Don’t think about money
In 4TB solid state and 2TB solid state + 2TB machinery, these two solutions have been entangled for a long time!
It is said that solid-state hard drives have short lifespan and break down quickly. How short is the lifespan?
If you choose 4T solid state, how should you partition the best?
Can the 4T solid state last for 2 years? 5-7 years?

It can only be installed in solid state. As for damage, it is a matter of probability. Mainly it is the probability that the master control is broken. Although the expected lifespan of the SSD is only 5-7 years, in fact it will only lose the warranty by this period, and it may be able to continue to be used for ten or eight years. On the other hand, even if the life expectancy is 5-7 years, it does not happen in one or two years. Therefore, the life of the SSD is Schrodinger’s life. It depends on the RP, which is unpredictable. If you have particularly high data security requirements, don’t worry about this lifespan issue, backup is the right way. After all, both SSD and mechanical hard drives have a probability. Install a NAS, make automatic backup related settings, and usually all data are synchronized on the NAS for backup. Ensure that all data has two copies. —As for partitioning, my personal recommendation is not to do logical partitioning. Buy a 256G or 512G SSD as the system disk and use your 4TSSD as the data disk. This is called a physical partition. Only physical partitions are truly valuable partitions. Those who can afford a 4T SSD data disk must not lack the money for a 256G system disk. Why is my recommendation 256G or 512G? Although 128G is usually enough for the system, there is a significant gap between 128G SSD and 256G in performance. 256G is basically a size that can fully meet the needs of the system. As for 512G, it is because 512G SSD is often more cost-effective than 256G.

When a computer is equipped with a mechanical hard disk, it’s not something that you must choose. Generally, if you have a high budget, I will consider whether you should not give someone a mechanical hard disk. After all, mechanical hard disks have the disadvantages of slow speed, high noise, and easy damage due to bumps. Solid state hard disks are average. There will be a write warranty, and you want to buy a 4TB solid state drive. It is known that the 4TB write warranty of Samsung 860EVO is 2400TBW. How can this write life be said to be short? If the average score is 5 years, the average annual write volume is 480TB, and it does not mean that the solid state will die when the write volume reaches 2400TB, but the warranty is lost. At this time, the health of nand may still be more than 90%. Maybe the master controller will break down after a few years. As long as you don’t toss about the solid state drive, the solid state drive is not easy to break. I think you don’t think about the money. Then choose the enterprise-level solid state. It is more stable, and the writing quality is scary. For example, Intel’s P4510, P4512, P4610, P4600, P4608, P5510, etc., all have large-capacity versions, with power-off protection and large OP, compared to consumer-grade ones The materials used for SSD are simply luxurious. The high-capacity write warranty is dozens of PBW, which is much larger than consumer-grade SSDs. There are also a lot of enterprise-level SATA SSDs. The write warranty is also scary, so there is basically no need to worry about solid state. Will be written to death.


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8 months ago

The life of the solid state is predictable, but it is really hiccups. As long as it is not a master control problem, the life of the solid state will not lose data. It can be monitored by tools. At the same time, if the particle wears to the limit, it will become read-only, and you still have a chance. Save the data inside, so there is no need to worry about the short lifespan of the solid state. You can just replace it with another one. Besides, the current enterprise-level solid state is quite durable. The data center is now using solid state. Do you think your load is more Is the data center still big?

8 months ago

Let’s put it this way on the issue of partitioning. The Windows system does not need to be partitioned, depending on your own purposes and needs. If you usually use the computer to simply surf the Internet, watch video movies, QQ WeChat chat, etc., it is OK without partitioning, even if there is any problem with the system, there is no loss in reinstalling the system. Re-download the software that you commonly use. Just come back; if your computer is for personal use + office, it is recommended to partition it~ Usually 2 partitions are fine, C drive + D drive, C drive is mainly for system data or something, D drive is for yourself Other data such as installed software. (For example, the company’s computer) If your computer only has a solid state drive, and you have to do other important tasks, then a mechanical hard drive or a mobile hard drive can be prepared to store important data.

8 months ago

Of course, Apple laptops are not all solid state? 1. Theoretical life span, solid state drives are not short. In a computer, the shortest life span is the electrolytic capacitor components and the power supply parts. 2. The solid state is relatively fragile to repeated power failures. I have repeatedly restarted because of overclocking, and I have broken the enterprise-class solid state. If you want to use all solid state, first get a UPS uninterruptible power supply. In this regard, the notebook is safer because it has a battery. 3. Data security depends on backup. No matter what kind of disc, even if it is a golden disc, it will be bad if it is bad. The only difference is that the after-sales service you buy, that is, how many years the manufacturer guarantees you can use it, and if it breaks, you will replace it with a new one. Therefore, if you back up your important data, and the power supply is stable, all solid state is nothing. I’m all solid anyway, and I didn’t lose anything if I broke a 1T solid state. If you want to back up, you can copy it to another disk manually, or you can use a mechanical hard disk for backup. But if you buy a solid state now, you should buy a 5-year warranty from Bank of China, which is equivalent to the manufacturer’s guarantee that you have this capacity for use within 5 years. This is the meaning of the warranty. The price of the current big ship without warranty is not good anymore.

