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The TV series “The Touring Prosecution Team” has attracted national attention. Today, let’s walk into Qingdao, Shandong Province, the location of “The Touring Prosecution Team”, to see how the prosecutor “Feng Sen” in reality holds the “soul questioning” of netizens if you encounter Hu Xue’e, what would you do? Luan Jing, First Procuratorate, Qingdao City Procuratorate, Shandong Province: “Ethnic thinking” and “heart-to-heart”, fully listen to their demands, carefully review, clarify the rationality of their demands, and conduct investigations and verifications to determine solutions or reply opinions. Xing Yiming, Fourth Procuratorate, Qingdao Procuratorate, Shandong Province: We are not only dealing with cases, but the lives of others. It is a criminal case in our hands, but it is a “great matter” for the parties involved, and we need to do it well. Han Dayong, the prosecutor’s office of Qingdao City Procuratorate of Shandong Province stationed in Qingdao Prison: Some people say that “a person always touches the dark side of the wall, and his personality will change gradually.” In the face of family redress, our itinerant prosecution team is willing to be the light of the rule of law. Shine on every corner. Not in vain, can you do it? Yang Xiaoying, Third Procuratorate Department, Qingdao City Procuratorate, Shandong Province: Prosecutors do not have emotional inclinations in investigating and collecting evidence. Whether they are good or bad, they use evidence to speak. Xing Yiming: We are holding a magnifying glass in our hands and we are stripping away the cocoon. We must not only fight crimes, but also protect human rights. We are the prosecutors of crimes, the protectors of innocents, and defenders of justice. Are you afraid of revenge? Han Dayong: We are also ordinary people. We also have relatives and friends. We are afraid that there will be. But the moment we swear an oath in front of the national flag in accordance with the Constitution, it is decided that we can be afraid but never surrender. Dong Xue, the Ninth Procuratorial Department of Qingdao Procuratorate, Shandong Province: I will patiently explain the law and reason with the parties’ incomprehension, and do everything possible to resolve the contradiction. Xing Yiming: If it is really dangerous, I can only say “the law will not give in to lawlessness”! What is justice for the people? Xing Yiming: The justice of the people is great, punishing evil and promoting good, and helping the weak; it is also very specific. It is every case handled, every evidence reviewed, and every fact charged. Luan Jing: The justice of the people in my mind is to enforce the law impartially, and always regard legal faith as the most basic value concept, which is truly engraved in the depths of the soul. Yang Xiaoying: The justice of the people may not be portrayed, but we will perform our duties faithfully and strive to make the people feel fair and just in every judicial case. What do prosecutors look like in the eyes of the actors of “Itinerant Inspection Team”? Don’t miss the Easter eggs at the end of the movie~


