Two colleagues made a domestic car for 6 years, and a Nissan moved for 6 years. Now they have the idea of changing cars, but they are both in their 30s and their family expenses are high. If you change to a higher level, there are not many choices for domestic cars. If they change cars at the same level, their idea is to not change, and the current car will be driven for a few more years.

Will the car after 6 years really have a lot of maintenance problems?

The new Le Chi bought in 2009, the new 1.2 displacement, with a manual version. Accompany me through 120,000 kilometers, 11 years. Dabao was added in 2009, and his wife is 100 kilometers away. Walking back and forth is a real problem. My daughter-in-law and I returned to the third-tier home from the big city and accompany me through hardship and cold. I am riding a motorcycle (I still drive without a license, I am an A2 but I haven’t tested a motorcycle). Every time I go out and get off work, I must have a helmet, knee pads, cotton gloves, and a big scarf. It’s very cold and troublesome. It’s the first time for my baby to go back to her mother’s house, and finally arrives at the bus station, only to find that I can’t buy a ticket. I was flustered when the adults at the station made the children annoy me. At that time, I decided to have my own car no matter what, so that my daughter-in-law and children should not be frozen anymore. Since 2005, QQ cars have been popular here. Low fuel consumption and beautiful appearance are important for cheap. I followed my wife to see the car but found that there were only two displacements of 0.8 and 1.0. Considering that there are old people and young people, there is only one car commuting. If the air conditioning and heating are full in summer, this displacement is definitely not enough. I just came back and passed the Wuling store. I saw the Le Chi car, which was much better-looking than the QQ. When I went in, the price was about 10,000 yuan, but it had a displacement of 1.2. But the nose and so on are all made in China. Although it still has a Chevrolet logo, it is actually a domestic car. The daughter-in-law feels too expensive and feels sorry for the money. She said she can save money again. She said that my husband, I am not afraid to suffer from you and suffer the cold as long as we are well. But how can I let their mother and son be bumpy on the road like this? So when my daughter-in-law returned to her natal house, I directly picked up the car. Three days later, he got the card and went directly to her house. New car break-in? nonexistent! It’s a bit off topic…Although this car is made in China, it works hard and has an average fuel consumption of 6. I drive in a hurry, and the traffic light is basically the first one. At its worst, the air conditioner was pulling my brother in the summer. My dad, my mother, and my nephew went to Yantai to play, and it didn’t take much effort to run 110 back and forth. The daughter-in-law is in Laizhou’s hometown, and the road to send her and the child is eighty or ninety, and basically 110-140 when he comes back with an empty car (the road conditions are particularly good without a probe, and there are only a few traffic lights for the whole 100 kilometers). Don’t spray my speeding behavior, after all, it was more than ten years ago. Later, 10 years after encountering the skyrocketing oil price, I changed the cng together with my sister’s car. Some people say that there is no need for such a small car with such low fuel consumption, but the wallet does not bulge and the commute frequency is too high. The first-year fuel cost is around 8,000. After the change, the mileage increase and the gas fee have been reduced to about 3,500. After changing it for about 9 years, it’s almost the same as a car. The point is! The point is that I am the first to start with the green light. The speed bumps basically do not decelerate, and the maintenance machine filter does not exceed 120 yuan. The old driver who washes the car and looks at the sky, such a car operator, has only changed one brake bulb in 11 years, two stubbles Front wheel bearing, two full-vehicle tires, three right front ball cages. There is really nothing to spend money on. The left front door allowed the rear car roof to pass, the air conditioner had touched the puppy and leaked fluoride, and the front cover slipped onto the tree to repair it in snowy weather. In 11 years, 130,000 kilometers, the small car was so silently carried down. Just ask if you accept it? In the coldest weather, the fire can be done at one time. One winter, because of battery power loss, I accidentally mistaken the positive and negative poles of a neighbor’s car. Sparks were everywhere, and the ECU was not damaged in the slightest. Just ask if you accept it? 20.05 Because I have three cars in my family, I really can’t bear to take care of the little Lele who accompanied me through ups and downs. Up to now, there are still photos of my phone before the breakup. In January of the year, my wife changed jobs and was a bit far away from home. Uncertain, I thought about buying a car when I saw it was a bit difficult to pick up and drop off. The second-hand market is turning around, Skoda Jingrui, Golf Sixth, Suzuki Tianyu, Volkswagen Bora… I have seen it in the past, or the car is in poor condition, or the car is small, the interior is bad, or the price is expensive. When I think of the flowery daughter-in-law driving, I don’t know which smells. The car that the man drove, a cigarette butt on this side and a hole on the other side of the interior panel, he was heartbroken and bought a new one! If the budget is limited, I can only lock the domestic car again, go around and lock the 16 Emgrand RS manuals (my daughter-in-law is my hands-on practice and can only drive the manual) bare car price is 71,800, after my operation, it cost about 65,000. It’s about 38,000 kilometers now. Automatic headlights, automatic air-conditioning, sunroof, ESP, reversing radar, reversing image, one-button start, keyless entry… Basically everything you can think of. After adding a key to raise the window. Not much nonsense, up to now, except for regular maintenance (I still replace the filter by myself), one of the rear right brake bulbs is broken and I have not managed it. I have punctured the tire several times and have not spent a cent. The daughter-in-law drove more Buddhist, and she didn’t care much about fuel consumption. It is estimated that the total is around 6.5-7. All the electronic systems are normal, and the car is still in winter. Except that the car rustled for a while, the daughter-in-law said it was getting easier.

