Newly purchased Tesla, the installation company visits the site, the property is not allowed to install charging piles? ? When it comes to fixing the property right parking spaces, doesn’t the state have a red-head document to encourage property installations? Why is it not allowed to have long-term fixed rental parking spaces now?

The construction of charging piles in the community is a systematic project. For personal electricity, charging piles are high-power electrical appliances (generally 7KW), with certain electricity safety standards, fire safety standards, and strict requirements for construction. This kind of project is not suitable for individual users to participate in piecemeal pieces. Today, a user applied to install one, and asked an electrician to connect the cable from the main distribution box. Another user pulls a line tomorrow. A few days later, another user pulled a line. Besides, how can I ensure fire safety and electricity safety when I find someone to do construction? Without unified planning and construction, it won’t be long before the wires of the entire community are pulled in a mess, and hidden dangers to electricity and fire safety are rising. The property told the user: It is necessary to pull a bus from the main distribution box to this parking area to install a distribution box. The user’s charging pile is connected to the distribution box nearby. It needs to invest 5,000 yuan, and it is not allowed to pull the wire in such a way. The user said: Why should I pay for this project for later people when I use electricity by myself? It is enough for me to pull a line, and it is your property to install it. The property said: You want to charge, why should I spend this money? Why should I worry about doing this? In this process, the property needs to cooperate with the work free of charge, but also bear certain responsibilities. If you are a real estate agent, would you like to do this thankless job? The user said: I paid the property fee. The property said: The service content of property fees has never been a charging pile item. Okay, start wrangling. The country is eager to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles. If the charging problem is not solved, new energy vehicles will not be popularized. The question is, is this method of hard pressing on various red-head files useful? Is it effective? This kind of project is either promoted by the state as a people’s livelihood project and infrastructure construction. The state pays for it, and the country builds it. Users use it at a low price. The state even requires subsidies. This road is almost unfeasible, and the investment is unimaginable. Either take the road of commercialization and do it by a professional company. However, users resisted again, thinking that the charging fee was too expensive. When contradictions accumulate to a certain extent, and various problems emerge prominently, there will naturally be solutions. Users strongly demanded installation, and the state compulsory consent, and then the property let go, everyone started to install it without distinction, and soon the wires in the community were pulled in a mess, a big fire, the news, and then the country issued regulations to rectify, and introduced industry standards. Wait, everything has its own law of development. Every household can install it sooner or later.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The reason is that the installation of charging piles will increase the electrical load of the circuit in the community and cause safety hazards. Most people will get stuck on the property stamp and agree to this step-help you install it? There are no benefits and management risks. Unless the community has reserved this business in the early stage, most properties will play football. At this time, how to communicate and deal with the property is very important. Prepare relevant materials (parking space ownership certificate, charging pile manufacturer product certification, business license, property right unit safety responsibility letter, local community charging pile implementation methods, etc.), and be moved with emotion , Know the reason, both soft and hard. If it doesn’t work, you can consider requesting the neighborhood committee and the Housing Authority to intervene in coordination. Even if the above requirements have been met, it is not enough. You have to seek the consent of the owners of the surrounding parking spaces to avoid neighborhood disputes (after all, the charging piles have certain safety risks). Finally, the property usually requires you to issue a disclaimer of the property, including potential risks such as the use of electric piles, the right to occupy parking spaces, and neighbourhood disputes. Tips: If you find that someone has installed charging piles in your own community, you can find opportunities to learn from your neighbors. There are some precautions that you will not understand if you are not “coming over”

7 months ago

A particularly high-end residence may install charging piles for you in order to reflect the high-end, but the general community will not be willing to install it for you. Because its parking spaces have to be sold, it is not easy to sell after getting the charging pile, and it will involve a lot of follow-up troubles. Such as potential safety hazards, electrical load, and possible loss of parking space rental fees. Many provinces and cities, such as Hainan, Guangdong, Xiamen, and Changsha, have now clearly stipulated that 100% of new residential communities must be reserved for charging piles. Therefore, you can check the local policy first. Secondly, it involves a set of procedures: the automobile company sends the installation department to conduct a site survey, the car owner goes to the State Grid to get the permit materials, the community property knocks on the seal and the State Grid sends someone to install it, and finally the wiring and charging piles are installed. It’s easy to get stuck at the property, emm, I suggest you go to Weibo for help or if you have a group of electric car riders in the same city, see how friends in the same city get the property. Generally, this group can solve the problem very well. After all, they have experienced it once. The winner of the battle.

