You have this idea to show that you want to study hard at university and enrich yourself, but I am clear on two points here: 1. Not having a mobile phone does not mean that you will not be distracted by other things. 2. Not all what the mobile phone brings us. The harm even said that mobile phones are very useful in class (seems nonsense haha). The first point: even if you don’t bring a mobile phone, can you let the roommate next to you not bring it? Obviously impossible. I once turned off my mobile phone without charging, and then I listened to the class for an hour and a half. No, no, I watched my roommate play games for an hour and a half. Not to mention that you have more common options like chatting with classmates and playing chess with Zhou Gong. The second point: if you get up late, you can only sit in the back seat because of reflections or there is a tall classmate in front of you. You may not be able to see the entire content of the blackboard all the time. At this time, you will miss your mobile phone camera. Even if you are sitting in the first row, there are always times when you feel important ppts are not copied in a hurry, right? Not to mention that some teachers in some schools will ask students to sign in with a certain APP before class. In summary, not having a mobile phone may not necessarily improve class efficiency. So what to do, you must sit in the front row! Best to sit in the first row! Put your phone on a prominent position on the table so that the teacher can see every movement of you. Sometimes you may feel that there are no seats in the front row, but if you look closely, there are usually 6 seats with 5 people in the middle. One is empty because the people on both sides don’t know each other. Then you just say: “Sorry, there is someone in the middle. “Don’t be afraid of embarrassment! What can be embarrassing about learning! Let’s stop here. I don’t know if you can see it. If it’s helpful, please comment and thank you. I’m pretty careful.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There is an effect, the effect is too great. Will hang subjects. Put your phone in the dormitory? Many universities are dominated by Learning Tongyu Classroom U Campus Yiban iTEST China University MOOC Youdao Dictionary, right? Let’s not talk about dictionaries. These must be necessary to learn the Tongyu classroom. Now it is a combination of online and offline teaching, and the total score is composed of the usual scores and test scores. You, you, don’t you take your mobile phone, why do you sign in? How are you rushing to answer? The teacher shook his phone to choose you, how do you fix it? what? Just ask you how to fix it? Your child is really a cell phone, it’s just an aid, don’t let him occupy our beautiful life. Open the window and open the breath now. Now take a deep breath and feel the freshness. Isn’t it fresh? Clear and enjoy a good life, don’t put too much emphasis on your phoneSupplements: 1. Just most of them 2. Don’t check in 3. Key points It’s not how to sign in

7 months ago

effective. I didn’t bring my mobile phone in the first class of college. At that time, I didn’t know where to read the chicken soup text, saying that bringing a mobile phone affects my study. After the first class in the morning, I am going to change the classroom to the second class. I was walking with my roommate, but found that things fell in the last classroom. Halfway through, I ran back to get it. After I got it, I found that I couldn’t remember where the classroom for the second class was. Almost missed the class, and unfortunately saw one of the people in the class, following him. So bring your mobile phone to class.

7 months ago

To be honest, it works for me, it has a big effect. Some class teachers will use mobile phones to do on-class testing, but our teachers will remind us to bring mobile phones. It was only a month and a half before the end of the term that I couldn’t bear to play with my mobile phone in class, so I put my mobile phone in the dormitory before going to class. Because there are students working, I’m afraid of leaking news, sometimes I bring a computer, but computers are attractive to me. Not very big, because I personally like to read novels and short videos. Really, I’m the kind of person who has no control over mobile phones. Maybe because I was very depressed in high school, I rebounded a lot. But what I want to say is, really, after I didn’t bring my mobile phone to class, the efficiency of the class increased from zero to one hundred. Basically, I can understand the teacher’s knowledge in class, and I only need to consolidate it after class. And now I am reviewing modern Chinese. I played the first two chapters of the past when I played on my mobile phone. I just missed myself at that time. Because I have some knowledge, it is really not easy to understand by self-study. . . Of course, many classmates around me are those who can bring their mobile phones to listen to the lecture. If you are really worried about the inconvenience of not having a mobile phone, and if you love to play with your mobile phone, you can grab the first row position early and sit there and play with your mobile phone. Need to resist very strong psychological pressure hhhhhh. For those of us with zero self-control, we really have to do everything possible to create a learning environment for ourselves_(:D)∠)_. The summary is: do not bring any electronic equipment> do not bring a mobile phone with a computer> bring a mobile phone to sit in the front row.

