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If it is really to catch up with the progress, I did not enter the server at the beginning of October last year, and it has been unable to keep up with the progress. But don’t forget brother, what is the game for, is for happiness, why I gave up lol, because I am not happy anymore Enter the continent of Twat, experience the happy collection of Fengyan God pupils with different styles, experience the happy opening mechanism of the collection, fight the mobs, experience the joy of decrypting travel, read the books, and experience the intricate story line of the world of Twat. It is really possible here. People who know many stories, such as how high Kaia’s true identity is, why Diluk and Kaia face each other face-to-face, why are the people in Mond City so loose and why Diluk doesn’t trust the Knights of the West Wind?, Ke Li To what extent is your mother so awesome? Lei Ze, who can’t speak, learned from whom “Bliss” was said when she was growing up, what is the specific meaning, and where did the Qiuqiu people come from? Who invented and created the guard of the ruins? What is meant by “The great ancient country has been punished by unrighteous punishment, and the people of the great ancient country have been distorted into monsters?”, Why did the queen of Zhidong Kingdom collect the heart of God, Sky Island Are all the people on the righteous? What is the meaning of the Celtic triangle in the secret realm and the paramount? What do the words in the secret realm and the treasure chest mean, etc., etc., these are unique in the world of Tivat The wonderful story tells me happiness, the drawing card is crooked, I experience the self-deprecation of the non-Chief, and the 90-round guarantees the happiness of Mona (happy egg, hey) I draw the bell, experience the peacefulness of Mount Tai, and the old man downstairs is happy to draw Kelly, experience protecting my baby girl, the cute and caring happiness is clear, experience the black cat ears, and the happiness of immunity to all disasters is condensed, experience the royal sister and the rich woman, the happiness of spending a fortune is drawn to walnuts, experience Quirky, naughty and cute happiness is drawn to the rain, experience the cuteness and cuteness, the happiness of the black slime is drawn to the head of the piano, experience the graceful body, the bumpy happy future: the Rosalia is drawn, You can also experience the white slime. The joy of “carrying forward with weight” has been drawn to Ayaka in the gods. Oh, oh, oh, I can feel it, it is the joy of the ruthless iron hand, the light blue little nn (if you can If you don’t change the version and get out of the test server) Hahaha, think about it, after a tiring day, after work (or after class), when you get home, the computer will be turned on as soon as you enter Tivat, and Keqing tells you that it’s hard work. Ningguang looks at you with affection, Keli, Maomao, and Qiqi three daughters are clustered by you, the head of Qin rubs your shoulders, and walnut winks you eyes strangely, this feeling, this means only There is no Tiwat, how many times can you hear it in the world? The game is not just to resolve the unhappiness in life, to nourish life, and to delight the body and mind?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Hurry up? What’s the progress? This game one has no rankings, two, no combat power, three, no pvp, four, no guild wars, five-star characters can be played even if they are better, and four-star characters play slowly without pressure. The map exploration level follows the characters and the missions. If you want, you can even take the 80-level characters and sweep everything on the 60-level map without opening the world-level missions. Basically, the activity can be entered with a map level of 25 or above, and the requirements are not high. What is the progress to catch up? It’s essentially a semi-single-player game, don’t go and play your own games with the old players, but not others.

9 months ago

1 There is definitely no way to make up for missed events, but you can experience the new plot normally. This game is not difficult, some small activities, if you don’t pursue all the rewards, the experience process will definitely be no problem. Among the things that I missed, in addition to the various resources that were given away for free, the most important thing is the rare props that come out in the weekly book that can only be used once a week, and money can’t be bought. The crown given in various activities is even more so. But it will be given in the future. If the party is 20 yuan, the progress will not be able to catch up with others in a short time. According to online information, the Chinese Krypton Party has a very poor experience, because the amount of money required to get a full-fledged role is very high. If you are unlucky, the mentality will collapse after a few crooks. But in fact, 0 yuan can also be played as a stand-alone game. Just don’t compare it with others. Anyway, the official doesn’t provide any function to compare combat power. The so-called comparisons happen on forums. You can do it without going to the forums and not brushing the abyss. Experienced 95% of the content of the game, and the quality of 95% of the content is not low even if compared to a stand-alone rpg game.

9 months ago

The currently missed plot should be the unreturned star off, Mi Huyou put the plot in the event. . . The other main lines and character plots are all linked to the player’s level. You can naturally trigger it when you reach the corresponding level, and there is no problem of rushing to progress. If you want to experience it from scratch, you can enter the pit whenever you want. If you want to relax or want a role in the up pool before, you can buy a number to play. It is recommended to buy a 14-level number corresponding to the character you want, and the initial plot can be made online. Even if the high-level number is over, the plot has been devalued too much after being watched by others.

