It is estimated that many people think of 2,000 drops of water, but in fact, electricians have already had more shocking scenes. In the big scene, there are fleets exploding stars, and the small battlefields have carrier-based aircraft dogfights. However, the most shocking thing is that this kind of fierce battle has lasted for 20,000 years, and countless civilizations have been destroyed by this. The following original text is taken from Liu Cixin’s “Rural Teacher”. Although this memory has been inherited for hundreds of generations, it is still so vivid and unforgettable in the minds of trillions of citizens of the Carbon-based Federation. At that moment 20,000 years ago, the silicon-based empire launched a full-scale attack on the carbon-based federation from the periphery of the galaxy. On the 10,000 light-year-long front, more than five million interstellar warships of the Silicon-based Empire started stellar leapfrogging at the same time. Each battleship first uses the energy of a star to open a space-time worm hole, and then jumps from this worm hole to another star, and then uses the energy of this star to open the second worm hole to continue the jump… because opening the worm hole consumes Because of the large amount of energy of the star, the star’s spectrum temporarily shifts to the red end. When the spacecraft completes the transition from this star, its spectrum gradually returns to its original state. When millions of warships perform a stellar leapfrog at the same time, the effect produced is very terrifying: a 10,000 light-year red band of light appears on the edge of the Milky Way, and this band of light moves toward the center of the Milky Way. . This scene is invisible in the light-speed horizon, but it is displayed on a hyperspace monitor. The red belt made up of color-changing stars, like a 10,000-light-year-long wave of blood, surged toward the territory of the carbon-based federation.   The first carbon-based federation that came into contact with the silicon-based empire’s attacking forward was Green Ocean Star. This beautiful planet orbits a pair of binary stars, and her surface is completely covered by the ocean. A forest made of soft long vine plants floats in the vigorous ocean. The gentle and beautiful, crystal-clear body of the green ocean star swims among the green forests in the sea, creating the round-like green ocean star Eden. civilization. Suddenly, tens of thousands of targeted beams fell from the sky, and the silicon-based empire fleet began to use lasers to evaporate the ocean of green ocean stars. In a short period of time, the green ocean star became a boiling cauldron. All the creatures on this planet, including the five billion green ocean star people, died in extreme pain in the boiling water. They were made by cooked organic matter. The entire ocean became a green soup. In the end, all the ocean evaporated, and the beautiful green ocean star of the past became a hellish gray planet wrapped in thick steam. This is an interstellar war that almost affects the entire galaxy. It is a fierce competition for survival between carbon-based and silicon-based civilizations in the galaxy, but neither of them expected that the war would last for 20,000 galaxy years!   Now, apart from historians, no one can remember how many times there have been battles involving more than one million warships. The largest super battle is the Second Spiral Arm Battle. The battle was conducted in the middle of the second spiral arm of the galaxy. The two sides invested tens of millions of interstellar warships. According to historical records, on the vast battlefield, there were more than two thousand supernovae detonated. Those supernovae were like fireworks in the dark space in the middle of the second spiral arm, turning it into a super-radiating ocean, with only clusters. A ghostly black hole drifts in it. At the end of the battle, the interstellar fleets of both sides almost died together. Fifteen thousand years have passed, and the Second Spiral Arm Battle now sounds like a misty myth in ancient times, only the ancient battlefield that still exists proves that it actually happened. But few spacecraft have actually entered the ancient battlefield, which is the most terrifying area in the galaxy, and this is not just because of radiation and black holes. At that time, in order to carry out tactical maneuvers, the unimaginable battleships of the two sides carried out a large number of ultra-short-range space-time transitions. It is said that some interstellar fighters at that time had an incredibly short space-time transition distance during space combat A few kilometers! In this way, the space-time structure of the ancient battlefield is riddled with holes, like a large piece of cheese with countless long holes drilled by rats. Once the spacecraft strayed into this area, it might be twisted into a slender metal rope by the distorted space in an instant, or pressed into a thin film with an area of ​​hundreds of millions of square kilometers but only a few atoms in thickness, which was immediately torn to pieces by the radiation wind. . But it is more common that the spacecraft becomes a piece of steel plate when they were built, or immediately becomes so old that there is only a dilapidated shell, and everything inside becomes ancient dust; people here may also instantly return to embryonic state or change. A pile of bones…   But the final battle is not a myth. It happened a year ago. In the desolate space between the first and second spiral arms of the galaxy, the silicon-based empire assembled the last force. This fleet of 1.5 million interstellar warships built a thousand light-year radius around itself. Antimatter cloud barrier. The first battleship group that the Carbon-based Federation entered into the attack fell into the antimatter cloud as soon as it completed the time-space transition. The anti-matter cloud is very thin, but it is extremely lethal to the warships. The warships of the Carbon-based Federation immediately become fireballs with stabs, but they still rush towards the target. Each warship drags a long tail of fire, leaving a luminous trail behind. This array of more than 300,000 fireballs forms the most spectacular and tragic picture of the carbon-silicon war. In the antimatter cloud, these bolides gradually shrunk, and finally disappeared very close to the silicon-based imperial battleship array, but they used their sacrifices to open a channel in the antimatter cloud for the subsequent attack fleet. In this battle, the last fleet of the Silicon-based Empire was driven to the most desolate area of ​​the galaxy: the top of the first spiral arm. Now, this carbon-based federal fleet will complete the last mission in the carbon-silicon war: they will build a 500-light-year wide isolation zone in the middle of the first spiral arm, and most of the stars in the isolation zone will be destroyed. To stop the stellar leapfrogging of the silicon-based empire. The stellar leapfrog is the only way for large-tonnage warships in the galaxy to conduct long-range and fast attacks, and the maximum distance of a leapfrog is 200 light-years. Once the isolation zone is created, if the heavy warships of the Silicon-based Empire want to enter the central area of ​​the Milky Way, they can only cross the distance of 500 light-years at the speed of sublight. In this way, the Silicon-based Empire is actually imprisoned at the top of the first spiral arm. Nor can it pose any serious threat to the carbon-based civilization in the center of the galaxy.