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Ahaha, the prosecutor, there must be an occupational disease. Let’s listen to what the family members say? The following is from the family of a prosecutor: “What kind of experience is it like to have a prosecutor’s wife?” “The year I met her, she was less than 20 years old. There were many female students in law school, and there were more beautiful female students. Moreover, she always messed up her hair and looked ordinary, wearing glasses and holding a lot of books The line came hurriedly: “Classmate, you are sitting in my seat!” In the impression, this is as if she said the first words to me. Maybe it was the natural instinct of science students to “provoke” liberal arts students, or maybe it was because I was young and vigorous at the time, and I thought her tone was not so polite. I categorically rejected her request for me to move my seat, and replied provocatively: “This seat belongs to me. In your jargon, it’s called’first occupy’.” I don’t know why. Later, she would stay with me. Maybe it was because we often grab this seat to study for self-study after a quarrel. Maybe it was because I always “challenge” deliberately or unintentionally in order to appear smarter than her liberal arts student. Some of the “legal problems” she searched on the Internet may be because I am “good-looking” or because she is blind. After graduating from law school, she went to work in the procuratorate. “Do you know? I went to the detention center to interrogate the prisoner today.” “I told you, during the court session, someone fainted…” During the time she had just worked, every day she came home like a little sparrow. Twitter, and eagerly want to share the bits and pieces of work with me. At that time, in her eyes, it was a very “cool” thing to interrogate prisoners. It was a very cool thing to go to court with a senior prosecutor. “Cool” things, going to the Public Security Bureau to intervene in advance, and going to the community to find witnesses to make transcripts are all “quite cool” things. But the enthusiasm of this “little sparrow” did not last long. In less than a year, the freshness of work has almost disappeared from her. Instead, she always frowns closely. “Is the person seen in the surveillance him?” “Is there any problem with this appraisal opinion?” “Why is the fatal injury different from the suspect’s account?” At that time, she was still a young and immature assistant. But every day, the case is regarded as a top priority. She always talks about eating and sleeping. Sometimes when we both go out for a walk, she can both look up and look at the surveillance on the side of the road for a long time. “Husband, why did you say that this camera is broken?” She said inexplicably. “Because your light is so dazzling that it flashes blind”, I deliberately “skin” it, trying to make her happy. Unexpectedly, she ignored me at all, walked around the telephone poles, gesticulating with her hands, saying that the suspect should have walked along this route… Soon, she became pregnant, and for a while, she coughed The ground is terrible, I think it’s just a common cold, it should be fine, but she was nervous day and night, and was once haggard. She didn’t say the reason, but I think there must be something abnormal in it. But I asked a few more questions, and she immediately exploded her hair, accusing me of “interrogating” her in a sharp voice. She didn’t “confess” until the child was born healthy. When she was pregnant, she went to the Municipal Prison General Hospital for interrogation. She had contact with tuberculosis patients. After returning, she coughed and worried that she would be passed on. Later, she secretly went to the hospital to check that it was just a common cold. . She is always so stubborn. It made me suffer a lot. For example, she would always call me when she was caught off guard, saying, “Recently, the unit asked her to participate in a project, and she may not be able to go home for a while.” It was not a discussion, and she felt that there was no room for maneuver, she looked like she had decided to go. “Alright alright”. Or, when she didn’t go home late at night, she called: “I have received too many non-sucking cases recently, and I can’t finish it. I slept in the office at night. Remember to send your baby to kindergarten tomorrow morning.” It doesn’t matter what I listen to. I didn’t understand what “non-sucking” means, so I hung up on the other end of the phone, with a beeping sound, accompanied me with a wry smile, watching at home wailing and crying late at night, I’m not sure I’m going to sleep with my mother’s baby…but Occasionally, she would bow her head occasionally. For example, last month, she heard that the unit was recruiting volunteers to work on the front line of the epidemic. “I want to…I, I think I should do something…” The voice on the other end of the phone was very soft, she changed her usual strong and confident look, for fear that I would say “disagree”. “Well, you go.” I didn’t say much. She knew that I was very concerned about her safety and fear of affecting her family, but she didn’t know that what I cared more about was actually her kindness. Thinking back to the first time I met her more than ten years ago, it seemed that I didn’t deliberately pursue her at the time, and she didn’t particularly appreciate me. But the love for her is slowly accumulating with the precipitation of the years. Every time I see her wearing that prosecutorial uniform, every time I see her arguing in the court when she is brave and brave, I feel calm, and every time I see her in the face of right and wrong, she is sincere, kind, and persevering in justice. When I knew, I like her. She is her, she is my only and unique one. She is also her. After putting on her uniform, she is an ordinary member of the many female prosecutors in China. They looked up at the case and looked down at the sky. They are just kind, warm and loving. They have tigers in their hearts and sniff roses. Soon, it’s going to be the Goddess Day again. I wish all the young ladies and big sisters who are struggling in the procuratorial work, a happy holiday. Finally, I would like to ask, what is my experience of being a family member of a female prosecutor? That is, very happy, very happy~ (Of course, this sentence was not written by her holding scissors and pointing to me…) A man who would not give his name even if he died stayed

