The memorabilia every year after Kobe entered the NBA is more objective. The thirteenth pick of the famous 1996-1997 Golden Generation. Was selected by the Hornets to trade to the Lakers, as a substitute for Eddie Jones and others. Although the Lakers management has high hopes for Kobe, the high-hearted Kobe still belongs to the existence of “I swear with tears that everyone will see me” in the golden generation of Starry Yiyi. This is his starting point. Because the All-Stars of 1997-1998 were special, the Rookie Challenge and Dunk Contest greatly increased the exposure of supernova Kobe. Many people may not know that Kobe also won the slam dunk contest. But to be honest, Iverson’s position as the “answer” that year was far above Kobe. It is worth talking about the playoffs that year, when the Lakers played the Jazz at the critical moment, Kobe played three consecutive shots, all three non-stick. The first time I watched that video, I was shocked. Fortunately, there would be no big five 囧. After that, O’Fang took Kobe to comfort, and the embryonic form of the dynasty emerged. 1998-1999 Bryant officially became an All-Star player. He signed for six years and $70 million in a shrinking season. The Lakers lost to the Spurs in the playoffs. The Spurs won the championship that year, and Tim Duncan, one of their rivals, won the FMVP. From 1999-2000 to 2002-2003 “Zen Master” Jackson came to the Lakers. The Lakers started a consecutive dynasty. Most of the time, Kobe and O’Neal are in the honeymoon period. People are talking about O’Neal wearing Kobe’s No. 8, the epoch-making air pick against the Blazers and so on. But every year’s headlines and fmvp are O’Neal. Kobe’s unwillingness to stay behind, laid the groundwork for the future. In those few years, Kobe gave the impression that he was probably just the second master of a championship team, with a level between Tony Parker and Klay Thompson’s team status. O’Neal, Iverson, and Duncan are the ones to talk about. 2003-2004 (Only explain the facts suffocating me) Marlon Payton joined the Lakers in F4. Bryant’s sexual assault scandal broke out in Eagle County. The Lakers infighting began, and Kobe’s sentence “Shaq did it too” caused the media to explode. Adidas and Kobe canceled the contract, Nike has a clever vision and signed Kobe. This year the Pistons defeated the Lakers to win the championship. O’Neal left in 2004-2005, and Bryant signed a seven-year billion-dollar contract. The era of Kobe’s boss has officially begun. The Zen master left (the Zen master’s daughter was also sexually assaulted, which largely affected his relationship with Kobe). He bluntly stated in his new book that Kobe is “irregular”. Kobe, who led the team alone, did not make the playoffs. O’Neal, who was traded the same year, reached the Eastern Conference finals. Alone, hit the iron, abused teammates, was ridiculed by O’Neal, Kobe fell to the bottom, loyalty has nothing to do with Kobe (it used to force the palace) At that time, many magazines printed Kobe wearing the Bulls jersey. (Jingzhi is the 2007 forced palace.) Not many people who started watching football at that time liked Kobe. From 2005-2006 to 2006-2007, Zen Master returned to the Lakers and settled with Kobe. Kobe began to slowly change his mentality, and the league also changed its negative perception of Kobe. Great 81 points. Accumulation of honor, the support of the league, unconsciously, many people began to forget the negative news, in the past few years, Kobe has gradually become a superstar in people’s minds. At that time, Kobe, nicknamed “Peter Pan”, attracted countless fans. The Lakers are also gradually on track, but the Spurs and Suns were the most popular in that era. The scoring champion is not enough. Nash’s MVP and Wade’s ring are what Kobe wants. The journey began on the 24th. But to be honest, Kobe retired and led the team alone to make the best result by entering the playoffs and stopping in the first round. 2007-2008. Pau Gasol joined. Changed the entire Lakers team. Kobe won the regular season mvp. Kobe Bryant partnered with Gasol, reaching the finals, the Lakers unfortunately defeated the Celtics. The declining Kobe walked out of the North Shore Garden Arena with his head down. I believe many people still remember the scene. In 2008-2009, the Lakers defeated the Magic to win the championship, and Kobe was also the first team to win the championship. Since then, Kobe finally met the abuse and praise, and won everything he wanted. I still remember his cheering in Orlando. The only pity, 23VS24 was not staged. LeBron fell before Warcraft. And Yao Ming’s rocket is my obsession. From 2009 to 2010, Kobe became more and more mature, and the “Black Mamba” became more and more famous. After Ron Artest joined the Lakers and defeated the Greens, the Lakers were called the dynasty. More and more people began to discuss how great Kobe is. That was the pinnacle of Kobe’s career. It was really short, but those who watched football in those years probably liked Kobe. From 2010-2011 to 2015-2016 Zen Master retired. Kobe began to suffer from intermittent injuries. Even if there are more Nash and Howard in the team, the two generals are no longer brave. The Lakers boss Buss passed away and civil strife began. The Lakers are also losing the Western Conference playoffs every year. In the end, it is 60 points that everyone knows, retired on tour. Dynasty Change The Golden State after Miami is quietly rising. Bring some private goods, you can skip those you don’t like to watch. When I was young to watch football, I was a thorough Kohei. I would like the gorgeous team and offense of the Suns and Kings, and I sneered at Kobe’s choice of shots. What’s more, there are his three days of negative news. The classmates are playing with Kobe’s black stalks, and the classroom is full of jovial atmosphere. Later, I started working at an older age, and realized the cruel involution and competition, as well as the narrow promotion channels. Only then did he slowly let go of Kobe. To be honest, Kobe’s talent can only be regarded as modest in the NBA. And this world is unfair. Iverson, who treats training as a stalker, has always been the greatest glory of the 96 generation. O’Neal, who couldn’t control his own diet, took all the FMVP of the Lakers dynasty. As soon as LeBron entered the league, he became the emperor in the limelight. Within a few years of the Heat, Wade got everything Kobe wanted. If Kobe is not that character, he will definitely not be able to withstand that kind of pressure, and probably won’t get the results later. It can be said that it was his character that made him be accused by thousands of people, but it also made him famous. Otherwise, with his talent, like Monta Alice, Brandon Jennings, he disappeared in the long river of the NBA two or three years after his appearance. I thought about this at noon that day, watching Kobe, who kept scoring points in the fourth quarter of his retirement. So I finally started to understand why so many people like him.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Let me talk about my answer first: He is a charming bastard. All the while, in the quarrel between Kemei and Kehei that everyone has drowned, they have forgotten that Kobe never claimed to be a saint. He once called himself a “jerk” in an interview, and said that “it’s just that his taste has improved a bit with the growth of the years.” He was interviewed about how he viewed the top five players in history. He said a bunch of ancient gods’ names and said that he was still alive. He said in his jersey retirement speech, “Although he did not fulfill his dream, he did something greater (that is, to inspire people around him to become the best version of himself).” He said in an interview, “When someone hears someone He was very surprised when he said that Kobe surpassed Jordan, because all the skills he possessed were learned from Jordan. “He is very conceited on the court and always believes that he can destroy anyone; he is extremely humble on the court, he is obviously lonely and vicious. He is close to humanity, likes to use his elbow to give his opponents fierce physical confrontation, but also enjoys the fierce attacks of the opponents on the field (leopard print stepping, Lagarbel locks his throat and laughs) He is obviously a strange personality, is not good at getting along with people, and is intertwined with sharks. In the last few years of his career, no superstar was willing to join the Lakers; but after retiring, he enjoyed the respect and love from the entire league, and unreservedly passed on his lifelong learning to his younger generations. He is so real. Let me talk about the comments I saw: the existence of certain flies makes me very gratified, at least you are still hacking him, so that he can be forgotten more slowly. As he said at the beginning, “Hate, hate, use all your thoughts to hate, but there are still many people who love me for the same reason as those who hate me.”