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7 months ago

It’s lyrical or brain-inspiring to watch a circle, come to a “technical school”, the two sides are equal in science and technology, the strength knows the foundation, the real man should not play tricks and bayonet: Johanna Hogan’s battleship is the first to achieve and new goals Synchronize. Glim Frere loaded the data stream from the Reisenar into the main display window. The image is almost indistinguishable from the natural scene that everyone has learned and heard: the dark sky is dotted with slowly moving stars. The target is less than 30 million kilometers away from Leisenar. The attacker and the attacked are almost completely synchronized, with only a one-millisecond asynchronous difference. That is to say, Hogan’s position is exactly the position of the enemy ship one millisecond ago, or The position the enemy ship will reach in one millisecond. “The self-control cabin leaves the ship.” Hogan’s voice said. At the same time, they received real-time images of Leisenar taken from a few meters away. There are cameras in the auto-control cabin, and these images are from the first auto-control cabin to leave the mothership. Reisenar’s outline is not clear, only a black mass, blocking the starry sky above, like a big fish, lurking in the depths of the vast ocean. This big fish is laying eggs. The image kept flickering and returned to stability, and Leisenar disappeared from time to time. This is caused by the intermittent loss of synchronization between the automatic control cabin and the mothership. Bunches of blue light continued to float in the cabin of the battleship. It’s all self-control cabins-battle cabins, clustered around Leisenar, calibrated and locked on the enemy. The blue light around Leisenar suddenly disappeared, and the battle compartment jumped out of the time and space where the mothership was located, with a difference of only one millisecond. Tai Basil opened a window, showing a spherical three-dimensional space centered on Leisenar and a diameter of 100 million kilometers. A red light spot marked the enemy’s target spaceship, like a small flying insect, it also seemed to spin around the sphere when it went crazy. Reisenar’s claws were hunting this prey from all directions at a speed eight thousand times the speed of light. The target disappeared for a second from time to time, almost out of sync, and escaped. On several other occasions, Leisenar and the other party merged into a spot of light, indicating that within this tenth of a second, the two warships were less than one million kilometers apart. The location of the battle compartment could not be accurately marked. This large group of fish eggs scattered in a large area, and countless tracks were staggered. Their sensors bit the enemy spacecraft. “What’s the response of the target warship, did it release the battle compartment to counterattack? Do you need reinforcements?” Swenson asked more. Tai Basil made a Diroki motion equivalent to a shrug. The battle took place three light years away, and he couldn’t answer the captain’s question. It was Jo Hogan who answered the question. “I don’t think my targets have been released in batches of self-control weapons. I have five battle compartments that have detonated, all of which are proximity bombs. As you know, proximity bombs do not hit the enemy very much. It will take a while to know the result—” she interrupted. . But Leisner’s trajectory diagram and signal are still very clear. Geyette looked at the other display windows. Five warships in the Ariane fleet have been engaged with the enemy, and three of them have completed the batch projection of the battle compartment. On Horizon 2, Newven said silently and watched silently. The Split of Heaven and Man has realized his idea, and Giette and his people have already started according to its plan. The news came quickly, with good news and bad news. “Hit!” This was the voice of Jo Hogan. The red dot disappeared at the hedgehog gathering place in Reisenar’s battle compartment. The target enemy ship passed a battle compartment at close range, only a few thousand kilometers apart. It only takes a few microseconds for the shipboard computer to calculate and implement the next transition, but in this short moment, the battle compartment found its target and immediately detonated. If the enemy ship jumps out of this space before the blast wave arrives, the blow is still not deadly and can only be regarded as an approach bomb. This kind of thing has happened several times in a few seconds. But this time, the warship did not have time to implement the jump. A miniature supernova is born, and it will take several years for its starlight to reach other parts of the battlefield. Glimfrere let out a furious scream, a curse that couldn’t be translated. “We just lost the Absendo and Holder, Captain. It must be their target to counterattack with the swarming battle pod.” “Turn up the Gliwyn and the Misty.” Deep in his mind. Fear coils around, like a knot that cannot be solved and cannot be driven away. These people who are dead and about to die are all his friends. Kiyette had seen instant death on the battlefield before, but had never seen the scale of today. In the past, the fleet has only engaged in small police operations. In that kind of battle, unless you rescue your comrades, no one will take the greatest risk and embark on the path of no return, which is either to kill or be killed. Also… his attention shifted from the battlefield analysis chart to the tactical mobilization, he invested more warships, and attacked a target that enemy ships had come to escort. Like him, Tai Baole is also mobilizing other spacecraft. Heavy soldiers besiege small targets that are not important, and you will lose the battle if you go on this way. But for now… the enemy is suffering a heavy blow. For the first time since the destruction of Stendrakai, the Fleet of the Business Security Company released revenge on the enemy. Hogan said: “Heaven and humans are up! My second batch of combat modules detected the electromagnetic waves just emitted by the destroyed target. The target was moving at a speed of 15,000 kilometers per second. It was a real speed, not a super wave. Jump.” Is it using a rocket booster? That’s not right, the ramjet should not be used so early, at least until the battlefield is under control. Taylor reported: “Destroy more enemy ships at the far end of the theater. The enemy is adjusting the battle formation. They somehow guessed which we are going to attack—” Glimfrere let out a triumphant cheer. “Hit…hit…hit! Ha! Boss, I think Limend has determined that we are in charge of the battle—” A new window popped up on Tyrol’s post, showing the surroundings of the Urvira The