9 months ago

First of all, you need to know the difference between entering the pit early and entering the pit late. Entering the pit early: high adventure level, many maps unlocked, fragmented plot experience, experienced most of the pools, with limited characters, high character level, late entry Pit: A continuous plot experience, there may be a zero-based life of the liver emperor or the easy daily life of salted fish players. You cannot draw the previously limited character pool. If you see here, you have decided to enter or not. If it’s a pit, then don’t listen to my nonsense, go to download the game, remember to download the official server, not the B server! Don’t B service! Don’t B service! If you want to listen to my nonsense, just listen to me. Then, you have to know that there is no pvp content in this game, only cooperation and pve. This means that, without caring about limiting the role, the later you will enter the pit. The more it means there will be: 1. More complete game content, because currently there are only two big maps, one snow mountain, and eventually there will be seven maps, and the game time of one map is at least ten hours. 2. More Smooth and optimized experience. In the 1.4 version of the live broadcast, several optimizations have been updated to make the game more comfortable for players, especially the resin limit has been raised to 5, which makes me more salty. I used to be online once a day, playing for half an hour at a time, now two The sky is online twice, once with synthetic resin, and once for half an hour. 3. A more mature game in the big world, there is an organ Qitan on the Sea Lantern Festival. I think it is a highlight of the whole festival, but there are also some shortcomings. Low variability and low depth (give a suggestion, for example, you can adjust the rate of fire, you can change the attack method of the organ, etc.) The attack optimization of the organ is not in place (to be honest, the special effect of the organ is not good) The map itself can be expanded (only the wind field and the The two organs of the bridge are disconnected, and the types of monsters should continue to be added as the big map is unlocked later) The Wind Flower Festival is more abundant than the Sea Lantern Festival mini game, and it is launched on the big map, and you can feel the improvement of Mihayou’s production ability. What can be expected is that in the future, the small game experience of the event will be better. Maybe you will be in the pit in a year, and you can even play the original god. 4. To be funny, now the big guy is really boring and often goes back. Bring Mengxin, in other words, enter the pit early, and be a horse for Mengxin. The tool person is full of attributes. Add: hhhh I haven’t finished writing before, I first wrote about the benefits of entering the pit late, and now I have nothing else. Talking about entering the pit now, I think the subject may be paralyzed by the games I have played before. I think that the game should have pvp, there should be a leaderboard, and there should be in-roll (that’s right, those competitive games, Even non-competitive games must be forced to pvp, why? Isn’t it just making money from comparison?) Therefore, I guess the subject will mention in the question whether it will not be able to catch up with the progress, but the original god is completely different from those games. , I repeat, there is no pvp in the original god, only cooperation and pve. If you want to enter the pit, then you have to change the thinking mode I mentioned earlier. Recall, do you like pvp? As far as I am concerned, I am more than 20 People, in fact, I hate competition. In the real world, when I was young, I compared with neighbors’ kids. When I grow up, I have to compare with good grades. I have to compare my graduate work with other project teams. To be honest, I’m really tired of it. Indeed, because of comparison and competition, it is a sense of accomplishment to defeat the other party in the end, but the feeling of happiness has become less and less able to stir waves in my heart. Now I like the feeling of peace and harmony, and I slowly engage in scientific research. Not bad, so I thought, why I have to compare with others in the game. Isn’t it tired? The original god has excellent graphics and outstanding music. If you don’t experience these and go to pvp, wouldn’t it be that the cart is upside down? This is probably why I didn’t play mo a long time ago ba game

9 months ago

I can’t talk about catching up and missed it is just a few crowns of knowledge and a few pools. I have been active for more than 150 days after playing, except for the first few activities, I have basically done everything but got the crown of knowledge. I haven’t used any of the roles before, and the son pool started to draw fiercely. Zhong Lichi I got the first up. The son Wendy Keli didn’t get it, but as long as it doesn’t dent the abyss, there is no big difference between these roles. Even if it’s hard to dent, the level of training can be passed without progress or progress.

