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The deepest thing I remember is the problem of obtaining a soul ring. Soul beasts are not easy to cultivate, and the more you kill, the less you kill, so you should try to reduce the killing, so that no soul ring is available for future generations. So, is there a way to get a soul ring without killing the soul beast? What? Yes, and the effect explodes. Every ten days can create a one hundred thousand year spirit ring out of thin air. In Douluo Continent, one hundred thousand year spirit ring is either killed or sacrificed. The sacrifice does not limit the receiver’s level and resistance. Sexual, that is to say, your first spirit ring can be obtained by the sacrifice of one hundred thousand year spirit beasts. But the sacrifice will cause the one hundred thousand year soul beast to die on the spot, how can it be mass-produced? The answer is to sacrifice with blue silver grass. Tang San’s mother, A Yin, once offered a sacrifice, and then because of her strong vitality, she left a seed. Later, Tang San used the Blue Silver Domain + Seagod’s light to directly fill it with energy and turn it back into a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast. The Blue Silver Domain absorbs part of the energy of the Blue Silver Grass in the range, and the Seagod’s Light replenishes the energy of the Blue Silver Grass in the range. Only Tang San’s mental power is consumed in the end (the mental power is exhausted in one hour, and it’s full after two days of rest. ), the result is that A Yin has been stretched to a 100,000-year cultivation base in more than ten days, and the blue silver grass cultivation base has also increased significantly within the scope. Therefore, every ten days, one hundred thousand year spirit ring can be produced out of thin air, and absorption is not limited by level, and at least two hundred thousand year spirit rings can be produced every year. Not to mention that there are other blue silver grasses that enjoy benefits. The main body’s silver grass absorbs the equivalent of two million years of cultivation base. It is not a big problem for other blue silver grasses to absorb one hundred thousand years? After one year of retreat, an army of 100,000-year soul beasts can be drawn out. How can others fight? Tang San gave an order to sacrifice an entire 100,000-year blue silver grass army. It could fill up a bunch of people’s spirit ring configurations on the spot, even if your attributes are not so suitable, it’s inappropriate for 100,000 years. The spirit ring is also stronger than your entire suitable century-old spirit ring. Moreover, absorbing the same spirit ring can be superimposed and strengthened. Tang San once used the spirit ring of the second face demon spider to strengthen the spirit ring of his first face demon spider. Then, nine of the same one hundred thousand years How terrifying can the spirit ring stack up? Therefore, the Douluo Continent can completely solve the problem of the lack of spirit rings. Tang San only needs to set aside one hour every two days to brush the cultivation base of the Blue Silver Grass, benefit all mankind, so that everyone can have their own nine hundred thousand. Nian Hunhuan’s answer is purely based on memories, and if there are disagreements, you will prevail.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

There is no waste of martial arts, but only waste of spirit masters. When I see this sentence, I am looking forward to it. Maybe… Many years later, there will be someone whose name is: Pheasant Douluo… Many, many years later, there will be someone whose name is: Hoe Douluo… Many, many, many There will be another person named: Weed Douluo How the World Over the past tens of thousands of years is still the top martial arts spirit and the grandson of Tang San~ Domestic Pig Douluo, Iron Sword Douluo and Potato Douluo! …. Where are you guys… Update: Suddenly I thought of a very serious question, which is that the main body spirit is so powerful. Is there a main body spirit? I guess there are some awesome spirits that can easily become a titled Douluo, so Niu Niu Douluo came into being. Niu Niu Douluo will make its debut in the R18 version of Douluo Dalu, so stay tuned!