situation within 5 million kilometers. There are two other warships in this area. According to the calibration of the display window, one was Limend’s flagship, and the other was a company warship that did not follow Swensendo. At this moment, Urvira’s command module seemed to freeze completely. The cheers and screams from other ships in the fleet were suddenly far away. In front of the Swensendo and Diroki people, the god of death was approaching. “Tai Basil! When did the battle compartment phalanx–” “It has already pounced – a battle compartment just detonated at close range ten milliseconds ago.” “Tai Basil! Complete the launch of the ship’s Phalanx. Glimfrey Le, tell Leisenar and the Misty, if they lose contact with us, let Leisenar take over the command, and Leisenar has finished the Misty top.” The two warships have completed the battle compartment launch. In addition, it is very important that all captains know about Hogan. These thoughts were fleeting, and he concentrated all his energy on mobilizing Urvira’s own battle compartment. The tactical display window of this ship is filled with densely packed battle compartments, which are marked in different colors according to their location before or after Urvira. The simulation speeds of the two attackers were adjusted very accurately. The three spacecrafts were synchronized, making ten transitions per second, and the distance of each transition was far less than one light-year. Like boulders grazing on the water, the three spacecraft accurately controlled the jump distance, passing the real space time and time again. Each time they leap into real space, the distance between the spacecraft is less than 5 million kilometers. The difference between the three battleships is only one millisecond of transition asynchronous. From entering space to the next jump out of space, even light cannot travel from one warship to another. Three consecutive cold fluorescent lights illuminate the command module, casting long shadows behind Swensendo and Diluki. This is not a direct glare, but a 100,000 fire flashing signal from the display window, indicating that the enemy’s battle compartment is detonated nearby. Anyone who is sane, seeing this terrible flash, has only one reaction: Let’s run away—this is exactly what this signal means. It is not difficult to get out of sync with the enemy ship, but in this way, the battlefield command of the Ariane fleet will inevitably be lost. Tyrol and Glimfreele lowered their heads, trying not to look at the ship’s tactical display window, and flinched under the gaze of death. However, their voices still maintained their talents and calmness, and the instructions to fly from Urvira to the fleet continued. There are dozens of life and death battles going on outside. At present, Urvira is the only command ship capable of controlling the overall situation and accurately mobilizing troops. Maintaining the current position is very important, leaving one more second, the Ariane fleet will have more protection and a little more advantage. Leaping out of synchronization means that the fleet will be in chaos for several minutes, until Reisenar or the Mystery takes control of the situation. Now, two-thirds of Van Newven’s designated target has been destroyed. The price is high, and half of Swensendo’s friends have been buried in the space battlefield. In order to protect the target under attack, the enemy suffered great losses, but most enemy ships escaped the disaster. An invisible giant hand slapped Ulvira with a violent palm, shaking Swenson in the fixed rigging for a while. All the lights dimmed at the same time, and even the display window went out. After a while, dim red lights lit up on the deck. Only a small surveillance screen showed the silhouette of the Dylocis. Glimfreele whispered: “Our battle is over, boss. Even if we return to the battlefield, we can only catch up with a tail. This proximity bullet is really close enough, I don’t know how you dodged it. “Maybe it’s not close to bombing at all. Kiett broke free from the rigging and flew over the cabin, floating above the small monitor head and foot. Maybe we are already dead. A battle compartment detonated very close to Urvira, and the front of the shock wave caught up with it before the battleship jumped. The shell of the battleship absorbed the beam of enemy weapons and exploded. This is the shock just now. He stared blankly at the lines of red letters that slowly crawled past the monitor, indicating the damage to the ship. It is almost certain that the electronic systems have been permanently damaged, and even they themselves may have been exposed to a lethal equivalent of radiation. The ventilation system was still running, and the breeze sent to the room smelled of burnt insulators. “Oh! Look here. Five nanoseconds late, we don’t even want to fly anymore. We actually jumped out after the impact!” After a blow, the battleship’s electronic system actually survived for a while, completing the jump calculation. The radiation equivalent of the command module is less than 200 rem, and their physical functions will not be affected within a few hours, and the medical system on board can cure them without much effort. Speaking of medical systems, there are other shipboard automated systems… The speech recognition system has been lost, and Tai Baoler typed a few query items with very complicated grammar in the query box. It took a few seconds for the query results to appear on the screen: “The central automation system is down, the display management system is down, and the advancing computing system is down.” Basil stabbed his brother with the elbow: “Hey, Glim, it looks like Urvira jumped out without suffering a major loss. No problem, most of these problems can be solved!” Everyone knows that the Dylocis are incorrigible blind optimists. But this time, Tyroler’s big talk is not far from the truth. The battleship was lightly touched by the earliest front of the shock wave, and as soon as the destructive power of the battle compartment had been exerted by one part in a billion, Urvira escaped to life and received only minimal radiation. For the next one and a half hours, the Dyloci only relied on the small, strong chip of the monitor to restart one system and then the second one. Some parts are too damaged to be repaired. The intelligent analysis subsystem of the communication automation system was completely finished, and several power ridges on the side of the spacecraft were partially melted. (The burning smell turned out to be an alarm signal from a swimming diagnostic program, which is really weird. The diagnostic program should have crashed together with other automated systems in Urvira.) Now they have. Was thrown far away by the plague fleet. -“Fire on the Abyss”