7 months ago

1978-20202008 regular season MVP two finals MVP 11 championships, 18 times selected to the All-Star Game, four times elected to the All-Star MVP career total score, ranked third in history, 6-foot-6, height from Raul Merrion High School 1996 Draft 24 Kobe Bryant, a god-like man. Those days when you wake up early, those days when you stay up late, those nights when you are too tired and feel that you can no longer stand up but still support yourself to get up, that is the power of dreams, that is the dream. What matters is not the result, but the process.

7 months ago

When I was young, I didn’t watch nba, but liked to play computer games. One day I played nba live (the one from EA) and I forgot which version it was. It’s a trial version, there are only a few teams and only quick games can be played. At that time, I thought of giving names to these teams (not good English, I don’t know the words on the team logo). There are: soliciting yellow team (the Lakers, the interpretation of lakers in Chinese pinyin), the boss team (BOS Celtics, I think BOS means BOSS), the magicians (Washington Wizards team, the logo at the time is a blue The wizard in the blue hat), the Red Bulls (Chicago Bulls), the others have forgotten. I just remember that the soliciting yellow team was very good at that time. A big black fat man was invincible inside, a fast No. 8 dribble, and he made free shots from outside. Then he always liked to play this team and boasted to his friends that his basketball skills were particularly good, because Learned a lot of moves from the characters in the game. Later, I learned about the NBA. The one who dribbled the ball quickly and scored casually was Kobe.

