I’m not far away from my work. There are five or six stops by bus, plus the walking and waiting time, it takes more than 40 minutes one way, so I want to buy a scooter, which will be much more convenient. Because I just started working and couldn’t have that much budget on hand, my parents agreed to give half of the budget. The original plan was to buy a new or used car less than 50,000 yuan. After choosing for a long time, I have chosen a Wuling mini for transportation. This way I can relieve some financial pressure and buy a new car, but my parents do not agree to buy Wuling. They say you might as well buy a second-hand big brand car. Face, but I don’t think so. I think ordinary people drive for convenience. It has nothing to do with face. How can I persuade them?

According to the situation described by the subject, this car will be the first car in your family, and the subject is in the county seat. Then the reason why the parents oppose it is very clear-in order to maintain the family in the small circle of the county seat. Don’t think that this is the stubbornness of your parents, because this is indeed a very real problem. The subject’s parents have lived in the county for most of their lives, and the network of contacts is here, and the population of the county itself is not large. It is determined that the probability of a person in the county town having contact with another person multiple times is much higher than that in a big city, so there will be a situation where “the two sides don’t know each other before meeting, but through a few relatives, they can always get a relationship.” , And this also determines that the factor of “human relations and society” in the county town will account for a higher and vicious proportion in various affairs than in the city. Back to the subject of wanting to buy a Hongguang mini but the family opposes this issue, if the subject of the subject succeeds in buying I entered the mini, but most of the relatives, friends and acquaintances of the subject’s parents in the county town do not know what a “national car” is. They only remember “XXX bought Taiwanese old music for the daughter who just worked”, and this impression With the spread of human relations and society, they will gradually become the after-dinner talks of many people—whether they know or don’t know—. In the end, there is a high probability that people will come to the conclusion that “XXX is a stingy, and the whole old man will be happy when the daughter works. , It’s better to build a battery car.” Such a ridiculous conclusion. And in the future, when some idlers see other MINIs on the road, they will come up with a sentence like “Oh, this little electric car, XXX has one in his house, and only he does it. Those who buckle will buy it like this”. —–The county town is such a helpless place. And don’t think that it will only affect your parents, it will also affect you, and the same “XXX true” will appear. Poor, I wanted to buy a car, but the house gave her the whole old man happy”, or “I don’t have money and I want to be rich, buy an old man happy to fill the big head” such rumors, so the subject, your parents just saw it. It’s so powerful that I strongly oppose your decision to buy Hongguang MINI. What should I do if the subject really wants to buy it? In fact, it’s easy to do, that is, rent a house outside and live independently first and save enough money for yourself Buy it, pick a day after the purchase and drive home, the nature of the matter will become “My daughter is sensible and promising, and she bought a trolley after working less than two years. Although it is not an expensive car, it is also a famous brand”. , It’s no longer your stingy or your big-headed ghost, but your little achievement. The human relationship society in the county is like this, not much disgusting, more helpless.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The subject of the question, you have a very important point. If you don’t have a car at home, if you don’t have it, then your parents will buy you the only car in the family. You have to consider family travel (even if only occasionally) and parents’ face issues. There is already a car in Hongguang MINI that only you commute to work, so your parents are purely unreasonable. There is also a situation where your parents have an ordinary old car and want to buy you a good and respectable joint venture car so they can go out. You can use your car to look more face when you see your relatives. In this case, you must carefully consider whoever pays the money and decides you have your point of view. Your parents have their point of view. Since you can’t convince them, save enough money. If you buy a Hongguang MINI by yourself, the worst case is to listen to your parents buying a big-brand second-hand car and pay for the heavy car loan.