7 months ago

To be a bit less popular, it is also Liu’s. In this work, you can see the shadows of many works such as “The Three-Body” and “The Wandering Earth”. The story of “The Devourer” probably tells that the dinosaur civilization once robbed the resources of the earth. The resources were exhausted, so they took the interstellar spacecraft to fly elsewhere, and started devouring that planet every time they got there. Tens of millions of years later, the dinosaur empire, the Devourer, is about to come to Earth. Quoting the original description. At this time, the Devourer displayed in the crystal is getting bigger and gradually filling the entire screen. It is obviously moving towards the world of the cameraman. Slowly descend. Now in the eyes of the inhabitants of this world, the earth seems to be at the bottom of a giant well in the universe, and space is a circle of slowly rotating well walls. The complex structure of the well walls can be seen clearly, and the colonel began to think of what he saw under a microscope. The circuit of the microprocessor, he later discovered that it was a continuous city. Going up, the top of the well wall was a circle of blue flames, forming a huge circle of fire around the stars in the sky. The Pojiang girl told them that it was the ring-shaped propulsion engine at the tail of the Devourer. At one end of the crystal, the girl danced with her hands, her long fluttering hair also resembled many waving arms, expressing her panic. “This is the situation when the third planet of Porgio-ε is swallowed. If you are in our world at this time, your first feeling is that your body is getting lighter. This is due to the gravitational force created by the huge mass of the devourer. The gravitational force of the planet. This gravitational disturbance has produced a devastating disaster: the ocean first rushes to the pole of the planet facing the devourer, and when the planet is trapped in the’tyre’, it rushes to the equator, and the resulting huge waves can swallow the clouds; Then, the gravitational anomaly tore the continents into pieces like thin paper, and volcanoes appeared densely on the bottom of the sea and on the land… When the’tyre’ was set on the planet’s equator, the Devourer stopped advancing, and later, its orbit relative to the star The movement has always been in sync with the planet, keeping the planet in its mouth. “At this time, the plundering of the planet began, and countless tens of thousands of kilometers of cables stretched from the wall of the tube to the surface of the planet, making the planet like a cobweb. The stuck bugs, the huge carrier frequently traveled between the planet’s surface and the tube wall, transporting the planet’s sea water and air, and there were countless large machines digging deep into the star’s stratum, frantically harvesting the minerals needed by the devourers. ……Due to the mutual cancellation of the gravity of the devourer and the gravitational force of the planet, the space between the planet and the tire is a low-gravity zone, which makes it easy to transport the planet’s resources to the devourer, and there is a lot of plunder. High efficiency. “According to the time of the Earth, the devourer will have to’chew’ each planet swallowed for about a century. During this time, the planet’s resources, including water and air, have been looted, and at the same time, due to the’tyre’ After a long period of gravitation, the planet gradually flattened towards the equator, and finally became…to use your analogy: discus shape. When the devourer finally moves away and’spits out’ the squeezed planet, The shape of the planet will return to a circle, which triggered the last geological disaster on a global scale. At this time, the surface of the planet was in the state of lava when it was just formed billions of years ago. It is already a hell without any life. To put it bluntly, the spaceship of the dinosaur empire is a huge “ring” that can be set on planets and plunder resources. Devourers allow humans to live on the moon, but the moon is too much in the way. The moon was “pushed away” to avoid a collision with the Devourer spacecraft. With the help of an alien civilization destroyed by the Devourer, mankind obtained some data from the Devourer spacecraft. After a century of waiting, mankind secretly used the moon as a weapon. , Burying a hydrogen bomb on the surface of the moon to drive the moon in an attempt to crash into an enemy ship, the moon hit the Devourer’s spacecraft at full speed, tearing a 5,000-kilometer gap, and the entire spacecraft would disintegrate after 18 hours. . . However, in the end, this spacecraft was successfully nested on the earth with the help of the earth’s gravity, and the damaged ring spacecraft closed again. . This is the first and last Star Wars for mankind

