A few days ago, a girl in the dance school run by Liu Haocun’s parents caused lifelong disability due to improper lower waist. Netizens questioned that Liu Haocun’s parents have not paid compensation to the injured. On July 13, some media revealed a recording of a call interviewing the injured Tingting’s father. The other party stated that the compensation had been paid in full in 2018. The media asked why the compensation was paid in full in 2018. The other party said that Liu Haocun’s family financial situation is not very good: “It’s really difficult. There are old people, children, and a young daughter at home.” As for why he injured the lumbar spine, Tingting’s father said that the child went there for a short time and did that action too early. Tingting’s father also said that he still has contact with Liu Haocun’s parents, and the other party often calls to greet him and sometimes visits.

Really, it’s great to paralyze the girl’s family. Too kind. But the facts have proved that people can’t be too kind. Too kind is easy to be bullied. If I were the father of a paralyzed girl, public opinion is so loud now. I will not reconcile with you at all, on the contrary, I will push hard. Anyway, barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. Let me give you a “five questions about Liu Haocun’s parents”. First, why did you finish paying in 2018 for what happened in 2012? Second, do you say that you confessed your mistakes and appealed again and again? Third, you said that your family is difficult, and your daughter still wears Burberry’s scarf? Fourth, when did you come to the hospital to see my daughter? Fifth, why is your dance training class operated without a license? Look at what the father of the paralyzed daughter said. “Her family is really difficult. There are old people, children, and a little daughter in her family.” She laughed. Who has no old people? Who has no children? This is also difficult? For Liu Haocun’s parents, this, also, called, difficult? Then all of us will die. They are paralyzed. Fathers and daughters are disabled for life. No one cries and says that they are difficult. You are here to say that it is difficult. Are you difficult for your daughter to take pictures cheerfully in front of the camera wearing a Burberry scarf? My daughter is still sitting in a wheelchair! Human minds are all fleshy. You can’t compare the mind to the mind, but at least you have to admit it when you are wrong. Is 1 million in 2012 and 1 million in 2018 a fucking concept? After the court’s decision, you can still delay for 6 years. As for Liu Haocun, to be reasonable, this matter really has nothing to do with her. But yesterday, Liu Haocun didn’t apologize yet. As a result, the topic of #刘浩存apology was listed in the hot search. Hey, the public relations staff wake up, don’t sleep, it’s dawn. In addition, 2018 is the key time for Liu Hao to deposit in the circle, and the payment is entirely to wipe her ass for her daughter. Looking at it this way, the victim’s daughter has to thank the perpetrator’s daughter, or the money will have to wait until the next life. As for Liu Haocun’s mother’s apology, I laughed. There is no regret at all in these four words. That’s not called an apology, it’s called “I’m correct in the manual.” It is used to explain to myself, not to apologize. If you have real family difficulties, you can tell everyone how difficult it is, whether the stock has been pirated or the investment has failed, and tell everyone about it. If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s okay, and you can just be agile. Look, I have written all the manuscripts for you. “Thanks to netizens for their criticism and supervision. At that time, the default was due to family difficulties. We have reached a settlement with Tingting and her parents, and we have also obtained the forgiveness of Tingting and her parents. However, if you default, you are in default. This is a fact that cannot be changed. Again, we sincerely apologize to the public. In order to apologize, we are willing to give another 1 million yuan to Tingting and her parents for subsequent surgical maintenance and living expenses! Thank you once again for the supervision of netizens and what we have done to ourselves I’m so guilty!” One million, it’s not half a good deal, and it’s nothing to Liu Haocun now. But it is of great significance to the Tingting family. If the final copy is really this, remember to contact me to make money, thank you.


By zhiwo

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4 months ago

It has been paid in 18 years. I couldn’t figure out why the child was disabled in 12 years and refused to lose money. In 13 years, they went to the court and refused to lose money. In 14 years, the court awarded compensation and refused to lose money. Why did you lose money suddenly in 18 years? It turned out that on May 17, 2018, Liu Haocun was identified as the heroine of “One Second” by director Zhang Yimou; in July, she officially entered the film crew of the movie “One Second” and began her acting career. Thanks to Zhang Yimou for the victim and chose Lao Lai’s daughter

4 months ago

Your idol was still a born princess a few days ago, and it is very difficult for someone to become a family in an instant.
The paralyzed girl took 400 yuan a month to help and couldn’t stand up. Every day at noon, her mother took her daughter back home by bus. The other girl became a little princess, was selected by the national teacher, and became a female star.
A good example of a real-life TV series.

