Does the South need heating? This is a hot topic in recent years. In winter, many residents of cities along the Yangtze River are envious of northern heating. During the National Two Sessions in 2021, the heating problem in southern cities was mentioned again.

Zhou Hongyu, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a professor at Central China Normal University, has repeatedly put forward relevant suggestions at the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, such as “redrawing the heating boundary along the Yangtze River”, “starting the study of southern heating problems as soon as possible”, and “speeding up the development of the heating market in 100 cities in southern my country.

He told reporters that heating in southern cities is not a new problem. Now there is central heating in the north and not in the south, but heating in the south is very necessary. Especially as people’s living standards are improving and economic income is increasing, heating in the south is both necessary and possible. Zhou Hongyu said: “I raised this issue at the National Congress of the People’s Republic of China a few years ago. Many comrades in the north or further south think it is unnecessary, but many comrades in the Yangtze River valley and other places believe that winter heating in southern cities is an urgent solution. The problem.”

It is not necessary to provide unified heating, but a heating plan can be considered. In fact, there are two reasons why there is no central heating in the south. In fact, it must be said that the northern townships do not actually have centralized heating. Whether or not there is centralized heating does not hinder individual heating. Another point is that the winter in the south is a bit short. In some places, it’s only two months, and the air-conditioning sun will pass. Central heating is not very efficient, but it is relatively cold. If the winter is relatively long, you can do it. Just use it as infrastructure. It is good to attract young people from the north as a city feature. Many people oppose “the South is cold and cold”, saying that it is southerners hypocritical, but in fact, most of this statement is put forward by northerners who go to the south. As northerners, we should not attack ourselves, otherwise you will be here. The South is also uncomfortable.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

My home is in a rural area of ​​Henan, without heating. Every time I see someone saying that the south is colder than the north and it should be heated. It’s really disgusting, even a little disgusting. Say a little bit. I have been to places where I lived for a while in winter, including Beijing, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Chongqing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. It really fits the hot in the south and cold in the north. What kind of magic, physics, just don’t wear enough clothes, and don’t want to wear it. Try putting on big cotton jackets, big cotton trousers, and down jackets. These are still cold in the north, and these are enough in the south. Shout coldly and look at your own clothes, autumn clothes and long trousers, thermal underwear, and thick down jackets. In the winter in the north, have you dressed all these, shivering under the sunny and big sun, and shouting magic attacks. Have you ever seen it? Then it is said that many people may selectively ignore the heating. Northern heating needs to pay heating fees. Nowadays, most of them are floor heating, and the initial construction will require a lot of money. Take the money to turn on the air conditioner, which is enough to reach a suitable temperature. Of course, now that the conditions are good, there is no problem with the pilot heating. It’s just that if it is fully rolled out, there will be various news in the future. You can’t pay thousands of yuan a year for heating. It is better to turn on the air conditioner. Or the floor heating is too expensive and troublesome, and I don’t want to change the conflict. It is very possible that Ye Gong will be a good dragon. Finally, the heating in the north was deified. There is a news earlier that said very well that the purpose of heating is not to make you feel hot, but to make you not cold. Many times the heating room is still slightly cold. Finally, I talk about heating in northern rural areas. I don’t know if anyone remembers the old people who died of freezing in the rural areas when the coal changed to gas in Hebei. Now Henan and even other provinces across the country are doing this. There is no money in the countryside, and it is difficult to find a good new method, and the old heating method has been cut across the board by the so-called environmental protection. The heating problem in the northern rural areas is much more urgent than the so-called central heating in the south. The crying child has milk to eat.