7 months ago

A war between the universe in the proton and the high-dimensional world, knowing that it is invincible, still has to gather the entire world to resist. The zero-removing god-level civilization in the Trisolaran universe is all 50 savages and scums compared to them. After the three-body time, the two-dimensional expansion of the proton takes place a second time. This time, people on the ground quickly saw the strange omen. When the heat sink of the fusion power station emitted red light, several huge objects suddenly appeared at the position of the accelerator, all of which were very regular geometric shapes. Spheres, tetrahedrons, cubes, cones, etc., have complex surface colors. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that there is no color at all. The surfaces of geometric bodies are all mirrors with total reflection. What people see is only the distorted image of the planet’s surface being reflected. “Is it successful this time?” the head of state asked, “this is the proton that has been expanded into two dimensions?” The scientific consul replied: “Head of state, this time is still unsuccessful. I got a report from the accelerator control center. Dimensionality, the target proton is expanded into three dimensions.” Huge mirror geometry continues to emerge at a very fast speed, and the shapes are more diverse, including rings and three-dimensional crosses, and even a twist similar to the Möbius belt. ring. All the geometry floats away from the position of the accelerator. After about half a three-body time, these geometric bodies covered most of the sky, like a giant child scattered a box of building blocks in the sky. The sunlight reflected by the geometric body doubled the brightness of the ground and flickered. The shadow of the giant pendulum was faint and swayed in the skylight cast on the ground. Then, all the geometric bodies began to deform, gradually losing their regular shapes, as if they were melting under heat. This deformation became more and more intense, and the changing shape became more and more chaotic and complicated. Now the things in the sky no longer remind people of building blocks, but more like the limbs and internal organs of a giant after being dismembered. Due to the irregular shape, the sunlight scattered on the ground by them is even softer, but the color of their surface is even more bizarre and unpredictable. Among the cluttered three-dimensional bodies that are full of the sky, some have attracted the attention of ground observers. First of all, because these three-dimensional bodies are extremely similar, when they look closely, people can recognize what they express. The sense of horror swept the entire three-body world. Those are all eyes! (We don’t know the shape of the Trisolaran’s eyes, but one thing is certain: any intelligent creature is very sensitive to the image of the eye.) The head of state is one of the few people who really maintains composure. He asked the scientific consul:” How complicated can the internal structure of a microscopic particle be?” “It depends on the observation from a several-dimensional perspective. Looking at a microscopic particle from a one-dimensional perspective is the perception of ordinary people, just one point; from a two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspective Look, the particles are beginning to show an internal structure; the basic particles from a four-dimensional perspective are already a grand world.” The head of state said: “The word grand is used on microscopic things like protons. I always find it incredible.” The scientific consul did not. Paying attention to the head of state, he continued: “In higher dimensions, the complexity and the number of structures inside particles have risen sharply. My analogy below is inaccurate. It is just an image description: basic particles from a seven-dimensional perspective. Its complexity may already be comparable to that of a three-body galaxy in three-dimensional space; from an eight-dimensional perspective, a particle is as vast as the Milky Way; when the perspective reaches nine-dimensional, the number and complexity of the internal structure of an elementary particle is already It is equivalent to the entire universe. As for the higher dimensions, our physicists cannot detect it yet, and I can’t imagine its complexity.” The head refers to the huge eyes in space, “Does the things in front of us show that they are unfolded? In the microcosm contained in the proton, there is intelligent life?” “The definition of life is not suitable for the high-dimensional microcosm. To be more accurate, we can only say that there is intelligence or wisdom in that universe. Such a possible scientist We have already predicted that in such a complex and magnificent world, it would be abnormal if something like wisdom had not evolved.” “Why did they change their eyes to look at us?” The head of state looked up at the sky. Those eyes in space are very beautiful sculptures, lifelike. They all look at the planets below, and their gazes seem very strange. “Maybe I just want to show my existence.” “Will those things fall to the ground?” “No, please don’t worry, the head of state. Even if it falls, these huge objects are the same as the one-dimensional unfolded filaments last time. The sum of all the masses is equivalent to just one proton, and will not have any impact on our world. All people have to do is to adapt their psychology to this spectacle.” But this time, the scientific consul was wrong. Now, people can perceive that among all the three-dimensional bodies that fill the sky, the “eyes” move faster than other geometric bodies, and they are all converging towards the same point. Soon, the two eyes met and merged into one body. The combined shape is still an eye, but its volume increases. More “eyes” are added to the composite, and the volume of the latter is also rapidly increasing. In the end, all the “eyes” merge into one. This “eye” is so huge that it seems to represent the entire universe staring at the Trisolaran world. Its eyes are clear and bright, with a round of sun reflected in the center, and on the wide eyelids, colorful colors roll by like a flood. After a short period of time, the details on the surface of the “giant eye” began to fade and gradually disappeared. The “giant eye” became a blind eye without a pupil; then, its shape began to change, and finally it completely lost the shape of the eye and became A perfect circle. When the giant circle began to rotate slowly, people discovered that it was not a plane, but a parabola, like a part cut from a giant ball. The military consul stared at the slowly rotating giant in the sky, suddenly realized something, and shouted: “Führer, hurry up, there are others, go into the underground shelter!” He pointed to the top, “It is… “”A mirror,” the head of state said calmly, “Order the space defense forces to destroy it immediately, and we are here to see, not going anywhere.” The sunlight focused by the mirror has now been projected onto the three-body planet, the first spot of light. The area is large, and the heat of the focal point is not lethal. This spot of light moved across the continent, looking for a target. The reflector clearly found the capital, the largest city, and the spot moved here, quickly covering the capital within its range. People under the giant pendulum monument only saw a huge beam of light appearing in space, which was so strong that it concealed everything else in the sky. At the same time, people felt a burst of intense heat. The large light spot covering the capital is shrinking rapidly. This is because the reflector is further focusing the sunlight. The brightness of the light cluster in space continues to increase, making people unable to raise their heads. People in the spot feel that the heat is increasing sharply. Just when the heat became unbearable, the boundary of the light spot swept across the giant pendulum monument, and everything was suddenly darkened. It took a long time for the people here to adjust their eyes to the normal light. The first thing they saw when they looked up was an upright beam of light, in an inverted cone shape. The reflector in space was the bottom of the light cone. The head of the light cone was piercing the center of the capital, making everything there in a short period of time. Turned into an incandescent state, billowing plumes of smoke rose into the air from there, and the tornado triggered by the uneven heat of the light cone formed several other dust pillars, twisting and dancing around the light cone… Several dazzling groups Fireballs appeared in different parts of the reflector. Their color is different from the light emitted by the reflector. It is blue. This is a nuclear bomb launched by the Trisolaran World’s space defense force that exploded on the target. Since the explosion was carried out outside the atmosphere, no sound could be heard. When these fireballs went out, several large holes appeared in the mirror, and then the entire mirror surface began to tear, and finally broke into more than a dozen pieces. At the same time, the cone of death light disappeared, and the world returned to its normal light. For a while, people felt that everything was dim like a moonlit night. Those fragments that had lost their intelligence continued to deform, and soon became mixed with other geometric bodies in space.