8 months ago

The topic is whether it is in the south or the north. Electric cars can’t stand the cold in the north. Especially for this kind of cheap electric cars, the battery is basically useless in winter. If you are in the north, don’t choose electric ones. I don’t know the income level of the subject. Look at an ordinary gas truck. One kilometer is 4 cents. It’s about 20 kilometers back and forth in a day. It takes half an hour by bus. It’s 8 yuan a day, and it’s not too much to calculate 2000 gas bills a year. I don’t even bother to count the electricity of the mini. How much is 1 cent or one kilometer? Maintenance is done once a year, which is 300 cheaper than a petrol truck (no need to change the oil and oil filter). For maintenance, even if the petrol truck is about 200 yuan, the new mini car is basically not worried about the maintenance situation. In addition, the difference in insurance is about 1,000 yuan. Even if a gasoline truck is a second-hand car, insurance is not cheap, and there is no discount after the transfer. There is a difference of 3,500 in a year. If you open up a little bit more, move around the house. The gap is huge. Five thousand and six thousand, right. That second-hand gasoline truck, if it’s not good, I bought a car in bad condition, oh, it’s not impossible to repair the car a year and get one thousand or two thousand. The above is the request of the subject, how to persuade the parents, settle the accounts, and then it is over. Let’s talk about what Zhiyou said, the countryside, the relationship, and the face. No one asks the poor in the downtown area, and the rich has distant relatives in the mountains. Fine product. It is true that a car represents a person’s facade, so the money for buying a car has reached 50,000, so what else is a bicycle? Who doesn’t know whose family background? There are also loans to buy, and it is not your relationship to repay the loan. In the past two years, the market has no points, how many people have no job, and how many people are in debt. Please don’t harm people. To sum up, you are in the south, and I agree with you to buy an electric car. The reason to convince your family has been given, but you can’t run a long way. There is no air conditioner for low configuration. Remember; if you are in the north, buy a gas car, don’t think about it, buy a three or four Domestically produced in about a year, I think it’s OK.

8 months ago

This can’t be persuaded, because the subject is a young man who just went to work, so persuading is useless, it’s just useless. When I was young, I built a second-hand smart drive, or I bought it myself. There are many people who oppose this but do not understand it! After six years, I am almost becoming a father. Now I understand what people think they didn’t understand at the beginning, and I can understand their thoughts. But I don’t think I have any problems, because I have money to make my own money, so I won’t sell smart, just buy a bigger SUV. It’s useless to persuade this stuff, and turnips and vegetables have their own love. Whoever pays for it! After looking at the subject’s description carefully, the family does not contradict second-hand cars. This is simply not a big deal! ! ! For the same 50,000 yuan, if you and your parents share half of the joint venture, you can compromise. More than 50,000 yuan to buy a second-hand serious joint venture B-class car or SUV, such as the Hyundai Sonata and ix35 around 2011. These are cost-effective, cheap and durable, and have a low failure rate. If you choose electric, you can either go directly to the 16-year-old second-hand BYD e5 or Qin. The iron battery is safe and durable. The most sought-after car in the second-hand electric car market, unlike other electric cars, car dealers have confidence when selling this car, and they will not be able to keep the car without a deposit. The acceptance of electric vehicles is indeed getting higher and higher. Why is it better than Hongguang Mini? This is the “other people’s idea” that I can understand six years later. Reading the comments, it really opened my eyes, “I bought a smart for the sake of face!” When I bought a second-hand smart, the original car was a G37, and I had a good car at home. Do I need smart to save face? “Buying a new car is better than buying a second-hand car! What kind of face can a second-hand car have?” The last time I heard this kind of remark, the Qing Dynasty had not died…