8 months ago

As early as last year, I posted a video from Yu Hewei, also known as Feng Sen, of the “Itinerant Inspection Team”. From this video, everyone is more or less, can you have new feelings about the word justice and awe-inspiring. What is the foundation of the lines? What is the original sound? Pei Ju’s video 2187 broadcasts Feng Sen’s phrase “Be willing to scrape, to dare to do politics and law.” It is very inspiring, but some ordinary people may say that prosecutors are not so disturbed by the situation and need strong and powerful body support. Before a passionate power, I was able to face like Pinghu’s filthy and sordid, and thunderous in my heart… I will not comment on this kind of thinking. I want to take a free country that I often laughed at as an example. This happened in June last year. Trump fired the sixth prosecutor at his request (Barr): Berman! Since taking office in January 2018, Berman has done his duty and is impartial, investigating and prosecuting a number of Trump’s cronies in accordance with the law, including Trump’s former personal lawyer Cohen, and at the same time investigating another Trump’s private lawyer Giuliani . Two of Giuliani’s business partners were also sued by Berman. Giuliani used to be the mayor of New York City, and later became Trump’s personal lawyer. Berman was suspicious, so what were the consequences of the investigation? The US Department of Justice issued a press release signed by Barr on the evening of the 19th, stating that New York Federal Attorney Berman is “resigning.” Berman subsequently stated that he “did not resign, nor did he intend to resign.” Are you laughing or crying? Is the classic American behavior ridiculous and sad? That’s right, Berman, the prosecutor born in “Free Land”, even though I often laugh at the outrageous practices in that place, but still, it is the same as Feng Sen said: I admire him if he is willing to scrape and dare to do politics and law! I also admire all those warriors who hold swords for justice!

8 months ago

I have done political and legal work for many years, so I think I still have a say on this issue. In the TV series “Itinerant Inspection Team,” Feng Sen said: “If you are willing to go all out, you can dare to do politics and law.” This is certainly an admirable and moving heroism. However, in reality, prosecutors do not always face this kind of desperate situation. They see professionalism, accomplishments, and feelings in the subtleties. When I was a prosecutor, I often labeled myself with high coldness and funny ratio, and felt that my life was a comedy full of bitterness. Although I am an out-and-out tease when I get along with my friends, I often become a serious and cold female prosecutor when facing the client. After being in prosecution for almost three years, I found that I had a tendency to become more and more cold at work. Because the case is too annoying, so I am overly pursuing the efficiency of the case. I hope that the parties I meet will be literate and reasonable, so that they will not be unable to communicate, and there will be no unreasonable troubles, and the case can be quickly closed happily. So when they don’t behave as I expected, sometimes they will be less patient and unbalanced. A small incident happened later that I suddenly discovered that prosecutors also need to have a warm side. At that time, because there were six dangerous driving cases on hand, I planned to finish it in one or two days and call the suspects one by one. When one of the suspects was notified to make the transcript, he told me that he had gone to work outside the city and asked if he could come ten days later. I said that it is too late, which will seriously affect the pace of case handling (the case is still within the deadline), no. When the police office was released on bail and pending trial, it must have been told to accept the summons at any time. He hurriedly said “yes”, and then asked if his friend could come over for him. At this time, I actually felt that he was a bit exaggerated, so I asked him if he could make someone else go to jail for you. He felt that he couldn’t, so he told me about his difficulties. It turned out that he was a master at work and was leading an apprentice. Now the apprentice hasn’t gotten started yet. If he leaves at this time, he must stop working for a few days, which will affect the work process. I was a little shaken, thinking that if it was approved by the public security organ to go to work in other places, it would be convenient, so I asked him if he was approved. The answer is no. I blurted out: I wouldn’t take you so unscrupulously and violate the rules. I also want to find a reason for you to make it easier for you to feel helpless. At that time, I felt that it was impossible for me to promise him to come so many days late, and I started to fill in all the possibilities in my heart, if he didn’t come again then, maybe he made up a reason to lie to me… But when he talked about the difficulties in his family, how important it is for him to make money now, there is really no way he can’t accept the summons right away, but he is guaranteed to show up in my unit ten days later. Suddenly, I felt relieved, and strangely promised him to come ten days later. However, the condition is that they must immediately report to the bail pending enforcement agency and obtain consent. To be honest, after many years as a public prosecutor, I feel that my sympathy is diminishing, so I was able to promise him so many days to come for interrogation at that time, even I was completely surprised. Maybe it’s because I have experienced more, my heart is hardened, and no longer as soft as before, but at the same time I understand that life is not so easy for anyone to live, so I have more empathy. In addition to this incident, I also remembered a little thing I had done before that was quite tender. One time in the detention center, when asked about the date of birth of the criminal suspect, he silently discovered that it was the day before the arraignment’s birthday. So I took the opportunity to educate him: stop breaking the law in the future, or even his birthday can only be spent in the detention center. After the questioning, before being taken away by the police in the detention center, I told him: Happy birthday yesterday! He was surprised, and then smiled happily. I don’t know if I was the only person who told him a happy birthday that year. In fact, the guilty (suspected) person is not the same as the bad guy. Of course, there are many bad guys among them, some are heinous, some despise the law and do not change after repeated instruction, but many of them have accidentally committed crimes, and some have committed sins but know repentance. They deserve our understanding and respect. . Even for the former, we should respect his human rights. I am not admiring blind kindness and overwhelming sympathy. I just feel that the respect of criminal suspects from prosecutors may sometimes inadvertently cause their psychological changes and reverse the situation of the case. So I was thinking, what exactly is a good prosecutor, a good prosecutor? In the past, I felt that I had a solid foundation in law, a strong ability in evidence analysis, and a high level of court appearances and debates. I regarded these as the direction and goal pursued at that time. Later I felt that these were important, but not enough. An excellent public prosecutor must also be able to understand and respect the parties, have humane care, be able to think more empathically, and consider more from the parties’ standpoint. Law can also have warmth; prosecutors can also have warmth.