7 months ago

The 2000 sound of the water droplets in the outer solar system is actually not the most shocking. “Country Teacher”, the war between carbon-based civilization and silicon-based civilization, uses supernova and black holes as weapons, and relies on anti-matter cloud defense (Trisolaran Fleet: No worries about fuel!), Use water droplets as detectors (full name: strong interaction cosmic detector), and use light particles to destroy stars to create an isolation zone. One more funny one: “The Base and Empire”. After the war, the other side’s living facilities and light industry factories were paralyzed one after another because these equipment came from the base… There is a paragraph in the original text: “…(The opposition said)’…What do you expect?… People Walked onto the street and shouted: “Give me back my automatic ultra-clean nuclear power washing machine””

7 months ago

On January 12, the commander of the 2nd Division of Army Group A on the Langfang Defense Line knew that their position could only withstand one more attack at most. The enemy’s air strikes and long-range strikes from the sea have gradually become fierce, while our army’s air cover has become less and less. The division’s armored force and gunship helicopters are all left, and the last holdover is almost entirely dependent on flesh and blood. The commander dragged his leg severed by shrapnel and walked out of the shelter with a rifle. He saw that the trenches were not dug deep. It is no wonder that now most of the positions are wounded. But he was surprised to find that a neat breast wall about half a meter high was constructed in front of the trench. The teacher was very surprised by what material was used to build the breast wall so quickly. He saw a few branches sticking out of the snow-covered breast wall, and when he approached it, it was a pale and stiff arm… he was stunned. Furious, he grabbed a colonel by the collar. “Asshole! Who asked you to build a shelter with the corpses of soldiers?!” “I ordered this to be done.” The political commissar’s voice sounded calmly from behind the teacher, “I entered the new position too quickly last night, and here is another piece of farmland. There really isn’t any other material.” They stared at each other in silence, and the blood from the political commissar’s forehead bandage froze on his face. After a while, the two of them walked slowly along the trenches, along the breast wall made of youth and life. The commander’s left hand was leaning on a rifle that was used as a cane, and his right hand straightened the helmet and saluted toward the breast wall. They reviewed their troops for the last time… They passed by a little soldier whose legs had been blown off, and blood flowed from the broken leg. The snow and soil below were mixed into red and black mud, and the surface of the mud was frozen again. He was lying down and putting an anti-tank grenade into his arms, raising his bloodless face, he smiled at the teacher, “I want to stuff this stuff into Abrams’ belt. “The cold wind whipped up the snow and mist, making a stern whistling sound, as if playing an ancient war song. “Political commissar, if I die before you, please put me in this wall. This is indeed a good home.” The teacher said. “The two of us won’t be too long apart.” The political commissar said with his unique calmness.

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I personally think that it is not a grand war scene that can shake people, but the mutual torture between individuals, and the kind of zombies.. Two zombies hug each other and gnaw.. just casually. Can tear off a piece of rotten meat.. You can sprinkle the ground with the intestines and hanging lanterns.. The dead body can be stuffed back. At the same time, it can stagger away.. The maggots are crawling out of the eye sockets.. Think. Don’t want it if you want to be shocked.. There is also a shock. On the one hand, the simple abuse of the outside party.. Hannibal, sandalwood punishment.. So… basically the science fiction There is no sense of the war scene.. Because science fiction warfare is a kind of combat unit with many advanced weapons. At this time, the readers are brought into the perspective of God. The perspective of God is not shocking. It is just that you simply feel the movie screen Burning money will have a visual shock. This shock shock is about the same as the speed of cow dung.

