I’ll go, I’ve known it for a long time, I can meet everything! In this case, the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Civil Aviation Safety and Security” apply. Article 6 Civil airport operators and civil aircraft operators shall perform the following duties: (1) Formulate their own civil aviation safety protection plan, and report to the civil aviation authority of the State Council for the record; (2) Strictly implement relevant civil aviation safety protection measures (3) Carry out civil aviation safety and security training on a regular basis to eliminate the hidden dangers that endanger the safety of civil aviation in time. Foreign civil aviation enterprises that operate with the People’s Republic of China shall submit a civil aviation safety protection plan to the civil aviation authority of the State Council. This is the safety management responsibility of the airline. Article 22 The captain is responsible for the safety and security of aircraft in flight. Under the leadership of the captain, the aviation safety officer undertakes the specific work of safety and security. The captain, aviation safety officer, and other crew members shall strictly perform their duties to protect the safety of civil aircraft and the personnel and property on them. This is the captain’s safety responsibility. Article 25 The following behaviors are prohibited in the aircraft: (1) Smoking in no-smoking areas; (2) Seizing seats and luggage compartments (racks); (3) Fighting, drinking, and provoking disturbances; (4) Theft, deliberate damage or unauthorized use Moving life-saving products and equipment; (5) Other acts that endanger flight safety and disrupt the order in the aircraft. This is knowing the law and breaking the law. Article 34 In case of violation of the provisions of Article 14 of these Regulations or acts listed in Article 16, Paragraph 1 of Article 24, and Article 25 of these Regulations, which constitute a violation of public security management, the civil aviation Public security organs impose penalties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”. This is not just a fight, it is illegal or even criminal. If the company does not report to the police, it is illegal to cover up, and it is also illegal in itself! This is simply to the safety of the lives of all passengers and crew, and the disregard of national property! No matter what the reason, it should be severely punished!


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7 months ago

According to our company’s regulations, there should be at least two people in the cockpit. If the pilot wants to go to the toilet, he should call a flight attendant to prevent the crew from being disabled. (Of course the actual implementation is difficult, especially the short flight crews on 737 routes are relatively busy.) I don’t know how Donghai requested, the flight attendants should notify the crew to adjust their numbers. The first-class toilet is very close to the cockpit door. If the captain is using the toilet, he should indeed “invite” the guest to go back to his seat and wait. At this point, the flight attendant makes a mistake in his work, which will affect flight safety. I don’t know how it evolves from a verbal conflict (criticism?) to a fight. Judging from the injuries, both of them have to carry the case on their backs, and don’t want to fly in the future. But I am curious as to how much enmity I have to resolve in heaven since I know I will lose my job if I am impulsive. Everyone goes out for work. Don’t speculate about the incidents of certain special groups. It’s boring.

7 months ago

Conclusion 1. The impact of the matter was very bad, and the public image of the flight crew was completely destroyed by the black sheep. Conclusion 2: Some captains are indeed not of high quality. We can’t manage personal moral issues, but it affects aviation safety. I hope that the bureau will take good care of them. Presumably ending, the captain was grounded for a period of time, the flight attendants resigned, and the company was punished by the bureau for concealing reports. Let me test archaeology and talk about the unhealthy trends in the civil aviation industry. Some veteran captains do not take the dignity of the flight attendants seriously, do not take the dignity of the co-pilot seriously, and insult others during the voyage, which is nothing new in the industry. Bullying in the workplace, there should be many in every industry, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and it has its own unspoken rules. However, flying is a serious matter after all, and there are more than 100 lives behind it! When a flight manager surnamed Mao led me, when I manually flew and landed at a low altitude of 800 meters, he began to teach me that I was not flying well, and I couldn’t resist flying the plane with two hands. I really couldn’t laugh or cry (he was in 〃教育〃 me, I’m listening to him “education”, who will fly the plane?? He is insulting me personally, he has no sense of safety, just vent his temper, 800 meters low!). When I just got off the plane more than ten years ago, I heard that some instructors were holding the CDU to prevent students from stealing their trainers, and they used newspapers to hit the co-pilot. It really collapsed! Now the bureau has strict management. I haven’t heard of this phenomenon for a long time. As a result, there was another fight today. The captain has the highest authority on the plane (everyone listens to your command), and corresponds to the highest obligation (to ensure flight safety). The captain abused his authority, fought, and affected safety. It was a joke. The captain is responsible for everything that happens on the plane. One year, when a hijacking occurred in Tianhang, the flight attendant dealt with it, and the captain was rewarded for his leadership. On the contrary, if the plane is not safe, the captain will also be the first to take responsibility. What’s more, do you have to fight in person? The bureau called on all civil aviation to learn from the heroic captain Liu Chuanjian, “respect for life, respect for rules and regulations, and respect for duties.” It is because some black sheep do not fear, fear nothing, and act blindly and brutally. Flying well is not about landing well, but controlling all risks and ensuring safety. The good fighters have no great merits, and the risks have been resolved by you in advance. Where is there so much special sentiment for you to do meritorious service? A good pilot has no special feelings for a lifetime, because you have resolved everything in advance.

