On March 6, according to Maoyan data, the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” exceeded 5.04 billion yuan, successfully surpassing the box office of the movie “Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes to the World” 5.036 billion yuan, ranking second in the total box office of China , Is currently second only to “Wolf Warriors 2” with a box office of about 5.694 billion yuan. As of March 6th, as of press time, the data of the Beacon Professional Edition showed that the total box office of the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” exceeded 5 billion yuan, making it the third film in Chinese film history with a box office of more than 5 billion yuan, and the first “Wolf Warrior 2” , And the second title is “The Devil Boy of Nezha”.

In addition, the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” is also the fastest film in China’s film history to break through 5 billion, which took 22 days, 7:32:18 seconds.

Let me put it this way, if I used to think it would be difficult to surpass “Wolf Warrior 2”, but today I think it is not impossible. Looking at the current daily box office, there are still tens of millions or even tens of millions a day, and they are the daily box office champions for more than 20 consecutive days. This phenomenon is really hard to see. I think some people say “Hello, Li Huanying” is not worthy, probably because they think “Hello, Li Huanying” does not represent the highest level of China’s film industry. Let’s talk about it. I bought tickets to see “Wolf Warrior 2” and “Operation Red Sea”. Personally, I think “Operation Red Sea” is better. But this does not prevent “Wolf Warriors 2” from becoming the highest box office champion in history so far. And “Hello, Li Huanying” is valuable in true feelings, saying it is a movie, but it puts Jia Ling’s feelings in it. And it was not because it was the first time to make a movie, it was improvised, including the restoration of the age and Jia Ling’s own efforts. This is also something that can be recorded in the annals of history, and there will never be a movie with one’s own mother or father as the protagonist. So taking all of this together, if “Hello, Li Huanying” can really achieve the No. 1 box office in history, it also deserves this status. There are also people who talk about ticket prices. In fact, many software have clearly stated that although the ticket price is high this year, the average ticket price is definitely not as exaggerated as double the price. The average ticket price is only 1 yuan higher than “Wandering Earth” and lower than “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Avengers 4”. According to this data, the box office divided by the average ticket price is the number of movie viewers: “Wolf Warriors 2” It was 162.7 million people, “Nezha” was 143.9 million people, “Hello, Li Huanying” was 112.9 million people, and “Wandering Earth” was 106.5 million people. So, if the number of people watching the movie, “Hello, Li Huanying” can reach “Nezha” The data, then the box office is 6.4 billion box office… In fact, at this time, the data is only a symbolic meaning, and there is no difference between the first and the second. Of course, I hope to surpass “Wonder Woman” and make Jia Ling the world’s highest-grossing female director.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Whether the box office can surpass “Wolf Warrior 2” is not important, because the fact that these two works have become the top two in the box office of Chinese film history is of great significance in itself.

It uses big data to tell the world a clear truth: The thing that can hit the bottom of the Chinese people’s heart most and trigger the Chinese people’s empathy is never possible without those two themes-the country and the family.

By the way, it is all about the child’s love for the mother.

8 months ago

Borrowing the east wind of Women’s Day, Super Wolf Warrior 2 is not impossible. I personally didn’t say how much I like this movie, especially compared to previous hit movies such as Wolf Warriors 2, Operation Red Sea, I am not God of Medicine, Nezha and Wandering Earth. Because for the film technology itself, Hello Li Huanying does not have any bright spots and progress. But I am happy to see that it can get a high box office, because for Chinese films, the rise of movies such as Hello Li Huanying represents the end of the trash era, and it means that our ordinary audiences are more inclined to vote for the intentions and attitudes. the film. Rather than the assembly line garbage that relies on hype and flow. As for film technology, only when the general environment improves, will there be more and more good works, and the industrial level will become more and more sophisticated.

8 months ago

The box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” in the last six days were: 34.45 million, 30.97 million, 26.42 million, 23.22 million, 32.82 million, 68.11 million. Looking at this trend, the box office is still ahead of other movies and continues to advance. This momentum will not last for 10 days. To be able to surpass “Wonder Woman.” It is less than 700 million from Wu Jing’s “Wolf Warrior”, and it is not impossible to catch up. Many people have predicted that it will exceed 5 billion before! Congratulations again to Jia Ling, the first battle to become a god! She broke a series of records, touched so many people with her true feelings, and warmed the hearts of many people. Her success lies in the true expression of her guilt towards her mother, and she put her story on the screen to show it incisively and vividly. I missed my mother. The eyes of the masses are discerning, “Hello, Li Huanying” is a good movie of the “Tell you a joke, don’t cry” genre, I wish you the first in film history!