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Regardless of the subject matter, what I think of is Gundam Counterattack Char’s, although it may not be a special scene, but I still like it. The following excerpts from the novel version, if you are interested, you can go to the anime. It is a theatrical version. It sounds very good, and finally Niu Gundam pushed Axis also very shocked. Below the front of α’s field of vision, you can see the line of fire extending from the rear. That is the light of Ra Kairam’s missile group fee. here we go. The Neo Zeon fleet, with its back facing Axis, launched a bombardment together. Behind the missile group, although the camouflage that was spreading around was destroyed, the ships below Ra Kairam were still attacking. “I can do it too!” “No!” Not listening to Gulap’s stop, Kesi’s α moved forward. For the missile that she could perceive visually, she fired α’s diffusion MEGA particle cannon. Five fireballs unfolded one by one, and the airspace became a battlefield. “Kose! You did a great job!” Gurap was moved by the agility of α that didn’t match the appearance. “The missile was sniped? Who did it?” Amuro on the V-Gundam was stunned by the number of fireballs spread in front of him, but he still approached Axis in a straight line. Axis’ movement speed also seemed to be faster. “…? No, it’s not right!” The barrier of the MS group unfolded in front of Amuro. Reluctantly, it was the barrier of the minds of the MS pilots. In it, he felt several sharp ‘exists’. “…Is it Kos…?” The existence of thinking is different, and it can only be expressed like this. Amuro rushed towards the barrier with all his strength. “It’s the MS! Kos stepped back and came to protect me when in danger!” “It doesn’t matter! I can do it!” “Occasionally I listen to the words of experienced people!” “Hehehe…” The current Kesi, there is Accept the kind tolerance of Gulap who said this. So she also rejoiced. However, in the shaking of this feeling, she felt the pressure of sudden approach, which made her heart tremble. “Amuro is here…!” “He’s a strong enemy! Go back! Kos!” “Huh? Yes…!” Gulapu’s Seike Deca slammed forward, leaving α behind. . “Gulapu…!” Xia entered Lloret’s usual bridge, and only Mesta was there. “Ship Four has entered in front of Axis.” “Okay, after staying in Axis, immediately take the crew…” “Yes. Mshaka went to contain.” Xia stood in battle. In front of the bridge, it seems to be counting the number of fireballs unfolding ahead. “…You seem to have lied to Gulapu?” “He is not that easy to lie. I even told him the truth.” “This time I really want to know…when the war is over, What will happen?” Xia ignored Mesta’s irony. “I have long realized that I will be stigmatized as polluting the earth. And I also handed over the performance of Seike Deka’s Secomus device to Amuro.” “…?” Char’s who said this. State of mind, Mesta knew that his guess was correct, but was also stunned by it. “I’ve done everything that needs to be done. Then I will have to resign.” Xia turned her back to Mesta and looked at the battle bridge. “I’m going down to the MS deck! If necessary, I will dispatch immediately.” “Yes!” Captain Lyle raised his head and replied. “Colonel! What are you talking about now?” Xia listened to Mesta’s voice from behind as he walked into the passage. “Colonel! Colonel you!” Mesta’s voice was crying. “…? I’m just telling the facts.” “You gave Amuro to Amuro… Is that because you wanted to die, so you did it?” Mesta lost his usual calmness. Grabbing Xia’s shoulders with both hands, trying to stop Xia’s path. “Don’t be stupid. If you win Amuro, who only wears a normal mobile suit, what’s the point?” “No, what happened on Luna 5 was not done because of the man’s spirit. The colonel wanted to die in Amuro’s hands to make atonement for the pollution of the earth?” “My atonement is to realize my father’s ideals and make all human beings become new humans.” “Yes. Yes. !” Mesta nodded vigorously. “But men are always a bit boring. When deciding on a weak opponent, if you can’t fight fairly, you will always care. It’s just that. Anyway. Mesta…I will be with you today. The day when the bad man in my heart said goodbye. Please watch it silently.” “…” Mesta again showed sad eyes, sliding his hands from Char’s shoulders to his elbows. That is caress. “You have always believed that I am someone who has the desire to master the world from the bottom of my heart?” “Yeah! Yeah. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be my man…” “So, if I would be defeated by Gundam , Then Axis will not succeed in the fall of the battle?” “Well, only gentle words, not a man…” Mesta said again. “Hmm…!” Xia kissed Mesta’s tearful eyes, sucked her tears, and went down to the MS deck. In the port of Axis, the No. 4 ship with its back to the earth is approaching at high speed, and dozens of crew members are working on the deck for mooring operations. And Mshaka sent out to greet them. The light signals of the two ships indicated that the fourth ship was about to fetch Axis. “Don’t die! This war has nothing to do with you!” Amuro shouted, destroying several Kira Deca and rushed over. “…It’s useless!” Gundam took an evasive action, and at the speed of being possessed by a ghost, he smashed an approaching Kira Deca: at the same time, behind the Gundam, a flash signal was sent out. “It’s a signal from Gundam! Extend the pipeline!” Brad thought of Hathaway who was staying on the upper bridge, while giving orders. “Minovsky particles are being distributed!” “The second wave of MS troops, dispatch!” “Woo…!” The hull was shaking. There are also quite a few Kira Deca who crossed over with our Jaegong troops. Ra Kairam’s anti-aircraft fire flowed from all around like a waterfall. The front end of the pipeline extended in the direction of the Gundam. While Amuro avoided Kira Deca’s attack, he also found the light from the front end of the pipeline. However, above it, there was also a flame of almost the same color ejector. That is Gulap Gas. “That’s it!” Gulapu shot randomly with Seco Deca’s rifle, and the Gundam released a camouflage as a shield and approached the pipeline. “Accompanied by the attack aircraft!” Gurap ordered the four accompanying attack aircraft to focus on the Gundam. The Gundam also released two wing-shaped attack planes to meet them. They become tools of consciousness flying, interlacing, spreading light beams and lasers in the universe, and bursting out conflicting rays of light. “…Accompanied by the attack aircraft…?” Gurap observed the wing-shaped accompanying attack aircraft of Gundam special chips that looked like a radiator plate. Although the mass was large, it faced the accompaniment of the flexible Sec Deka. The attack aircraft, but it can respond effectively, can’t help but become anxious. The wing-shaped MEGA particle beams that accompanied the attack aircraft, when they collided with each other, the interference wave spread out like a curtain, destroying the small accompanying attack aircraft of Seco Deca. At this time, Gundam’s manipulator will continue the pipeline from Ra Kairam to the organ of the powerful launch tube. Ra Kairam’s battle bridge was darkened. “The connection is complete! The high-power shooting platform has started!” Brad paging to the entire ship. “Want to snipe Axis!” Gulap knew the purpose of the pipeline connected to Gundam, and while releasing the remaining accompanying attack aircraft, he also fired a volley of spears. “Tsk!” Gundam extended the beam saber he was holding in his left hand, and waved it towards Seco Deca. Under its fast action, it becomes a protective cover. Blocked the beam shot by Seike Deca. “Gulapu! You are like this, the colonel will be defeated!” Kos approached the fighting airspace and shouted. The sweet sentiment towards Gulap when he attacked has been blown away without a trace. Kos released Alpha Archer’s accompanying attack aircraft. “What? What is this evil spirit?” Amuro understood in his heart when he asked this question. Controlling the accompanying attack aircraft that emits lasers at the back, it is a strangely shaped machine. In the depths of this deep defense mechanism, it is very easy to capture the thinking of that girl Kos Palaia. Gundam’s wing-shaped accompanying attack aircraft easily destroyed Kos’s accompanying attack aircraft, and Gundam’s beam sword also cut off the two accompanying attack aircraft. “How is it possible!” Kos witnessed that moment. No, she felt it. When the accompanying attack aircraft was destroyed, there was a shock in his head. That stimulus became a visual image, reflected on the inside of Kesi’s omentum. The vision is formed from the inside, just like a dream…. Kosz reached into the helmet without the goggles cover down and wiped the sweat off her face. “Saturation” attacked Kos again. “That’s Amuro? He’s angry…!” But, probably because Kos was in the airspace near Amuro. She escaped the instantaneous saturation because Amuro didn’t twist others’ malice. Right. If Amuro is an existence with only hatred, then the airspace where Amuro releases his thoughts should become a whirlpool airspace where only madness is rushing. Having said that, Kesi is not keen enough to understand that she is not in a situation where she is in a moment of saturation. It can also be said that she is too young. Instead, Kos, who had regained her thoughts, concentrated on controlling the companion attack aircraft that had not been destroyed, and attacked the pipeline connecting Gundam and Ra Kairam. The pipeline was cut off instantly. “Huh!” Kos’s arrogance, Amuro’s displeased. “You kids!” Amuro hadn’t set the sight of the high-power launch tube to Axis, and the pipeline was cut off, which made him angry. “Go back! Kos!” Gulapu fired with a beam Mifu gun, but there were a few support Gundam Jie Gang approaching around him, and had to respond. “Tsk! Just a little bit!” At this time, Amuro was looking for another pipeline. Goulap’s Seike Deca has already destroyed three Jagoons. “Because of the pipeline, the Gundam is in danger!” Muye wailed, and Brad scolded. “What happened to the supporting MS!” “Although they are fighting, the number is absolutely insufficient!” Boom! The battle bridge is shaking. In the corner of the usual bridge above the battle bridge, Hathaway just hugs Hello, trembling. …It’s probably like this, it’s the process of Xia Ya’s abducting the ignorant girl and the mule a. In fact, reading the novel in this passage makes it more sensible. Shock is actually better to choose Axis, but I like this paragraph, so I launched it. (This version is the son of Bertodiga) Personal opinion, don’t like it, that’s it.

