Recently, a 16-year-old senior high school student in Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province fell to his death in the early morning, causing concern. On July 10, a related staff member of the Yanjin County People’s Government Office told reporters that a student from Yanjin County No. 2 Middle School did indeed fall to death. According to official reports, the student was slapped and punished for squatting by a faculty member after drinking.

The reporter noticed that a netizen who claimed to be from the No. 2 Middle School of Yanjin County broke the news that several teachers found a student playing with a mobile phone when they checked the dormitory of the school, and then several teachers made a call to the student who was playing with the mobile phone. Unfortunately, the student fell from the building that day. According to information transmitted online, some of the teachers at the time had drunk alcohol.

On the afternoon of the 10th, the reporter called the Yanjin County People’s Government Office. A staff member on duty confirmed that a student crash occurred in the Yanjin County No. 2 Middle School not long ago, but he did not know the specifics. At present, the relevant department has issued a fact sheet, and you can contact the county party committee propaganda department for relevant information.

The reporter noticed that a notice signed by the Information Office of the People’s Government of Yanjin County showed that at 7 o’clock on July 8, 2021, Yanjin County No. 2 Middle School found a student falling in the dormitory building and called the police. 120 arrived at the scene quickly, and the falling student (Pu XX, male, 16 years old, a 2020 high school student) died after being rescued by the County People’s Hospital.

After the incident, the Yanjin County Party Committee and the county government attached great importance to it and immediately set up a working group to investigate the school. After on-site investigation, visits, investigations, and monitoring: At 0:12 on July 8, Wu Moumou and other 7 faculty members of Yanjin County No. 2 Middle School were inspecting the boys’ dormitory. Pu Moumou, a student who entered the school with a mobile phone, slapped, squatted, and confiscated the mobile phone. Monitoring showed that Pu returned to the dormitory at 1:13 in the morning, climbed onto the window sill at 2:46, and fell from the building at 2:59.

After preliminary investigation, Wu Moumou had a drinking behavior that night, and the public security organs have now taken compulsory measures in accordance with the law. The county party committee and the county government are deeply saddened by the student falling from the building, express their deep condolences to the students who died, and will do their best to deal with the aftermath. At the same time, follow-up investigations and accountability work will be stepped up in accordance with laws and regulations.

The reporter called the Propaganda Department of the Yanjin County Party Committee and the County Education Bureau many times, but the call was never answered. Subsequently, the reporter called the Yanjin County No. 2 Middle School many times, but the call was also unanswered.

The relevant staff of the Yanjin County Public Security Bureau told reporters that the police are still investigating the matter and will notify the reporter as soon as possible if there is any progress in the follow-up.


By zhiwo

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4 months ago

As a people’s teacher, drinking during work has seriously affected normal work, damaged the image of the teacher, and undermined the teacher’s ethics. This in itself also shows that there are major problems in the management of this school, which requires in-depth investigation and accountability of the school’s leadership responsibilities. The current laws and regulations do not clearly stipulate that teachers should not drink alcohol during work. However, as far as all parts of the country are concerned, many education authorities and schools have their own regulations and school rules to regulate the specific behavior of teachers, and prohibit faculty and staff from drinking alcohol during work and attending classes after drinking. Slap in the face and squat, this is an act of degrading human dignity. Such teachers themselves have character problems, and drinking is just a factor in this incident. Even if you don’t drink, I think the quality of this teacher is not high. People who have no virtue after drinking are inferior in quality. Now that the child has passed away, it needs to be investigated and monitored. Whether the child ruled out the possibility of homicide, the police must rule out all possibilities. No matter what, this teacher is ultimately the accelerator for this child to leave the world. Will his conscience hurt? As far as the current situation is concerned, as far as the information is temporarily known, I personally think that this teacher has been suspected of provoking trouble. As for whether to apply Article 26 of the Public Security Penalty Law or Article 293 of the Criminal Law, this still requires further investigation and evidence collection by the police.

