In the entire entertainment industry, such situations as Zhang Xiaofei are rare. The CCTV Spring Festival Gala took Jia Ling, the movie double heroine Jia Ling gave it, the TV series Jia Ling female one is the female second, even if Zhang Xiaofei can’t reach the trump card of variety show, because Jia Ling went twice, even let her out The birth of the actor in the circle is probably due to Jia Ling’s favor-the birth director and the ace director of the actor are both Wu Tong, and Wu Tong has always given Jia Ling good resources, including Xu Juncong who also went to the actor. Born. Even the variety shows that Jia Ling doesn’t participate in, such as Happy Comedy 3 and Comedy Story 2, are also Jia Ling who is in charge and the whole company holds Zhang Xiaofei alone. This kind of support is generally very rare, except for parents. In fact, even if you are an artist in a company, it is very rare. Movie Female No.1, TV Drama Female No.2, Variety Shows, Spring Festival Gala, this kind of all-round and continuous resources, not to mention the popularity, generally speaking, it’s okay to be familiar with the face; I encountered phenomenal movies like Hello, Li Huanying, Basically lies to win. In fact, Zhang Xiaofei’s road to popularity is indeed the same. Apart from the new king of comedy who has no splashes, E Jingwen does not have all-round and continuous resources to hit her, which is incomparable with Zhang Xiaofei. Defensive bar reminder: I only talked about Zhang Xiaofei’s advantages from the resources, and did not talk about other aspects. Popularity in the entertainment industry basically requires core advantages, such as too strong personal strength (such as Shen Teng, who is bought by the audience). Zhang Xiaofei’s core strengths have been resources so far. Her acting skills and appearance do not hinder her, but it is not enough to make her break out of the entertainment circle. As for whether I can turn my core advantage into my own acting skills and box office appeal in the future, I don’t know. And, if someone insists that the movie “Hello Li Huanying” depends on Zhang Xiaofei to succeed, no one in the entire entertainment circle can play this role except Zhang Xiaofei or Jia Ling has little support for Zhang Xiaofei, no need to come to the comment section to convince me. you’re right.


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7 months ago

It was a small composition written by Jia Ling for Xiao Fei in 2012, full of girlfriends, true fairy sisters, without a trace of plastic. Both of them won’t be popular, don’t give them a chance, as long as one of them is popular, the other must be popular. Later, Jia Linghong became popular and led Xiaofei in various ways, but comedy really regretted Zhang Xiaofei, who graduated from the Department of Acting at Beijing Film Academy. She is too beautiful and it is difficult to achieve much as a comedian. Although there are frequent Spring Festival Gala, Xiao Fei still didn’t wait for a turn-around drama. As a result, Jia Ling came to a big deal. She wrote the script, raised funds, directed her, and invited Xiao Fei to act as her mother, the double heroine and the heroine. As a result, A phenomenon-level female film was collided, and the box office went straight to 5 billion+, Douban scored 8.1, and Maoyan gave it a high score of 9.5…Tsk, the two of them are not red, they are red and purple. They can’t replicate this kind of fairy routine. It’s not the kind of so-called mentor and apprentice, mentor and sister, sister, mother and daughter in the artist circle.

7 months ago

Song Dandan didn’t praise her much, and Song Dandan’s resources and connections were given to her son and daughter-in-law. It’s not a big hit by the master and the company, but at least they are well-known, well-known people, traffic packaging works or topics are indispensable. Just look at Yue Yunpeng. If he has no works, let him go to variety shows, and if he has works, he will go to the Spring Festival Gala. Look at this female disciple again, except for a few sketches and a movie by the star master, is there any ongoing topicality? Has it continued to appear in front of the public?

