The problem itself is a bit one-sided, and only a part of the suggestions has been extracted. When we look at the suggestions, we should not only look at the measures but also the reasons. The following is a report by China Education News: China Education News, Beijing, March 7 (Reporter Jiao Yixuan) “Currently, college students lack emotional education in marriage and love, and most of their understanding of emotions and sex stays at the level of physical hygiene knowledge. Feelings and love frustrations are prone to extreme out of control and even extreme behavior.” Yu Xinwei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Committee, called for the establishment and improvement of the marriage and love education system in colleges and universities. In recent years, there have been many vicious cases of college students caused by love problems. A survey on the mental health of college students shows that emotional marriage and relationship is an important factor that affects the mental health of college students. Many romance novels, TV dramas, and movies are now instilling unrealistic views on love and marriage. Online media reports of officials and entertainment stars’ extramarital affairs, flash marriages, and other negative marriage information, invisibly promote a lot of wrong marriage concepts. These are all subtly affecting college students. “College students are an important talent reserve group in the society. Their views on marriage and love not only reflect the value orientation of individual life, but also represent the development trend of future social marriage and family. Strengthening the marriage and love education of college students is conducive to the harmonious development of the society and the population Quality improvement laid the foundation.” Yu Xinwei said. I marked the original words of Committee Member Yu Xinwei, and these two paragraphs indicate the reasons for the proposal. Through research, Yu Xinwei found that at present, marriage education for marriageable people in my country is still in the preliminary stage of exploration, and the love courses offered by universities are mostly elective courses. How to construct and improve the marriage and love education system for college students has become an urgent problem for universities to solve. This paragraph points to the breaking point of the problem. To this end, she suggested to create a three-dimensional marriage and love education model with school education as the main body, family education assistance, and social education influence. Make marriage and love education a compulsory course for college students, conduct marriage and love education for college students through classroom teaching, special lectures, etc., conduct marriage and relationship education, family relationship, parent-child relationship education, and systematically compile marriage and love education curriculum textbooks based on actual cases. In addition, Yu Xinwei suggested to promote the professionalization, systematization, and standardization of education and training teachers for marriage relationships, family relationships, and parent-child relationships. The Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the All-China Women’s Federation have promoted long-term cooperation between public welfare sex marriage service projects and colleges and universities, improved the professional quality of the marriage and family counseling team, strictly specialized job training and assessment, and provided effective guarantee for college students’ marriage education. The last two paragraphs are measures. It can be seen that when making suggestions, the lack of teachers is also taken into consideration. This proposal aims to solve the psychological problems of college students and the values ​​of marriage and love through the education of marriage relationships, family relationships, and parent-child relationships, with a view to cultivating higher-quality people. In this way, we have probably looked at the whole picture of this proposal. (So ​​I have to say that the operating personnel are in the sky) Next, I will talk about this proposal. I think this suggestion is very good and necessary. This problem does bother many college students, and the suggestion itself does not ignore the shortcomings of the college education system, such as the lack of teachers. Let me talk about the things I noticed, which are actually mentioned in the recommendations. Love itself requires a certain amount of social experience, and many college students are really just students. And the student status means that they have not actually participated in social production work, nor can they experience the pressure after entering the society, let alone falling in love under such pressure. In other words, the group of college students is somewhat separated from the real society itself. Therefore, only education for the above three intimate relationships does not actually have a very good effect. What many college students need is not teaching on intimacy, but a more real, complete and mature understanding of this world and society. After all, intimacy does not only exist between several people who form an intimate relationship, but also depends on this society to function well. And how to increase students’ awareness of society? This requires not only excellent teachers, but also the participation of some enterprises in the society to have a subtle influence and education on students. This is also a dimension mentioned in the proposal: social education influence. As far as my personal experience is concerned, this link is very rare in college education. As a student, I hope that the influence of this dimension can be further expanded, rather than stop at perfunctory internships and lectures.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Human beings generally begin puberty development at the age of twelve or thirteen. You “know people”. You only started marriage and love education in college. Don’t you think it’s too late? By the age of eighteen to ninety or twenty, many children’s abnormal sexual and marriage concepts have been finalized. Don’t you think it’s too late to start education at this time? Do you think that gender issues and marriage issues are like mathematics like physics. If you don’t educate, your children will just wait for you to educate them, instead of starting to scribble savagely on them?

7 months ago

Isn’t this problem simple? The motives and results are similar to the “strengthening of physical education teachers” that the Ministry of Education said a while ago in response to a representative’s proposal to “strengthen masculinity education.” No matter what the initial motivation of the suggestion is, if it is really implemented in colleges and universities, the result must be that each department spends a lot of money, organizes research and meetings several times, and finally researches and decides to open XX courses, and each school sets up teaching and research rooms with several full-time For teachers, an office is set up in the department to take charge, and a special fund is allocated for course research and development, teaching materials procurement, platform development and personnel subsidies. From top to bottom, everyone was very happy. The committee members completed the proposed KPI, and the relevant departments of the ministries and commissions added an additional job function. Universities received new establishments and funds. A large number of unsuccessful civil servants received establishments, and related social outsourcing agencies. Business has been increased, news organizations have reported hot spots, and the traffic of related websites has reached the standard this month. So how do you look at it? Isn’t this part of normal political lobbying activities in normal countries? what? You are wondering whether such a course can solve the fertility problem? Please! It’s useful to do a question, why should the police do it!