7 months ago

Will be the only one who missed the Suto Supplementary Recording notice in the whole grade. I scored 10 points for 30 points for others, and ranked 430+/440+ in the overall evaluation. Details: In the first two semesters of the sophomore year, I worked hard and did not bring my mobile phone to class. The comprehensive evaluation should be self-filled online and submitted for review. One of the two people in charge of reviewing my class made a mistake in filling in the mailbox, so half of my class had to make up the record for the whole year. The time limit is very short, 8:40 notice, to be completed before 12:30. The operation is simple, just resubmit, and the mobile phone can do it. This time limit is understandable. But I didn’t bring my mobile phone. It was eight and ten in the morning and lunch. I went back and missed it perfectly. When I think about it, the comprehensive evaluation only cares about the awards regardless of dropping out, I can’t get the awards, and I’m too lazy to appeal. Isn’t it very inspirational to leave a legend that “the whole college graduated successfully?”

7 months ago

The effect is very obvious. Your sleep will become very adequate. Bi Jing, it is quite comfortable to sleep in class during the day. Seriously, the mobile phone is just a tool. You can use it to learn, make phone calls, pay, entertain, make money, or just use it to play games…you control it, not it controls you, don’t you understand? ? After you think about it, what does it matter where you put your phone? The key is that you have to strengthen your self-control ability, set a goal for yourself, and then, in everything, work hard for this goal. You won’t be entangled with the phone anymore.

7 months ago

If you send a notice during class and you don’t bring your mobile phone, you won’t be able to receive it temporarily. If your classmates did not remind you, and the notification is more urgent, you will be miserable. In fact, the impact of this mobile phone is all up to you. If you bring it, if you don’t play it, then it will be a brick; if you bring it, it will continue. Play, then it will inevitably affect learning. In the same way, without thinking, and without thinking but thinking are different. If you have strong self-control, it doesn’t matter if you bring it. If you don’t have enough self-control, it doesn’t matter if you don’t bring it. Just let your classmates remind you when they send any important notices, but you just missed some private messages. I used to be afraid of any important notifications, and kept the screen on and watched the news, but the results were all useless. Later, I bought a bracelet, watched the bracelet with a notice, and then turned on the screen when it was important, it would be much better. A classmate, knowing that he couldn’t control it and couldn’t do without his cell phone, he put his cell phone in my place during class and took it back after class.

7 months ago

I don’t know if you have ever tried the experience of sitting in the first and second rows in college, positive numbers! That feeling is really good, as long as you have a little shame, you won’t be able to play with mobile phones! Boy, my university is very mediocre. It coincides with the expansion of majors. There are about forty people in the class. Most of the students have good family conditions. They don’t care about this diploma (all art majors understand. Well) Most of them are studying for driver’s license or something. My family is really average, but my grandparents have all been educated and educated tutors. It’s not bad. I do have some interest in my major. Therefore, as far as the public courses and down to the professional courses, I still study hard and don’t mess around. I just entered the freshman year and have a lot of fun, there are few classes, and there are only two professional courses. I just passed a semester in a daze. When I went home, my parents asked me how I was going to school, and they panicked instantly. They vowed to study hard in the coming year and make progress every day. In the semester of the older semester, there were indeed more classes. It was full of classes almost every day and there were a lot of homework. It gradually became a bit difficult. Our professional teachers also changed the teaching plan due to some students’ misunderstandings. I felt that something was wrong at this time, kid. The sky has changed! Hurry up every day to squat in the first row to listen to the lectures, and run after a few professional teachers, even the professional teachers next door. Ahaha, this behavior caused my counselor to think that I was a major next door when the freshman year was about to end… To be honest, in this environment, it is impossible to say that it is impossible not to use a mobile phone. It is impossible for your professional teachers to teach like middle and high school teachers. They only teach you knowledge and always carry out certain expansion operations. Even if your major can be purely paper-based + classroom multimedia teaching. What if the teacher temporarily changes the teaching location while you are on the way to class, and you can’t receive a notice from the class. (Key points): Therefore, it is up to you in the end to learn. I personally think that it is a bit funny to talk about deterrence. Realize that you came to university really intending to learn something? Or just to feel the university atmosphere and get a diploma by the way? The mobile computer is really a tool and productivity if used well, and a nuclear weapon in life if it is not used well.