8 months ago

The image of the prosecutor in the TV series is undoubtedly a symbolic symbol (also artistically shaped) and has a certain degree of authenticity. In reality, in addition to the spirit of “willing to do politics and law”, they are actually just ordinary people around you and me. It is only their special occupation that determines that their work is not ordinary. As far as procuratorial work is concerned, more prosecutor friends may have more say, but I might as well talk about the ordinary prosecutors in the eyes of the legal profession. As far as prosecutors are concerned, it is rare to see them expressing their views on work or life in Moments. Perhaps they are more visible in Moments for three days, or Moments are just forwarding the highest prosecutors, superiors, and originals. Some procuratorial activities or prosecutions of the unit-look cold, but in fact, I know that their lives are also full of stories. They have their own lives. They are also worried about firewood, rice, oil and salt, cheering for things that are happy, and also when they are sad. Express emotions. Let’s start with a little thing about climbing. I climbed Mount Tai last year and climbed Mount Tai at night. Those who have experienced it will know that Mount Tai is not easy to climb, even at night. Stepping up from the narrow stone steps, he hardly dared to look back at the bottom of the mountain. The so-called two tremors, stop and go, sometimes leaning on the fence on the side of the mountain to make way for the people behind, and worry that the people in front will roll down and cause dominoes. At this time, someone needs to cheer and cheer, so that the morale of the climbing team will not collapse, and the four-hour summit flag will roll back. The leader of the team is Xu Ge, a classmate of ours who entered the procuratorate after graduation. Ten years, work and life are easy to change people’s posture, but everyone’s inherent mentality is not easy to change, Xu Ge is still so real and humorous. The prosecutor Feng Sen in “Itinerant Prosecutors Team” said that he would dare to do politics and law only if he was willing to do it all alone. I added that it’s not so mysterious. Work is work. The prosecutors trained by the law school are actually ordinary people. Brother Xu will also shout when he is climbing, brothers rush (then immediately shout by himself, oh brothers, rest. Rest, can’t walk anymore). Although I would take the car key out of my hand like a performance art, then wipe my forehead with a towel, and vomit, “Brothers, please go up the mountain, I’ll wait for you in the car when I get off the mountain”-but there was a noise in the middle of the trip. He was the one who drank the mutton soup, and he was the one who took everyone all the way to the top of Mount Tai. When the younger brother Pang Xiangyu met us at the foot of Mount Tai, he said, brother, how did you feel it at night? A group of brothers cast their gazes on Brother Xu’s face, but Brother Xu smiled. People are real, don’t they? Seeing the details from a young age, I think that mountaineering also hides Brother Xu’s character: funny in life, but tough-even though he occasionally complains, in fact, he will do everything well.