9 months ago

Don’t worry… This is a collection-oriented game. If you have a new one, you don’t lose money. It just so happens that Wendy is going to make a remake. If you like to be lazy, you can make one. The others are indifferent. Whatever you like to practice, you can’t beat it depends on the strategy. This game has the same value as shit, and you lose if you are serious. Mijia games can be collected and played. Why say that the value is the same as shit, it is like this, there is a senior in the Mi family who vowed to say ahha, we go long-term, the value expands too fast, everyone has no confidence in filling the money, and it will not expand soon. Then the walnut came out, and the value problem of the walnut was too big. In the previous five-star high panel, low special effects or slightly higher special effects, the expected difference between the panels is within 5% (in extreme cases, Wendy Ammo is 7% worse than the sky bow, and almost no Ammo effects are calculated), provided that this It is based on the expected calculation of the attack direction. Now that Walnut’s conversion attribute c is released, all the previous expectations system collapsed, and the sky gun was burst into a dog in a full box (because for Walnut, high panel farts are not useful, and high special effects are very important). It can even destroy the 1 precision shotgun with the high panel. Among the five stars, only the walnut “special weapon” homo can destroy the full box… This collapsed numerical system directly devalues ​​all the five stars in the early stage (yes, if you switch to the attribute c archer, the sky bow is the weakest, because the panel occupies the model and opens The weakest booking for the six-star weapon)… There is also the problem of shields. This is the case. The original god’s shield has a time limit. Generally, the amount of shields is not too high, cannot be superimposed, and will not last and cover. , Because the shield comes with a hegemonic body, which is better than blood recovery. Then a two-stage strengthening bell was released and the original design was overturned. The amount of shield is easily tens of thousands, and the limit can absorb 80,000. This causes you to have a Zhongli that can ignore any team standing and strangeness without losing blood, without any operation, free, invincible and sustainable… To be honest, this value There is no reference value anymore. There is no balanced combat system that allows the character to be eternally invincible. This is no different from unlocking the blood.

9 months ago

Let’s put it this way, the Snow Mountain Map 12.23 update basically before the end of the Snow Mountain event, the old players have completely explored the boring and painful ice/water relic copy. There is no rush, the mhy artists and the writers are working overtime. Add two more months. Players started to grow grass again in less than two weeks. Now play, if you can’t play, you can also ask the big guys to bring them. Believe me, old players basically go online every day to do daily tasks and kill some pigeons. The dungeon is empty and the physical strength is offline. There is no such thing as hoeing the earth. You can go to a new world and become a god of war. By the way, it’s a good thing.

9 months ago

To catch up, Yuanshen itself is a stand-alone game. There is no such thing as not keeping up with the big forces. The only thing that may make you miss the progress is the limited up pool that has been closed. But it has now been determined that in version 1.4, the 1st up Wendy Chi and the 3rd up Chi Gongzi will be re-enacted after the game is launched. It is foreseeable that the previous limited roles will be re-enacted one after another in the future, so you can get into the pit at any time and have the opportunity to get any role you want. In this way, the problems mentioned above no longer exist. Therefore, entering the original god at any time can catch up with the progress.

9 months ago

Now entering the pit can just catch up with the progress! On the 17th, the Mond Wind Flower Festival was updated. For players who played from the opening service, the long grass period after the map was opened was perfectly solved by this big event. One of the two characters of the original god who can enhance the game experience most: Wen Dee will return to the game in the near future and will now start to enter the pit. Wendy’s UP pool just can accumulate a lot of rough stones under the premise of microkrypton to pull Wendy out. If it’s crooked, come 198, 328, Wendy still can’t run at the same time. This big event will allow you to directly obtain a 5 fine four-star weapon, which can be used by Wendy. If you have enough European emperor and get the master, the problem of master and deputy C has been initially solved. In addition, the event The large amount of experience books, mines, and materials given are completely enough for new players to upgrade their character weapons without playing any dungeons. It is very ginkgo. If you have friends to play with, a large number of online activities in this Fenghua Festival are normal. Unable to enjoy the online fun and Yuanshen does not have the characteristics of PVP, which makes the first echelon” players just castles in the sky, which will not affect your game experience

9 months ago

Coincidentally, you made a lot of money, and you just avoided the worst period of time when the original god opened the server. I don’t know if the happiness brought to me by this game during the first time of the server can make up for the pain of my online match. , It just so happened that Wendy was going to make a copy, now go back to the pit, draw Wendy, and sweep the Tiwat continent is absolutely no problem. As for the abyss, I suggest you have a little buddhism. The reward that you missed will be gone. Just an unreturned star, you can just watch the video of Bilibili to make up the plot. Finally, I wish you a happy playing in this stand-alone game, and less network connection with others. Yes, I am a typical example. The negative textbook, don’t blow up, don’t play black, see someone Heiyuan, don’t line up with him, just play with yours, just play if you think it’s fun, and if you’re tired, the face is too dark when you draw the card and you don’t want to play, just go straight Uninstall the game, this game is not forced to recharge, you only need to manage your own hands, make sure that the resources are concentrated to develop one or two characters, and you can play very happily

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