7 months ago

The title is misleading. The Yangtze River is in the south, but not all the south needs heating; the south is vast, and even in terms of architectural design classification, there are two areas: “hot in summer and warm in winter” and “hot in summer and cold in winter”, like the Pearl River Delta. It’s not in the scope of the proposal, people really don’t need it. The representative’s proposal is obviously only aimed at areas with hot summers and cold winters. These areas have a long period of continuous low temperature in winter, and there is a large demand for heating from urban to rural areas. There are two considerations for central heating in the south: First, the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River are densely populated. In areas where the population is highly concentrated, the efficiency of central heating is definitely higher than that of decentralized heating. Since there is a natural demand Can be developed. In the case of good economic development and dense population, both public buildings and civil buildings have relatively strong winter heating demand, which can be developed in the market and users pay. The second is that the cost of heating in the south is not as high as you might think. The use of industrial waste heat for heating and cogeneration of power plants are all mature technologies. In addition, there are many areas in the south that have abundant “shallow geothermal energy”, which can be used for shallow geothermal energy. Geothermal heat is used for heating. And when the natural temperature is above zero, not so much heat is needed. For example, Hunan Province issued the “Notice on Vigorously Promoting the Large-scale Application of Shallow Geothermal Energy in Buildings”: Shallow geothermal energy is a part of geothermal resources, and its energy is mainly derived from solar radiation and gradient warming of the earth. The application of geothermal energy is included in the “Renewable Energy Law.” Hunan Province is rich in geothermal energy resources in the shallow layer (15 meters to 200 meters buried depth). It is a renewable energy with large reserves, wide distribution, clean, environmental protection, stable and reliable, but the development and utilization efforts are still relatively small. The “Notice” pointed out that the unified planning and overall promotion of the application of shallow geothermal energy in Hunan Province will strive to implement shallow geothermal energy technology in residential, public, and industrial buildings (including the renovation of existing buildings) in the pilot areas of the province by 2022. Less than 20%. It can be seen that southern heating is not a fantasy, and there are no demand or technical obstacles. Finally, I still have to sigh. It is obviously a professional problem, but there are a bunch of people who don’t understand it. Is this really good?

7 months ago

In many northern cities, such as Northeast China and Inner Mongolia, the temperature in winter has been below freezing for a long time. Every winter, I have to do my best. Not to mention the problem of heating, I took great pains to prevent the water pipes from freezing and cracking. Don’t even walk on the street. Wearing cotton shoes, your feet can get frostbite. It would get hot for a long time when I went out and drive, or I would sit in and follow the ice hole. Vendors selling fruits and vegetables on the street have to cover the vegetables with quilts, or they will freeze in a while. We turn on the heating, and lighting the stove is not really comfortable. But to save lives. In the same way that it is not cold above freezing, I have to refute it. When I was studying in England, the house I rented was an old house built before and after World War I. Although it is well maintained, it is still extremely cold if the heating is not turned on. In order to save gas bills, the landlord switched the heating to intermittent heating. The place where I stayed is not the cold place in Scotland, but the temperature above zero all year round does not give me much comfortable feeling. It should be cold or very cold. Even when I go out and wear a thin cardigan, I have to put on a fleece sweater when I return to the house. It’s really uncomfortably tight. I think we should gradually experiment with underfloor heating in newly-built residential districts in the south. Compared with Ming heating, floor heating is much more economical and convenient. And to learn the lessons of the north, heating must be divided into households. Otherwise, the shack upstairs will have to freeze the bottom to turn off the heating for his house. As for the old community, I think it is of little significance to renovate. First change the insulation and take the pipeline. If you want to enter the ground, it is a major project, if you do not enter the ground, the entire community is equipped with various pipelines. If you have the opportunity, I can show everyone that the district where we have completed the central heating is full of punk industrial style. The community is a big iron pipe. It is neither beautiful nor economical. Finally, the heating fee should be charged according to the area used, even if there is no one in the house, there is no heating. You have to pay part of it.

7 months ago

Coordinates in Nanchang, Jiangxi, as the people at the bottom of the electric car travel, every time they come home, they have to rush to the toilet and sit on the toilet. It is not cold enough to have diarrhea, but to turn on the Yuba to relax. Not to mention that air conditioning can solve the problem. Let me put it this way. I think the heating effect of air conditioning is far less than cooling. This is why our office is obviously turning on the heating, and I am still stomping cold. The home is clearly turning on the air conditioning, and I have to repeatedly To check if it is staggered into refrigeration. I wanted to lift up the floor of my house several times and install it with underfloor heating, because I saw those southern families who installed underfloor heating, their children can roll all over the floor, without running nose and saying that my mother is cold. Even more sad is the elderly. The winter for the elderly is the longest. The rich old ladies and old ladies are basically in Sanya, where the young and young coconuts are swaying in Shuiqingsha. The rest of the elderly can only endure all kinds of numbness in their legs and butt. My sister married to Guangdong. My parents stayed in my sister’s house in November every year, and only came back in April of the following year. I don’t want to joke with you. The winter in the south can last for half a year. Even a young man can’t bear the cold. Anyway, I change from optimism to pessimism when winter arrives. I feel that the unheated South is not livable at all, so please don’t deprive me of the right to enjoy heating. I have never stayed in the north. I support heating in the north. I don’t know if the south gives you the wrong impression that spring is everywhere, and the climate is pleasant in all seasons. Compared with your cold, our winter is not worth mentioning, but This is not the case. Our coldness will make us feel irresistible. The south is not just the Pearl River Delta. There is also a chilly wind in the south. There should be heating at minus 15 degrees, but not at minus? A person wearing a big padded jacket on the street has the right to go home and blow on the heating. Isn’t it enough to dress lightly? The issue this time is whether the South should be heated or not. I think the heating of the South is decided by the southerners. After all, we know how cold and warm our winter is.