8 months ago

For fear of short life, buy solid state MLC particles, such as 970pro. Compared with mechanical hard drives, solid-state hard drives have almost no noise and faster reading and writing speeds. However, the only disadvantage of SSDs after 1T is the price, which is almost 1.5 times the price of the 1T version. Compared with solid state drives, mechanical hard drives have the only advantage of data security. Other aspects are worse than solid state drives. If you are afraid of problems, you can make multi-end backups yourself (understand about GHOST?) In fact, you can use a 1T 970PRO with a 4T Western Digital black disk and other non-SMR disks. As long as the solid-state drive is not bought under the brand name, it is not the kind that is problematic when it is bought, and it will not have any problems after 5 years of use.

8 months ago

Ten years ago, at the end of 2011, Samsung launched an 830EVO solid state drive (maybe I remembered it wrong). I have sold many Samsung solid state drives and now they are all 970EVO solid state drives, and I haven’t seen any customer whose Samsung solid state drive is broken. After 2017, the solid state has a tendency to explode, and it has been broken a lot in my hands, such as Transcend, ADATA, SanDisk, Kingston, GALAXY, these solid state failures are sometimes caused by sudden power failure and restarting, and some of them are normal. The main control is displayed after turning it on again. Some new ones will not be recognized as soon as the package is opened. I have summarized a bit of law. The solid state failure rate of Phison foundry is quite high (common DIY brand solid state is basically its foundry)

8 months ago

In 4TB solid state and 2TB solid state + 2TB machinery, these two solutions have been entangled for a long time! Please refer to the solution directly given by my person. It has been practiced by small partners from tall and large, and the effect is good. 4T ssd is good. For this capacity, we directly consider the enterprise-level ssd. Intel’s very competitive reference partner also chooses the intel sata enterprise. Grade SSD, speed is not the most important, data security is the first. However, the os disk and the data disk are separated, and the os disk chooses Samsung’s m.2 high-speed ssd, 1T, which is more expensive 2T+2T, and the basic price is not high. , The small partner is 4X480G intel sata ssd+256G M.2 (os disk) + external nas 8TX4 hosts are all ssd to ensure speed and safety, and external raid and capacity are guaranteed, although 32T is not considered by the big coffee It is large, but the average user is enough. What I told you is that some configurations that can be implemented relatively easily. They say that the solid state drive has a short lifespan and breaks quickly. How short is the lifespan? How to say it, ensure the quality of power supply, do a good job of ups, the little partners of the staff of the next person are not broken, they are all working machines, they may not be enough in performance, but the SATA enterprise-level security is still OK, even if it is a general brand of cache The ssd is not bad now, but when you buy the ssd, unless it is used for tossing, don’t buy it too cheap. If you choose a 4T solid state, how should you partition the best? For a single 4T, 700G os+1T is used for data, work software, and documents +2T is used for games and video storage

8 months ago

Since you don’t think about money, why not buy 4T solid state +8T machinery? Or buy a NAS to install two 8T backups. The lifespan of a solid-state hard drive, in normal use, the average daily write volume will not exceed 100GB-probably to reinstall the system and common software, or download and install a large game, or download two original Blu-ray movies. Take the Western Digital Black Disk SN750 2T as an example. If the life is calculated according to the amount of writing, it is 1200 TBW, which means that 1200 TB ≈ 1 200 000 GB can be written, and it can be used for 12,000 days, more than 30 years. 4 models doubled, 60 years.

8 months ago

Look at the current cloud hosting and VPS. Basically, SSDs are used as long as they are at the performance level. This IDC must guarantee availability to customers. The biggest threat to solid-state storage at present comes from a sudden power failure. In terms of particle life, daily writing is basically no problem. Unless you use solid-state hard drives to hang PT stations every day, there is really no way. It is not a big problem to do general warehouse disk. However, in order to ensure data security as much as possible, the following suggestions can be considered when adopting an all-solid-state storage solution: 1. The solid state can use data center-type solid state disks instead of ordinary consumer-grade disks; or use MLC granular products; or group raid1/5 /6 array 2. Use onedrive, nextcloud and other network disk synchronization functions to back up important data through the network 3. Equipped with UPS uninterruptible power supply to ensure that the main control is not accidentally cut off 4. Regularly use the SSD official health monitoring software to check the SSD write load and Health.