8 months ago

It is predicted that the box office will reach 5.8-6 billion! The following is a supplementary update: 30 days, from 0 to 5.037 billion! This film is constantly making history, and Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei have also become beneficiaries of this annual drama. When the movie was first released, no one could imagine that the box office would sell so well, no one would have guessed that the box office would reach the second place in Chinese film history, and no one would have thought that Zhang Xiaofei, who was once unknown, would bring a phenomenal mother party, Jia Ling And her “Hello Li Huanying” did it. Maybe we should not be all concerned about the box office, nor should it be the slots in the film, but should be concerned about Jia Ling’s road to fame. No actor can achieve success casually. Only with perseverance, unremitting efforts, and solid basic skills can destiny take care of you. It is a great honor that Li Huanying, whom Jia Ling lost by fate, has indeed ushered in “Hello Li Huanying”. Some people will say that Li Huanying’s personal settings are used up, can Jia Ling still usher in the second spring? Many people’s careers will usher in rising periods, peak periods, and bottleneck periods. When you reach the bottleneck period, whether you can break through all the way will determine the height and breadth of your life to a large extent. For Jia Ling, I believe her height is much more than that. The box office of the movie “Hello Li Huanying” should be more than that, and there is a high probability that it will become the number one in the mainland box office in the future. Believe it? If you don’t believe me, we have a few flags!

8 months ago

At present, it seems that Jia Ling’s directorial debut “Hello, Li Huanying” has been released more than three weeks after its box office stamina has slightly reduced, but it can also take advantage of 38 knots to rush upwards. After all, the distance to the first “War” “Wolf 2” only missed by less than 700 million. You can boldly predict here, even if it is not superior to “Wolf Warrior 2”, it is not far off. It seems that we can break free from the title of “garbage viewer” and officially become normal people! Looking back on the past, there are a lot of movies that feed the audience shit every year, from the ancient “X Pole” to the later Guo Xming series of “X Times” and “X Trails”, to the opening of the commercial film era and openly earning fans. In the era of bad money, there is a director’s masterpiece “X City” and the box office champion “Catch X”, which is a shame in film history. So that when another director scolded “junk audience”, I really had no face to refute, because compared to foreign films, some of them were well received, some were well received, and some were both well received and well received. For example, the domestic director’s ” “X Hua” and “Demon X Biography” seemed very embarrassing. Hollywood movies are keen to use a complex story to tell a simple truth. The themes are basically positive, that is, the themes of chicken soup, but they can’t hold back the smoothness of other people’s stories and the rendering of emotions in place. Our director seems to never match the audience’s thinking. Using a complicated story, it doesn’t make sense, and his head is empty after watching it. Do you think they made it up? The costumes of the scene are quite restored. You say they reflect history, right? Who found the ruins of Che Chiguo from “Journey to the West”? Besides, when are commercial films going to reflect history as their selling point? Isn’t it time to defend “English X”? What about when you can only understand what you understand? Fortunately, there was also a hit “Wolf Warrior 2” that year. The right time and place and various factors created the No. 1 box office in movie history. Although there are some noisy sounds, it does not affect its status. Since then, I have confidence in the audience. It is not that we do not want to watch good movies. It is because there are too many people who feed shit. Chinese people can create the illusion of high box office for one dollar. Since that year, some movies with niche themes but with medium-to-high quality and even high-quality have gradually emerged. Some have only won word of mouth, and some have won the box office with both word of mouth. These films, even if they only won word of mouth, made the audience more expectant for later works, and “The Return of the Great Sage” and “The Origin of the White Snake” laid a good foundation for the animation films, “Nezha: The Devil Boy” once again became a hit .

8 months ago

2020 is a very special year, and the Spring Festival in 2021 is even more special. Because this year’s overlord is undoubtedly Tang X San, who has been in theaters for a year, but what do you say? Time comes and the world has the same force, and it is not free to transport heroes. When Tang X San had a pre-sale of 1 billion yuan and Tian Hu started the game, his word-of-mouth “exploded”, and under the background, “Hello, Li Huanying”, which cost less than 100 million yuan but has a strong plot, became the final winner. Although the storyline of “Hello, Li Huanying” is simple and the laughter may not be suitable for everyone, he said the most common and the greatest-motherly love, crying into a dog after watching it is the best interpretation. Low cost, no traffic, no big IP, change to movies…all the shortcomings are just shortcomings, but the longboard of “Hello, Li Huanying” is too long to withstand. I sincerely hope that “Hello, Li Huanying” will be a fatal blow to bad movies, bad traffic, and bad series. May the quality of Chinese movies be king in the future!