8 months ago

1. Tang Hao’s spirit ring was black at first, revealing a faint red color, and then it was red directly… OK, it seems that the ability to change the color of the spirit ring has appeared long ago. 2. Tang Hao’s father’s age is known. Tang Xiao is 15 years older than Tang Hao. The two went out for 10 years at his father’s order. They met Ah Yin on the way. After 10 years of travel, Tang Xiao returned to the Haotian School alone, and then Tang Hao became a titled Douluo at the age of 45. A Yingang broke through level 60 and gave birth to Tang San. A Yin is a 100,000-year soul beast, so his cultivation speed is definitely not bad, right? Refer to the Golden Generation of Wuhun Hall. At level 60, A Yin should be around 25 years old. The three of them have traveled together for seven or eight years, so, 52-year-old Tang Xiao likes 17 (+100000)-year-old A Yin? Tang Hao, 37, also likes A Yin, who is 17 (+100000) years old? ? Both lsp can be A Yin’s father! ! ! ! What did Gongsan think! ! And Haotian Double Douluo is not married at the age of 40 or 50! What do you think? You think your own title Douluo is too much and plan to reduce the number. You shouldn’t rush out to breed ten or eight. Maybe you can produce a few more Title Douluos! Tang Xiao hasn’t married all his life, did the Seventh Elders urge the marriage party to eat dry food? Bai He’s sister is Tang San’s grandmother, and Bai He said his sister died early. Counting her early marriage and early childbearing, Tang Xiao was born at the age of 20, Tang Hao was born at 35, and Tang Yuehua was born later, so she would not die early (no offense)… And if she married and gave birth so early, Tang Xiao and Tang Hao would never get married. It’s even more problematic. Combining the two of them has always called Ah Yin as the junior third, it’s even more problematic… 3. Little bug Sacrifice problem Xiao Wu sacrificed Tang San from 60→67, Daming Erming sacrificed directly from 86→92 (Maybe there is a problem in mind, I’ll go through the book), Xiao Wu, this is too grotesque, but Gong San also said that after a hundred thousand years, the spirit beasts will be in a similar state, and their strengths are almost the same…emmmm I can’t explain it…4. Xiao Wu’s 100,000 years in the Tang Sect Heroes’ Biography Xiao Wu’s memories, Xiao Wu was the fifth child, so she named Xiao Wu. Her mother was cultivated in 60,000 years, and her father was 100,000 years. , So… Xiao Wu was a little rabbit when she was born. So… How many litters of rabbits did Xiao Wu give birth to during these 100,000 years? In the anime, Xiao Wu’s mother chooses to be transformed after reaching 100,000 years, and her life span is the same as that of human beings after being transformed. Xiao Wu was also in human form at the time, that is, Xiao Wu had reached one hundred thousand years. Even if one hundred thousand years cultivation base ≠ one hundred thousand years life span, Xiao Wu used her mother’s time from 6→10w to reach 0→10w cultivation base! Sister Xiaowu is awesome!

8 months ago

In the first Douluo of the King of the Forest, the two hundred thousand year old soul beasts of Ming Erming are called the forest kings of the Star Dou Forest, occupying the center of the forest. The time span for Douluo to arrive in Douluo should be ten thousand years. But in the second Douluo, Emperor Tian, Emerald Swan, etc. appeared. Those fierce beasts have been cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years. Even if the energy of the ice silkworm is not enough to raise so many soul beasts. Right. Sometimes the cultivation base of soul beasts is indeed not completely in line with the age limit, but 10,000 years is definitely not enough for them to go from birth to cultivation, if they really have this growth rate, the soul beast will not be extinct. The comment area added: The beast should be in a dormant period. Then I think it may be that Dou Er’s new settings are inevitably a bit blunt, but it is rounded up anyway.

8 months ago

The characteristics of twin martial souls are inherited from their parents. Dugu Bo once said that for twin spirits, the parents “the closer the quality of the spirits of both sides, the greater the chance of twin spirits. In other words, if there is a difference in the quality of the spirits of the two sides, it is impossible to have twin spirits. Children.” The above are the original words. In fact, I always feel that the first half and the second half are a bit mismatched… But let’s look at the second half as a basis, that is to say, twin spirits = two spirits of equal quality. But later it was mentioned that the quality of Blue Silver Emperor was inferior to Clear Sky Hammer, which was very embarrassing. Dugubo also mentioned, “The martial arts of both parents must not be the same. The farther the difference is, the greater the chance of twin martial arts.” After thinking about it, Bibi Dong’s two martial arts are spiders, but they are just spiders. There are two different spider emperors, is there a big gap between the two spider emperors? Of course it may not be a bug, maybe the author just wants to say that Bibi Dong is uniquely endowed with a very small probability? Accept the comments from the comment area and add: According to the logic of the first half of the sentence of Dugu Bo, it will be smooth. Then the problem is that Dugubo is inconsistent. Because the closer the better, it cannot be directly introduced if there is a gap.

8 months ago

Title Douluo’s lifespan issue When Qi Treasure Glazed Glass Sect wanted to win over Tang San, it was mentioned that the two Douluos were very old, and in a few decades, there would be no Title Douluo’s guardianship in the sect. And Poison Douluo Dugubo himself thought that he might be old and dead in a few decades. And Bo Saixi later mentioned that each level of Title Douluo’s upgrade can increase its life span by a hundred years. Logically speaking, both Title Douluos should live a long life? Dugubo’s granddaughter is only in her twenties, so he will not be too old, and it is reasonable to say that he will not die of old age. Of course, I just feel weird here. I’m not sure that it must be a bug. Maybe Bone Douluo and Sword Douluo have been alive for a long time?

