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The controversy lies in the definition of star-chasing behavior, whether the freedom and rationality of personal behavior should be restricted and disciplined by others, how the emotional needs of middle-aged and elderly people can be solved as reasonable, and whether the submission behavior is reasonable. Just for this contribution, the 800 yuan coffee machine is just a fuse. Before my mother bought various things and went to concerts, my daughter said that she had no objection, but in fact there were some, but these things have certain characteristics. Practicality, and some behaviors can indeed meet mother’s psychological needs, so she accepted. The reason why the 800 yuan coffee machine was used as the fuse was because the coffee machine was not available, but it was only because the star bought it, which detonated her daughter’s emotions, combined with a series of actions such as voting for tasks, and her daughter thought it was in line with her mind. A series of behavioral measures such as brainless star chasing and fan circle pua. In all fairness, this is a normal discussion, but as we all know, there is no normal discussion on the Internet. Whether it is for daughters to understand their mothers, or how to let their daughters handle this matter with peace of mind, it is a normal category, but on the Internet. With the Internet, it is impossible to have only these two lines. Now the hot search on Weibo is already on, which is very exciting. Let’s start to analyze 1. The daughter actually has her own internal judgment and boundaries on the behavior of the rice circle, especially for those involved in the celebrity circle, so she actually has an inner limit on her mother’s behavior, that is, she can’t Mozhao made statistics and only because celebrities bought useless things. When the story reached this point, the story detonated. Everyone has their own opinions on these two points. 2. Whether daughters should intervene and discourage their mothers’ behavior is very controversial. Some people think that mothers are already irrational and need to intervene; other people think that star chasing is harmless and does not invest much, and daughters make a fuss and make a fuss or even become unfilial Some people think that whether mothers chase stars rationally or not has nothing to do with their daughters, this is personal freedom, and what they spend on their own money, people should pursue their own emotional value. 3. The emotional needs of middle-aged and elderly people is a problem that has been neglected for a long time, but in fact it has been active in the public for a long time. For example, the health product marketer’s set of words is that your daughter is your son, such as the previous “fake Jin Dong” , Various types of scams “Twilight Love”, etc. If you are interested and capable, you can count the number of active middle-aged and elderly people on platforms such as small games and Douyin Kuaishou. Middle-aged and elderly people, especially those at this stage in our country, are in great need of value affirmation and emotional satisfaction. Influenced by the times, their own emotions, feelings and values ​​have been defined and linked to their children for a long time, so they are easy to be deceived. It’s easy not to be understood. However, the difference between middle-aged and elderly people and minors is that they have the financial ability and the autonomy to act, that is to say, if their behavior is to be interfered, who will intervene, and how to define the behavior is off track. Who defines the orbit, whether children should and have the right to discipline their parents’ behavior based on their own value judgments when the law fails to interfere, especially the matter of star chasing, which is naturally controversial in social opinion. Some people use the analogy of their father watching female anchors for a long time and giving rewards. This is also a controversial matter. What kind of judgment does the public opinion have on the two? Furthermore, emotional needs actually have two levels of active pursuit and being guided. While we pay attention to and affirm that middle-aged and elderly people are pursuing their own emotional needs and values ​​due to the age, family and other reasons, we must also see what does exist. At the guidance level, to a certain extent, guidance is also a kind of discipline for middle-aged and elderly people. In many cases, for things like star chasing, you can get positive feedback by playing rankings, doing data, and buying endorsements. Who said that? Who defines it? Spend money and time to visualize what you have done to get feedback. Is there a reasonable range? If all are reasonable, is there any reasonableness in similar behaviors? 4. For these kinds of things, my attitude is that if you want to get access to the Internet, you should find a blogger who can tell you directly. Don’t discuss it on an open platform, because the Internet platform just can’t control the rationalization of the discussion, not that a group of people is good. Tell you that you were wrong about this matter, and then I took it back, nothing happened, not to mention how many false submissions… 5. This matter is very lively, there are many parties involved, honestly the problem of star chasing has always been A hot topic in public opinion, the core problem is that one party believes that this is voluntary and one’s own emotional needs, while the other party believes that this is a voluntary, brainwashed, and emotional need to be assigned. For minors, it can still be viewed from the level of value guidance, but for adults with independent financial ability, it is impossible to unify at all. Sometimes it seems that the irrational behavior of a star fan is criticized uniformly, and it rises to the point. This star’s denial, but in fact, many are still stepping on the circle, and the operation mode of the whole circle has not been criticized on a large scale, even if it is said, it is submerged in the criticism of the individual. Emotional needs require feedback and visualization, which also gives room for the development of the so-called fan circle model. Visual star-following models such as ranking lists, doing data, controlling reviews, and forming a sense of group through a certain organization , And then feedback this demand through the development and growth of stars, there is still a lot of room for maneuverability. Regarding what the daughter said in her contribution, it is not practical to be so anxious. Part of the reason for such anxiousness is that her own cognition and her mother’s behavior have a violent conflict. Everyone has encountered this conflict. Family members deal with this kind of conflict. Conflict naturally cannot be old-fashioned. The mother’s behavior is developmental, and no one knows what direction it will develop, because what is developed in this way can be a good talk. Doing data in star chasing is the kind that has a certain period of time. “Addiction”, since it involves emotional needs, mentality is the most important thing. What mothers think about and how to adjust, what is needed more is communication and communication, rather than collision, and the same is true for the current public opinion on the Internet.