8 months ago

If I were you, I would listen to my parents and honestly buy a second-hand, big-brand (“joint venture”) car for three reasons: 1. You can’t save a lot of money on electricity. “Bus Fifty-Six Station Road”, estimated to be 1 kilometer Counting one station, a full day’s round trip is 5 or 6 kilometers, and the average fuel consumption is 50 cents per kilometer. If you drive a petrol car, the fuel cost is less than 5 yuan a day. If you care about these 3 yuan and 5 yuan, let’s ride a bicycle, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. 2. The fake four-seater incense that is not less than 3 meters from the normal five? The same is a five- or six-thousand-dollar car, a fake 4-seater Wuling Hongguang Mini EV with less than 3 meters, and a normal 5-seater version of a normal fuel car with more than 4 meters. How do you choose? Since parents pay part of the money, they should also give proper consideration to household needs. Imagine taking them out on weekends and going out with relatives during the holidays. You can only choose one between your parents and mom, and the other is curled up. , Sitting down in the back row? In addition, the two-door car is really not suitable for parents with inconvenient legs to get on and off the car. Normal people are struggling. Really, the average family is really not practical, and the car scene is too single. 3. Where can I go for a 100-kilometer battery life? Wuling Hongguang Mini EV NEDC has a battery life of just over 100. This is still a theoretical working condition. If you run normally, you can get a 20% discount. It has a battery life of 70 or 80 kilometers. Really, you will be panicked when you go to a high-speed rail station to pick someone up. , Forget it, it’s not practical. Having said so much, who is suitable to buy Wuling Hongguang Mini EV? Big cities for licenses? Additional purchase? Maybe…Finally, it’s not that Wuling’s Macro Mini EV is not good. A car that sells 20,000 to 30,000 units a month has its own advantages, but we generally have to be rational when buying a car. You can’t follow the trend at will, and you have to choose a car that is most suitable for you and your family within the same budget based on your own (including family’s) car needs, right? After all, for the average family, 50,000 or 60,000 are savings for one or two years, so they can’t be so capricious.

8 months ago

I can’t help it. There are too many comments in the comment area. I’m turning off comments. It’s because you are right. Hahahahahaha. I guess you have a very important factor that you didn’t say: you open It’s not easy to use manual transmission, and it’s not easy to park. So your first choice is Wuling Mini. However, in non-licensed cities, there is no need to buy an electric car. It has nothing to do with face and only uses. This car is suitable for families with fixed parking spaces. It is very suitable to pick up children when buying vegetables in free time, but it is not suitable as the only private car. Faceless people are bullshit. If you have one hundred thousand cash, will you become one hundred fifty thousand if you have face? Will it become fifty thousand if you lose face? Obviously not, so what’s the use of face? You can afford to buy a Ferrari if you have enough face to support it? If you lose face and buy a Wuling glory, will it cause you to lose your job and beg for food? Face is the shackles given to you by others. It’s more practical to buy a second-hand Polo Corolla Fit on the basis of Wuling Mini’s budget. Everyone knows the truth, but if you have a limited budget, you can’t buy an automatic gear. These cars are definitely larger than the Wuling Mini. For novices, it’s inevitable that it’s not easy to reverse and store the car. Just ask yourself, after buying this car, it’s never possible for four people to run two hundred kilometers at a time. Possibility, because it is impossible for Wuling Mini to run two hundred kilometers at a time with four people, only two people can run 100 kilometers, but if your budget is really limited, you can only buy this automatic gear + good reverse storage. , Then buy it, it’s better than buying a garbage second-hand gasoline car