8 months ago

Speaking of which I am not sleepy anymore. On the first part alone, there are already a lot of bugs. First, Tang Hao was surprised at Lan Yincao when Tang San’s spirit awakened. That is to say, he originally thought that Tang San’s spirit should be the Clear Sky Hammer. The question is how can the people in the Hall of Souls fail to recognize the soul of the previous Pope, who had beaten to death, and the flesh and blood of Ah Yin is so unnecessary? Even if Haotian Douluo had the ability to protect itself, it seemed that the character image was too crude. The second is the things that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing have to say at home. According to the original work, the two families have intermarried for generations, but under the setting of inbreeding incest, the two families can’t be passed down for three generations… Moreover, the competition between brothers and sisters is destined to be a population that will not thrive, and it is difficult to understand this behavior. Third, Wuhun jumped horizontally repeatedly. The most obvious is Bone Douluo, his martial soul is a bone dragon, this thing is an evil martial soul in the second part, and it has become an ordinary dragon-like martial soul in the third part. This bug is not serious, but it is really amusing. That’s it for now, and write it later when you think about it. I remembered another one, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to laugh. It is Huo Yuhao’s mental detection. A skill that laughs to death. Isn’t shared perception that the shared person feels Huo Gua’s perception range at the same time? In the Shrek internal competition and the first whole continent competition, why is it written that everyone in the opponent’s perception range is the same as when sharing perception. The novel also highlights a period when Huo Gua can reach the farthest distance of one kilometer. Isn’t the perception content something on a straight path of one kilometer? Why is the effect the same as the diameter of one kilometer. The most prominent example is the first competition. Huo Gua shared through the magic wall and combined with Dai. Why did the effect become that the enemy was all within the detection range?

8 months ago

I won’t talk about the inconsistent small details. I will talk about a relatively large and serious bug in Douluo No. 1 Middle School: Is Shrek Academy’s strength and social recognition high or low? First, let’s look at reflecting it. A high-level description: ① There are many applicants, and there is no shortage of self-reported “a genius in their junior soul master academy”, but the little self-confidence and the pitiful who are still being slapped with the registration fee, and what they say “you can get the title of Viscount after graduation. “The rumors, it’s a pity that there is a bug here, even Shrek Academy’s admission requirements don’t know where to find Shrek’s fame? ② Dai Mubai once said that Shrek Academy only accepts monsters but not ordinary people. The only dozens of talented soul masters that have been cultivated even include the youngest elder in Wuhun Hall. Therefore, the frustrated prince was attracted to a foreign country to accumulate strength. ③The only heir who can attract one of the richest of the last three sects, Ning Rongrong, ran away from home to learn. What are the doubts about his strength? ④The young soul emperor-Qin Ming graduated from Shrek, the teacher of the most elite group of students in Tiandou Royal Academy. Let’s take a look at how Shrek became an obscure grassroots academy: ① After graduation, there is a knighthood? I think too much, but the students who won the final place in the Soul Master Academy Competition of the All-Continent Advanced Academy will have the opportunity to be loyal to the royal family and obtain the title. ②Elder of Wuhun Hall? Never seen before. How old is Flanders? That elder can never be a former elder who has died. ③Is the heir to the family of the fallen prince coming to such a place where even the yard is in the village? Don’t ask, ask is the dean’s charm. ④ Graduates are all talented dragons and phoenixes? Unfortunately, it seems that there is only Qin Ming, and he has become a soy sauce player in the subsequent plot. Other graduates? Never seen? He didn’t even have the qualifications to participate in the Continent Soul Master Competition. Who is Yu Xiaogang’s theory teacher going to Shrek’s former academy? The Shrek Academy’s original faculty who appeared in the later stage are only two of Flanders and Zao Wou-ki, and their role is only to provide combat support at critical moments. As soon as the master comes, other teachers will automatically step aside? The other teachers who have cultivated countless geniuses are too unprepared. One of the teachers I look forward to more is Shao Xin, who has a peculiar jelly bean martial arts spirit, but unfortunately he is no more than a soy saucer. In the early stage, Shrek’s bull was rendered to create rationality for the protagonist group’s encounter. Later, Shrek’s unknown status and even the “inspirational” story of “playing as a pig and eating a tiger” was ridiculed in the Soul Master Competition. Shuangwen needs, don’t go into it.

