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Looking at it in a circle, I know that the monthly average is one million, and it is not expensive. Guangzhou Changlong, a rice set meal of 128 yuan, this bowl is not beef, four-fifths of the beef offal on the surface are white radish and oily tofu. (Ordinary markets usually sell 15-20 yuan a bowl. If it was four or five years ago, it was 8-12 yuan a bowl. Now the price is expensive, and I miss the previous price.) By the way, there is also grilled sausage, 20 yuan One. Generally, there are 5-6 people in a family of 5-6 people, and it costs 600 to 700 for a lunch. The key is that the food is no different from the 18 yuan fast food outside. (Not counting the ticket consumption) Those who say it is not expensive, tell me, I can’t spend 128 yuan, but is it really not expensive to eat such a fast food of 18 yuan at 128 yuan? And it is still eaten in an environment worse than the school canteen (it does not mean to belittle the school canteen, in fact, the environment of many school canteens is much better than the long-long dining environment). If you give me a good environment and slightly better food, I will spend 128 yuan. The point is that this 128 yuan is lonely. It is not allowed to bring any food, beverages, bread or dry food into the park. You can carry as many bottles of water as you can. Some people didn’t believe this, and asked: Do they still dare to turn the package? Not to mention, they really just turned the package. I reached out and looked for it. I turned to bread cakes, corn, glutinous rice, chicken, etc. I took it out and said I couldn’t bring it. As for how to deal with it, depending on the owner of the bag, either eat it outside the door, throw it away, or you can’t bring it anyway. I know that as long as the long long is not too hot, I bring in bread and snacks, but it does not mean that the price is reasonable. I also know that during the current epidemic, this rule may have been relaxed, and you can basically take it casually. But before the epidemic was really strict, you only need to look up the news one or two years ago to find out. No food is allowed, but the food inside should not exceed the market price by four or five times, right? Remarks: The situations stated above are all my actual experience before the epidemic, and do not represent the entire situation, nor do they represent the current situation. Some people say that this is determined by the market itself, and the price is set according to supply and demand. Brother, it’s not set by the market, but controlled by humans, okay? But it’s useless to say so much. Someone will go anyway. It has been long for so many years, and it hasn’t closed down. Don’t get too excited about ordinary people. The target group of people’s customers is not us either. If you talk too much, people will still say: Who told you to go? Who told you to go? Who told you to go? I am really angry at seeing this kind of remarks. I don’t know what to say about this kind of remarks. Hey, if you don’t go, you don’t have to go, and you don’t have to go. It’s not because you don’t understand the situation. Of course the rich do not think it is expensive. Even a small internet celebrity beyond 100 lines can earn 50,000 yuan after receiving a 10-second advertisement. If the 50,000 are not spent in those places, how can they be spent?


By zhiwo

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4 months ago

The typical monopoly profit, the corresponding situation also occurs in the airport/convenience store/train station/bus station/scenic area. Is it okay for the price of this place to rise by 20%, and the result is an increase of 100% to 600% compared with the urban area, especially It is a restaurant. As a result, some brands promote the same price at the airport and the city as a selling point. Many people will say that the rent is different, so who is to blame? Who made you pay so much rent? Why didn’t Starbucks raise prices? This bad habit is obviously inherited and carried forward by capital, so it has the characteristic of “don’t want to eat if it’s not expensive to enter the scenic spot.” Isn’t this a bundled consumption? If it is me, I refuse to eat. But you have no idea. Some consumers just show off by “paying IQ tax to make me rich”, alas.

4 months ago

In Disney Shanghai, the first thing to do is to open the package to check the food at the security check in the park. Later, the voice of the masses was too loud, so now it only goes through the security check without checking the food. Knowing that Universal Studios is abroad, it opens the package to check the food. Okay, now is the time to look at the influence of public opinion. Come on, this price is expensive or expensive, even if it is too expensive, it will be unpalatable. The restaurants inside Shanghai Disneyland are not cheap, but I think the taste is okay. If you are in a small town, the price is pretty regular. I am more concerned about the price of the annual ticket, and I wonder if it will reach the 4000+ stall like Shanghai Disney.