7 months ago

2003.7.1 Bryant raped a hotel waitress in a hotel in Eagle County, and then spent millions of dollars to settle it. At the same time, he threw out a sentence that Shaq also did the 2005 Kobe Black Elbow League, elbowing Mike; The latter was bleeding on the spot, and later refused to apologize for the peak of Kobe’s elbow hit in 2007. He elbowed Ginobili in the game against the Spurs because the latter blocked his shot. At the end of the game, because of the team’s unsatisfactory record, he publicly insulted the team general manager and asked to trade himself. The Lakers lost nearly 40 points to the Celtics in the 2008 Finals, setting a record for the biggest difference in the finals. Kobe made 13 of 37 shots in this game. The singles led to Kobe who fell from the championship and did not seriously reflect on himself, but blamed his teammates. In 2009, the nanny of the Kobe family took the Kobe and his wife to court on the grounds that she was too tired when working for the Kobe family, and was abused and abused by the couple, unfair treatment, arrears of wages and overtime work. In Game 7 of the 2010 Finals, Bryant made 6 of 24 shots and won the most iron finals ever in mvp 2012. He formed the ultra-luxury F4, the first round of the season, and forced Howard away. In 2013, Bryant took his mother to court. The reason is that her mother auctioned off some souvenirs from the early days of Kobe’s career. In 2014, she won the first iron king in NBA history. In 2016, she retired and used a 30% shooting rate to make tour performances, with an average of 17.5 shots per game. The Lakers’ record was at the bottom of the league.

7 months ago

I don’t know when it will become popular in China! The reason for the popularity: good game player? Handsome? If there are only these two points, there will be a big problem. No country regards being handsome as a kind of value, let alone a paranoid character! From the perspective of the number of fans, it really takes a good look at Kobe’s fans! Remember that paranoia is not the same as tenacious, tenacious contains reason, and paranoia is just a kind of behavior produced by a hot mind! Kobe is suitable to be a master. He is very professional and skilled in basketball. This is his label, but who is not a professional player of the historical level? Ola’s footsteps, James’s overall view, Jordan’s back, when did you grasp the word that any one is a outstanding idol becomes so casual! Isn’t it true that idols are not good at all-round indicators? In this regard, Kobe seems to be a lot worse. Leaving basketball, Kobe is a proper scumbag! Unfaithfulness, unfilial piety, and unrighteousness are all! Any one is a lethal and strong existence in the domestic romance world! Do you remember Huang Haibo, how does it compare to the Eagle County incident? Let alone confront your mother in court! If I tell my next generation that my idol is Kobe, I really can’t say it, because I believe my child is sane, he will go to verify, once these stories are revealed, I really don’t know how to answer him, could it be that Is your idol? As a result of the current status quo, the domestic basketball media and basketball players did not do a good job in the early stage, and blindly brag about Kobe! It was not until the appearance of James that everyone knew that a basketball player could be so good! On and off the court can be described as both inside and outside. I believe that many facts will be better than eloquence. In the end, history will give us fans an answer, and will not lower the historical status because of the slander of some believers! If you have anything to say, please leave a message to discuss!

7 months ago

I started watching football in 2008. At that time, Iverson and Tracy McGrady had not completely fallen. Warcraft, Dayao, Garnett, Paul, Nash, Duncan and others all have a certain fan base, but after the Lakers defeated the Magic in 2009, they were considered to be Thoroughly feel the madness of Kobe fans. Some high school students are full of enthusiasm. As Kobe fans, their tails are almost up to the sky. All kinds of super-Jordan remarks spread like wildfire. As Kobe fans, all the high school students played again, all wearing Kobe. No. 24 jerseys all imitate Kobe’s shooting posture. Most Kobe fans are confident in their shooting posture, most of them are independent and ironic, and a few can do it independently but with a certain degree of accuracy. After the 2010 Lakers consecutive championships, Kobe fans no longer put any other fans in their eyes, including Jordan fans. Disclaimer: The Kobe fans mentioned here are those that I have known or played or have communicated with, not all of Comet. The evaluation of Kobe here is only a personal point of view, and I dare not pretend to be a Chinese customer! So Kobe, during the two consecutive championships, the Lakers have watched almost every game in the playoffs and finals, and I feel like Kobe fans give me the feeling that they don’t match their strength. It may be affected by Iverson and Wade’s style of play. At that time, I only felt that Kobe was just twisting and twisting, shooting and shooting. It seemed that he was struggling to be a thief. I have to admit that his footsteps are very good, but I always feel that the overall impression is not Jordan, Wade and Iverson are so elegant and explosive. Coupled with Kobe’s frequent elbows and the extreme remarks made by Kobe fans at that time, I didn’t like this superstar very much! Judging from the current point of view, besides I don’t like Kobe’s overplaying 13 and he is really too independent, his tenacity, persistence and superb basketball skills must be affirmed. As for some extreme pure basketball, Loyalty and other remarks to create an image of Bingqingyujie, in my opinion, are purely bullshit.