7 months ago

Many people still don’t understand that Jia Ling was the absolute protagonist of the Big Bowl at the beginning. Others Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Juncong, Bu Yu, He Huan, Zhu Tianfu and so on. These people are supporting roles and she is her assistant, but Jia Ling’s status must rise to make the Big Bowl a domestic comedy. For the fourth pole, she can no longer take the stage frequently after she has produced some masterpieces. For example, in the first season of Comedy Story, Shen Teng and Jia Ling are all contestants who will fight in person. In the second season, Shen Teng went to the mentor seat, Guo Degang. Also in the mentor seat, Song Xiaobao occasionally comes to the mentor seat. If Jia Ling still performs in person, wouldn’t it be obvious that he is shorter? Therefore, Jia Ling’s team must push newcomers and launch a second-generation core. But this team is a little different from other teams. The core of this team is women. If the second-generation core is replaced by a man, it is difficult to say whether it is used to creating. It’s better to continue to be proficient in female perspectives, so they can only push Zhang Xiaofei. All these years, everyone knows that Zhang Xiaofei is the first sister of the big bowl, but has anyone heard of who the big bowl’s brother is? If it doesn’t exist, the team doesn’t have a brother, or the brother is not important. So it’s not because Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei have a good relationship with Zhang Xiaofei that gave her so many resources, but the big bowl for survival. Development must fight for these resources. After the resources arrive, they can only be given to Zhang Xiaofei, including hello Li Huanying. Since I knew about this movie, I never thought that this role could be played by others.

7 months ago

This is the result of mutual accomplishment. As a graduate of the acting department of the Film Academy, Zhang Xiaofei, Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan’s classmates signed Jia Ling’s newly established Big Bowl Entertainment instead of other brokerage companies. This is also a vision and vision. In fact, Zhang Xiaofei partnered with Jia Ling to participate in the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala in 2012, and later participated in the joyous comedian with Jia Ling in 2015. It should be after several years of cooperation that the two people understand each other and may have developed a deep friendship. In 2016, she signed a contract with Jia Ling’s newly established Big Bowl Entertainment, becoming the first female artist signed by Big Bowl Entertainment. And Jia Ling did not live up to Zhang Xiaofei, whether she was participating in variety shows, recording Spring Festival Gala, participating in TV series, etc., she brought Zhang Xiaofei with her. Finally, the mutual achievement of the two came to fruition in “Hello, Li Huanying” five years later.

7 months ago

Zhou Xingchi is to blame for this. When Stephen Chow was in his prime, all the heroines in the movies he collaborated with were all super beauties. They were very eye-catching, so there was no need to pull the list. But when he became a director himself, this aesthetic began to slant forward, and the heroine became more and more weird. And even if it’s a beautiful woman, you have to paint a strange makeup. The new king of comedy directly drew dead makeup for the heroine and starred in the Lunar New Year file. This can only be said that Zhou Xing’s fame was suppressed, and other people were scolded to death for doing so. An actress, who appeared on the big screen for the first time, ended up acting as a dead body. This preconceived impression is a deadly filter effect for an actor, and it will be difficult to get rid of it for a lifetime. Therefore, it will be difficult to get rid of this effect in the future. The first person who compares a woman to a flower is a genius, and the second person who compares a woman to a flower is a mediocre. But at least those who do this are normal people. However, Zhou Xingchi painted a beautiful woman with a dead person makeup, and ghost movies did not do that. The future of this actor would be completely ruined by such a mess. Can’t hold it all.