4 months ago

It has been mentioned many times that “if the rights of students need to be protected by a third party, they will never be guaranteed.” It can be compared to yesterday’s hot list; students and adults entering the society are not the same. The latter can directly report to the police and the media. Exposure, court litigation and other forms to protect their rights. If students receive bullying from teachers at school, they will first consider their school status, parental attitudes and other factors. The status of student and teacher” is extremely unequal, causing students to want There are many worries when defending rights. For example: What should I do if I drop out of school because this matter affects my grades. Where do my parents tell me how I will stay in the school in the future. What students should think of me who have been to school know how difficult it is to transfer. How difficult is it to expel a teacher, especially the trivial things that are seen by outsiders, and can’t get rid of the teacher. What if the teacher deliberately puts on you shoes in the future? I also want to ask a few teachers when they check in the dormitory and find a student playing. Mobile phone, and then several teachers started to call the student who was playing with the mobile phone. The student unfortunately fell from the building on the day of the incident. According to information transmitted online, some of the teachers at the time had drunk alcohol. How many teachers beat students? A high school student is 15 years old. How many adults beat 15-year-old minors. This is too ridiculous. The teachers are full of military virtues. I, but I believe that if it is really because of this, students who jumped off the building will definitely give us a satisfactory explanation.

4 months ago

Teachers are drunk, corrupted, drunk, ugly, hostile, irrational, violent to students, handling mobile phone problems in extremely inappropriate ways, no matter what, there is no doubt that they can’t be blamed. The student died, the specific details are unclear, and it is not appropriate to make a judgment. According to the time sequence, it is naturally related to the mobile phone. However, whether other reasons are involved is really not what others dare to make a conclusion. The incident has yet to become clear. This incident has obviously aroused concern. Although the major media have not rushed to report it, as the incident further ferments, I believe there will be a conclusion. Reasonably pay attention to the further development of the event.

4 months ago

Education is essentially a kind of service. The educator and the educated are actually a service contract relationship, but the contract has not become written. The role of educators should be the providers of education services. However, some educators regard their roles as managers, and even take it for granted that they are guardians and have the power of guardians. This kind of misalignment of roles has caused individual educators to lose themselves, be occupied by power desires, act inconsistent with their own status, and even violate the law. I sincerely suggest that in addition to registration and payment, students should sign a white and black service contract with the school to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. In the process of contract performance, whoever violates the contract shall bear the corresponding responsibility. This is called “teaching in accordance with the law”.

4 months ago

I have witnessed something like this with my own eyes. I can’t say that it is completely similar, I can only say that it is exactly the same. Let me teach you how to deal with this situation. The head teacher of my high school is a person who often comes to work when he gets drunk. He is in his fifties and can even rush to drink when he receives a call from a friend while he is giving a lecture. I was hit by a taxi because I was going to drink, and after being hit, he calmly said: I won’t ruin you, don’t run, take me to the hospital. Another time I drank too much and went to take a bath. When I got out of the bath, I stepped forward, slipped and broke my arm. I studied one night in the first year of high school, and came to class again after drinking too much. The class leader said that classmate Xiao Z always talked in class and said that he still didn’t listen. When the head teacher heard that this was okay, he pulled Xiao Z’s neck with his tongue out and asked: Are you quite capable? You can’t leave you in this class, right? Why are you so awesome? At first, I pulled the neck collar, but later it became a chest pounding. Little Z’s eyes were red and flushed after a while. Xiao Z, male, height 180+, practiced martial arts since childhood… I clearly remember that day, Xiao Z kicked the head teacher from the podium to the window sill, and slapped the head teacher from the window sill to the door… The follow-up of this incident was also very interesting. Little Z’s father rushed to school immediately and apologized to the head teacher. The school’s safety head teacher was once a student of the head teacher, sitting on a chair, and Xiao Z’s father stood aside and bent over to make up for it. The director of the Security Office said: Is there still a king? Students hit the teacher? Do you still miss it? Is this how your parents usually educate their children? If you don’t miss it, hurry up and get rid of Ziao! After a while, Xiao Z’s uncle came over when he heard the news. We still don’t know what his uncle is doing. As soon as Xiao Z came in, the safety office director jumped up and gave up his seat like a stabbed butt. He nodded and bowed, and then a thunderous roar sounded from the teaching building: Is my child angry when he comes to your school? The teacher beat the student? Is there another king? Do you still want to do it in your school? If you don’t want to do it, hurry up and say Austria! What about that teacher, let him roll over for me!