Finally, back to the subject of the subject, the domestically produced cars that were replaced five years ago will most likely be domestically produced after five years. Although they are poor, even if they have money, they will not overly pursue the brand effect of joint ventures. It doesn’t have to be domestically produced to change the car, but you know the truth about good quality and low price. Fortunately, the family and Harmony’s little ones can also enjoy themselves in a domestic car, aren’t they? In short, what suits you is the best.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In September 2013, I bought the cheapest car in China, Chery QQ3, 2012 model, 37,000 on the road, timing chain three-cylinder engine 1.0 displacement, iron wheels, reversing radar four-door electric remote control key, no refueling I have been to three barrels of oil and fixed a private gas station. The average price per liter is about 1.5 yuan cheaper than three barrels of oil. It has been six years now and has run 80021 kilometers as of today. What’s changed: A co-pilot lifter is claimed during the warranty period because of abnormal noise from the lift. In 2016, the water temperature has not risen, the thermostat is broken, and the cost is 36 yuan per 4s, and the working hours is 35. In 2017, I changed two front tires when running at high speed, and I changed three spark plugs by myself, 22 yuan a Hunan torch , The front windshield was cracked and replaced, 280 yuan for Fuyao. After 2018, the shock absorber oil leaked, and the 240-block roadside shop was replaced with two. Buy the blue shell for 26 yuan a liter of engine oil on and replace it with 20 yuan at a roadside store. Advantages: low fuel consumption, more than four in summer and five in winter. The car is small and good for parking. It’s cheap to keep a car. Disadvantages: Three-cylinder machine shakes. When the low-displacement air conditioner is turned on, there is no response at all when the accelerator is stepped on. It is very noisy when driving. There is basically no value preservation. Now it should be worth a Yadea (?) insurance. You basically buy it every year, three million, car damage, spontaneous combustion, etc. If you are poor, you can’t live with yourself if you don’t buy insurance. I am not afraid at all when I encounter malicious gassing on the road. Last year, my wife’s driver’s license came out. I followed my wife’s wishes and bought Taiwan Bora, and my wife opened it. I’m still a small QQ. How to say it, no feelings and no feelings, the only reason for not changing cars is poor, so there is a high probability that the car will be made in China, and the probability is still Chery, Tiggo Eight is quite good, and the six-seater version. If you win a prize of 10 million, go to his domestic car, you must be Cool Road Ze.

7 months ago

After a strong answer, I think people just can’t look away. Buying a car is to meet your own needs. Who stipulates that if you change a car, you have to change it to a more expensive one? Wouldn’t it be better to change to a better one? My first new car was a manual Sagitar, and I drove it nicely. After getting married and having children, it is convenient for my daughter-in-law to go home to deliver milk, because my daughter-in-law’s place of work is relatively remote, and Didi can’t get a car without a taxi at all. I added a domestically-made SUV, and then I felt that the rear space of the Sagitar was too poor. It is much more convenient to raise a child with an SUV than a car. Although the domestic non-first-line brand is still the old technology of the 2013 model, it is also good to drive, and there are minor problems. It was completely acceptable, so I began to pay attention to domestic cars. There is no need to breastfeed, the two cars are not just needed, so it is natural to sell the Sagitar and leave the domestic SUV.