4 months ago

What does this show? This shows that Beijing is already a more developed city than Singapore! I have only been to Universal Studios in Singapore. The packages in the park are basically between 20-30 SGD, which is equivalent to 100-150 RMB. But note that this is a set meal! One serving can be eaten directly! Not a dish 150! Is this price expensive for Singaporeans? It can only be said to be a little expensive, but it is acceptable. The per capita income in Singapore is about S$4,500, and a simple meal is about S$5. So a meal of 25 SGD cannot be said to be cheap, but it is certainly not very expensive. What are the more expensive foods in Singapore? It is Haidilao. A meal at Haidilao in Singapore costs about S$100, even locals will feel pain. Here you don’t want to convert the new currency into RMB, you just think of it as RMB. You can imagine your monthly salary is 4500, a simple meal is 5 yuan, and a meal at Universal Studios is 25 yuan, and you understand. Now looking back at Universal Studios Beijing, I really laughed out loud. This is no longer catching up with developed countries. This is already far ahead of developed countries. In my impression, Nordic meals can’t be so expensive. It is no longer a dream to catch up with the beauty of the Premier League. Our next step is to be the first in the solar system!

4 months ago

Is this price really expensive? Personally, whether the price is too high or not has to be evaluated according to the level of personal consumption. The restaurants at Tucao Railway Station and Airport are not expensive for a year or two. But there are not many people eating in it. Therefore, whether it is expensive or not is not the main factor that affects whether you eat or not. Whether you choose to consume or not depends on whether you need to eat in Universal Studios. Refer to the current various grass-growing platforms, the guides of Changlong, Fangte, and Happy Valley that can be searched, and carefully turn them down. No guides recommend you to dine in the garden. More are recommended for you to bring something to eat. Just leave the park at noon and check in at the nearby XX restaurant in the evening. This is a big deal… Take Beijing Happy Valley as an example, the KFC in the park should have the largest passenger flow every day That’s right, the 125’s happy meal for two people and the 164’s family happy meal are not too expensive after careful calculation, but compared with the prices outside the park and the various coupons that can be used, it is simply not competitive. But you will be hungry if you can’t hold people! If it wasn’t for physical needs to eat, how many people would regard the restaurants in the park as a place where they must check in when they visit? After playing, come out and find a restaurant nearby to get a meal with a few people. Isn’t it fragrant? Why do you still have to think about it if you are too expensive? Even tangled with 168 burgers and more than 60 chocolates in the park? Why do you have to embarrass yourself!

4 months ago

To be honest, this is a way for merchants to divert customers. Just like some people buy a package of 100 yuan, some people want 10,000, and those who buy 10,000 are divided into: buy and buy at random, and there are many 20,000 at home; I like it. , Save money, bite your teeth to buy; 10000? It’s too cheap. I only buy more than 100,000. Different income, different consumption concepts, and even different moods, personal ️personal position as for myself. I haven’t been to this movie studio, and I don’t know what the internal environment is, whether the software and hardware are very tall, and it is not good to comment. But if the burgers and pasta have high value and good taste, you can try them.

4 months ago

Expensive; as an occasional travel park lover, I have the honor to have been to Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Osaka, Tokyo Land Disney, Tokyo Sea Disney, Shanghai Disney, Hong Kong Disney. And most of the above amusement parks have been to more than once, as for the domestic Happy Valley Changlong, I won’t go into details. The price of Beijing Universal Studios’ hot search this time, if it’s the catering in the park, even if you completely ignore factors such as consumption level and price, it is higher than Universal Studios in Singapore and Japan, and higher than Disney in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The price is about 15% higher. The data source is not rigorous, and it relies on memory. There are many types of restaurants in the amusement park. The following shows the purchase voucher for restaurants in Tokyo Ocean Disney that also provide mid-level western food; about 140 yuan provides: a straight pasta, a cheese baked macaroni, a cake, A borscht and a cup of milk tea are enough for two people. The average per capita is about RMB 70, just like the answer from someone upstairs. It is also a person who has been to many amusement parks around the world. If you have such a hobby, you must think that Beijing Universal Studios is not expensive. As previously answered, it may be the price of restaurants outside the park (although in my experience, Universal Studios and Disney keep the prices of catering inside and outside the park highly consistent, only the domestic Happy Valley and other parks have a huge price difference between inside and outside the park) , It may also be the price for trial operation, everything is still uncertain, but if the price in the park is still priced like this after the official opening of the park, I think it will have an impact on the majority of consumers. From the experience of going to other Universal Studios, there is no problem with bringing your own food. Singapore and Osaka have relatively complete security inspections. Although they do not support bringing your own food, you only need to put the snacks at the bottom of the backpack. Put more debris on it and there will be no problem. I don’t know if Beijing Universal will conduct security checks like Shanghai Disney in previous years. If it supports bringing its own dry food, it will be another scenario. In any case, I sincerely hope that the big park IP from overseas does not come to China with crooked minds. Since it saves domestic tourists the threshold to go abroad, then the money saved by tourists must be spent elsewhere.