7 months ago

Another reason why Xing Ye chose her as the leading role is that she once ran through the dragon in the movie “Journey to the West”. She acted as a passerby holding a child. The scene was swept away, and there was not even a line. However, this scene was noticed by Zhou Xingchi. He said that the girl was holding the child with her eyes wide open. At that time, there were a lot of demon-acting groups beside her, but Xing Ye felt that she was more like a demon than a demon. He also looked at some of E Jingwen’s previous sketches, and felt that he and the heroine of “The New King of Comedy” were very similar, so he named E Jingwen to audition! But some interesting things happened at that time. E Jingwen twice hung up the phone call from the deputy director of “The New King of Comedy” to inform her to audition, until the third time the deputy director showed her the chat history with the cast group. , She believed that it was really an invitation from Stephen Chow’s crew to play the heroine! The reason why she is so alert to the deputy director is not to say that she is afraid that he is a liar, what to do with her, but that she was fooled by the deputy director before, which is the “Journey to the West: The Demon” mentioned above. At that time, the deputy director told her that although there were not many scenes, but there were lines, she went, and only found out that she had been cheated after going there. She was so angry that the deputy director was blacked out! So the assistant director came to her later and said it was the heroine of Zhou Xingchi’s movie. She didn’t believe it at all. She thought she was a small person, and the heroine of the movie star could not be her turn. At that time, she tossed the assistant director. I was almost begging her, she went to Hong Kong for an interview after showing her the chat records! But there were some minor problems during the interview. After she came to Hong Kong, she met Stephen Chow. In the first round of interviews, Master Xing asked her to act as neurotic, mentally retarded, child, and old lady. After the trial, she returned to Shenzhen. But when she arrived in Shenzhen, the staff sent her a message saying that Master Xing wanted her to have another interview, but she had already left the customs and could not return to Hong Kong. The staff told her to let her stay where she was, and Master Xing decided I flew from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to interview her alone. This time I was very satisfied with the interview. Besides, she was very experienced in acting in comedies, so the role was decided! From her debut in 2010 to the present, this is the first time E Jingwen has played a leading actress. Her excitement and joy can be imagined! For so many years in Bei Piao, she has always reported good news to her family and never reported her worries. After the official announcement of the “New King of Comedy” crew, E Jingwen turned to Weibo and said very sensationally and proudly, “Mom, Master Xing shouted I have made a movie, this time there is a line”! E Jingwen has waited too long for this opportunity for 30 years this year! She was not the prettiest among her classmates since she was a child, and she even equated herself with “ugliness”. She began to learn dance when she was very young, and when she grew up, she applied for the Chinese opera, but because she was not outstanding in appearance, many of her classmates went out to film in the 4th year of university, but she didn’t even have a chance to run the game, so she was so stable. Four years later, after graduating from the Chinese opera, she suspended her job in a coal mine art troupe, but because she couldn’t leave the stage, she returned to Beijing and became a beijing!

7 months ago

Something to say. When “The New King of Comedy” was released, it happened to be when she was one of the leading actors, and the Deyun Society sitcom “I’m Bigger” was released. At that time, Deyun Club had a lot of traffic, and there were many Deyun girls. I watched the sitcom, and after watching the tidbits, I felt that the people of Deyun Club and Ebo had a good relationship. Meng Hetang and Luan Yunping also often joked with Ebo. I thought they had a good relationship. Because it was the release period, I searched Ebo’s Weibo, and it happened that the two works were released together. I thought she would post both works on Weibo for publicity, but after searching, I found that there was none at all. Her Weibo screen is full of Zhou Xingchi, and Deyun She did not mention a word, which made me feel very bad. There was a feeling that she felt that she would not like Deyun She when she came to Zhou Xingchi (Of course this is my personal view). Obviously, you are very happy to get along with others. You are still one of the leading actors in this drama, but you are unwilling to post a Weibo. What happened to you in Deyun? Do you look down on it because the Deyun club is not as good as Stephen Chow? So snob? This kind of person’s magenta is also normal. PS: When I searched her Weibo, I also posted a start-up gift when she started it. When it was released, none of it was related to Deyun. If she posted it later but I didn’t see it, then I apologize.

7 months ago

Master’s age…the relationship between the teacher and the apprentice and the cooperative relationship are decided. Song Dandan himself was in almost the same age. He was silent for many years after divorcing his ex-husband. He didn’t have any works except for having children at home. This age is precisely the age that needs to be accumulated in all aspects. Then Song Dandan’s variety show ability shown in the show such as Qi Pa Shuo was not as pleasing to Jia Ling. This is definitely not to say that Jia Ling is better than Song Dandan in strength or comedy talent, but Song Dandan, as an older generation artist, has some of his own characteristics of the times. Song Dandan’s interpretation of the peaceful Chinese TV field is unmatched, and Song Dandan’s second kill is a contemporary female. Actors, it is not appropriate to compare the new generation Jia Ling and Song Dandan. Jia Ling’s mentor, Feng Gong, is low-key, modest and far-sighted. He doesn’t say radical things and doesn’t do radical things. Jia Ling is happy to make good friends everywhere. Jia Ling’s age is a good age for careers. Zhang Xiaofei chooses Jia Ling to grow up together. It is a vision and a choice. Zhang Xiaofei is lovable, smart and cute, and has been silent for many years without two hearts. They and Shen Teng both represent strength. Encountering the new era of a good stage. Feng Gong and Jia Ling have a mentor-apprentice relationship, Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei have a cooperative relationship, a relationship between a boss and an employee. Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei have a deep affection, just like the relationship between Li Dan and Wang Jianguo. Zhang Xiaofei is the first in Jia Ling’s company and used to be The only artist, Zhang Xiaofei’s red has an irreplaceable and breakthrough role for Jia Ling’s company. And Teacher Song Dandan does not need to hold the apprentice of Hong E Bo, and E Bo and Song Dandan are not like Feng Gong and Jia Ling’s relationship, Guo Degang and Xiao Yueyue’s relationship. Ebo is still pretty good. Her acting career is still very long. She shouldn’t be compared with others with her master, let alone assert that she will be popular or not. The professionalism of an actor is not a must-have!