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Most people probably talk about three bodies, but the question I immediately thought of was “Ander’s Game” and the parallel work “Ander’s Shadow”. Two works were written from the perspective of two people on the same thing. The final battle may not have so many cool technologies and amazing weapons. But it was really shocking. A group of genius commanders and children are doing daily simulation training of manipulating the fleet to attack the Zerg home planet in the space training base. As everyone knows, this simulation is a fleet that mankind sent to the Zerg home planet to prepare for a surprise attack several years ago. It is a real attack and the last hope of mankind. The commanders of this group of genius children still thought it was a simulation training, and finally won, and the entire fleet was wiped out. The commander thought it was simulated training, and did not consider that the lives of the fleet crew members were sacrificed in it. Because of this, they did not worry too much. From the beginning to the end of the training, they did not know that the simulation was a real war, and it was a real human being manipulated The fleet is the only opportunity for humans to counterattack. It feels like a video game. It suddenly occurred to me that war is a dirty game, and I am a dirty player. -Tiger King

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In the film and television works, large-scale air combat must have a name for the “Stargate” series! “Independence Day” can also be seen. “Ander’s Game” is also okay, and the demolitions of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” are also okay. Most of the rest are well-made game graphics. “Star Wars” has nothing to say, I feel that lightsaber and the force are the key points. In fact, it is novels and comics that make people most imaginative. Speaking of novels, Nafnovinchi must have a name, and Fire on the Abyss and Tianyuan must definitely be mentioned.

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I need a two-way foil for cleaning. As a weapon in the real sense of dimensionality reduction, maybe this is not the scene of the battlefield we imagined. After all, this war is doomed to an end before it even begins. But this really shocked me the most, far more shocking than water droplets. What the drop of water smashes is nothing but the arrogance and arrogance and complacency of human beings, and what the two-way foil smashes is indeed the ignorance and smallness of the earth and the three bodies. A piece of two-way foil pushes the entire three-body pattern into a more ambitious universe. Let’s enjoy the last paragraph of the original text. “The spaceship is like a piece of ice cream placed on hot glass. The bottom melts into a spread and spreads in all directions. The piece of’glass’ is invisible. Only the part of the spaceship that is spread out after melting can show the invisible. The existence of a plane. The melt forms a very thin layer on the plane, emitting a fascinating color light, like fireworks scattered on the plane. The monitor flew out for a while, but it was like being pulled towards the melt by some kind of gravitational force. The marked plane quickly touched the plane with his feet, and immediately melted into a shining piece. The rest of his body was also spreading out onto the plane, only a sudden scream was made.” “Two-dimensionalized. On the spacecraft of, you can see the three-dimensional structure after two-dimensional expansion, and you can distinguish the cockpit and the fusion engine, as well as the curled human body in the cockpit. In the process of two-dimensionalization, every point on the three-dimensional object is accurate Projected onto a two-dimensional plane according to the collection rules, so that this two-dimensional body becomes the two most complete and accurate drawings of the original three-dimensional spacecraft and the three-dimensional human body. All its internal structures are laid out on the plane without any hide……”

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