7 months ago

Because of the limited living conditions of the Chinese, it has only been a few years for residents to replace high-power meters and install air conditioners. In order to meet the needs of the Chinese people for living (rather than comfort), so many large towers have been built, and there is a serious shortage of public supporting parking spaces. The parking spaces are all relied on. Install a charging pile and you can ensure that you can charge it? You live in a villa, do you try the property to stop you? (I don’t mean to despise the residents of the tower, it’s just a matter of fact) Then I bought a parking space at the head office, right? The kind of underground garage! In the basement before 2000, only fire-fighting facilities and lighting, ventilation and electricity were considered! No too much redundancy! You have a charging pile of 7kw, and so does his charging pile. . Are there so many power supplies? You have a tram stuck in a pile of gasoline cars, can you guarantee that it will not spontaneously ignite? What are the consequences of spontaneous combustion? A Tesla in a Shanghai garage was accused of spontaneous combustion. Fire: A total of 3 cars burned. The reason is to check The property dare to let you pretend to be a ghost! Also–Does the installation of the charging pile need to be drilled? Hit on the main load-bearing beam of the basement? The Civil Defense Bureau has ordered-a fine of 30,000 for a shot! ! ! Do I need space and funds to draw electricity from the main distribution room to build a distribution box? If the country wants to popularize new energy, it is not enough to say a word, but to have other supporting facilities.

7 months ago

Some new communities have planned charging piles at the beginning to attract customers to buy. Yes, anyway, this service is included in the money you buy the house. The power supply company also reported the plan during the construction period. All other owners also know this. The property will definitely be responsible for charging piles when contracting your community. It’s no problem, but if there is no charging pile and you want it now, then this is the problem. The 7kw household charging pile is already a high-power electrical appliance. In fact, all electrical appliances in your house are fully turned on. It may not add up to 7kw. In summer, if the air conditioner is turned on a lot, it may trip with the grid. You can charge it at home. There are 10 refrigerating household air conditioners on the top of the pile power. To put it bluntly, your charging pile is good for yourself, and the pressure on the grid is shared by everyone. Also, you can pull cables from the charging pile. In fact, the property can’t handle it. You can only find the power company. Generally, owners always think that they should let the property find it. But in the power company, it’s really easy to close the door, because the power company doesn’t do anything about you. It makes money, compared to the few cents you make from the electric power company when you charge the electric car once (don’t be surprised, once the electric power company earns 1 point. This is still the result of industrial subsidies. Just look at the loss of residential electricity consumption. Yes, electricity is made from electricity.) The cumbersomeness of this matter and the pressure on the power grid are simply to cause trouble for themselves, and the property does not make money. To put it bluntly, the household charging pile is for other residents, property, The three parties of the power company, your charging pile is a trouble and hidden danger. If the electricity reaches people, the property and the power company must be held accountable. The property is also for the purpose of making money. If the power company does not have clear instructions from the state or mandatory government requirements, it can refuse to install. Even if the government requires it, the power company can limit the number. One thousand more charging piles are not leadership performance. A power outage in the area will kill the power company. In this case, there is only one beneficiary. Other residents, the property, and the power company cannot benefit. They can only take risks and responsibilities with you, so why should the property allow you to install it?

7 months ago

There are several reasons for it. 1. Power supply problem. The electricity load of a community is limited. As a high-power product, charging piles are more than any household appliances in the family or even the sum total. A household AC charging pile is 7KW, and 5 of the household appliances. The horse’s air conditioner is only 4.6KW. Therefore, from the perspective of power supply, the community cannot realize that each parking space is equipped with charging piles. How to distribute the electricity in the community fairly is a big problem for the property. Unfair distribution can easily lead to disputes. Second, the installation of charging piles in the underground parking lot for fire protection is fully in line with the current fire protection laws and regulations. Note, I What we are talking about here is “current”. In fact, from the perspective of the current fire protection trend, the fire protection requirements for indoor electricity (including basement space) will become more and more stringent in the future. For this, you can learn from the two-wheeled battery car. It can be drawn from the charging management. The owner’s own parking space is not equal to the power distribution room. The long-distance high-power transmission for a long time and the fire-fighting hazards caused by heat are risks that many properties are unwilling to take; , Although the property is a service provider in the community, it also has to make money, or it is motivated by money. Cooperating with owners to install charging piles in their own parking spaces, for the property, in addition to a lot of power supply and fire protection, there is no benefit of half a dime, and the property is definitely not happy. PS: The solution direction of community charging, the General Office of the State Council has clearly pointed out in the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)”, “Combined with the renovation of old communities, urban renewal, etc., guide multiple parties to jointly develop charging facilities Construction and operation to support the development of cooperation models such as multiple vehicles and one pile in residential areas, and sharing of adjacent parking spaces.” Please note that “a multi-vehicle” is the ultimate solution, and this solution must definitely involve the participation of the property.

7 months ago

This is a big contradiction. Because the electricity you use is not the real electricity price because of an average electricity price. This contradiction is very big. Tesla needs 7kw, 380v power supply. This is an electric terminal that is not prepared in a general cell. The current home power of ordinary communities is usually 6-7kw. When designing the power, design the lines and equipment according to the total power consumption. Each additional charging pile will increase the burden of electricity consumption. In order to ensure that there will be no problems during peak electricity consumption, new equipment and lines must be installed in the community. This part of the cost cannot be recovered from the electricity consumption. What’s more, no one knows the future direction of the tram and Tesla’s repurchase rate. After you buy the model 3, the Audi a4 drops to 150,000. Can you not fragrant? As soon as you sell the car and withdraw the pile, what about the investment in the community? Power supply company/community/property/security, multiple departments, need to cut off power, add transformers, build foundations, lay lines (even dig the ground), and collect public opinion and consider safety. If there are not many trams and there are not many future expectations, then the million-level investment is made for a small number of people, so I must think about it.