7 months ago

The Chery Tiggo 5 2.0 CVT Yuexiang SUV that I bought in June 2015, landed around 123,000. I can’t remember the details. At present, it has just passed 50,000 kilometers. In four and a half years, once the horn failed and it was called the last insurance burned, the car could still be driven but the horn did not sound, and then the controller was changed. Another time, the car failed to lock, the door could not be locked, and something was changed and forgotten. All are in the warranty period. Now the insurance is out of service. There is nothing wrong with the insurance outside. I have to say that the three big pieces are all pretty good. Before I got married, this car would accompany me to go fishing everywhere. What I feel now is that the noise is louder, the acceleration is slower, the fuel consumption is slightly higher, and everything else is fine. I just mentioned the BMW X3 this month, so I won’t say much about driving experience. Now you can’t just think about yourself when you buy a car. For the family, of course, the premise is that you can afford it financially. If I drive by myself, I might choose an Arrizo GX PRO? At the same price, domestic cars are no worse than joint ventures, and there are many joint ventures with defects. As long as you avoid defects in design, safety, and budget, you can do whatever you like. Of course, domestically-made cars at the same price have more abundant configurations.

7 months ago

buy! My car is not 5 years old, 4 years old, Chery Tiggo 5, 2.0CVT, landed 13.4W. The total mileage is 6.2W kilometers, of which more than 5W kilometers are in the urban area, the total fuel cost is 39668 yuan (all 2 barrels of fuel, 95 No. Ethanol gasoline, I only add Total oil twice. It is said that this Total oil is really not suitable for my car, and the car shakes. The first tank shakes, it can be said that there are 2 barrels of oil remaining in it, and the second tank also shakes. , I don’t dare to add it. Change 2 barrels of oil and immediately stop shaking), the average fuel consumption is 0.64 yuan/km. The car has been okay (there have been a few abnormal noises, and later I found that it was caused by small pieces I put in. I hope the good luck will continue). Last year, the trip computer broke down and broke down on the road (fortunately, I basically ran in the city. ). The insurance company came to a trailer and sent it to 4S. After changing the trip computer, it was all right. The tow truck master was very funny. He asked me to fix the car and continue to tow the trailer home. He said he didn’t call me nothing, and he didn’t want me to pay. Many people did this to save their gas. I didn’t listen to him, we can’t do this. For normal maintenance, use Silver Mobil once every six months. There have been 4 accidents: the first was just buying a car, the technology was not good, and the rearview mirror was scratched when reversing in the community; the second was a slight rear-end collision by a car behind on the off-ramp; the third was a high-speed collision with porcelain ( It’s what the news now says, using a slingshot to make a sound when overtaking, and then blackmailing me that his left rearview mirror was touched). I didn’t know that it was a porcelain touch. I paid 400 cash for the emergency parking. , I was going to get insurance. I saw too many cars and I was worried about the second injury. I quickly paid the money. The fourth time I lightly smashed the other side’s car next to the school. The paint of the other side’s car dropped a bit, and my car’s paint lost rice grains. So big. My experience is: add genuine oil, use good oil, and maintain on time

7 months ago

This question is right for me. I bought the Great Wall c50 in July in 2013. At the beginning of 2014, my daughter-in-law took his parents and cousin to drive my car on the high-speed. The car was out of control due to an obstacle on the road and hit the guardrail. , The front of the car was severely damaged, but the engine was okay, and the people in the car were okay. This gave me enough confidence in the domestic car. In July 18th, because my second daughter was born, I bought a BYD Tang (fuel version) for the convenience of my daughter-in-law and her baby. Now I am driving very happily, except that the fuel consumption in the city is higher (I drove 9-11, my wife drove 11. -13, personal driving habits have a great influence on fuel consumption, so fuel consumption is not counted by others, and various media car reviews and tests are not counted. You only know when you drive it. Others are very satisfied. Many Chinese people still have problems with buying a car. In fact, they are just a means of transportation, as long as they are comfortable to drive. Isn’t it a problem with your mind that you care about others?