By zhiwo

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4 months ago

This person’s submission of the star-chasing matter to Tucaogui is basically equivalent to thinking that the child is addicted to the game and go to Yang Yongxin. However, whether there is a mother or not, it will be a well-planned marketing. Tucaogui——Later it was renamed Dongya on the picture. He was the friend who insulted the martyr who was sentenced to Rabi Xiaoqiu, who hated the National Party and turned to patriotic food. After Spicy Pen Xiaoqiu insulted the martyrs and was detained, he wrote a long article sorry for his friends and blew himself up to have gd friends in his life. At that time, he was scolded badly. Several attempts to make a comeback failed. Hundreds of interactions. No, I finally found the right wealth password and came back

4 months ago

Seeing this question, I am very puzzled. As someone who loves coffee, I have a little research on coffee machines. I have never heard that coffee machines need endorsements, because coffee machines themselves have a stable customer base and endorsements are of little significance. I took a look at Baidu and found that only Nestlé in China has invited endorsements. There are Zhu Yilong and Hu Ge that I like, but they are all a few years ago. The most recent endorsement should be Liu Yuning. After checking, it is indeed a singer. If you buy a coffee machine endorsed by him, the Taobao price is currently 790 yuan, and 800 yuan is the normal price, which is definitely not pitted. In addition, the mother earns her own money and spends her own money, as long as it doesn’t harm the society, and the daughter can’t control it at all. If you really think that this coffee machine is not worth buying, Xianyu can be sold out second-hand. It will definitely be sold out for 500 yuan (I am willing to buy it). I don’t like irrational chasing stars, but 800 yuan will go online, which is far from the irrationality in my heart. As an adult, I can deal with my own money as I want. I don’t want to be criticized by my children on the Internet when I spend thousands of dollars to watch Jay Chou’s concert in the future.

4 months ago

I spent a few hundred dollars on team uniforms, both basketball and e-sports. I bought them and didn’t wear them except for occasional games. I have three sets, one for Rockets, one for Spurs, and one for ig. I have spent one or two thousand dollars on a figure, and I just bought it and put it on display without any other effect. I have four such figures. As for the game Krypton gold skins, starting from the appearance of the sword three, to the accessories of Dota 2, the skin of lol, and finally to the skin of King Glory, I don’t know how much it cost. There are at least 30,000 or 40,000. The gadgets are useless at all. There are 10,000 yuan worth of things in it that I saved from my living expenses a few years ago when I didn’t support myself. (I am a dead house, no social life, and my money is basically spent on hobbies) It is expected that I will only spend more and more money on hobbies that are “completely useless” in the coming years. Spending money, isn’t it just trying to be happy, just buying a “useless” thing, and what can be done online. She buys it, she will be happy, this is the function of this thing. As for star chasing to be honest, I hate star chasing, and I can’t understand the joy of star chasing. But after thinking about it, my mother couldn’t understand the joy of buying clothes for the paper man, but it didn’t prevent her from loving me. Everyone has their own way, as long as she doesn’t go bankrupt, or violate any public good customs, then she will be happy.

4 months ago

I think this mother is much better than those who chase Jin Dong and indulge in gambling tables. I have known since I was a child that some people’s mothers have never stopped around the mahjong table every day, and the loss is much worse than chasing stars. Is it too much for middle-aged and elderly people to chase stars? What if it is a young man who chased stars? And those who charge money to play games? Are you rewarding female anchors? What happened to the middle-aged and elderly people buying an 800 yuan coffee machine? Who in this room dares to say that he hasn’t bought something that will fall apart after buying it? Which woman has few clothes in her closet that she hasn’t worn a few times? But this mother was posted to the marketing account by her child and it was published~ If I were her mother, I would feel sad to think about it. Anyway, what I often tell my mother is to let her not think about doing it for us. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, so she can be happy with my dad. I think my mother worked hard all her life and finally retired. She can have her own hobbies, do what she likes, buy good-looking clothes, and learn whatever she wants. Hey, two packages of the food they bought for me last time were broken. To make them happy, my brother and I told her it was delicious. Moreover, she still spends her own money.