7 months ago

No. 8 Peter Pan, No. 24, the founder of the Black Mamba Zijin Dynasty, the ultimate personal heroism interpreter, the founder of the Mamba spirit, and the founder of the Mamba spirit, who is also keen on public welfare. There are a lot of irons. Some people say that he is the iron king, but his efficiency is not low. This is related to his large number of shots. More shots, more shots missed 2. More shots shows his status in the team — the core player of the Lakers 3. More shots also reflects his personality, basketball is an item Team sports is a competitive sport where five people cooperate with each other. But it also needs a team leader to lead the team, direct the team, and enhance the cohesion of the team. The relationship between teamwork and individualism also needs to be weighed by the players themselves. Kobe is more inclined to individualism. From the number of attacks, the handling of the final goal, etc., we can see that everything has advantages and disadvantages, just like the teamism of Mr. Bobo also restrained the talents and talents of the GDP three people. 4. In order to get the promise of the team. The tickets for the Western Conference Finals broke the Achilles tendon, and then he insisted on completing the free throw. During Peter Pan, he spammed out trash talk with Jordan, and his fingers were dislocated from the court and broke back… all perfectly explained the spirit of Mamba. 5. He was on the basketball court. There are also some bad rumors. 6. Several trips to China, donations for the Wenchuan earthquake, and other public welfare undertakings

7 months ago

Kobe’s impression in my heart is: Kobe is very hardworking, handsome, and his skills are almost perfect. However, Kobe’s 2003 All-Star disrupted Jordan’s last All-Star trip. Comet said that it was respect to go all out. However, in 2016 Kobe retired, the Jazz played with Kobe for a whole game, Comet only said that Kobe is still great. In my mind, it is impossible for Kobe to enter the top ten in NBA history. He was not very good in the two finals in 2009-10. Compared to James, Kobe did take advantage of Jordan. After 2010, Kobe has refreshed the huge threshold. In general, Kobe’s honor is the same as my impression of him, the ability to lead the team is not good enough (an MVP), and the dominance is not enough (the highest score in the finals is 40 points). But Kobe has his strengths, hard work, top two in technical history, good luck, started his career with the Lakers, and started with teammates like O’Neal. I’m Qiao Mi, Kumi, Kami, and I also like Durant Lillard. If I don’t black anyone, just comment if you are wrong.

7 months ago

Reasonable Komi, if you don’t use double quotation marks, Khei doesn’t seem to like double quotation marks. I’m not rigorous. Let me first answer with other black fans and express my personal opinion. If one sentence can sum up one thing, I think there is something out of context in it. Let’s talk about Kobe, he was the first player I knew when I first learned to play, because my brother is also Comy, he taught me how to shoot, how to dribble, and how to watch the ball. Kobe is handsome and strong, so he was naturally chosen as an idol. Idols are not the only ones. Just like the wives, there can be thousands of them. A person is not completely clean, and just like that, there will be people who black him and people who love him. Kobe’s achievements in basketball are indeed worthy of so many boys’ pursuit, he is really good-looking, iron is also iron, alone is really alone, it is undeniable. Including the black history listed by black fans, this matter does exist, but whether it is one-sided, I hope that the judge will search for it by himself and not think that he will be taken away by me. What is the Mamba spirit? I understand it as a kind of competitive spirit, a kind of fighting spirit, a kind of willpower, and a kind of self-control. This is my understanding. Black fans are willing to describe all Kobe’s things as the Mamba spirit. Adding a sentence “This is the Mamba spirit” when it is black makes people feel that the discussion between the two sides is lowered, and some are not minded. . Confucius did not say that “choose the good and follow it, and change the bad.” Please appreciate the shining points of everyone, instead of holding on to certain points (I am worried about the black powder attack immediately, especially, of course not neglecting and forgetting), I like every powerful player in the NBA. From them Learn some practical tricks and feel their enthusiasm on the court, which is why I like to watch NBA. Is there any nutrition for a black person? I think it’s more nutritious to like someone. If you don’t like it, just don’t look at it. How simple it is, how tired it is, and you have to fight with others. Do you want to have dinner?

7 months ago

Paranoid. There is an almost perverted obsession with winning and surpassing opponents. His extraordinary perseverance and determination helped him become the one he was later. What impressed me most was when I read the Basketball Pioneer newspaper when I was a child, I saw two photos of Kobe. It seems to be a thick circle of arms after a summer training~ If the success of most stars is mainly dependent on talent. So the reason why Kobe is so successful is more because of hard work. After all, compared with the talents of top basketball superstars, Kobe’s wingspan and small hands actually limit the height he can reach. But he was stunned by polishing his skills, and he became one of his own. In contrast, my idol, Iverson, can’t see Kobe’s taillights at all when he works hard.

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