7 months ago

Well, gossip. Deyun Club, there used to be a series of sitcoms called “Lin Zi is Big” (season 1) and “I can bear it” (season 2). It is about a cafe where the owner Zhang Helun, Barista Yang Jiulang, waiter Guo Qilin/Meng Hetang, chef, chores and shareholder (self-proclaimed) Luan Yunping, landlord Gao Feng, and nearby Zhang Yunlei, Guo Qilin’s father Guo Degang, lawyer Hou Zhen, contractor Zhou Jiuli, courier Li Hebiao, The story of Zhang Helun’s follower Yu Qian (yes, Yu Qian) and others when he worked hard on the construction site. To be honest, the shooting was very good, especially the character set is very close to the actor’s own temperament, and the effect is much higher than the average level of the film and television series produced by Deyun, only because of copyright (such as the first season sold to Sohu) and publicity issues. It doesn’t seem to be too familiar to people…Ah, it’s far away, it’s far away…In short, after the actual actor Guo Qilin in the first season of this series retired from filming, the second season enabled Meng Hetang to fill the vacancy and became the heroine. It was E Jingwen (should be called E Bo at the time), a coffee shop odd job who was somewhat self-centered in the play, lacked empathy, and relied on the tolerance of Meng Hetang and others to get into trouble. Due to the issue of the character, the commentary in the barrage seems to be far less than the first season’s heroine, Li Mengying, who played Guo Qilin’s girlfriend. What is even more lamentable is that in many replies about Miss E’s acting experience, none of this work has been mentioned… So, let’s talk about the issues of reputation (of the drama) and audience popularity (of the actor)…

7 months ago

The main part of Zhang Xiaofei’s energy fire is that he is supported by the company and led by Jia Ling. Zhang Xiaofei has been appearing in the eyes of the public in recent years. What kind of happy comedians, the birth of actors, Spring Festival gala sketches, etc., have been constantly appearing in the eyes of the public, so that everyone has remembered that Jia Ling has a very beautiful girl next to him. It’s called Zhang Xiaofei. Jia Ling’s sketch “Li Huanying” in the comedian went out of the circle, and she also went out of the circle with actors such as Zhang Xiaofei and Chen He. The success of this sketch also lays the foundation that the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” can become the reason for the explosion of the Spring Festival stalls. I believe that many of you are watching the sketches and then going to the movies. At the same time, Zhang Xiaofei relied on this movie to go out of the circle again. She played the role of Jia Ling’s mother in the movie. The character is very good, and she also plays well. In addition, it resonates with the audience. It can be said that Zhang Xiaofei is in Jia Ling’s. Fire under the aura of the movie. Another part of the reason is marketing. The film was promoted by Shen Teng ➕ Jia Ling in the early stage, and then through the audience performance, Zhang Xiaofei began to publicize. Zhang Xiaofei began to be invited to various events. At present, it seems that Zhang Xiaofei is on fire, just watch Can she maintain this enthusiasm and continue to bring good works, Jia Ling also said that she will not make movies again in a short time. It is said that people will go flying when they become angry, because there will be more books handed up, and I hope she can consider it carefully. After E Jingwen’s “The New King of Comedy”, I rarely saw her. I don’t have any impression of her. Maybe this is the reason for the lack of popularity?

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