The government work report stated that the outstanding problems of housing in big cities should be resolved, by increasing land supply, arranging special funds, and intensive construction, to effectively increase the supply of affordable rental housing and common property housing, standardize the development of the long-term rental housing market, and reduce rental housing taxes and fees. Burden and try our best to help new citizens and young people alleviate housing difficulties.

The real estate tax should be arranged as soon as possible to completely eliminate the financial attributes of real estate and relieve local financial tensions; 2. The school district housing attributes should be eliminated, and real estate kidnapping education should be cut off for special hype behavior: 3. The national team is comprehensive Enter the leasing market, increase supply, and consolidate the rent ceiling! Increase teacher salaries, increase the quality and quantity of teachers, and raise high salaries to provide quality education. Kindergartens and elementary schools can even carry out full-cycle operations from Monday to Sunday (weekends can focus on the expansion of extracurricular skills such as students’ talents), and avoid external tutoring and internal consumption (estimated impossible, education It is also a great tool for my country to stimulate consumption, and the education of retired elderly will have great potential in the future). Guide capital to flow into the real economy and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. Only by creating high-value-added cluster industries can the quality of people’s salaries be improved, thereby promoting consumption development and forming a positive cycle. Mr. Liang Qichao said: “Youth is strong, the country is strong; the youth is wise, the country is wise; the youth is rich, the country is rich!” This sentence is the same for young people. Youth is the backbone of a country, and youth is motivated. There is hope, but the current high housing prices have obliterated the hope of countless young people. When there is no hope and no results in struggle, lying flat is the most resounding resistance of young people. At present, what the country needs to solve most is the core wealth distribution problem. It needs to emulate Shang Yang’s “Limu Jianxin” thousands of years ago, so that young people know that striving can achieve a happy life, not a group of people. of. Wealth distribution must be obtained by the hands of individuals, rather than by demolition and speculation in real estate. The real estate black hole is now the brake pad of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, which hinders my country’s economic transformation and upgrading, and cannot complete industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading. Our younger generations may go to Southeast Asia to seek a living. The development of the industry requires the investment of resources. One is capital investment, which means spending money. If the money is sucked away by real estate, what kind of funds can be used to promote industrial upgrading; the second is to dare to consume, how can we dare to consume? If the mortgage is not so heavy, they dare to consume. The people dare not to consume. What about consumption upgrades? ! In a word: Any behavior that is long in China’s real estate is shorting my country’s future! Those who keep the bullets will be the main force in boosting China’s consumption and the “loveliest people” who will lead the Chinese economy out of the quagmire. At present, real estate is the biggest obstacle to the transformation and upgrading of my country’s real economy and consumption upgrade! The “three red lines”, the centralized management system of real estate loans, and the centralized land supply policy are three-pronged and complementary, and can basically curb the continuous unrestricted expansion of my country’s real estate bubble in all aspects. It means that the country is determined to remove real estate, the brake pad that hinders China’s economic transformation and upgrading. Real estate is dead! Tell everyone clearly: Urbanization is over, and the official report has a showdown! The urbanization rate at the end of 2019 was 60.6%, an increase of 1.02 percentage points from the previous year. What about the end of 2020? More than 61% are fine, even if there is an epidemic. However, the urbanization rate of the 14th Five-Year Plan is 65%, which means that the average annual urbanization rate will increase by 0.8% in the next five years, which is an increase of more than 1 percentage point each year compared to the past. This is also consistent with my prediction. Don’t be shocked by any news. To solve the housing problem of young people, the economic work conference at the end of last year has clearly stated that this time is just a retelling and emphasizes that the basic content is almost the same as the content of the economic work conference at the end of last year. I also interpreted the “Economic Work Conference” in December last year. This article is mainly to interpret the housing content of the recent Central Economic Work Conference! The content on housing in this Central Economic Work Conference focused on Article 7 of the key tasks. The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference used 238 words to discuss housing issues. This is the most extensive statement on housing in the Central Economic Work Conference in the past three years. While reiterating that “houses are used for living, not for speculation” (it has been available every year in recent years), the meeting emphasized the need to regulate the development of the housing rental market.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