7 months ago

I found that some people do not understand cars in the answer area. First principle, we cannot say that other domestic products are poor because of the poor quality of Zotye. The second is not to say that joint ventures are rubbish because of the high failure rate of Land Rover, Daewoo, Volvo, French cars, etc. The third principle is the principle of comparison of the same type. I saw an H5 driver, used in the underground township of the industry. It was off-road. It drove 100,000 kilometers for 11 years. Then I heard that the neighbor’s crv was not broken. At the same time, the one who bought it said that the domestic product is poor. This is too speechless, and then I change it by myself. With the Prado, it’s okay. This is either stupid or blind. The first guarantee for off-roading is that the three major pieces are not bad, and the most taboo is to break down because it is not good to contact in the wild. This is not my case for Toyota Great Wall Wuling. I have also worked on the construction site. These cars are really awesome, but it is Volkswagen Land Rover. As for minor problems, the floor dropped today, the rear bumper will be lost tomorrow, the license plate will be dropped, sudden abnormal noises, etc., this is actually quite normal. For example, there is cotton on the car wiring harness, and the bumps will fall and hit the car’s skin. . What else is the structure of the armrest box, etc., slowly. . This is all normal, but the high-priced cars have better specifications, and there will be fewer minor problems. After all, the environmental factors are greater. I have always been curious about Volkswagen Land Rover, why the wild environment is always inferior to Toyota Great Wall, Wuling, I understand that the original structure is small and it is the old and beautiful craftsmanship standard. . Then the comment area is even more funny, what’s wrong with the Great Wall M4, and the Toyota Aili shot. The Volkswagen is fine. There is nothing wrong with Geely’s vision. crv is fine. . Come on, let these cars run 10,000 kilometers to the countryside to try. In fact, the relative price of h5 is relatively high for a reason. The 100-hour market car rally in Changchun was still on the road. I remember that Geely’s car only dared to run slowly at the end. It’s not that the legendary turbo is broken. Geely’s car is the last one, and then the ranking result is Pentium first. Below is the self-absorbed Japanese, and then China and Germany. . The Great Wall’s is a turbo, 1.5t h2, in the middle of the rankings. In fact, this race mainly depends on the durability of each manufacturer. There are no special cars, so there is no saying that joint ventures are better than domestic ones. It is better than Toyota. Other joint ventures are better. Calculate. . Even domestically produced turbines lead. There is more than over-control. Note that it only makes sense to have the same type and the same weight. You said Highlander over-control is not as good as Changan sedan, which means Toyota is not as good as Changan? The navy said that where vv7 is not open, everything is good, and it is also suitable for Prado, Highlander and so on. . But if it is a very light car and people say that the overcontrol is not good, it means that the car is really bad.

7 months ago

My experience is of great reference value. In 2007, Geely King Kong, 120,000 kilometers in six years, changed clutches, glass lifts, shock-absorbing pressure bearings, generator bearings and so on. But I have no regrets. At that time, the domestically produced car was in the second generation, and it was only half the price of a joint venture car. I can accept the minor problems. BYD S6 in 14 years, 120,000 kilometers in six years, seven times to Tibet, two times to Inner Mongolia, the whole car was replaced with shock absorption, no other problems, at this time the domestic car has entered the third generation, the quality is very good , I can’t blame the car for changing four shock absorbers. The road conditions in Tibet are so bad. I don’t like to take the normal route. I run so many bad roads. It surprised me that nothing was broken. In 16 years, Zotye E200 has problems almost every month. The longest time spent in 4S for two months was repaired. In the end, it did not survive the 3-year warranty period. It completely collapsed. The 4S went bankrupt. The manufacturer didn’t care and couldn’t buy it. When it came to accessories, I complained to the Consumers Association. The Consumers Association found a manufacturer in Zhejiang. The manufacturer did not shirk, saying that he had no accessories and could not do anything. The Consumers Association suggested that I go to the court where the manufacturer is located to sue. I gave up and couldn’t afford to delay that time. In 2020, Chery EQ1, the usually said little ant, has been 20,000 kilometers and has not had any problems. Intuition it should be another BYD S6. There is a high probability that there will be no problems in five or six years. Seeing some people’s answer that only Geely, Chery, Great Wall, BYD is selected for domestic production, but Zotye, Lifan, etc. are not selected, I think it is correct. In fact, many joint ventures’ own brands should be fine, such as Changan, Guangzhou Automobile, SAIC Roewe, FAW Hongqi, etc. The Dongfeng series and so on, but the domestic brands with small sales volume can be ignored. It is really unreliable. I am a bitter lesson.

