anyone can play it twice, I am afraid that the piano keys will soon be contaminated with filth. It may also cause more serious damage. For example, someone accidentally spilled water on the piano into the piano box, or maybe someone just digs out their nose, and happens to walk to the piano and wipe the nose on the edge of the piano. After all, many people do not understand the etiquette of playing piano. For example, in a concert hall, offering flowers to performers is absolutely not allowed to be placed on the piano. Even some stages have a ground line under the stage, and the flowers cannot be piled on the ground. They can only hold themselves like holding rice. Because I am afraid that the water in the flowers will damage the piano or the ground wire. Pianos are not cheap things after all. They are not mass-produced clothes on the assembly line of hundreds or thousands of dollars in shopping malls. Pianos are more like jewelry in luxury stores. Each piece is handmade and each piece is unique. It’s not that whoever goes there will bring out the precious jewels for you to wear, sa will be very experienced in distinguishing which are potential customers and which are amateurs to play or show of to satisfy their vanity. Usually, people who actually buy pianos have different opening methods from you. First of all, professionals who buy pianos don’t need to show their talents in the public, because their stage is under the spotlight. Secondly, professionals may not play the display piano, but will first communicate with sa and ask some questions about the piano, and then sa may take the initiative to ask the customer to try the display piano. Finally, professionals who really understand the piano will not care much about whether the display piano is tuned, because no one will actually buy a display piano unless it is a century-old antique piano. Of course, there are some parents who buy pianos for their children, but usually those who buy grand pianos will bring people who know how to do it. Those who know how to do it will never be like you unsolicited to play, because everyone’s starting point is different, and your goal is I hope everyone knows that you can play the piano, and real buyers want more information about the piano, so you can’t play the piano in the mall, and that piano can only be played by its potential owner. Another situation is that this piano is not a commodity in the mall, but is purchased by the mall for other purposes. The right to use it belongs to the mall. I don’t know why you have arbitrarily stopped others’ things and are still puzzled. ? Didn’t your mother tell you not to touch other people’s things when you were young? Usually this kind of non-sale items on display can also be understood as decorations. There are many kinds of decorations. In the two decorations in the photo below, the first one is for sale. Because the price is not cheap, the words “Don’t touch me” are indicated in the box I drew below the price. And the second photo is an ornament, and it is also not allowed to be touched. Therefore, many things in this world are not what you want to touch. Even a legal wife who has obtained a marriage certificate does not want to do sex. It may constitute a QJ, not to mention other people’s things. Who told you to play the piano twice? Can you play other people’s piano unscrupulously? It’s like someone driving them, you feel like you’re a good person, just go in without saying anything, and you’re stunned by being kicked out. Or maybe I have a piano at home. You think you can play the piano. If you walk in without a word, you can just say that you can’t play the piano because it’s not bad. Then you complain that my piano hasn’t been tuned for a long time. Up. When I go back, I think more and more angry, and I will send a Zhihu to ask, why all my amateur friends say that playing thief is good, but you coax me off the piano. What do you say is the problem? It’s not your own piano, so keep your paws away! BTW, as long as there is a professional in classical music among the people with you that day, you won’t be embarrassed by playing that piano casually in the mall.

4 months ago

Believe me, many problems are not the absolute responsibility of one party. The original intention of putting pianos in the mall is very simple, increasing the store’s compelling style. If occasionally an angel-like young lady walks up lightly to play a song of Zhu Ba Jie back daughter-in-law, is the entire mall filled with a strong artistic atmosphere in an instant? ! Customers are intoxicated, and they are confused to pay for purchases! Did the mall just make a nasal bubble with a laugh? ! Therefore, the original purpose of putting the piano in the mall is definitely not for people to play it. So why don’t you let it go? Because there is a terrible creature called a bear kid! Although the bear child is terrible, it is not the deadliest. The most deadly is another creature, that is, “the parent of the bear child who does not care about the bear child”! Under the joint attack of these two creatures, not only did the customers not revel in the strong artistic atmosphere, but the piano was also old and bad. The store manager would cry in the toilet every day of the fifteenth day of the year and pass out. Later, for the sake of the manager’s life, the piano was not allowed to play.

4 months ago

Why are the pianos in the mall neither played nor tuned? I remembered a previous joke: It was his grandparents who took him to a relative’s house. His relatives are quite rich, and there is a piano in a large living room. Feeling novel, the bear kid actually took the water from the cup and poured it on the piano. The famous Japanese saying is: “wash the piano,” the master saw it, and when he saw it, he taught him. His grandparents said that a child is ignorant; he is just a child, don’t care too much; the bear child still does his own way, the master at that time If you didn’t get angry, after all, you can’t hit the child in front of his grandparents. When they were about to leave, the owner called the bear boy to his side and gave him a red envelope, saying that it was a reward for washing the piano, and told him that the bigger the piano, the more you get paid, but you can’t tell anything. People, otherwise the red envelopes will be confiscated! Finally, half a month later, the bear boy used Coke to wash a 680,000 Fudros triangle in the mall!