8 months ago

Xuantian Gong didn’t know why the people inside didn’t pay much attention to Xuantian Gong. I don’t understand what it means to make people cultivate without soul power to have soul power. I remember that in Douluo Dalu 1, the spirit master army is still quite small, the main force is still level 30, and the unit is still ten thousand. In other words, with Xuan Tian Gong, even if the spirit cannot bring spirit power, it is possible to mass produce spirit masters, that is, a large number of spirit master armies, and the Heaven Dou/Star Luo Empire is ecstatic. The number of soul masters in the Douluo Continent has risen exponentially.

8 months ago

I don’t know if these are bugs.1. Tang San is a traverser. He also revealed the mind of an adult at the age of 8. Xiao Wu’s 100,000-year soul beast has lived longer than Tang San. Why is it still so naive? You said everything was cleared at the moment of transformation, the relationship between her and Daming Erming did exist. 2. Rong Rong is the little princess of the Seven Treasures Liuli Sect. She has been in love with her since she was a child, so why is it tempting to let Oscar protect her several times? This likes to come is a bit inexplicable. 3. Bibi Dong is a spider martial arts soul, why does he want to hunt rabbit soul beasts? According to the master’s theory, there is no special bonus? 4. It is said that there are only waste spirit masters and no waste spirits. Those other children who awakened together with Tang San in the Holy Soul Village are waste! And Wuhun is obviously divided into ranks! Write these first, I didn’t expect other things temporarily.

8 months ago

When Xiao Wu revealed his identity, Tang Hao rescued the scene with a bug. First of all, it was a setting. Tang Hao beat back six Title Douluo with one hammer. But in fact, when Tang Hao was cured and his muscles and veins were opened up, he was probably at level 95 (I don’t remember it clearly). After using the big trick of the ring bomb, he could defeat the 98 Golden Crocodile Douluo’s Bibi Dong during the war. Level 99, the period is about five or six years. According to the normal cultivation speed, it is very likely that Bibi Dong is 98 or already level 99 at this time. According to Title Douluo’s calculation formula, level 99 or 98 is several times stronger than 95, and Bibi Dong should be completely worthy of Tang Hao alone. The second is a bigger bug. At that time, the high-level combat powers of the protagonist’s camp were: Dugu Bo (titled Douluo floor), Chenxin 96, Gu Rong 95, three-person fusion technique (Contra ceiling), Ning Fengzhi (support) ), Tang Hao. At that time, Ning Fengzhi was a little unwilling to take down Xiao Wu, and they deliberately blocked it. Indeed, Wuhun Hall was too domineering, but if he wanted to take Tang Hao, it was justified. He had a private enmity with Wuhun Hall, Qibao Liulizong. There is no reason to stop it, and there is a setting in the book. In the case of heads-up, the control type soul master has an advantage over others. Tang Hao has an aggressive attack type, Bibi Dong’s control type and his ability is poisonous, plus undead skills, even if he is singled out. Can also defeat Tang Hao. If I were Bibi Dong, for the sake of safety, let the two ghosts and chrysanthemums use fusion skills on the spot, and then put a few big moves to poison him. If you can’t kill them, you will cause him to be seriously injured. Then he attacked Xiao Wu, Qibao Liulizong dared to fight with him, Dugu Bo and Audio-Technica just let two Title Douluos deal with it, even if Bibi Dong consumes something, he can suppress the blessing of Ning Fengzhi. Chen Xin, Chen Xin is nothing more than 96 blessing to the strength of 97, Gu Rong 95, can let the remaining two Title Douluo fuck him together, the two chrysanthemum and ghosts used the fusion technique to temporarily exhaustion, but as long as it is delayed for a period of time, how much can it be? Restore combat power. It was not a problem to win Xiao Wu, and there were still a lot of Contra Soul Saints at the home court of the Spirit Hall, and it was more than enough to take one Xiao Wu. So if Bibi Dong did not let Tang Hao go but chose to make a decisive move, it is very likely that the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect would not dare to rescue Tang Hao, and would not even stop him from catching Xiao Wu. If the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect chose to make a move, Even if they were killed together, they hunted their souls in advance, and even destroyed Shrek by the way. There will be no Tang Sect in the future. The seven major goalkeepers will all be attached to the Wuhun Hall. The Star Luo Empire will be affected by the incompetent Prince Davis and Crown Prince Zhu Zhuyun inherited, the Tiandou imperial family will be controlled by Qian Renxue, and the Wuhun Empire will directly annex Tiandou and dominate the world. Then Bibi Dong Qian Renxue became a god at a hundred levels, and no one could challenge the Wuhun Empire.

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