7 months ago

Come uninvited, I still have a say on this issue. I am the owner of the BYD Su Rui, and I have been driving it for more than 7 years. I bought it for 70,000 yuan at the time. After driving it for more than 7 years, I can summarize the advantages and disadvantages of this car: 1. It’s pitiful, and it hasn’t had any major problems in more than 7 years. 2. It is cheap to raise, and it is basically normal maintenance. The first guarantee is free, and each follow-up maintenance is about 300 yuan. I changed the battery twice before and after, and the wiper once. In the fifth year, I changed 4 tires one after another. The brake pads were changed more than 7 years this year. Of course, there is an annual insurance, about 2500 yuan. 3. The fuel consumption is fair. It is said that the fuel consumption of old cars will be high, but in fact, when my car is running in a normal city, the fuel consumption is about 7 fuel consumption. I am quite satisfied with this fuel consumption. 4. There are also shortcomings. Novices don’t think it is at first, but when they are proficient in driving behind, they feel a bit fleshy at the start. Watching other cars rush out, and they are still accelerating slowly. For impatient people Uncomfortable. 5. An interior part near the front windshield is loosened after being pulled apart by a child, and it will loosen after a few months when it is put together. Generally speaking, it is quite satisfactory. As a result of this year’s epidemic, Shenzhen has also provided a relatively large subsidy for electric vehicles. The purchase of electric vehicles is subsidized by 20,000 yuan, and the replacement of old vehicles can also enjoy a subsidy of up to 20,000 yuan (this is based on the purchase Different car prices have different subsidies). If you missed such a big effort, you won’t have it. The family didn’t agree to buy a car before. After calculating with them, they agreed to buy an electric car. Of course, Su Rui did not sell it directly. After transferring the ownership to other people in the family, you can apply for an electric car with the indicator. Which brand of electric car to buy, of course, I still bought BYD. I have been watching and testing cars in 4S stores for a while. Finally, I basically selected the sales of e2, and the 4S store told me that the e2 change will be available at the end of this month. Now Waiting for the new model to be listed to see if the price and some of the previous slots have been changed. If appropriate, it is estimated that e2 will be set directly.

7 months ago

Let me answer, uninvited. There are three cars in the family, and four cars have been experienced. It can be said that they are typical representatives of mainstream consumption of Japanese (2.4 Accord), German (1.8T Magotan), Chinese (1.8T Boyue), and Korean (Elantra Elantra). . 1. The Hyundai Manual Yuet I bought in 2009 has been driven until now, it has been more than 180,000 kilometers, and three low beam bulbs have been replaced. The others have not been repaired. The fuel consumption is less than 6. The shock absorption is not soft after a long time. Taobao bought 4 rubber sleeves and put them on for an instant spring. Friends who drive old cars are recommended to install one. This car is still reluctant to sell. Although it is old and old, it is not used much, but it is worry-free and too worry-free. The biggest problem is that there is no rear anti-collision beam. This was only discovered after I reversed the car and hit the stone pier. There was an anti-collision beam that did nothing, but it hit a hole. After it was repaired, I quickly bought one online. The anti-collision beam is installed. It is recommended that friends who buy Korean and Japanese entry-level cars install them by themselves, and don’t make five or six thousand things that can be solved by one or two hundred. 2. The Accord 2.4 in 2013. This is really troublesome. After driving for 50,000 kilometers, there are various fault lights on the dashboard. At the beginning, the four sons kept asking for the throttle valve to be washed. The cost is two to three hundred per wash. The key is to make trouble. heart. Later, it developed into Abs, esp, steering wheel assistance, brakes, electronic parking failure, increased fuel consumption, and speed drops, etc. It was a huge trouble, and went through a series of car repairs, and then I didn’t want to drive. Combining with the recent messy quality problems and crash tests of Honda, I will not love it anymore. Don’t tell me to buy an engine to send a car. I bought a scooter. The most important thing is peace of mind and safety. 3. I bought a 1.8T sub-top with Bo Yue for my mom in 2016. Now it is 60,000 kilometers. It may be that I haven’t driven a good car. To be honest, it’s really fragrant. I used to drive long distances and always drive Accords, but once I drove Bo Yue Long distance, I would not drive Accord long distances anymore. When I first opened the seat, I felt high, but my waist and buttocks were not tired at all when I drove long distances. The chassis was also very neat. Japanese and Korean car chassis, the new car feels very loose, and unlike the German car, although the chassis is very neat, it always feels like something is still hanging. My mother said that when I changed cars, I changed them. I was spoiled by Bo Yue, mainly because of the 360 ​​reversing images at the time, her love. There are 10 airbags in the whole car that have to be mentioned. But after all, there are only cars in their early 130,000 years, and there are some shortcomings, the steering wheel is pointing to the average, and the gearbox is occasionally frustrated. The fuel consumption is less than 9, the real fuel consumption, I think the Suv is not high. 4. The 2015 Volkswagen Magotan, my uncle’s car, I have been waiting for more than 3 months after I ordered the car, so this Magotan has been following me, in fact, it has been driven long ago, and it has been driving for half a year, and it is still driving. A trip to Qingdao. How can I say that, the Dsg gearbox drove until I wanted to vomit. It was not as good as the At and CVT gearboxes. With a slight gradient, the D gear would release the brake and it would slip the car. Stepping on the accelerator was like a neurosis, but running high-speed double The clutch gearbox is indeed very good, and then the backrest in the rear, sitting for an hour can be sleepy. The central control angle is not friendly at all, and the smell in the car has not finished yet. Secretly, uncle’s car has started to burn engine oil, I added it twice, snickered, hahaha. The above is the situation of my car. Recently, I have been considering vehicle upgrades. I will go out for self-driving tours and business long-distance trips every year. The car at home is small and old, so I have been watching the car recently and plan to make it into two cars, one The large one is compact, the other is oil and the other is electric. The large 5m SUV will land within 400,000 yuan. There is no domestic car that meets the requirements for the time being. The Tuang dual-clutch does not look at it. Hyundai Shengda wants to buy it with replacement subsidies, but it just feels that the appearance is not atmospheric and the price is a bit low. The explorer who loves most, feels sick to that big screen, really doesn’t want it. Now wait for 21 models of Shengda, I hope to be pleasantly surprised. The compact one is mainly for my mom to commute to and from get off work, preferring electric cars. Currently, when the Song Plus is on the market, domestic cars will still be considered, and in my eyes, there is no difference between a domestic car and a joint venture car. However, Lifan, Zotye, and Lufeng are not within the scope of what I am talking about. The domestic brands I am talking about are only recognized by themselves, which are roughly Geely, Great Wall, BYD, and Changan. I would like to say one more thing, now that the car does not break down, and the Chinese do not support their own brand. Don’t scold anyone who supports it. At least I think so.