4 months ago

Slapped and squatted? Teachers hitting students are not allowed under any circumstances! So, how should the responsibilities of a student fall in school? 1. If the student’s fall was caused by personal reasons and the school has fulfilled its education and management responsibilities, then the responsibility shall be borne by the students themselves; 2. If the school fails to fulfill its education and management responsibilities, it will bear tort liability for the student’s casualties; 3 If it is caused by a third party, the third party shall bear the tort liability; if the school fails to fulfill its education and management responsibilities, it shall assume the corresponding supplementary responsibilities, but it can claim compensation from the third party afterwards. At present, the police have to go through field investigations, body inspections, visits and investigations, and after inquiries and monitoring, they can give a qualitative conclusion based on various aspects. First look at whether the possibility of homicide can be ruled out, and give a qualitative definition of whether it is natural death or abnormal death (suicide is an abnormal death). If it is defined as a suicide rather than a case, then the work of the police is basically over, and the family negotiates with the school or directly initiates a civil lawsuit (mediation with the school is not a necessary procedure). According to Article 27 of the “Measures for Handling Student Injury Accidents”, a school teacher or other staff member’s intentional or gross negligence in the performance of their duties caused a student injury accident, after the school has paid compensation, it may seek compensation from the responsible person. Because the case involved corporal punishment and drunkenness, as far as the situation is concerned, the student’s jumping off the building is still inseparable from the teacher. Therefore, after the school assumes the liability for compensation, it can exercise the right of recourse against the teacher according to the degree of fault of the teacher. If family members do not agree with the conclusion issued by the police, they can file for administrative reconsideration. Because not all causes of suicide can be revealed, it is normal for the family to speculate and question the conclusion of the investigation, but the conclusion of the investigation is based on objective facts and evidence, rather than based on the speculation and intuition of the family of the deceased. It is objective. Similarly, if it is a criminal case, the investigation will not be terminated because the family voluntarily abandons the investigation or has already compensated and understood.

4 months ago

I am also a graduated student of a middle school in Yunnan xw, and now I can’t forgive the high school head teacher because of the poor overall exam of a certain monthly exam class (I did well in the exam) late_on 10:20, class ends at 10:40, this In 20 minutes, I was reading the extracurricular readings and he found me, and then he called me to the podium, in front of the classmates, let me lie on the podium, kick me with my feet, and beat me with a bucket (drinking water bucket). And the broom whipping, for half an hour, until the lights in the classroom was still beating me, and then I collapsed! I also thought that it is not easy for my parents who work outside (from the countryside). I didn’t tell my parents to resist slowly. Half a month before the college entrance examination, the last subject of the monthly exam was English. The exam was complete and good enough for dinner. Then I did not go to dinner, and I checked the answers with my classmates. Then I was arguing about a multiple-choice question, and my voice became louder. At this time, our head teacher came to the classroom. During the inspection, I didn’t ask a question. He pointed at me: “Fatty man, get out of me.” Then I went out. In the aisle, he said that my grades had fallen back, and he said that I was not in a variety of ways. Seriously, then I said I didn’t have one. I slapped my glasses and slapped my glasses. I was so dumbfounded that I was beaten for some reason. I said to him: “Teacher, my classmates and I are discussing the answers. Question, and it’s time for class now, I didn’t do anything!” Then he was speechless, and said that I made a face to him, and his attitude was not correct. face). Then I kicked me with my feet in the hallway, and slapped me again (At that time, the meal was just over, and the hallway was full of classmates who had just returned from the meal. Later, I heard that the classmate I discussed with me said that she was scared and stupid. , I don’t know what to do, but she is a girl, and someone didn’t embarrass her very much). I really hate these things! I don’t want to have any intersection with him in my life. (Of course I confess to the teachers of other subjects, I still love you very much, especially the English teacher and the chemistry teacher) Later, I went to university (other provinces, north), and I talked about these things with my classmates. They all seemed particularly puzzled-how could the teacher What about hitting students? Then he asked me, why didn’t you resist? I don’t know how to answer this question, to be precise! I really didn’t think about resisting at the time, maybe because of my childhood education, in my opinion, teachers hitting students are like fathers hitting children! It makes sense. If you resist, you will be rebellious (it’s really ridiculous now thinking about it, my dad has never beaten me, so I despise myself here). When I came back, I told my brother that no matter what mistakes you made at school (and you won’t make any big mistakes), the way the teacher physically punished you has hurt you, so you must tell him to stop and tell him you can’t beat me! Alas, I also hope that parents don’t say anything to the teacher: “My child hits if he doesn’t obey, and hit hard”, “The teacher hits you for your own good, and if you don’t hit you, you can’t be a talent.” , You have to thank the teacher” and so on (Anyway, my parents said that to me and the teacher at the time. Now that I think about it, it really disgusts me. The most disgusting thing is that I thought it made sense at the time, and I was despised here. ). Finally, I hope that all the students must have a right attitude in school and study hard. Most teachers are still very considerate of students, and teachers will not harm us. Of course, they must learn to resist the teachers’ malicious corporal punishment. High school is very good, I wish everyone can be admitted to your favorite university