8 months ago

As a prosecutor with a promising future, he has lost his youth, love, and good future in order to find out a seemingly simple suicide case. He has been in prison, beaten, and finally more. It was a bet on his life that finally revealed the corner of darkness. His bravery, his perseverance, his justice and kindness, I think all prosecutors should have qualities. As law enforcement for the people and swordsman for justice, in their daily work, they will naturally be exposed to more dark sides of society than our ordinary people. Here, there are threats, intimidation, temptation, framing, a test of human nature, and pressure from all sides! Apart from their identity as prosecutors, they are also a member of the masses, they also have family parents, wives and children! How to deal with threats and intimidation? When faced with temptation and framing, how should we deal with it? When justice and human nature collide, how can we stick to our heart? “If you are willing to do politics and law alone,” it can be said to be the most essential interpretation of the profession of prosecutors. It also points out the courage and responsibility that prosecutors as law enforcement officers should have when facing a decision. But sometimes, it’s easy to say, but difficult to do! To give up oneself is irresponsibility to the family’s wife and daughter, and to give up is irresponsibility to justice and the people!

8 months ago

There are many prosecutors around me. They are actually ordinary people just like us. They have flesh and blood, have families with wives and children, and worry about their children’s education and medical care. The difference is that prosecutors “do not a simple case, but the lives of others.” The procuratorate made a decision not to prosecute, will I still have a criminal record? How much does it affect me? Wang Xiaozha’s video· 2387 Before playing, I didn’t know much about the procuratorate, but after studying law, I discovered that everything related to law is related to the procuratorate, because the procuratorate is the national legal supervision agency, and the prosecutors of the procuratorate are representatives of justice . In ancient times, the prosecutor was Bao Qingtian. If Bao Qingtian’s face was not dark enough, the moon above his head was not curved enough, and the conscience in his heart was not strong enough, I don’t think anyone would respect Bao Qingtian as the incarnation of fairness and justice, right? In recent years, the procuratorate’s figure has appeared in major newspapers from time to time. In addition to its internal increase in external publicity, I think it is inseparable from the procuratorate’s greater emphasis on procuratorial performance. As the saying goes, the waist is not straight, and you can’t praise it if you want to. The procuratorate is different. The achievements made in the past few years can not be praised enough. The public, especially the parties involved in the case, have a personal experience. The most typical is the activation of the justifiable defense clause. Once the cold words that could only be hung high in the criminal law, after the reversal of the Kunshan Longge case and the Yunnan Tangxue case, legitimate defense has become a consensus widely recognized by the whole society. It turns out that “you are justified when you die” and “you hurt.” You are not effective. Fairness and justice are the simplest pursuit of the law. In addition, there is a new system that saves judicial resources and takes full account of guilt, responsibilities and punishments, as well as procuratorial public interest litigation, civil procuratorial support for migrant workers to recover wages in arrears, and so on. What you can’t see, there are procuratorial organs. Not to mention, the procuratorate will hold a public hearing tomorrow, and is going to invite me to supervise and express my personal opinions by the way. I have to prepare well~