7 months ago

Uninvited, I bought the Geely Emgrand Automatic Elite Edition at the beginning of 2015, 1.5 displacement, with sunroof. Let me first talk about the advantages of this car: it is cheap, and the space at the same price is not bad; then the disadvantages: it consumes gas, it is not energy, and after having children, the space is still slightly smaller. Generally speaking, for more than four years, it’s quite worry-free to drive it. Only if the fan has been changed once within the warranty period is something, anyway, it is noisy. I graduated with a master’s degree in 14 years, and my daughter-in-law and I were not very interested in cars. I was still renting a house. I walked to work close to my work. My wife had to go to work and had to reverse the bus. It was more difficult. I thought she could drive to work. Feel more comfortable. May 1 suddenly decided to buy a car and drive. We only had 40,000 to 50,000 yuan in hand at the time. The down payment was 30% plus the insurance fee. Barabara was just able to buy one of this or a Jetta. I just asked and bought it. Domestically produced, it’s bigger than Jetta. It looks good. Uh, she had a driver’s license at the time, but she didn’t know how to drive. She also took her to practice for a while at night, but the first time she went to the unit, she drove others in the underground parking lot. The car is scratched. . . After talking, let’s just say a few more words. In fact, at that time, both parents didn’t approve of us buying this car. The conditions at both families were OK. They both said that we could make more money for us to buy a good one, but I blamed the willful thinking at that time. Realize the idea of ​​”make money and buy your own car”. Let’s talk about it now, after working for five years, my income has increased a lot. I have a baby. Sometimes I feel that the space of this car is a bit small, the power is a bit poor, and the brand is a bit out of class. I also have an idea to change the car. I want to change another. mpv, a seven-seater, you can take the whole family out to play, there are very few choices for domestic cars, it is estimated that you will consider Touran or Odyssey, which is more spacious and versatile. I recently changed my house and bought a parking space to park it. The price is enough to buy 2 Geely Emgrand. I think it’s not too thin. There have been underground parking spaces for several years. I have seen a lot of cars, but think about it. He is not broken, it works, so let’s make do with it first.

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