4 months ago

Whatever the reason, the teacher shouldn’t beat the students in full view. This situation is similar to the principal slapping your teacher in front of all your colleagues and school leaders. I ask you what do you do if you are a teacher? Anyway, I can’t stay in this school anymore, and the teacher can quit and go to other schools. What about the students? Can he break away from this circle and do a good job of psychological construction? You may say that the current students are petite, but quality education is to teach the current students more knowledge and self-esteem. He may not be able to bear the insult to his personality. A lot of comments talk about compensation. I think after the legal punishment is over. From a moral perspective, the teacher should be asked to apologize to him in front of all teachers and students or go to the child’s grave. When I was in junior high school, I had the same experience as him. I was slapped in the face by the teacher in front of all the classmates and his glasses knocked off the floor. Later, the nosebleed couldn’t stop the one that went to the hospital. Let me add the situation: the teacher in charge of the class told us to let us study by ourselves. She went out to hold a faculty staff meeting, and all the teachers went. Therefore, in the entire teaching building, there are no teachers, so students are studying on their own. I was flying into trouble because all the teachers in the first and third grades of the junior high school were in the school auditorium. Later I learned that the teacher who beat me had sneaked out of the meeting. My head teacher called me to the office afterwards and threatened me with kindness, not to tell my parents that the teacher hit me at the time. There were only four words in my mind at the time: The world is very cold because if this thing becomes a big deal, she won’t have to run. Tell me why the teacher hit me. The thing is like this: We were studying on our own because I was sick the day before and took leave. The exercise book is empty and I haven’t finished writing a few questions in that class. I have already made up half of it. The next day’s homework was also completed. The unfinished homework is sparse, and indeed there are a few math problems. But the teacher’s request at the time was not to allow empty questions. Well, now think about it, it was a young age that was good for bullying. What the teacher says is what it says. I sit in the fourth row of the class. He said he would come to check his homework. Ironically, I walked directly from the podium to the fourth row to see my homework. I was sitting in it and didn’t watch my homework at the same table. The homework of the six people in the first three rows is not looked at (this grandson is here to find the fault) and put it now. His good father, I will break his head first, why did you come out from the workers’ assembly to check homework. Check homework on Nima check homework. Why did you run into the fourth row, your good father, me all at once? My eldest son, do you dare to do something with your eldest dad next? Come on, we have to monitor you who beat me first. What a big dad has to do for you, this floor knows that you beat students. First Nima and you copy guys in the classroom to turn you around. Then ran to the hallway and yelled for help. All five classes on the entire floor know it. Then go directly to the auditorium. Why isn’t it a workers’ assembly? If you can do it, it will be enough for your kid to drink a few pots. Now you hit the students, and give your dad the nosebleeds that I hit on your face. Ah Han now is the kind of people who are not embarrassed as long as I am not