As a 996 hit worker who has just arrived in Beijing for half a year, I want to say: The rent is really expensive! ! ! Imagine that on the 30th of each month, after finishing work, I’m lying on the bed, swiping my phone or still at work, the bank sends a text message about the payment of the salary, and then within two seconds, I follow the text message of the automatic deduction of the renting house loan from the bank. At a glance, more than one-third of the salary is gone. It really can be said that the money was used to pay the rent before the money was warmed up. I can’t even pay for the interest on Yu’e Bao. I really hope that housing prices can be brought down. This is not only a solution to the housing problem, but it can also fundamentally solve the problem of my country’s current extremely low fertility rate. Young people nowadays can still breathe a sigh of relief when renting a house. Once they are thinking about buying a house, it is equivalent to ALL IN their savings for most of their life, but this is not enough. After thinking about it, the TM down payment cannot be repaid. Huh?! Buying a house? It is recommended to buy my life. Zhihu Xiaotransparent broke a hundred praises for the first time! ! ! Reading the comments, by the way, let’s say a digression: not everyone has a high salary in a company as big as Byte. There are helms and screws on the aircraft carrier. This is true for bytes, everywhere. But when it comes to income, it must be more than enough. There are always those who are more difficult than me, and there are always those who are richer than me. Finally, I live in a small room of 8 square meters. . . It’s normal for byte people to cry poor

8 months ago

There is a sentence on the Internet that Bei Piao taught me to live. The agency taught me to be a man. In the past two years, more than 100 parents rented apartments across the country, and hundreds of thousands of people lost tens of billions of yuan. In October 2020, even the eggshell apartments that were already on the market were thundered, and tens of thousands of tenants were left homeless. This should not be caused by the behavior of the family. Therefore, I look forward to the country’s effective policies for renting houses and effective protection of rights and interests. The first is to create a corresponding official information platform to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the renting market. Now many houses are in the hands of intermediaries, and one house landlord hangs out. , May not ask for ten and a half months, as long as it is handed over to the agent, many people will see it within a day, which also leads to the lack of strong direct contact between the landlord and the tenant, and the tenant’s reliance on the real estate agent. The degree is higher. Next, the intermediary platform will increase the rent, earning more price difference will not be controlled, and the cost of living of the tenant will also increase. Secondly, I look forward to more policies and regulations to regulate the behavior of the rental market, improve the rental supervision system, and provide reliable housing for college students who have just graduated, and help them gain a foothold in the early stage. Avoid some risks.

8 months ago

1. Encourage collective construction land and non-residential land for long-term rental housing. Encourage companies to use their own land to build long-term rental housing for their employees. 2. Urban social public services are decoupled from housing property rights, and “rent and sale have the same right”. Promote the homogeneity of public services such as education. 3. Megacities with low financial dependence on land will gradually cancel the supply of land for commercial housing. Stripping the property rights and use rights of residential houses, making “buying a house and investing” become a small number of people’s self-entertainment. Home ownership does not mean that the owners have property rights. Among young people, especially new citizens, the idea that long-term renting houses can also live and work in peace is formed. 4. In large and medium-sized cities that rely heavily on land finances, the recent increase in land supply “small profits but quick turnover” can moderately change the residential plot ratio and sunshine conditions, and adopt transfer payments in the long term to reduce the city’s dependence on land finance. 5. Promote the formation of urban agglomerations around large cities, divert the population and industries of large cities, and form a group of medium-sized cities around large cities that can meet the needs of residents’ daily work and life. 6. MMT. Printing money to solve the land financial gap, strengthen the financial ties between the central and local governments, and raise the lower limit of social security. At the same time, the gap between the rich and the poor at all levels below the bourgeoisie should be reduced.

8 months ago

To solve the housing problem of new citizens in big cities, the difficulty is not insufficient supply. Another problem I have considered is that even if Beijing really wants to solve this problem, it will be easy to provide long-term rental housing for 1 million people a year. What is really difficult is the prerequisites for solving this problem: how to guarantee the fiscal revenue of local governments? I don’t need to say how much land transfer accounts for local finances, so a large amount of housing/long-term rental housing is coming in, and housing prices must not drop so that local incomes will not drop. This is much more difficult than the supply itself. Can the development plan of the big city be determined? In the next two decades, how many jobs and how many permanent residents each big city can provide will directly determine the scientific supply of housing. Once the planning is wrong, there will be cases where a large number of “low-end” jobs will be provided while the population is to be retired. Is the big city the future direction? Megacities are contradictory to balanced development and rural revitalization. Although the latter is mentioned more often, resources have been concentrated in megacities. Moreover, if provinces do not develop megacities, they will be robbed by other provinces. This issue is not clear, so the continuous concentration of population in megacities will definitely bring about constant housing price problems.