4 months ago

In fact, you all got a fundamental problem wrong. Data for 2019 before the epidemic. Tokyo Disney, the most visited park in Asia, has an annual reception of 17 million. The highest in the country should be Zhuhai Chimelong with more than 11 million, and Shanghai Disney has a similar level of more than 11 million. The Osaka Universe of the same brand is 14 million, and Singapore Universe is less than 5 million. That is to say, Beijing Universal World is the level of Osaka Universal. I personally estimate that it is probably not as good as Shanghai Disney. It should be around 8-10 million. Generally, the revisit rate of large parks is 30-50%. Of course, there are also abnormal ones like Tokyo Disney. I will find another domestic scenic spot for comparison. Lijiang is 50 million people a year, and the revisit rate is not known, but you can still ask yourself and the people around you how many people have not been to Lijiang. In fact, tourism itself is not a way of mass leisure, and paradise tours are even more niche. And any tourism, including paradise tours, still has a radiation range. Take Beijing Global as an example, the main source of tourists must still come from the provinces surrounding Beijing and the Northeast region. In the area south of the Yangtze River, I may go there once or twice, but I will definitely not check in on a daily basis. Take Shanghai Disneyland as an example. Apart from the winter and summer public holidays, the daily life is not supported by the people of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. After all, when people apply for an annual card, they can be used as a baby walk in the daily park. So don’t think about the pricing, and don’t count how much money you have in your wallet to compare. For many people, this thing is a one-shot deal, and for most people, they won’t go at all.

4 months ago

If this were in real life, I would definitely yell at it: Which Shakou XXX set the price of XX? Is it really good at doing business! This question is really worthless! “Is this price expensive?” I can only earn 200 yuan by moving bricks for a day on the construction site and eat a pasta and a hamburger. Do you think it is expensive? what? But now I am driving Zhihu and typing on the keyboard, so of course the answer is not expensive! It’s a mere 145 yuan for a piece of pasta. Can you say that the noodles are expensive? What I ate at Dubai Hotel and Saudi Prince is much more expensive than this. Su Mang said: There is nothing wrong with not having enough breakfast for 650 yuan. What nutritious breakfast can be eaten for 650 yuan? Can you eat the 118 yuan pasta?

4 months ago

I just think that the kind of hotel that has built a hotel in a good location and collects a lot of money is a bit monopolistic. After all, the truth in this country belongs to everyone. of course. People are also taxed. Promoted local economic employment, local people benefited. So it cannot be said that it is totally unreasonable. So Universal Studios, monopoly means even less. You can not go. Since the Haidilao price increase incident, the current climate is getting worse and worse, and the Internet is constantly exploding. You don’t need to go if you are too expensive. Where is the courtesy, justice and shame? Take a step back, what about the backbone? How come no one has ever appealed to everyone not to go and resist it together. Be harder, shout a slogan, everyone will not go, let him die. Looking around in Zhihu, no one said that. So it is clear that I must play with you, and you must lower the price. I feel that Ferrari will have to withdraw from the Chinese market in two years

4 months ago

This is a restaurant on City Boulevard. I estimate that the interior should be similar to Disney’s. It may be slightly more expensive. But this is even more uncomfortable, because Disney has no money to eat hot food and can go to Disney Town to eat 50 per capita, and there are subway convenience stores that are not afraid of tiredness. On Universal City Avenue, the consumption feeling is almost the same as inside. These are not cheap meals, either lying down until they are slaughtered, or bringing their own meals.

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