embarrassed. Meeting microphone? Get it for you. “Dear XX middle school teacher leaders, Mr. Chacha fled the staff meeting. And because I didn’t go to the cram school he opened privately, and I repeatedly refused to oppose the parents to give him gifts. I held my grudges and put me on small shoes many times. Today I got even stronger. I was beaten like this in public. He despised the workers’ congress and left and was absent. I would like to ask the principal and the leader. For the profession of a teacher, this is the authority to blatantly challenge the school leadership. Please give me justice.” Ah, Blood can’t be flowed in vain to touch the auditorium stand directly. The threats of crying, making trouble and hanging up three times wanted to find the Bureau of Education. I wanted to find the city media. Later, I heard the doctor in the operating room of the hospital, and while stopping the bleeding, he fervently spurned the scum. What kind of teacher is like this. And piles of hemostatic cotton with blood. Then the doctor really couldn’t stop the bleeding, so he went to the director. In fact, there is no fear now, just very angry. I need to apologize, and I can’t give you money because I don’t hold you. If you don’t go to the class you teach, you will take my surgery. Later, I still had sequelae. I remember I accidentally bumped my nose in the high school dormitory, and then the nosebleeds couldn’t stop. Later, I couldn’t stop going to class. The teacher looked at me in fear. She asked the class leader to take me to find my class teacher (it was the high school class teacher who forced me not to tell my mom and dad that the person beat me to the junior high school class teacher). I remembered that I went again. I’m in the hospital, but the doctor still can’t stop my blood. The same scene as before emerged again. I grabbed the hand of the girl who accompanies me to the hospital and said, I don’t want to get a swelling sponge. The doctor said there was no way to stop, and then I cried. It’s not because it hurts to cry. Is it because the previous injury is still in my heart. “No way, I can’t live on the swelling sponge.” “Why so much blood?” These sounds are played in overlapping loops, which I heard from two ages. It feels like a double overlap, and it makes people sad. These words and the wounds that were buried in my heart were torn apart again. Their doctor seems to be able to say the same thing. Later, the girl who accompanied me to the hospital took me to dinner. She said that braised pork rice is delicious, and I have been listening to her. It feels like it’s all over. It seems that it hasn’t passed. I was eating my tonkatsu because of the expansion of the sponge. Can’t chew. The boss didn’t cut it open again. What I ate was a bit sad because I could feel the presence of the expanding sponge. It’s like using Yuan to remind me. I was not respected or received an apology. This is an angry and sad thing. In the later period, I disliked any culture teacher, which may be a psychological shadow. Also weariness of learning. Ok. I also account for it, so I can’t say that I’m tired of learning because of this. Anyway, maybe my parents think this is very hypocritical. I also think I may be too fragile. But every time I think that I was not respected or apologized. And later, and division into classes or something. I was still talked about or turned into a laughing stock by people at school. They said that I was beaten, and it was terrible anyway. These people are also very boring. Mei Xiangbai’s servants are all minions, and some of them have been targeted by the teacher for wearing small shoes. I did not say anything about them. It’s boring.