8 months ago

When she first came out, everyone felt that she was very hot, and thought she might surpass Tang 3. Later, Li Huanying really lived up to expectations, surpassing Detective Tang 3, and after surpassing, the popularity remains unabated. Later, everyone was predicting that she might become the third domestic film with a box office of more than 5 billion. Yes, she did it again. Almost every time she passed, she would be compared with another film, surpassing the wandering earth, surpassing the magic boy Nezha. At present, only Wolf Warriors 2 is left in front of her, and this one is naturally the object of comparison. If you ask whether she can surpass Wolf Warriors 2 and become the first, I think it is possible. This film is currently phenomenal. Perhaps before the filming, the production team and the actors themselves did not expect that her upper limit would be so high. Even when we went to see it on the first day of the new year, none of us expected that she could achieve this result one day. Everything, although unexpected, but reasonable. Because she explained family love, maternal love, and the most sincere existence in people’s hearts, no matter what the content is, as long as there is a certain segment in the movie that touches the true love in her heart, she is a good film. Because of feelings, we cannot look at her objectively, and because of feelings, there is no limit to her upper limit. Everything is possible!

8 months ago

I think it’s possible to surpass Wolf Warriors 2. It’s nothing but surpassing. It’s normal. Hello, Li Huanying’s success proves what I have always said. When each field develops to a certain level, professionals often form small circles and like to entertain themselves. , And will not cater to the majority of ordinary people. The film industry is like this. A small circle has formed. Everyone has similar values. They are divided into several groups. One group likes to praise famous guides and stars, and thinks that only these talents have high box office. The other group is proud that the audience cannot understand them. It is a shame for the audience to understand, one group is proud of special effects and big productions, and the other group is selling all kinds of strange romances. But movies always need to be paid by the audience. Many people in the industry don’t know or understand what the audience likes. Therefore, some filmmakers do not watch good movies but have good box office. Movies need some down-to-earth lay directors to change their styles. Hello, Li Huanying is very common from the point of view of director’s technique. Why is it so popular? First, Jia Ling has real feelings, not some screenwriters moaning without illness, and second, because the audience loves to watch, and there is no such description for a long time. There is a female family movie. In fact, the audience still needs this kind of movie, but I don’t want to follow the trend of a large number of works and abuse this theme.

8 months ago

Hi everyone, it doesn’t matter who I am. -No matter how high the box office is, it’s no use. When Wolf Warriors II was released, the movie ticket was more than 20 yuan, and Li Huanying’s movie ticket was more than 100 yuan. -Li Huanying, I don’t think it looks good. It’s just so-so. I don’t know why the box office is so high. -Li Huanying’s box office was sold badly by Jia Ling. There are various variety shows in the sky, which are ugly. -Isn’t it said that the theme of crossing cannot be released? Why did Li Huanying get on? Jia Ling must be related. -Lee Huanying’s movie is just an extended version of the sketch, there is no artistry at all. -My feeling is that the sketches with lengthened boards are basically speculative works that harvest the tears of fans. From the beginning to the end of a play, the narrative like a running account is not as good as a diary from a primary school. The structure of the story is also unusually scattered, and it is not easy to put together a two-hour movie. In contrast, the story of the assassination of the novelist is pretty good. I haven’t watched the other movies. On the whole, Chen Sicheng is the most mature commercial film director for the Spring Festival, although I don’t like him as a person. -It’s not good-looking at first, the time and place are good and the people are in harmony. Although it is bad, I can’t help it during the Spring Festival. . . If this can be done in the future, then no one wants to work hard, write the screenplay hard, and spend money on the whole scene. . . In the future, I will find a broken old rural building, play the emotional card, and promote it vigorously. -It just doesn’t look good, but no one dares to tell the truth. -It’s really ugly, and it’s not funny.

8 months ago

As long as you want to rush, you can exceed 100%, even if this Spring Festival stall is not exceeded, after a while, if you come to a re-screening, it will be over? I said, Chen Daozai, back then, Wu Jing used a Wolf Warriors Second Kill Looking through the audience, standing at the top box office in Chinese film history, I, Jia Ling, surpassed him with a Li Huanying, it is not a problem. The box office can only show the temporary heat, as long as the Chinese market is still there, any film may become a new record surpasser. Fortunately, Li Huanying’s film is not bad

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