Zhihu always felt that someone was following him recently, and he worked overtime alone until 11:30 that night. He planned to go home at his convenience. At this time, he was probably left on this floor of the entire office building. He ran to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette, took a deep breath and then spit out a cigarette ring. Under the stimulation of nicotine, he felt a little tired recently. Soothing, a little dazed, thinking about going back for a while? Or take a taxi back? Throwing away the cigarette butt, he entered the first compartment, and just about to take off his pants, the phone rang the sound of a text message prompt. He took it out and read a text message with an unfamiliar number, a message that made him inexplicably, “Someone wants to kill you, just outside the toilet” ~ Zhihu’s mouth raised and wondered who was joking? Then he heard someone walking into the toilet, his heart was tense, who was it in the middle of the night, should I be the only one left? Before he could react, with a “bang”, the door in front of him slammed into him, and he staggered backward when he was hit, and then saw a man with a fierce face rushing in~ Zhihu, suddenly! Zhihu shook his body and was almost burned by the cigarette. He quickly threw away his cigarette butt. What happened just now? Wasn’t I killed by someone? He looked at himself, did he smoke and smoke? Or have you been in a trance after working overtime recently? He entered the first compartment, and just about to take off his pants, the phone rang the sound of a text message prompt. He was agitated, a little afraid to take out his cell phone, a text message from an unfamiliar number, “Someone wants to kill you, just outside the toilet.” The message made his heart beat suddenly faster. Nima, someone really wants to kill me? ! How to do? How to do? He just wanted to rush out of the cubicle when he heard someone walk into the toilet. He pushed the door with his hand, but with a “bang”, a great force came and he backed away. Then a fierce face that seemed to have been seen appeared before his eyes~ Zhihu, suddenly! Zhihu’s body trembled and he was almost burned by the smoke again. He quickly threw away his cigarette butt, I wiped it, someone really wanted to kill me! ? And seems to be able to repeat this scene of killing me indefinitely? He looked around anxiously, hoping to find something that he could protect himself. How did the horse rider tidy up so clean without even leaving a mop? He saw two buckets, poured out the water in one bucket in a hurry, carried the bucket into the first compartment, leaned against the back wall, and looked nervously at the door in front of him! There was a sound of someone entering the toilet. With a “bang”, the door was knocked open. Zhihu picked up the bucket and rushed over the man’s head, and then tried to smash the man away, but the man grabbed his clothes~ Zhihu, sudden! …I don’t know how many times he has died, Zhihu exhausted all his methods, and once even shot a man with his water gun, but the result made him distraught. He felt that maybe he shouldn’t hide in the first place. Cubicles? He plans to try another cubicle next time!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, you definitely can’t choose the last one, because at this time, the killer has ruled out all possibilities and must know that you are in the last one. Then he will concentrate, open the door cautiously, and make a fatal blow. The penultimate room cannot be selected, because there are only two rooms left. From the killer’s point of view, a 50% probability is enough to hold the knife in his hand. You can’t choose the first one. For the killer, opening the toilet door for the first time is fresh, and his attention is also concentrated. Therefore, the second and third rooms are the most suitable. From the perspective of probability, the probability of the killer finding you in the second room is 1/4=25%, and the probability of finding you in the third room is 1/3=33.3%. At this time, there is another question to consider, what do you plan to do? Do you want to catch with your hands and wait to die; or do you actively resist and fight for survival? There is no need to discuss the former, and the latter, given the narrow space of the toilet, the chance of escape is relatively slim, but it is not impossible. It depends on what weapon the killer uses. If he is bare-handed, he just doesn’t open the door and call someone. If he brings a knife, he can throw the toilet paper to the third pit when the killer walks to the second door, making him mistakenly think you are in pit 3. Take advantage of the time difference to escape and lock the toilet door. This is very difficult. If he brings a gun, then…I still recommend to solve the internal emergency first and squat the pit. When he opened the door and came in, he scolded him loudly: Young people don’t speak martial arts, come to cheat, come sneak attack, my half-naked old comrade, is this all right?