4 months ago

As a teacher, every time I see the news that a student has died for various reasons, it is very heartbreaking! A young and lively life just disappeared~ It has been a week since it happened, and there is no investigation result yet. So far, it is necessary to give a satisfactory answer to at least a few questions: 1. The report stated that 7 faculty and staff checked the bed, but was it the only one Wu who slapped the student? Or is it that all 7 people slapped the students? Or is it that the student not only suffered corporal punishment such as slapped, squatting, etc. by a certain person, but because he was young, he had to be a “scapegoat”? Push all the faults to a certain person in Wu to ensure the safety of others? It is not how bad the editor thinks about the school, but the dark side of human nature. The same is true in a school that is incomparably pure in comparison with society. The teachers in the school are in intrigue all the time. Just like in our school, the assessment of a secondary and first title can make teachers turn their heads against each other. From then on, they will never talk or work together when they meet. If this happened in our school, I believe it was the “scapegoat” with the least qualifications being pushed out. 2. Can the teacher drink alcohol during work? Especially after being drunk, many people’s consciousness is not clear. They did not realize how much harm they did to students at the time. The teacher’s drinking after work is a private act, which is reasonable, legal and permitted. But obviously, these teachers went to check the dormitory after drinking. They knew that they would check the dormitory later. Then who allowed them to drink? As a public official, drinking alcohol during work is inherently unreasonable and not allowed. In addition, they are teachers and serve as examples, and what they want to show to students is the role of demonstration. Drinking alcohol during work and punishing students physically, how to set an example for students? There are a few male teachers in our school who are addicted to alcohol. They like to get together often to have a drink in the restaurant. Sometimes we have to go to the office for dinner. Several teachers always persuade female teachers to drink. If you don’t drink, you don’t give face. How can you not drink at the dinner table? Some teachers can’t resist and can only take a few drinks, so they are even more exaggerated. From a small sip to a small glass, then a glass… As a editor who never touches alcohol, especially because of acne on his face, and stays away from alcohol, whenever they persuade him to drink, he refuses directly. The reason is simple: I can’t drink. It’s okay. I can’t drink. Not drinking is not giving face. I can’t drink. I replaced the bar with tea. I did it, you are free. …Every time I encounter office dinners like this, I actually feel very reluctant in my heart. Especially when a few teachers returned to the office full of alcohol, they didn’t even look like the most basic teacher. 3. Where is the supervision of the school? Several staff members drink alcohol at work, and it is very likely that even the surrounding leaders know about it. Who allowed it by default? When there is a lack of supervision, the most basic sense of awe is gone. 4. These teachers really just slapped the students? Instead of beating students? Is this the only student who was beaten? Or was it because this student chose to jump off the building and only mentioned this one student? So many students who have been seen on the Internet are beaten with bruised noses and swollen faces. Why? If this is the case, then this shock has surpassed “corporal punishment” and rose to “violent crime.” They relied on their authority to trample on students wantonly. Although it is indeed wrong for students to play with mobile phones, as an adolescent child, there are many ways to manage them, and violence is the least effective and hurts students the most. 5. Who allowed the teacher to check the dormitory at 12 o’clock after the student fell asleep? And the monitoring showed that the students returned to the dormitory after 1 o’clock, so in the middle of this period, what did they (I can’t call them teachers anymore) to the students? Why just a slap and a squat can make students give up their lives? Everything waits for the real confession.

4 months ago

I am also a student in Yunnan, but I am not in the same place as him, let alone in the same school. In my school, it’s common to be fined for one semester. Sometimes if you provoke a teacher, you will be fined to squat to go to class. You may squat for several days. Thousands of penalties are also common. Teachers often scold people and fool students in class. Commonplace. If you don’t want to lecture, you can allow students to study by themselves. Most of the semester may be self-study, and the teacher builds computers on it. If you go to the teacher, some teachers will find it annoying. Some teachers can’t answer them, and some students use homework to help them. It’s not that if you have good grades, the teacher will let you go and not punish you physically. My grades in our school are at the forefront, and the photos have never been down in the school corridors, but I was also tortured by the class teacher, it should be not just the class teacher. Of course, not all teachers are bad. Physics teachers treat me very well. I also thought about death and tried, but it didn’t work. I hope that the Yunnan Bureau of Education will rectify the school and clear out some teachers who have no morality. Finally, I have a few questions about this matter. 1. From the time the student jumped from the building to the death of the student, what measures did the school do? Did the ambulance arrive in time? 2. Check whether the teacher in the dormitory hit the victim alone, check the teacher in the dormitory Are there any school leaders in the school? 3, whether the school organizes education for teachers, and has they told teachers not to slap students?

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