8 months ago

The “two sessions” put housing in a more important strategic position. Relative to the “railroads, highways, and infrastructure” where the return on investment is decreasing, the income of housing is stable and safe. Therefore, it is necessary to profoundly interpret the positioning of “housing to live without speculation” from a national perspective. The backing of “housing to live without speculation” lies in the structural solution. The investment status of real estate is for capital. For ordinary people who do not have a house, they have to buy what they should buy. The state adopts a dual-track housing system, which separates investment from rigid needs. The dual-track system is the market in this market. For those who cannot afford market housing, the state provides affordable housing. In the future, the housing market in first-tier and second-tier cities may not only increase prices, but also rents. This is the capital market. Real estate depreciation is certain. But the good location is still high price. When the security housing is almost the same, the real estate tax will be collected, and the new price will begin. In the future, it may be realized that most people live in the security housing, or the real estate tax on commercial housing in the rental market is essentially local fiscal tax. It will inevitably be passed on to tenants, leading to a general increase in rent prices. Therefore, compared with the difficulty of collecting real estate tax, the reliability of developing national rental housing is higher. It is equivalent to a new fiscal tax base. It can also provide national credit endorsement. The market price is lower. If the “rent before sale” method is adopted, not only will there be no large-scale unfinished buildings and debt defaults, but also bad debts can be diluted and secondary consumption can be brought about-one of the few that can simultaneously drive investment And the direction of domestic demand. In this new era, social housing security should be regarded as the flagship of fixed investment. The demolition of urban villages has also kicked out the country’s competitors in renting housing in a disguised form. The price of renting houses in urban villages in a city is much lower. Regarding the price of commercial housing, if commercial housing is rented for 1500, urban villages may only have 500. If the country wants to develop rental housing, the only competitor is the residential houses of urban villages. At least the old reforms are more in line with the common interests of the central government and the promotion is better. Only private housing After the old reform, the national development rental housing price will be 8/10% off the price of commercial housing. This will ensure considerable fiscal revenue and stabilize the social housing problem. China’s national wealth today is sufficient to transform the housing of the new generation in a short period of time. Resolved

8 months ago

I think this problem is difficult to be really solved. If the young people are not keen on buying a house or the house price drops simply by learning from Singapore to rent a house, then the land will be difficult to sell, and the local government’s fiscal revenue will be hard to sell. It is difficult to maintain local government revenue. It is difficult to maintain, and then the problem becomes more difficult to solve. If you want to solve it, it is not difficult. The government builds the house by itself, builds more, and then rents it to young people. That’s fine, or you can simply increase the mortgage interest rate and collect real estate taxes, but thinking about the new problems that arise after doing this, I think both of these are difficult to implement.

8 months ago

In the past few years, I would write thousands of words eloquently on this topic, incisively and vividly written about the ambitions and ambitions of tens of thousands of Ande Guangsha and the joy of the world’s poorest people. Now, I can only provide a way to protect myself wisely. After being in contact with society for so long and suffering severe beatings in the workplace for many years, I gradually learned a principle that “things are not as simple as they seem, and the phenomenon is behind the benefits.” A simple-minded person would say that if the housing problem is to be solved, then housing prices should be lowered and young people should be subsidized. Those who have studied economics more deeply, then increase supply and build more houses. When housing prices are lowered, taxation will virtually lose a big chunk. Every mouth needs to eat, public facilities need to be maintained, and the welfare system needs to be maintained. How to define the person who is really in need of subsidy? How much manpower audit cost is added invisibly? Where there is subsidy, there will be fraudulent subsidy, and where does the subsidy money come from, and does it come from high housing prices? Build more houses, the price of cabbage in Hegang and Ordos, but you will not buy it because there are blessing attributes such as school district, commuting costs, social convenience facilities and so on behind the house. I have reviewed myself. Eighty percent of my work is futile and internal. I can scrutinize the speech for two days and two nights. For the sake of parallel comparison, neat contrast, repeated revisions, and brilliant pens, I can’t solve the problem at all. Some core sensitive issues cannot be written yet. Self-entertainment, self-paralysis. But if these tasks are omitted, won’t I have time to spend more time with my family? Wouldn’t I be so tired and exhausted? With limited resources to do useless things, the standard of living will not improve, only internal friction and meaninglessness. If a family of 7 people and 6 people are engaged in production, the head of the family will manage and coordinate scientifically. By the end of the year, the harvest will be full. But if the head of the family asks the six people to produce and go to the well to fish for the moon, and to pick the stars in the sky, they will ask where the harvest will be better at the end of the year. Be pessimistic about the environment and optimistic about life. The price is up to him, after all, many people rely on them to feed. If you have time, you can exercise more and read more, spend less in hospital, and save some money. When housing prices are rising, he will force him to be strong, the breeze blows on the hills, he is horizontal, and the moon shines on the river. I don’t know which one will come first tomorrow or the accident. Let’s live the present.