4 months ago

I think not only the middle-aged and old people who chase stars without brain Krypton gold should be criticized, but anyone who chasers stars without brain Krypton gold should be criticized. Note that it is no brain gold. You spend money to buy an album of ta within your own financial range, a concert ticket, buy a few posters, endorsement products just need to use, etc. are not considered brainless gold , This is no problem, it can be regarded as a normal star-chasing behavior. However, I spend a few hours every day on the gold chart to do the data, buy a bunch of things that I don’t need at home, bite three albums and so on, and buy them all at once. Dozens of books are purely unreasonable. They are a waste of resources and their own money and time. Some people may want to say that it is nothing to spend 800 to buy a coffee machine that is not available at home. The problem is that it is useless at home. Today, this house is useless but I bought it to support him. The other is useless to support him. There are more and more useless things and more and more expenses at home. In the end, it won’t be used too much. For a long time, not to mention the serious malicious comparison within the rice circle. You will be expelled from the fan if you buy less. When you hear that rational consumption is even more red, you rush forward. Whoever says rational consumption will bite. So I think it’s totally advocating for relatives and friends to prevent people around you from eating fanaticism. If you want to listen to the album, you can buy one, you can buy a ticket for the concert, and you can buy a few posters if you want to see more. If you are fine, you can vote for their activities. The endorsements can be bought if they are used, but they are a waste of money and time for him. It is not worth editing at all: I took a look at Weibo, good guys, just complain about mothers. Don’t blindly chase stars for things you don’t use in the buyer. What kind of scolding is this girl? I just want to ask this mother if she sees your daughter scolding her like this, she will be happy? Is it possible that some people really think that an idol far away in the sky will be more important than the flesh and blood around them. Seeing crazy rice circles attacking their daughters to make excuses for star-chasing behavior, will a mother really be happy? A group of people thought they were standing on the mother’s point of view, but in reality? Would a mother be happier seeing her daughter being attacked than her idol being attacked?

4 months ago

Coincidentally, some time ago, my mother just bought a bottle of toner that is not easy to use. It took hundreds of dollars. She bought it purely because there is a cute animal doll on it. [Although I really can’t get one without a mouth How cute are cats?]. In fact, she didn’t even like the doll so much, but she still bought it because of a momentary desire. I know that this bottle of water might end up as a decoration on my mother’s dressing table, or throw it to him when my brother comes home next time. I am a person who never buys co-branded products. But I understand that everyone has their own hobbies. So I will not criticize my mother for this. But if one day, my mother buys a few hundred things that she can’t use at home, just because a certain celebrity endorses her to sell it. I will ask my dad to quickly sell that thing on the second-hand trading network. Not to mention that this thing is useless or even occupying a lot of space at home, and the most excessive thing is the fan economy behind it. Fan economy is a value system that can involve countless kinds of gray areas you can’t think of, even illegal and illegal areas. The fan economy can have thousands of forms. The lowest level is that idol artists directly reach out to ask fans for valuables and luxury goods; the middle, which is the most common, probably has fans spontaneously raise funds to buy advertising idol artists. , Or buy luxury goods to give gifts, buy the same product repeatedly to increase sales [such as album records]; more advanced, it may be similar to charity [note that I don’t have a stick here, I said it is similar] The form of advertising. But no matter what form the fan economy is, and what kind of skin it wears, it has only one purpose and starting point, and that is to serve a certain idol artist. To put it bluntly, the fan economy is a derivative of personality cult. Simply buying a useless ornament with a hot mind is impulsive consumption. Although it is useless, it only hurts one’s own wallet. But the fan economy is different. The reason I criticize the fan economy and the fan circle culture is that these two things are likely to lead more and more people astray. Take this mother who is a fan of the food industry, who will sell sales and buy useless endorsement products. It is very likely that she will participate in illegal fundraising. A lot of the money will be used to buy advertisements. [After all, idol artists need to be exposed to renew their lives ]. Maybe you think that there are few idol artists on the market that have a handy work that cannot attract people’s attention for a long time, but it is undeniable that such an advertisement may indeed attract new fans in the continuous exposure. The specific identity of the new fans is unknown. They can be people who spend 800 yuan or even 800,000 to chase stars just as a pastime, or they may be newcomers in the workplace who need the 800 yuan to pay the rent and need the 800 miles to buy food. Parents, students who need this 800 yuan to pay tuition fees and even minors who fill up a meal card. Soon they will become people who are willing to be used for consumption, and even attack and threaten people who try to prevent the fan culture and fan economy from affecting more people. Below, I want to post a few pictures, which I saw on Weibo. These are the Weibo homepages that oppose criticism and even complain about the culture of the rice circle and the idol economy, as well as the Weibo homepage of the person who abused the girl. The red circle is the cp super talk of some overseas idol artists. A fan of a certain domestic entertainment idol actor. “An idol drama starring a certain domestic entertainment idol artist, and a certain fan circle variety show. A fan of a certain overseas idol singer. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is relatively very, very decent, but I think you have already felt the culture of the fan circle It’s scary.