8 months ago

When I heard this sentence, I was shocked, and then I immediately realized: The scene described by this sentence is very dangerous. The danger lies in the danger: if justice always requires political and legal personnel who “willing to slash” to promote and realize it, then the legal system must be problematic, and social contradictions will inevitably be difficult to properly manage. How many politicians and legal personnel in a city are willing to be plucked, even if they don’t want to report the case? Feathers are rare. How many criminal and civil cases occur in a city each year? The sands of the Ganges. The Xu Guangjun case and Huang Sihai case in this play can only be regarded as slightly complicated criminal cases. If the slightly more complicated cases can only be heard correctly and corrected by reluctant political and legal personnel to fill in, then is it that a large number of cases have no chance of being taken seriously? Yes, maybe 99% of the cases don’t need a political and legal person who is willing to pluck. But for that 1%, even if our motherland is outstanding and brilliant, there will be times when the blood is sprinkled, and when the passion is gone. When all the outstanding people are killed and extinct, what will happen to the case? Is there no justice for the people from now on? So I think. The justice of the people cannot be obtained by one or two political and legal personnel who are “willing to slash each other”. Instead, they should follow the established legal rules and procedures, and the just result will be obtained naturally. A politician and legal person should not be “willing to stab him” at all. He should just treat political and legal work as a career to support his family. Go to work on time during the day, and occasionally work overtime at night, just to complete your own work. When I go to work, I occasionally fish on the office computer, and even use the office computer to visit bilibili. In this state, in accordance with established legal rules and execution procedures, he can still stably produce justice without major deviations. Conversely, if the established legal rules and execution procedures do not allow political and legal personnel to stably produce justice in accordance with normal work procedures, then you can only bite the bullet and encourage political and legal personnel: “You must be willing to pluck them all.” Specific to this TV series, I don’t want Feng Sen to appear. What I hope is that the public security organs will investigate the matter to the bottom, and He Shuguo will settle the case while sitting in the office drinking tea. Xu Guangjun will not go to jail, Mi Zhendong was sentenced to death and executed immediately, and the scene of sending the pennant at the beginning will not be staged at all.

8 months ago

Although the topic was aimed at prosecutors, Feng Sen said, “If you are willing to do it all, can you dare to do politics and law.” The judge can be regarded as a police officer, so I will talk about it from the perspective of the former judge. Punishment, namely Lingchi, one of the ancient capital punishments, is what the folks call “a thousand swords and a thousand swords,” and now it means death. In fact, every profession will face the test of life and death. However, the life and death test faced by political and legal work is even greater, especially the criminal investigation department of the public security and the anti-corruption department of the original procuratorate. Criminal investigations face violent crimes. The criminals themselves are desperadoes, or commit crimes in gangs, with guns and knives, killing people like hemp. Not only will you die, but your family will also be endangered. In the face of economic crimes against corruption, criminals may be high-powered. It’s a trivial matter to be able to “money can make ghosts punish you”, and it is possible to commit a crime of malfeasance backhandedly. Compared with the above two departments, the entire court may not be able to find a comparable high-risk department and position. In fact, most of the court rooms do not have high outrageous risks, but high risks are hidden behind every ordinary case, and the real risks are hidden in the hearts of every extreme party. This kind of hidden risk is to some extent even greater than the risk of criminal investigation and anti-corruption. Why do you say that? Because of criminal investigation and anti-corruption, you know what you are doing, who your enemy is, and what methods you might sacrifice. All of these are plain and clear, and you know and act bravely. However, I, an ordinary civil judge, I thought I was just a judge. Whoever provided more solid evidence, more reasoned, and more sincere expression, I would judge the case. I am a court referee, with only the stars and the law above my head, with my conscience and justice alone, I am fearless. However, I am still too young. In an ordinary loan dispute, the couple owed 50,000 yuan for 5 years, and the creditor agreed that the interest was waived and only the principal was repaid, which was a big concession. But the couple froze and disagreed. After the trial is over, mediate again, only willing to pay half of it. How can the creditor be willing? It was told that the sentence would be set a day. At this moment, the man shouted “Death to you”, suddenly took out a bottle of unknown liquid and drank it. The judge hurriedly snatched it and threw a hand. Seek medical attention, paraquat. Friends who don’t know can search to find out what is the concept. Afterwards, I learned that the couple was just acting in a play and wanted to pay a little less. But they don’t know the ferocity of paraquat. In an inheritance dispute, the child was pitiful, his father died early, and his mother worked hard to take the child. The small business made a lot of money from scratch, but unfortunately he left suddenly, leaving a lot of inheritance, and entrusting the child’s uncle to take care of it. Of course, the child’s grandfather’s uncles, uncles, and aunts were dissatisfied, and the man-made inheritance assignments were false and disturbed. Later, the deity of the grandfather also went to battle in person and made a big noise in the court. He stayed at night, did not leave after the door was closed, and did not leave when he called 110. It wasn’t until late at night that he cooperated with the street cadres and sent them home. The reason is that this family firmly believes that the mother of the child had a safe in a certain state-owned bank before his death, and there was a will in the safe, and all the money in the will was given to the aunt. In another case, Zhang San used his power to reimburse himself for some messy expenses, but he was found by the head of the unit to report to the official and sentenced. However, the defendant has been dissatisfied. After completing the legal procedures, he pleaded guilty and served his sentence. After his sentence was released, he began to appeal. After the appeal was rejected, he began to write letters and check in every month. One day when the judge came home from get off work, he always felt a chill on his back on the way. When he turned around suddenly, it was Zhang San. After calling the police, it was discovered that Zhang San not only followed the judge today, he had also followed the president of the grassroots court earlier, and he had also been to the office where the president’s wife was. You said, these small cases in ordinary days, who would have thought that these things would happen again? ! I never taught in law school. Yes, the judge is not a policeman, he is not ready to die! Judge Ma Caiyun of Huilongguan Court of Beijing Changping Court could not think of it, Judge Hao Jian of Zhoujia Court of Shuangcheng District of Harbin could not think of Judge Zhou Chunmei of Hunan High Court… At present, it is conservatively estimated that judges at the basic court handle 200 cases per person each year, and there will be 6000 in 30 years. The case, as long as a madman emerges from it, it’s over. Individuals do not agree to blindly promote any professional group. Three hundred and sixty-five lines are difficult. As long as you choose, you have to accept all of them. The judge is the same. If he chooses, he accepts it. I also hope that the colleagues who have struggled together will protect their bodies and protect their bodies for the sake of their family and the country while upholding fairness and justice. “Only when I am willing to slash, I dare to do politics and law”, showing courage and sadness. This is not good. I hope that I will not be so sad and strong in the future.