4 months ago

The core of the problem lies in this: As long as the compensation is refreshed, the sincere apology will not be so uncontrollable at all. As an ordinary person, Liu Haocun does not need to be held accountable. But what is it for parents to come out to be celebrities like this? What do the struggling general public think? Being owed one month’s salary is still unhappy, not to mention the six-year delay in treatment fees. The reason why we react strongly is precisely because of empathy with the victims. We ordinary people hate privileges first and Lao Lai second. Coincidentally, Liu Haocun’s parents accounted for both. I am opposed to being linked, but this does not mean that she can be so glamorously active in front of people by virtue of the privilege of capital, and always stir the sensitive nerves of ordinary people, that’s all. As for whether she relies on the blessings of her ancestors in her life, or feeds herself by her own efforts, who cares?

4 months ago

This question is very strange. If a parent makes a mistake, which child can retreat without the influence of his parents at all? What ordinary people can’t do, how can celebrities do things that rely on their name to feed themselves? Or, because she is a star, she deserves special treatment! The co-authored stars are doing low-tech jobs and holding the highest wages. They are still not enough, and they have to have additional immunity. Denon?

4 months ago

The Civil Code says that without inheriting the parents’ inheritance, the parents’ debts do not need to be repaid. If you inherit the inheritance, you should also bear the corresponding debts (not a law student, please correct me if there is a mistake). (Modified content: Some friends in the comments pointed out that the debts assumed after inheriting the inheritance should also be within the range of the heritage value, and the debts beyond the value range are not required. There should be no mistake in understanding. If there are still problems, please continue Correction. In order to avoid misleading, I hereby add. Thank you for the correction in the comments. In addition, I would like to add that I mentioned inheriting property and repaying debts, completely just as an analogy. In my values, if children do not use their parents illegally obtained Benefits, you can pick yourself clean, and it’s understandable if you don’t express your opinion. But if your child also benefits from it, then he/she must bear part of the consequences. This is my original intention, please don’t over-interpret it) Apply In the entertainment industry, I think if on the way to fame, if you have the support and help of your parents to star in works or become famous (including but not limited to parents helping to pull resources, buying hot searches, etc.), then your parents should speak up and clarify their position when they make a mistake. , And persuade parents to correct their mistakes. Everyone should have the distinction of good and evil, not just entertainment stars. What’s more, as an influential worker, you should set an example by setting an example. But if you say that I cut off contact with my parents before I debuted and I had nothing to do with each other, then say another thing.

4 months ago

I just wanted to ask, why did a netizen hack her? Isn’t it all she released? Otherwise, who knows her? One a day, one a day, and then I will ask myself if it is a vase? I will ask myself for a while. I will ask myself how my acting skills are? I will ask my mom if I don’t lose money. After a while, I will ask myself whether it is red or not? After a while, I will ask myself if I am regarded as the goddess in the eyes of men? I wondered, Zhihu is not a magic mirror, so why do you always ask? Wouldn’t you buy a mirror for yourself? Before the movie, on the cliff, I, a passerby, had never seen the news about the female star Liu, so I didn’t know it anyway. Now the movie is on, and it’s a hot search every day.

4 months ago

Liu Haocun is really addicted to buying hot search. This answer is on the hot search when there are about 20 answers, which is rare. But the result was to shoot himself in the foot. Regarding the majority of netizens as fools, it is really not lian. Move it. Later, Liu Haocun was stripped of the negative revelations that he refused to admit that he was a small local, did not recognize his hometown, had no bottom line, his parents were over-born, and were doing business within the system. These melons were added together, resulting in Liu Haocun’s current presence in the market. The word of mouth is quite bad, and many passers-by began to spontaneously resist and disss Liu Haocun. And Liu Haocun’s team, who was addicted to buying hot search and buying, didn’t stop. After these materials were exposed this time, they not only withdrew the hot search for the first time, but also released a video of Liu Haocun’s dancing for her whitewashing, saying it was The matter of her parents has nothing to do with her, good guy, a new set of fan-circle speech skills has been released, and she has put herself clean, and she is almost expelled from Liu Haocun’s mother’s motherhood~ Liu Haocun’s parents are indeed true. Yes, Liu Haocun herself knows the dark history of her parents, but Liu Haocun has never been afraid of anything in the past. After all, she has a very powerful capital power behind her. Capital power can solve almost all problems for her, and she naturally has never worried. I have been dug a grave. This time the incident was caused by Liu Haocun’s opponent. You must know that Liu Hao has offended people and intercepted other people’s resources since he was deposited in the circle. He has already set up more than N opponents for himself. Seeing that she was upset, they dug up their melons, beat the dog in the water, and wanted to stom on her severely. However, Liu Haocun’s current situation is a bit similar to that of Da Tiantian. Capital is trying to protect her, so this time an accident will not have much impact on her future development in the circle~

4 months ago

Why can all the stars in the rice circle distort right and wrong in a fair manner? This is not the first, and I believe it will not be the last. Everyone is equal before the law. Why don’t these people who have a lot of resources and fans respect the court’s decision? Instead, rely on the public opinion resources at your disposal to reverse right and wrong! What disgusts me the most? What are the comments on Weibo? My sister is so beautiful. My sister is so beautiful. My sister is so beautiful. I vomited. What’s the difference between this and the rich man who killed someone in the United States? , The American comment section over there is also such a handsome person. Shouldn’t he go to jail for 24 years? Who is the problem?