7 months ago

You see, those commercial parking lot charging piles are all designed in advance and the electricity consumption is taken into account. Let alone the load of the charging piles on the electricity consumption of the entire community, you don’t even have your own parking space or a rented parking space. It’s too much to pretend, even if it is a long-term lease, it only has the right to use it regularly, not the property right. I want to install the charging pile before the property, don’t I ask the owner of the parking space first?

7 months ago

The fact that the property does not allow charging piles to be installed is now mainly reflected in DC fast charging charging piles. Now government policies require that the parking spaces of the community be equipped with charging piles. And most of the AC piles are 7KW, and the pressure on the transformer of the community is much smaller. So why don’t the communities install DC fast charging charging piles? 1. Most of the fast charging piles have high power, which puts a lot of pressure on the transformers in the community. In addition, emerging electrical appliances such as dryers, floor heating, etc. Make the original limited transformer resources more tense. For the safety of electricity, the community will not allow the installation of fast charging charging piles. 2. The noise problem of the fast charging charging piles, because of the peak of the electricity price, is often the car owner when the night is quiet. When charging, because this electricity fee is the cheapest. At present, most of the charging piles on the market use air-cooled cooling, and the noise of fan rotation is inevitable. Although there is a liquid-cooled method, it is not cost-effective. The popularity is low. The noise of a single fast charging pile is still limited, but when a row of charging piles are running at the same time, the noise will be loud. 3. Generally, there are more children and elderly people in the community, and although the charging piles have been more comprehensive in safety design, However, for safety reasons, the property will also consider the feelings of residents. At present, I only think of so much, and I will continue to add it later.

7 months ago

Xiao Wang, a villager in Wangjiazhuang, returned from working in the south and brought back a black buffalo that the villagers had never seen. Wangjiacun’s ancestors have used scalpers for farming for generations. No one has seen this thing. Adults and children have come to take a look at it carefully. The cow is dark, with a high spine and long horns. It looks majestic. Xiao Wang proudly introduced to everyone that this cattle is unique to the south. It has a strong head and a head and a half. It also eats less dry material. The south is used to cultivate paddy fields. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the village head Uncle Wang came to the door and said that some villagers were complaining. First of all, your cow eats less dry ingredients, but it has to eat aquatic plants. Other people’s cattle are kept in pens when they are not going to the ground; your cattle has to go down to the river, and everyone by the river washes clothes and picks up water for eating, and the water is all mixed up. In addition, you have long horns and stubborn temper. Everyone is afraid of danger. Although it hasn’t hurt anyone now, it’s harder to understand the temper than the scalpers used in the village. What if one day goes wild. Finally, your cow has a tender skin and is afraid of the sun. He usually loves to soak in water. If he is not raised in the river, he has to dig a ditch for him to turn the dry field into a paddy field. Have you asked about the water in the village? Does the water in other people’s homes irrigate the ground? Doesn’t affect? It does not affect or strike. If you dig many ditches in the village, the villagers will have many hurdles after transporting the goods. What if every student digs trenches, how will the roads in the village go, and can’t go on a gondola trip? Xiao Wang got angry when he heard this, and said, Uncle Wang, what should you do? Uncle Wang smoked a cigarette in silence and said two things. Otherwise this cow has to be dealt with. Xiao Wang immediately refused to agree, “No, I bought it for tens of thousands of dollars, so you have to deal with the money?” Then move your house to the edge of the pond and pack the pond and the village. Xiao Wang didn’t agree, and I didn’t raise fish, so what would I do to cover the pond, it would cost tens of thousands a year. Uncle Wang knocked his pipe and said, Xiao Wang, I know you are in trouble, but you should think about it before you buy cattle. At least you have to ask the neighbors in the village. Our small village in the north is not the one in the south. Every family has paddy fields and there is a river outside the house. It’s not easy to raise this cattle if you don’t accept the soil and water. Finally, Uncle Wang looked embarrassed at Xiao Wang, and then gave an idea-why don’t you go to Lijiacun next door to ask? There are several rivers in their village, there may be extra ponds, you usually raise the cattle there, take two more steps when you use them, and bring the cattle back for use.

7 months ago

The reason why the owners have the idea of installing private charging piles in the community, in the final analysis, the problem is the difficulty of charging. Nowadays, with the gradual electrification of the automobile industry, the expansion of charging demand will follow. According to the current situation of the mismatch between electric vehicles and charging pile equipment in my country, it is very urgent to improve the construction of urban charging infrastructure. Different from the blind expansion of the industry in the past few years, the provincial elementary school has cooperated with leading enterprises and united social forces to focus on the core areas of first- and second-tier cities and conduct joint construction on the spot. Ordinary people can participate in the construction for 100 yuan. The enterprise operates and repurchases at a premium, and finally will provide users with actual returns. This kind of participation in the construction of piles through the power of the public, effectively integrating social resources, sharing costs, and realizing the sharing of returns, can also be regarded as a reasonable way of market expansion.

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