7 months ago

If it is a professional killer, he may not only take a knife, a thermal weapon with silencer is his standard equipment. Regardless of my choice, I couldn’t do him in the end. Throwing Ollie to it would only irritate him and it would be impossible to kill him. He was killed with Ollie in his hand, maybe the report afterwards would say “the toilet was smashed for food and was killed, the murderer is suspected to be a Baba mad fan.” Isn’t this blaming yourself? Covered the murderer. Since you can’t escape, go to the furthest one, solve your physical problems first, and put your pants on before you are finally found. It’s a bit embarrassing to continue…

7 months ago

This is a psychological game. It is possible to “anti-kill” by gaining sufficient time. First lock all the toilet doors from the inside (climbing from above), and then hide in the third room in the center. It is impossible to judge whether the killer is from the outside or When looking from the inside, centering is relatively safest. Then the outside bucket needs to be used, filled with water to block the door, and avoid getting too close to the door to prevent it from being visible outside. Then people stand on the toilet waiting for an opportunity. The moment the door is opened, the killer’s attention may be caught by the bucket. Attracted, the ending depends on the individual’s ability. The killer comes prepared. You don’t have any tools in the toilet. In this respect, there is no chance of winning. Fortunately, the knife is said to be a gun. If it is a gun, it will be difficult, so it’s better to live longer. Time beats, take a gamble, and see if bicycles can be turned into motorcycles, so you can do it for yourself.

7 months ago

I just asked, after the killer enters the toilet and he pushes the door to find me, can I finish the toilet with peace of mind? The so-called holding back urine can be done for thousands of miles, and it’s hard to do it. If it can’t be solved, I can’t run even if I want to. Otherwise, he pushes the door and enters during the process. Should I lift the pants first or let him go out and wait for a while? It doesn’t really matter which one is. I will have magic weapon blessings after I use the toilet. He wants to brighten the knife, and the things available around him are indefensible, only things that need to be mosaicked on the whole.

7 months ago

The door of the toilet will be locked. I will hide in the first room. Run to the first room first, lock the door, and then climb over from above, and lock the door at the same time. While doing the anti-locking work, turn on the phone, call the police, report the location first, explain the situation, then turn on the hands-free, turn the volume to the maximum, and leave the phone in the No. 5 or No. 6 compartment. If the time is urgent, you can not lock the back The door, of course, had to be locked in order to extend the escape time. Then, I climbed from above to cubicle one, squatted on the toilet lid, or squatted on the wall, standing on the water pipe…all do, mainly to prevent him from noticing my feet. Of course, you can also create some illusions in the back compartment, for example, take off your shoes and place them on the ground in the compartment where you leave your phone. Or take off the clothes and put them in the gaps under several compartments, so that it can’t tell which people are hiding (I can still hide in the compartments that are not blocked by clothes). Of course, this is based on the premise that 1. the murderer does not use tools to detect the internal situation of the compartment; 2. the murderer crawled over (give me enough time); under the premise. In all these tasks, there are two key points: First, buy time for myself. The closer the compartment I am in to the door, and the further away from the compartment where the murderer is suspicious, the more chance I will have to escape from this enclosed space; Second, call the police to let the police know where I am and the danger I am going through. After the murderer came in, of course he would try to open the doors one by one, but when he found that the first few doors could not be opened, of course he would go to the cell where the phone sounded to find me. When he was immersed in intimidation and other behaviors, I opened the door and rushed out and ran into the crowd. Call the police by phone, or get in a taxi, etc. Now that it is out, the outside environment is much safer than a closed space like a toilet. Although there is still danger, for example, the murderer will overtake me, or I will be killed without running out. At least this is better than waiting to die. Why would you do this? Because I am a poor college student, there is no value in letting people hire professional killers to kill me. The most likely to encounter is a lunatic murderer, or the ordinary people around me suddenly have a brain to come and kill me. Then I just deal with it the same way I deal with ordinary people.

7 months ago

In Dayu State, in 789 AD, the killer was stopped by a girl with dyed yellow hair at the door and asked to pay a dollar for the toilet fee to get in; how could my suave killer in Yushu bring a dollar change with him? I’m deprived of my identity, how can my peers know that I am on the road? I could only take ten million out of my pocket and hit her on the face, and said fiercely: “Bye, blond girl”; the unexpected woman grabbed my hair and said, “No change, only one piece. “Money”, after all, I’m here to perform the task, and it’s unreasonable. So I ran to the small shop opposite and bought a pack of “Ling Mai Lang” instant noodles. Finally, I exchanged a piece of change and returned to her; “No cash,” Please scan the code.” I spent three minutes explaining to her “a cashless society is not a cashless society”, but she posted a video of the words I said goodbye to her on V Bo, saying that I didn’t respect her as a woman and that she worshipped money. ; I was so angry that I picked her up and beaten her up, but she refused to let me in, saying, “If you don’t pay, why don’t 1.4 billion people come to this toilet and don’t pay?” Then she took out the phone and called Her uncle from the municipal committee of S committee called. It turned out that she had just graduated and was admitted to the B system. This public toilet started from the grassroots level. One week later, she will be promoted to the Planning Bureau because of her outstanding performance. Don’t let me break her rules and future. After a while, a large number of G members with a height of 1.8 meters or more came and brought three tables and opened the on-site office. The first table convicted me of going to the toilet maliciously and assaulted the workers. The second table convicted me of guilt, and it was completed by the way. The second aunt and the third aunt of Anti-Su, on the third table, the little girl was awarded a promotion order for her own power; at this moment, one person came out of the toilet, who was the target of my mission. He looked at me and said, “Brother, you do it.” This task is too pitiful, you don’t need to come in, I’ll come out by myself”, picked up the Mucang drink bomb on the ground and committed suicide; the phone in my pocket suddenly remembered the voice: “The task is completed, only the treasure will be paid, 2 million yuan, The tax is deducted, the account is actually paid, hehe, and the flowers are paid back, the balance is 789 yuan”