7 months ago

Last year, I spent more than 10,000 yuan to install a fireplace in my home, thinking about the cold winter days and continuous rainy days, I can make a fire in the living room, which is both warm and dry, just like the heating in the north. . After a lot of effort to install it, the experience is not good at all. It’s not because the fireplace is not good, but the house simply doesn’t have the conditions to use it. The heating all ran from the corridor, the windows were not airtight, and there was no heat preservation function. After installing curtains in the corridor, it will be able to use it, but it doesn’t feel like heating at all. Fortunately, I found a new function, which can bake sweet potatoes, which is very popular with children. Heating in the South is not a simple matter. Although it is not infeasible, are the benefits of the few days really worth the price? The importance of this matter has come to the top. Is it time to do it? Our production is so rich, we can have many heating products, will it be easier to solve the problem by developing some products and technologies that are more suitable for the South, and make it easier for the majority of southern compatriots to choose?

7 months ago

Don’t look at the south admiring the heating in the north every day, you really want to heat the south, so many people are not satisfied, why? The heating cost in the north is generally about 1,000 to 2,000 a year. My home is in Shanghai. In winter, the air conditioner is basically on. The time is about 4 or 5 months. The average monthly electricity cost is 5,600. The total cost is not much different from the heating. If the heating is unified, of course I would be happy. But my situation is obviously not representative of most people. According to my observation, most people don’t use air conditioners for so long. For example, at my parents’ house, I strongly require them to keep the air conditioner on, and I help them pay for water and electricity throughout the year. They only drive more coal, and they often want to save me some money. For most people, central heating will significantly increase additional expenses. Are they happy? What if many people don’t want to spend more than 2,000 yuan a year? It’s not a problem in the North, but it’s a big problem in the South. It’s not whether it’s necessary or not, but it’s difficult to tune in. Otherwise, it has been resolved for so many years.

7 months ago

Every time this topic becomes the scene where netizens from the north and the south are tearing each other apart. Northerners are dissatisfied with Southerners’ expressions such as “the north is a physical attack, the south is a magical attack”, “the south is colder than the north” and other expressions. Southerners in different regions cannot be concentrated on whether or not. Agree on heating. In fact, do southerners and northerners have conflicts of interest on this point? Not at all. It is undeniable that the absolute temperature in the north is lower than that in the south. It is also indisputable that the temperature in the south, especially the south near the north-south boundary, is lower in winter than in the north with heating. My home is in the north of Anhui and belongs to the north, but I want to ask my butt to answer this question. I support heating in the south, but this south is limited to the south near the north-south boundary. Some people say that without heating in the north, people will freeze to death, and the cold in the south is just uncomfortable. This argument is fine. But this does not deny the reason why the South does not provide heating. China’s economic development has already passed the stage of solving food and clothing. There is absolutely no problem for Southerners to pursue a more comfortable life. We can spend tens of thousands of dollars on mobile phones for comfort. You can use a knife on your face for beauty, and import ingredients from all over the world for your appetite. Why is it that southerners want to spend a winter more comfortably? Are we satisfied if we don’t freeze to death? If this is the case, the north can completely set the indoor heating standard at zero degrees, so that it will not freeze people, but also solve the energy and air pollution problems. Then why does the north not do this, and instead use the indoor temperature of 18 degrees, which is the enviable temperature of southerners. standard? Some people say that there is no central heating in the northern rural areas. This is true. My hometown does not have heating, but this is a problem to be solved in the north, and it cannot be a reason to question the heating in the south. Regarding the specific heating in the south, I would like to say my own views. 1: Heating areas cannot be infinitely generalized. As other respondents said, the heating line should be moved to the south. 2: Conditional central heating; 3. The electricity price and natural gas price are taken care of. It is not difficult for the Yangtze River Basin to not be taken care of. Instead, there is a stepped electricity price.