7 months ago

On the surface, the captain’s quality is low and he has a strong sense of authority. In essence, because many private aviation companies are short of captain resources, in order to highlight the importance of talents, they do not favor captain instructors in their daily work and life. Pilots can dare to sue the chairman and the president for any trivial incidents, even if they are not reasonable; even if they commit a well-known style problem, they are still quiet, and if it is a flight attendant or an executive, the public opinion will be soon Was persuaded to withdraw; even if the task book fraudulently defrauded the hourly fee, at most it was just a refund; some captains even boasted that the administration would help him apply for a free ticket, and this thing is actually done in one minute in the OA system APP, a foolish operation process Neither do nor want to understand; some captains go home to take a foreign airline (not in the same terminal) and ask the company to send a crew to pick them up. Even if the leader promises to reimburse the taxi fare, he loses his temper at the dispatcher. The captain and the co-pilot have conflicts, and the first to be punished is the co-pilot. When the pilot conflicts with the flight attendant and the safety officer, it is also the flight attendant and the safety officer. If safety-related matters are eliminated, the most serious matter is the most painful notification of criticism. The most ruthless way is to deduct performance, corresponding to other positions is expelled. Let certain pilots with low quality become increasingly defiant and lawless.

7 months ago

Thanks invite. This kind of thing has been seen a lot in the industry, but this time it has become a big issue. I don’t know the specifics of the matter, but the captain is currently a bit disadvantaged in public opinion due to the poor reputation of his colleagues in his daily work. Let’s look at this issue as rationally as possible. Before the captain went to the toilet, the cabin crew did not clean the front cabin crew. There may be a problem here. The flight attendant and the flight attendant exchange work numbers. There may be a problem here. The person who was beaten did not keep the evidence immediately to avoid conflicts and report to the police in time, which may also be a problem. The crew declares an emergency and prepares for landing, there may be some problems. The company concealed it and finally chose to respond after the public opinion was fermented, which may also be a bit problematic. In the end, the results of the bureau’s investigation shall prevail. Of course, it is also possible that the investigation results of the police court procuratorate shall prevail. As for whether the final result is a suspension of flight, downgrading, fines or resignation, let’s wait quietly for the results of the bureau or the police. If the masses are dissatisfied with the handling of opinions, they can raise objections through the means of public opinion supervision and exercise our rights legally. Also, the number of practitioners in the pilot industry is tens of thousands. Do you lack this black sheep? Judging from the social news and industry gossip in recent years, there are still too many black sheep, and the great horses that stand out from the crowd seem precious.