7 months ago

Never choose the first one. If found in the first room, the killer will easily block your way out. Generally speaking, the doorways of public toilets are relatively small, and some can only accommodate two people side by side. The killer can easily block your way out. Look at the hinge position and select the last few. The door opens outward by default. If the hinge is against the wall, when the killer pulls the doorknob, only half of his body is within the open range of the door. You cannot kick the door open and use the inertia of the door to fight back. If it is discovered, there is a high probability that it will be directly GG. If the hinge is not against the wall, at the moment the killer comes over, his body is in a position that can be covered by the opening and closing of the door, and he kicks the door open, there is a high probability that he will not be able to react. Take control first and fight for time to escape. But if the opponent is more resistant to injury, then choose the second or third to leave some retreat. Why not choose the top pit? One blast, then decline, and three exhaustion, the other exhausts my surplus, so restrain it. But this problem actually has a bug killer crawling on the ground to see, which pit has feet, you are there, no matter how to hide it. If it were me, I ran directly to the women’s bathroom. He/she should subconsciously go to the men’s room to chase me. When he/she enters the men’s room, I will run out again.

7 months ago

Why invite me? I chose the second room, and after the killer checked the first room, I went over. Of course the killer is very clever. He will go back to check the first one after checking the fifth room, and then keep checking like this. He doesn’t believe I can hide like this forever, I don’t believe he can keep looking like this forever. So my order of action is the second room, the first room, the third room, the second room, the fourth room, the fifth room, the third room, the first room, the second room, the fifth room, the first room, The fourth room, the third room, the fifth room, the fourth room, the second room, the fifth room, and the thirty-first thousand eight hundred and fifty-ninth room. Bragging B, he can find me.

7 months ago

I would hide in those two barrels, and stack the two barrels on top of myself, preferably close to the entrance. The best situation is that the killer didn’t notice, and I left every room after I couldn’t find me. In a bad situation, the killer found me under the bucket. At this time, he needed to hold the bucket with both hands and lift it to find me. The moment he caught it was the weakest defense and attack power, when he lifted it to Half of the time, you jump up violently, the whole barrel will hit him, and then you will flush out of the toilet in about two seconds.

7 months ago

The harsh ringing rang in my ears, I instantly bounced off the bed, and rolled back under the bed, only to realize that it was just a phone call. I stood up and took the call, and an obvious electronically synthesized voice came over: “Tianlong Building’s eighth floor toilet, someone will come to the toilet at 10 o’clock, any one of the five compartments, find and kill him, 100W is you “I just wanted to ask questions, the beep sound has come, a message has come, the bank card is 100W. Being cautious and generous, are you not afraid of me taking the money away? But I got up and checked the equipment. I knew that if I didn’t complete the task, he could kill me at any time. The magazine was full of bullets, and a silencer was installed. I pinned it behind my waist. The two short knives are pinned to the belt, and you can’t see them under the black coat. I walked to Tianlong Building, a qualified killer, stepping on work is indispensable. An Baosong was unexpected, the old man was still dozing off there. The toilets are ordinary and there are relatively few people. You only need to know which cubicle it is in. In order to be foolproof, I specially broke the door lock of No.1 compartment, pulled shit in No.2 compartment, filled up No.5 compartment with stagnant water, and then hid in No.4 compartment. You have another choice. ? At ten o’clock, there was a sound of Xisuosuo outside, I waited for him to enter cubicle three, and then killed him. Suddenly, I only felt a pain in my head, the smell of gunpowder came to my nose, my consciousness gradually faded, and only a faint voice came from: “I saw you sneaky. It turned out that the target was you. This million is too light. …..” The words that followed were unintelligible, I just remembered the sound of gunfire. It’s good to be a companion on Huangquan Road.

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