4 months ago

On June 26, someone posted a Weibo stating that a relative’s child practiced dance to lower the waist, causing high paraplegia. The child’s mother committed suicide twice and was rescued again. Later, I don’t know if this Weibo was deleted or temporarily hidden. I don’t know if it’s the same thing as today. Before extending the story, I answer the questions first, so as not to be accused of misleading the question. Should celebrities take responsibility for their parents’ mistakes? My answer is very politically incorrect. I think that if children have been protected by their parents, they should also accept the consequences of their parents’ faults. I only enjoy the benefits brought by my parents, but do not bear the corresponding disadvantages. I feel that no matter what the legal system and system are, it is against people’s simple emotions. Okay, let’s talk about the topic I want to talk about. The child practiced lower back and caused high paraplegia. The child’s mother may commit suicide twice because of self-blame, but was rescued again. My mother is crying, why the hospital always saves me, but it can’t cure my child’s disease. At that time, I went to the comment section of Weibo, and many people commented, and many others shared cases around me. Many seemingly ordinary and risk-free situations will cause accidents, permanent disabilities, or death on the spot. It happened so easily and lightly, as random as it was raining. But people are not so lighthearted in life. We must first survive the extremely fragile infancy, and then through the crisis-ridden childhood, followed by the adults, young, middle-aged, middle-aged, and old who are still in crisis. Such a step-by-step and uniformity is not taken for granted, not everyone can complete it, and many people will abruptly stop midway. I have a friend who I have known since childhood. I have never met his brother. He died in a renovation accident at home when he was very young. I also have a head teacher. She especially likes to intimidate classmates with acne in class. Her case was that a relative squeezed his nose and died of acne infection. When I was very young, I was almost taken away by traffickers. I have no impression of this, but my parents repeatedly mentioned it and threatened me, hoping that I would be wary of bad guys. In my childhood memories, I encountered a lot of dangers, most of which were left unattended, with countless head knocks, falls, and bruises. There are about three life-threatening events. One time it was my first time in the water to learn to swim. I fell into a dark pit in the reservoir and almost drowned. Then I threw myself out. One time I was rock climbing. I was in a dilemma on the cliff. I couldn’t get up or down. I was almost exhausted. I gritted my teeth and crawled down; another time I was walking on the street, and bang, the person in front of me was hit by a car and flew. At that time, I was afraid of death and pain, but I was very calm and even calm. After summing up the experience and lessons and improving the technical level, continue to swim and climb the mountain, and enjoy all kinds of adventures. Even if you ride your bike to school according to the rules, there are often trucks whizzing by. Now I am afraid to think about it. Later in college, a classmate, a fat man who was alive and well, was learning French together a few weeks ago, and died in the blink of an eye. In the evening, the fog was smoggy, and I went through the woods to study in the library. The library closed and went back to the dormitory to pass by again. There was a person hanging on the tree. Later, I loved life very much, became very life-saving, pay attention to safety, and even tried not to ride in airplanes. Once I played a horizontal bar, the horizontal bar fell off the wall and almost fell to death. Others missed their hands and fell to death. I collapsed on the horizontal bar. Who could have expected this. I have always been cautious when driving because of my fate. One Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve, I drove home to have a reunion dinner. At this time, there was not a single car on the road, it suddenly fogged up, and an illegal speeding car sprang out. When the car crashed, I was too late to do any evasion. I watched the car crashing, like a slow motion in the movie, with a clear mind. I thought, no, no, that’s it? I ended up dying in a car accident on the night of New Year’s Eve? After the airbag popped out, the first reaction was to pull the door, and found that it could be opened. I sighed with relief. No matter how miserable this time, I would definitely survive. To this day, there is no problem left on the body, not even a scar. I don’t know whether it is good luck or bad luck. Life is unpredictable, life and death are unpredictable, let alone life. Perhaps being alive and getting old is a kind of luck in itself. My Weibo “cat end”, and the new world closed beta.

4 months ago

I work in the court’s enforcement bureau. How many old people did not come to court, the verdict was not accepted, and the enforcement notice was not seen. It was not until the bank account was frozen that they started jumping up and crying to come to the court to pay the money, and even cursed the court. Inhumanity does not matter whether the people are alive. Probably only Lao Lai knows that, generally speaking, the court has given up a high probability of finalizing or reconciling cases that have been executed for 6 years, because such people are really dead pigs and are not afraid of boiling water.

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