8 months ago

As long as the following conditions are met, there is no problem at all. 1. Price. The 4T solid-state is no longer the choice of ordinary consumers, and the price is relatively high. The price of the most entry-level small brand has also increased by more than 5 times the mechanical disk. However, since the subject is not sensitive to price, it is not a problem. 2. Stability/reliability. It has to be said that there is still a certain gap between solid state and mechanical stability in terms of stability. The main reason is that there are many solid state brands and more complex varieties. I don’t know if the subject of the question is a low-cost entry-level 2, 3rd-line brand or a high-priced 1st-line brand. I have suffered for some of the 2nd and 3rd line brands (here I named a certain Gang, 2 SATA3 , An M.2 SSD has had the problem of failing to recognize the disk at boot probability. One of the SSDs could not be recognized and scrapped at a later stage, and I don’t know if it was a master control problem. This brand has been blacklisted by me, I hope just I’m out of luck), so I still don’t recommend putting important data in a solid state, and the characteristic of difficult data recovery will be explained in the next article. As for mechanical hard drives, I believe that everyone now basically recognizes Western Digital/Hitachi and Seagate. (Toshiba feels that there are more notebooks that come on the market, and they seem to buy relatively few spontaneously). These two established manufacturers have basically gotten it. Needless to say, the stability is widely recognized. However, now the hard disk has a warranty of up to 3 to 5 years, and the impact of this problem is gradually reduced. Most people do not have to worry too much as long as they are not too lucky. However, changing the hard disk is extremely troublesome and delays things after all, so I Individuals will still pay more attention to this aspect. 3. Data security. This is one of the few places where mechanical hard disks have incomparable advantages over solid-state disks. Because of the existence of disks, mechanical hard disks can be read directly by disassembling them even if they are unreadable and other non-physical damage. To recover data, as long as the disc is not damaged, there are many ways to recover data. However, solid-state data recovery is very difficult, and some solid-states even have the problem of losing data after a long time without power. Therefore, for the security of the data, the subject should have an assessment of whether there are some extremely important data that needs to be stored on the computer. If so, then the mechanical hard disk (plus other backup devices) has become an indispensable item. . In summary, solid state has many advantages over machinery, fast speed, quietness, power saving, fear of vibration, and small size (m.2 solid state can be directly plugged into the motherboard and does not take up external space at all). The mechanical hard disk has the irreplaceable advantages of strong stability, extremely low price under the same capacity, and high data security. Finally, let me talk about my suggestion. Since the subject has already considered 4T solid state, it means that you don’t care about the price. Why not consider 4T solid state + 4T machinery? Compared to the price of a solid state, this mechanical disk may be so cheap that it won’t make you frown. Furthermore, buy a 1-line 500G solid-state disk as the system disk, and then buy a 3-line 4T/2T solid-state storage game and other unimportant but performance-intensive resources, and finally a 4T machine (or two 2T sets) Array) is used to store important data that do not require performance support, such as movies, photos, etc. The price rises little, and at the same time it ensures the stability of the system, the performance of the game, and the security of the data. Wouldn’t it be more beautiful?

8 months ago

The installed capacity is still all solid state, and now the solid state stability is very high, the solid state turnover rate of major manufacturers is extremely low, and generally there will be no data loss or damage. If you buy a mechanical hard disk, unless you have a large-capacity storage requirement; second, you must pay special attention to data security. In theory, the mechanical hard disk may retrieve data after the hard disk is damaged, because mechanical disks are generally strong, even if the disk body is impacted. If the disk sector is intact, the data can be recovered. Data recovery from solid-state disks is much more difficult. When the solid-state is damaged by impact, the flash memory particle chip is often broken. The recovery is very difficult and it can be said that it is irreversible. However, relying on high-priced data recovery is not as good as backing up more and placing cloud disks in several places, and putting eggs in multiple baskets to avoid one pot end. If you really want to buy a mechanical hard drive, you can store cold data for backup. All the frequently read and write items are stored in the solid state, that is, the solid state installs the operating system, commonly used software, games, and the mechanical hard drive installs videos, pictures, and music. In fact, it is not recommended to buy mechanical disks. Most of today’s mechanical disks are very cost-effective, because most of them are SMR shingled disks, and 99% of the mechanical hard disks on the market will not indicate whether the hard disk is PMR or SMR. distinguish. So just buy the largest and most reliable SSD within your budget.

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