8 months ago

To be honest, I haven’t watched this TV show, but when it comes to prosecutors, I think I still have a say, because the elders in the family are the old prosecutors. I don’t remember how many years he has been a prosecutor. Anyway, it seems that I was transferred to another political and legal department after I left home to study. Because they are the prosecutors in charge of criminal cases, the impression of the prosecutors is endless business trips, running all over the country. I definitely can’t take care of it at home. I don’t care about anything and criticize people when I go home. Then it was equipped with a gun. For the first time in my life, I touched a real gun. It was when I was in elementary school. Later, I asked why I could take the gun home, and the answer was that there were no bullets in the gun. The one who never releases bullets is deterrence. I remember calling home once when I was studying, and suddenly he told me about it. One of the principal criminals who dealt with him eight years ago was released from prison after serving his sentence. He came to see him and brought him a bag of apples. I was particularly nervous and asked: You are a prosecutor, what does he see you for? Is it possible to follow you to find home? Have you noticed his whereabouts in particular? Be careful… Then, the answer I got was: You know what a fart! Later, he retired, and a company came to him as a legal counsel. But because there seemed to be an agreement signed before retiring, it was not allowed to engage in related industries, so I refused. However, I still say something from time to time, because I still want to engage in legal-related work. The Civil Code of 2020 came out. When he called home, he specifically told me that you should buy a copy and keep it at home. If you have any questions, you can read it at any time. But I am basically legally blind… When I was studying, he also thought about taking the law major, but he told me that it is difficult to engage in politics and law, and it is even more difficult for girls to engage in law. It is better to learn crafts honestly, because technology is the most free way to eat. Later I became a skilled worker. Occasionally talked about the problem of employment, and it seemed that he also wanted to have another person in his family who specializes in law.

8 months ago

In fact, the law of politics is not so exaggerated. In China, as far as the Public Security Bureau is concerned, about 70% of judicial cases are handled at the grassroots level. For example, in the case of public security, there is a certain proportion of major cases, but most of them are stealing. For some small cases of drug robbery or administrative cases such as family neighborhoods and traffic, the procuratorate generally has more small cases at the grassroots level. In the case of the courts, civil enforcement accounts for a large proportion. Therefore, the integrity of the police and law officers is indeed good, but a large proportion of judicial processing requires perseverance, care and professionalism.

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