4 months ago

Because the piano in the shopping mall is not a musical instrument, but an ornament, or ornaments. People often have a stereotyped impression of the piano. This thing is very expensive, very high-end, and very high-end. This impression is not necessarily correct, because many pianos are actually very cheap, and second-hand pianos may cost a few thousand dollars. But people don’t understand this, they think this thing is very advanced. Putting this kind of thing in the mall will make people feel like “this is a damn high-end place.” This feeling can make people more willing to spend money on some more expensive things to increase the income of the mall, but in fact the price of the piano may not be as expensive as the land he occupies. There is a mall around our house. , There is a piano inside. Now I guess it’s broken and I don’t think I need to maintain my compulsion. There are no enclosures around the piano, and the keys are all silent.

4 months ago

The pianos in the mall are just furnishings. No tuning is needed. Tuning costs money, but I can play pianos in this mall. As a shopping mall, the piano is placed in order to attract customers, but also for aesthetics and to create an atmosphere. It is more high-grade. Regularly find someone to tune and maintain it. Generally, mall management is unwilling to spend this money. If you want to speak out, the same is true for playing piano music on the radio. The rhythm of the piano is the most serious within 2 to 3 years after it leaves the factory. During this period, whether it is used well or not, its rhythm changes greatly. Due to the poor materials used in the pegs, the simplified process, and the humidity and dryness of the storage environment, some pianos can be aged or even scrapped in advance for three years. In their work, many tuning lawyers have encountered such a piano. These pianos were not repaired in time. As a result, most of the pegs were rusted in the pegs and couldn’t move. As a result, many pegs were twisted and broken. Such pianos are actually a pile of waste. Generally speaking, the new piano is easy to tune out, and it should be tuned once in half a year or less. Why does the new piano sound badly? Before the piano leaves the factory, although many measures have been taken (such as increasing the standard tone by 25-cent tuning, using a machine to position each part, etc.), the plasticity of the new material and the stable running-in of tens of thousands of parts are stable in a short time. It’s hard to work. In addition to the influence of other environmental factors (such as handling, temperature, use, etc.), the new piano will be seriously out of sound! The best way to stabilize is to play more and tune more. The longest tuning cycle of a new piano should be within 2-3 years and it should not be tuned once every six months, preferably four times a year. However, you should not rush to tune the new piano you just bought after it is shipped to your home. Because the new piano tends to deform greatly in the new environment, and the deformation takes time, it is difficult to maintain the pitch after eager to tune it, and it will waste the cost of tuning. It is best to leave it for two or three months before tuning. The tuning mentioned here must be a rough and fine tuning that fully meets the requirements, not a repair to a certain tone. If you can play frequently during this cycle and tune two to four times within a year, this piano will be more stable, with a standard tone around 440Hz, and the high-bottom range will be more uniform. The tuning cycle can be extended to once every 8-12 months. In short, ordinary pianos should be tuned every 3-6 months within 2-3 years, and every 8-12 months thereafter. Professional pianos can be tuned once every six months or once every quarter. The piano used in concert halls is often tuned as needed. The pitch of the piano will change significantly after every time it is transported or moved, and it needs to be tuned and adjusted. If possible, it is best to bring a tuning fork yourself, and you can check whether the standard tone is low at any time, so as to decide when to call a lawyer. Generally speaking, for a piano that has not been tuned for a long time, even if the interval relationship is acceptable, the standard pitch is bound to be low, which is caused by the viscoelasticity of wood. The changes in temperature and humidity throughout the year have a great influence on the pitch of the piano, so it is best to tune in a time when the humidity is relatively stable. For example, in the northern region, you can tune in about half a month after the heating is stopped, so that the piano can maintain a longer pitch in spring, summer, autumn and early winter.

4 months ago

I only play on organs and electronic organs. I occasionally encounter pianos in shopping malls. I want to play it and try the sound quality that is different from that of organs. Then definitely! Suddenly, there will be a bunch of bear kids, desperately squeezing me away, and smashing the piano keys with their hands. The appearance of this bear child is an ironclad plot, an NPC who never dodges. For children who have never studied music, the piano is just a large rattle. Therefore, the inaccuracy is also inevitable.

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