8 months ago

I’m here to persuade you to retire! As a person who has lived in rural areas and small counties for a long time, I think your parents are right. Many people who have lived in big cities for a long time do not understand the social ecology of villages and small counties. There is no idyllic pastoral, and there is no simple interpersonal relationship and acquaintances are easy to handle. The interpersonal relationship here is the most complicated because it is an acquaintance society and the interpersonal relationship is more stable. Interpersonal relationships in big cities are unstable, and you may never see your original colleagues after you leave your job. Many people become parallel to each other, while small counties are all intersecting lines, and they even know each other’s eight-generation ancestors. This kind of familiar and stable human relationship society is the easiest to form a comparison. For example, people in many big cities may think that gold is very earthy, and wearing gold bracelets is more earthy, but wearing gold bracelets in our county is a symbol of fashion and strength. Symbols are not earthy at all, and Beier has face. Everyone can carry everything that expresses their identity, such as gold, clothes, and cars. Cars have become particularly important in recent years. There is basically no concept of a luxury house in a small county. Everyone lives in a house of several thousand yuan a flat, and there is no difference in identity (unless you are an official or a big boss), so how can you prove that you are better than others? Great, the most direct way is to buy a good car. My cousin made less than 300,000 yuan in business last year. He did not save up. Instead of disregarding his parents’ objections, he took out all his savings and borrowed some. He bought a BMW that cost more than 500,000 yuan. He was nothing. A rich man, his business does not need a luxury car to support the scene. The purpose of buying a luxury car is to save face and to be proud. People living in big cities cannot understand this. People in big cities will definitely consider investment and promotion, while people in small counties think more about the immediate situation and face. Face is the foundation of their lives. Many people think Face is more important than fate. They don’t want to be looked down upon by others, and they can’t stand being looked down upon by others. I think this is the reason why your parents oppose. Unless your family is very strong, you don’t need these extraneous objects to prove that you are rich, just like when we were in school, those classmates with good family conditions can always relax. They say that they have no money, and students with poor family conditions must always show that they are not without money. Many people may spray me, saying that I will live according to my own way of living, but blindly living according to my own way of living in a stable social environment of acquaintances will really encounter a lot of resistance. Buying a car is just a microcosm. .

8 months ago

A few words from the real car owner. Advantages: extremely low travel costs, extremely low parking costs, and small new energy vehicles, resulting in very convenient travel. Disadvantages: low comfort, small internal space, and battery life is just enough. Summary: The application scenario of this car is not suitable for the main family car. If there is a main car at home, it is convenient to park and charge. This car will be a super artifact for you to pick up children and buy food to and from get off work. Finally, buying a car is not an investment. The so-called hedging rate is nonsense. You can buy a cheap domestic car with the remaining money and buy a reliable fund after a few years to see if what I said is true. Cars have a depreciation rate, don’t believe it. Also, don’t buy second-hand, the water is too deep to lead passers-by cautiously.

8 months ago

The car is 30,000 yuan, and you drive it yourself. Why do you need your parents’ consent? If they support it, it’s better if you don’t support it. In the future, you will use more cars. Do they know your needs? They know more about your needs. ? Huabei can buy this car, and they can’t use their money. It’s a big deal to save yourself. The most difficult thing for people is to put their own thoughts in the brains of others. It is difficult for you to convince your parents about this. This matter is up to you. There are many things they will oppose you in the future. Regarding the opinions of parents, my opinion is that you can listen to them for reference, but you must take your own ideas.

8 months ago

What to say, I don’t know the actual mileage. How far is 5-6 stops plus walking? In addition, you should also consider parking spaces and charging piles. The low temperature puts great pressure on the battery. What is the traffic situation where you are and how is the road surface? To sum up, because even such a small car with a low overall cost is an expenditure, and there will be corresponding expenditures in the future. I personally suggest that you still plan it, just use it for commuting, which is of little significance. It’s not a good deal. One more thing, if you get married and have a baby later, this car will definitely not be enough. If you want to change the car then you will find that you can’t sell this car for money.

8 months ago

The first car is really not recommended to buy Wuling mini EV. I drove this car. The chassis is like a rotten iron plate, with a crumbling texture. There is basically no power. For tunnels with a speed limit of 80, I drive the floor oil to 70 and the speed is extremely high. The temperature and sound insulation are not good, and the comfort is extremely poor. Running on the road was also run over by a cart next to him. Oh, by the way, this car seems to have no airbags (to be verified), and this kind of car with a short front is very safe if it encounters a traffic accident. Wuling’s car is essentially an old man. For the first car, buy a good second-hand car. In 2012, the 2.0L displacement Fox was only 30,000 yuan. Although it is old, the experience in all aspects is much better than that of Wuling Laotou Le. A friend of mine can buy an old BMW 5 series for 50,000 yuan, and a 2003 4.7-liter V8 Grand Cherokee for 30,000 yuan. Young people who have little driving experience should drive some well-controlled cars to cultivate their sense of car, let themselves know what kind of car is easy to drive, and also help cultivate their driving habits and road manners.

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