4 months ago

This is the hype of the comeback of ghosts and ghosts. The good friends of Labi Xiaoqiu really mastered the wealth code and provoked group opposition, between parents and children, between the e-sports circle and the fan circle, and those who chase stars and those who do not. , I really know how to play. Haha, I was also a fan of him before. To be precise, I am a fan of many patriots v, but since I knew that he was actually a good friend of Spicy Pen Ball, I was disgusting like swallowing a fly, what the hell this is! An ordinary netizen of mine sneers at Labi Xiaoqiu, who hates the National Party, and is ashamed to be in the company. Are you a patriot and he is a good friend? ? ? This is black and white? He was quiet for a while after the last time the spicy pen ball overturned. A few days ago, he slowly tested the water with the consumer martyrs. This time, the stench of the fried rice circle has officially come back, and the traces of marketing are too heavy. Fan circle must have a foul side, but this kind of operation in order to provoke group confrontation for Chafan, I advise you judges not to be too real. Your passion output is nothing but other people’s kpi, which is really ironic. After seeing this through, I have shut down the opinion leaders that I pay attention to for more than half of the time. I have provoked group confrontations every day, and yin and yang are pointing the country strangely, but I can’t suggest any way to solve the contradiction, except to deepen the confrontation. Meaning, is there any difference between this and a torn rice ring? While criticizing the traffic, they coveted the traffic. In fact, they only criticized the traffic that could not be used for them. They put on a righteous rhetoric and wished to shout out I want traffic. Disgusting. Really disgusting. The ball makes me sick!

4 months ago

1. It’s myself first, then the mother of the child. In the same way, it’s me first, then my daughter. Summary: If you don’t fall in love, there will be no shit. 2. Star-chasing is okay, don’t do fanatical star-chasing that affects family society. I like the character of this star, no problem. It is not appropriate to rise to the individual level, refuse to accept all the negative news of the celebrity, be a bad role model and lead the children to chase the celebrity extremely. Summary: Chasing stars rationally. 3. The coffee machine is the last straw to crush the camel. People submit articles for help. There is no need to be biased by the marketing account on how to make mothers chase stars rationally. Go to the cyber violence himself? It should be the marketing account that is going to be abused by the Internet? Summary: Everyone be rational! !

4 months ago

Her mother made a small mistake in buying a coffee machine. The exact amount of mistakes depends on family conditions and past behaviors. But it is absolutely true that her daughter backhanded her and posted her post to her marketing account. What’s the difference between calling on netizens to criticize her mother in public? Is it a daughter? And this daughter gave the game krypton gold herself? What’s the use of games besides bringing her happiness? In addition to reaping happiness, her mother can get a real thing by buying endorsements. Because the coffee machine is useless to her family, her mother is wrong? No, everything in your house is useful? I bought a few beautiful notebooks, are they all used up? How many times have you used the oven? How many times have you been to 3000 with a fitness card? How many dolls in the house? Everyone can say beautiful things about occupying the commanding heights, but in real life scenes, except for extremely self-made people, everyone has bought “useless things” more or less because of impulse or likes to buy “useless things”. If her mother repeatedly communicated unsuccessfully and spent tens of thousands Then can you criticize it, just a 800 coffee machine as for the marketing number that you submit to? It’s not wrong to be scolded.

4 months ago

First, the money my mother earned
Second, it did not affect family life
Third, mother is happy on her own
why not? Want to talk about the meaning of life? Maybe this star chasing mother fan can also say 123, I think value is defined by oneself, people live for themselves, and other things are irrelevant. If you don’t even have the freedom to chase stars, it would be a bit narrow.

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