7 months ago

It requires good window sealing and double glazing, as well as an indoor air circulation system. The air in the south is humid, the summer is sultry and hot, and the economic conditions are not enough, the windows will be particularly thin and simple. Residents also have the habit of opening windows for ventilation. This will cause the indoor and outdoor temperature to be the same, even if the heating is turned on, the effect is not good, and it will increase the loss. But if the windows are fixed in winter, many people will worry about air and humidity problems again. Therefore, the content air circulation system is also necessary to prevent mildew in the bathroom. When my house is 10-12 degrees outdoors, it is 17-18 degrees indoors. The outdoor temperature is around 7 degrees, and the indoor temperature is 15-16 degrees. The outdoor is 0-1 degrees, and the indoor is 13-14 degrees. Generally, indoors will not feel cold at 17-18 degrees. Below 15 degrees, you need to wear more. The temperature in the southern winter should not be below 10 degrees every day. I think getting the windows better and adding an indoor air circulation system is a more cost-effective and effective method than heating.

7 months ago

Of course it is necessary, but calculate whether central heating is cost-effective: input-output ratio, pollution, comparison with other solutions, etc. I have personally experienced that after a decade of scattered work and life in the southern region, where to go, there must be two things: Yuba and electric oil heater. I am a northerner. I slept in Tukang when I was a child. When I was a child, I slept cold at night, because my nose hurts and my back is hot. When I wake up in the morning, the water in the tank must be a lump of ice. The ice skate under the eaves is a foot or two. However, the cold in the south is even more unforgettable. Taking a bath is like killing a pig, screaming with hot water, and misty, but the place where there is no water is ice. This is okay. Actually, I’m most afraid of sitting down and lying down, the blood is reluctant to go to the feet, and it will be numb after a while. It’s a strange phenomenon. If I play with my phone on the sofa for a while in winter, I often stand up and can’t walk as the blood flow goes smoothly. This phenomenon did not occur at other times, and it is even more unlikely in the northern winter. My feet often hurt when I sleep at night. Why not use electric mattresses? It is said that it affects kidney function…I am not afraid, but I can’t sleep well when I heat up. I suffer from insomnia. Therefore, it is usually heated up in advance, turned off the electricity, and then waked up from the cold in the morning. Therefore, in winter, I like to go on business trips in the North most. When I enter the hotel or the client’s unit, they are all shirts, which are really comfortable. However, the south is cold, that is, several cold currents, which add up to only one month. This is Guangdong. Then in Shanghai and Hangzhou, it was cold for three months, but it was so cold that it needed electric heating all day. Anyway, our bedroom was flushed south and more than 20 floors, so we needed electric heating a month during the day. Electric mattresses are basically enough at night. Some are not in a hurry below zero, and some are extreme for a day or two or even a few hours under strong convection. Generally seven or eight degrees, three or four degrees at night is enough. Mainly because of high humidity. Therefore, whether the electricity bill is cost-effective or the infrastructure is in full swing. In large cities, the heat pipeline is now being transformed, and this tossing is unimaginable. How about scientists working hard to quickly get a nuclear fusion floor heating boiler?

7 months ago

You can investigate how much local people are willing to pay for central heating. Everyone agrees, let’s heat it. House renovation, walls with insulation, holes in the walls of each household, and pipes for heating. This requires the entire building to work together. I don’t know how much it will cost. There are heating houses in the north, and the doors and windows are basically double-glazed, or even triple-glazed. There is no in the south, and you can replace it yourself. We just installed a double-layered house, which can cost 30,000 yuan. Some aspects of central heating, such as laying pipes throughout the city, and heating the households, are there, and the cost is also there. All citizens voted for more than one percent of people who are willing to pay, then construction can be done. If you install a radiator at home, you have to pay for it yourself. Depending on the payment, you can also choose something nice or not so nice. The annual heating fee is 22 yuan per square meter, and people who don’t need heating have to pay vacancy fees. Also, the radiator needs to be cleaned every few years. Every year before the heating is used, when the water supply is tested, there must be people in the house. Often, the heating in someone’s house breaks, and the leaking water floods the furniture, flows downstairs, and damages the downstairs decoration. Whose heating has a problem, whoever will bear it. When heating starts, the indoor temperature, doors and windows are closed for 24 hours, and reach 18°C ​​plus or minus two degrees, which is the standard. The standard of heating is not cold. The house closest to the heating station can reach 28°C, but the furthest house I have ever lived in can only reach 9°C.

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