7 months ago

What if this behavior is a fight between a passenger and a flight attendant? Is the result of this processing still the current internal report? I think the passenger is already at the police station at this time. This incident completely exposed the safety awareness and responsibility of the airline and its staff. During the flight, the captain should be aware of the serious consequences that his uncalm behavior may cause, and the flight attendants should exercise corresponding restraint. Contradictions and opinions generated within the crew should be reported or reported after arriving at the destination safely. Other ways to solve. According to Article 23 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law,” anyone who disrupts the order of buses, trams, trains, ships, aircraft, or other public transportation vehicles shall be given a warning or a fine of less than 200 yuan; if the circumstances are more serious, a penalty shall be imposed. In detention for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, a fine of not more than 500 yuan may be concurrently imposed. In addition, in accordance with Article 123 of the Criminal Law [Crimes of Violence Endangering Flight Safety], those who use violence against a person on board an aircraft in flight and endanger flight safety without causing serious consequences shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention; Those who cause serious consequences shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years. In combination with this case, I think that internal punishment should not be imposed alone. This has risen to the level of illegal crimes, and the potential harm and adverse social impact are also very large.

7 months ago

Is this a simple fight question? No, absolutely not. I don’t believe that airlines and pilots have not been trained during the qualification exam. I will help the crew review. Article 123 of the Criminal Law, the crime of violent endangering flight safety: using violence against personnel on board an aircraft in flight and endangering flight safety without causing serious consequences shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention; causing serious consequences If they are sentenced to more than five years in prison. I think both parties here belong to the flight attendants. Both parties used violence. Both parties committed the crime. In theory, they can be sentenced, depending on the actual situation.

7 months ago

It is still investigating, and I believe the bureau is still very keen on these situations. First of all, fighting is definitely wrong, and fighting during the flight is even more wrong. The captain’s reaction was normal, but a bit overwhelming. Maintain flight safety. If you see passengers getting too close to yourself, in the event of an emergency, such as a hijacking, it will seriously affect your safety. The male flight attendant and the female flight attendant changed their seats privately, which was also an incentive for things to happen. If it is true on the airline’s side, if this incident is concealed and not reported, it will be held accountable. In 2021, civil aviation is preparing for the recovery stage after the epidemic, and it happens to be a typical example. Here, East China Sea Airlines hits the gun. I hope it can attract attention from all parties, take a step back and endure the calm. Don’t guess too much, wait for the investigation report from the bureau. I hope everything goes well for the civil aviation industry.

7 months ago

1. When the crew enters and exits the cockpit, it is necessary to draw the curtain and there are no passengers in the area. This is to ensure that the crew members are not accidentally disturbed to ensure aviation safety. The initial response of the captain from the operation and regulations is correct, but the subsequent processing is improper. Both verbal abuse and hands-on actions are not advisable. 2. The flight attendant should block passengers when the crew enters and exits, not to persuade them to prevent them if necessary. After all, the crew has opened the door and exits, and there can be no passengers in the area. 3. Changing the guard flight is also a big problem, according to the task. Book and pre-flight preparation meeting. 4. The male flight attendant should also have a verbal conflict with the captain, otherwise it will not quickly escalate from verbal to physical conflict. Finally, the captain and the two flight attendants have corresponding responsibilities regardless of No matter how big the contradiction is, you can negotiate after landing in place. This is a behavior that affects flight safety. For the handling of the incident, we and other official results must not spread rumors. My analysis is also based on the incident. Everything is subject to the official report.

7 months ago

Many replies have already said about the unauthorized change of guard and the emptying of the sensitive area when the crew goes to the toilet. On these two points, I think the cabin crew does have certain problems. In the subsequent conflict process, the transformation from verbal conflict into fighting each other is really a bit unreasonable. The captain has the right to criticize the crew, but he should also pay attention to methods and methods, and he can criticize in non-face-to-face situations. It should not be escalated from verbal conflict to physical conflict; however, it is estimated that the attitude of the flight attendant in the face of the captain’s criticism It is also conceivable that otherwise the conflict will not escalate. In any case, the most important goal of the entire crew should be to ensure flight safety. This kind of thing really shouldn’t be. Revere life, revere the rules, revere the responsibilities and have a long snack

7 months ago

Do you know the blood splash dashboard?

If you are a pilot, grow up from that environment and become a captain step by step

Then I met a flight attendant who made a mistake

You scolded him

He’s still talking

You do it

He retaliated

Don’t you think you can’t control the situation?

I am definitely not saying that the captain is right

But to tell you how such an absurd thing happened

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