8 months ago

Last year, I worked in Hefei in Hefei. I was a Ph.D. who was settled in Hefei with rental subsidies and worked without own housing. Masters under the age of 35. Full-time undergraduate, junior college or higher vocational graduates within three years of graduation. The subsidy standard is for each person within three years. How do you judge that you are a talent with 20,000, 15,000, and 6,000 per year (excluding personnel from party and government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions)? The easiest way is to have an academic qualification. At least vocational graduates can get high vocational graduates for one year. 6,000, which translates to 500 a month, can get three full-time undergraduates for three years, and 20,000 a year, which is also three years. That is to say, in the current Hefei, the result of the best efforts is to let full-time undergraduates take 3 years A total of 60,000 yuan rental subsidy, and after 3 years, if you still want to stay in Hefei with an average price of 20,000 yuan, then you can make up the down payment and use 3 square meters for the loan, which motivates the graduates to have 100 square meters in Hefei. The demand for new houses is not lost in this wave of struggle. If you can get a new life, everyone will definitely struggle. No one can struggle with money. If it’s just for the people who bought the house a few years earlier, then let those who speculators and demolishers get happiness. The young people who don’t have a house in life will lie flat, it’s that simple

8 months ago

The sale of any second-hand real estate is now open to the whole network, and is led by the Housing Management Bureau. The name cannot be changed without going through the public sale process stipulated by the state. Gifts between relatives and inheritance are not included in this scope. The seller’s real estate sales ceiling price is the purchase price increasing by 5% per year. Calculated by compound interest. Once the sale is opened, it will be transferred to the state for safekeeping. On the one hand, it will prevent one room from selling more, and on the other hand, it will facilitate supervision. The auction period ranges from one week to one year. The higher the price is. If there are multiple top bidders, set the amount of charitable donations (unified payment to the national treasury). In the end, the winner of the house bids for the highest bid and makes the most charitable donations. Illegal sales, once verified, the real estate is nationalized. Another: The buying and selling price of the first-hand house is the same as the government limit price limit, and the house buyer sends the money to the designated account. The person with the highest amount of donation in the same suite is awarded. According to the method I said, the real estate industry will be thoroughly “housing and not speculating”! It’s just that those who make policies don’t know how many suites they have, and dare not use them.

8 months ago

The housing problem is a problem: national housing prices are generally high, and first-tier cities are seriously high; how to solve it: lower housing prices, guarantee rigid demand, increase national control efforts, and learn from the excellent experience of Singapore and other countries; After ten years, the final result was a doubling in 15 years); As for the problem of renting: there is nothing more than the intermediary and the protection of the rights and interests of the tenants; (the intermediary collects money and does not do anything, the tenant must pay multiple months of rent as collateral, If the tenant does not rent in advance, a large amount of liquidated damages will be deducted; the landlord defaults in advance, no impact?) How to solve: strictly limit the intermediary’s fees and supervise and regulate the power of the intermediary; advocate equal rights between the tenant and the landlord, and all risks cannot be passed on To tenants who are disadvantaged groups, and the landlord can’t drive them away at any time; (the world is inhumane, and everything is a dog, oh sorrow); the above are my personal views on housing and renting. I have learned a lot from my own family. In the past, I did some small business, mainly to protect the rights and interests of the employed. Take the period of the epidemic, for example, the rent reduction and exemption, the subsidy of the subsidy; in the market economy, is it not good to bear each other’s risks? No one is stupid, and those with vested interests should not always want to take advantage.

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