7 months ago

Disagree. If you want to listen to the class well, you can be the first row of the classroom, and then buy a book to take notes, write and write all the way through the class. This is the most difficult way to distract you. And at the end of the semester, you can also use your own notes to review, which is very efficient. Imagine if you follow the above method, will it be difficult to implement? Absolutely not. Will you have a chance to play on the phone? I can’t think of it anyway, unless the teacher gets stuck on the blackboard halfway. However, if you don’t bring a mobile phone, you may have too much trouble. First of all, you may miss some important notices; secondly, you may not be able to enjoy the convenience of the Internet age, such as not being able to pay by mobile phone in a small shop, not riding a shared bicycle, and not being able to contact others in special circumstances. These problems may be more numerous. Surely you will face one in two or three days, right? Finally, there is one more disgusting, where did you go after class? library? Study room? It means that you do not have a mobile phone for a day, and you may miss important things of the day, or even not be able to check the time. After a while, you may start to be impetuous. If you say that you have a computer and a tablet, why are you having trouble with your mobile phone? dorm room? Can you still make it? When class is so important, you are afraid that your mobile phone will be distracted. Are you still thinking about going out to study after you go back to the dormitory? Rare your phone quickly. If this is the case, even if your class efficiency is 50% higher, you will definitely be dragged back by the time in the dormitory. To sum up, I don’t agree with not taking a mobile phone to class. You can use some time-locking software to lock the application that distracts you during class time. But in the Internet social age, going out without a mobile phone is a bit too out of touch.

7 months ago

It is of no use. And if your school uses the study pass, you will not be able to sign, some teachers will use study pass to discuss, you can not discuss. There are also some temporary notices. It’s best if the mobile phone is nearby. Putting it in the dormitory is nothing more than to prevent yourself from playing. Before class, I put my phone on my roommate’s side, so they won’t give it to me, and then I can concentrate on studying. Later, even if I had a mobile phone in class, I wouldn’t think about playing anymore. I still have to look at myself. In the class where I didn’t have a mobile phone, I thought the air was more fun than the class. Later, I got used to listening to the class and I didn’t know how to attend the class.

7 months ago

This is purely standing and talking without backache! Do you think that if you put an end to mobile phones, you can stop students from playing mobile phones? What a bullshit! Putting mobile phones in the dormitory is not conducive to the harmony of the dormitory. 1. First of all, it is not conducive to the unity of the dormitory. Cell phones were left in the dormitory for a long time, and it was easy to attract the attention of thieves and criminals. They sneaked into the house and kept some of the mobile phones in the obvious places and wiped them out. Then, the owner returned to the dormitory and saw that the mobile phone was not there. He would always be suspicious of the guy in the dormitory who was usually the most upset. Then, a few people staged a battle of heartbreaking every day. What’s more, if someone didn’t buckle the phone back, what message appeared on his phone, and someone happened to pass by his phone, which is embarrassing~ 2. Secondly, it is not conducive to carrying out various management tasks. In this environment, you can’t learn the last century anymore. Notifications are all made up of loudspeakers. Teachers and counselors screamed on the radio, and everyone on campus knew that XXX students had been summoned to the office. Moreover, as long as this student holds any position, such as class committee or student union, there will always be some notices to be released or events to be held, you let him leave his mobile phone to try? 3. In the end, consciously attending class must be a personal behavior. Students must clearly recognize their own shortcomings and waste a lot of time because of playing mobile phones, and then control themselves.

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