7 months ago

Marriage education is a compulsory course and there is nothing wrong with it. There is really no problem at all. Now some people’s views on marriage and love are simply too crooked. However, there is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Who will teach it? Do you expect current university teachers to teach marriage and love? Even if it is not very good, some teachers may have no experience in marriage or love, or have too much experience, so they can say so. Therefore, marriage and love education can be set as a university compulsory course, but you can’t catch the ducks on the shelves. Just find a few teachers to teach, and the teacher’s marriage and love lessons can be prepared so that the students can come and go well. If this marriage and love course is not prepared, it will be hurriedly opened for some other purpose and meaning. I’m afraid that in the end it will become empty talk and become a formality. In marriage and love education, teachers are the most important.

7 months ago

In fact, I would like to say the other way around: there are too many compulsory courses in universities, and there are too few courses directly related to majors and future occupations, and they are diluted. It seems that college students have to worry about everything and love, but when everyone graduates, it seems that what they learn is not so related to work. He thinks this is important, he thinks that is important, and the ultimate pressure is the students themselves. Love, etc., should indeed be a compulsory course in university, that is, you must go to have a relationship with yourself, don’t expect the teacher to teach you. After all, it is possible that the teacher hasn’t figured it out yet.

7 months ago

As a person who has come here, and as a relish mother who always knows and brushes gossip, I think it is necessary. I think some people say that the concept of love in college has been finalized and it is already late! No, it’s not like that! Obviously not married yet, there is still time to save! It’s really too late to talk about divorce after getting married. I have seen many happy marriages and many unhappy marriages. Chinese-style marriage and love are too concealed and unsystematic, which has caused many misfortunes for many people in their lives. Some people find that the object is a G after marriage, some find that the object has a hidden disease after marriage, some find that their spouse is cold after marriage, and some find that the other party does not care about the child after they have children… Countless people know it. Ask questions about bride price, trivial life after marriage, relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, parental issues… Each question has a variety of interesting things to watch. This is not only true in marriage and love, but also in family relationships and raising children. As the respondent of children’s education, I have seen many tragedies caused by ignorance. Many times we hope that parents can work with certificates. If you can also learn how to be parents, do you have a new understanding and expectation of marriage and a new perspective on the relationship between parents? Marriage and raising a family is a very practical knowledge, it is really necessary to learn! What the hell is dating skills? Love a few more times, I personally think you should not pay attention to routines when you are in love! In addition, it is worth noting that I hope that it will be vivid and not just follow the script! Think of a scene where teachers and classmates in a classroom gossiping together, a little look forward to it inexplicably!

7 months ago

First clarify the point of view, it is necessary! As the saying goes, men are afraid of getting into the wrong line and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. From an economic point of view, marriage is more a strategic investment. Marriage failure. Divorce directly means the division of property. This is true regardless of the parties to the marriage. Of course, marriage is also a super-economic behavior. It is not as simple as a single investment and income, but also requires multi-dimensional and multi-faceted consideration. After all, when two people are in love, it is a point-to-point communication. The relationship between each other is relatively simple. Once they decide to get married, the two people live together, which actually becomes a merger between the two people. Because of the closed doors and returning to family life, both sides will be ensnared in each other’s family genes, habits, and even thinking patterns. In fact, marriage planning is not only an idea and concept, but also a technique and strategy. Of course, different people have different knowledge and understanding of marriage and love, but it should form a complete and systematic knowledge system that integrates blind dates, love, marriage, relationship maintenance, and legal assistance, and it should continue to face criticism and corrections. Perfect, so as to provide young people with some guidance and enlightenment. Here is Desperate Jiro, a math teacher who can tell a story, join me to discover a bigger world.

7 months ago

Thanks invite. Sex education hasn’t been fully understood yet, so just fast forward to marriage and love? There are a bunch of egg-selling advertisements in university toilets, and the number of college students infected with HIV has increased tenfold in the past ten years. In the first ten months of 19, 131,000 new HIV infections were reported nationwide, and young students accounted for 2.3%. The total amount is not large, but if calculated on the basis of the population, the probability of infection among students is 41% to 66% higher than that of the entire population. The matter of wearing a condom hasn’t been settled yet. As for unwanted pregnancies, abortions in black clinics, and frequent emergency contraceptives afterwards instead of taking normal contraceptives, there are too many. Just this, get married? When I was in junior high school, I did a proud thing. Back then, I had no money to go to the computer room (now called an Internet cafe). By chance, I found that the computer in the school computer room had 256mb of memory, two of them, and one could still be used if one was unplugged. The boss of Fortune Computer City said it would be 100 yuan. Back then, I was also wild. I went over the wall at five o’clock in the morning and entered the school. I disassembled the phone and pulled out two memory pockets. Taking advantage of no one to go to the teacher’s office again, I want to send back the confiscated “Happy Hero”. It turned out that there was a bundle of books in the corner of the wall, and the cover on the top of the book had four characters: Health, Health and Health. Although they are just various line drawings, they are all naked, organs, and scared. Frightened, I opened the bundle of books and put a book on the desk for each of my classmates. Then he overcame the wall and left school, and returned at seven o’clock, pretending to be all right. It was so lively that day. Our class is the only class in the whole grade that has issued physiological hygiene textbooks. The biggest shortcoming of college students nowadays is not marriage or love, but the most basic sex education. Although a lot has changed over the years, understatement in junior high school and full study in high school are still common. The teacher did not intend to distribute the pile of physiological hygiene textbooks that I stole in junior high school. So many chubby friends entered college. At the age of hormonal explosion, the knowledge of both sexes all came from small movies, and they were overwhelmed by the water. You said that you watched X-art, but many boys and girls watched deliberate performances such as the Coercion series Woodpecker series. Nima is too divorced from reality. Looking at the two books again, the man was taken by the teacher Shui Longjing, and the woman was taken by the teacher Rito Takarai. They all went to the ditch. A lot of blood, extracorporeal ejaculation, contraception, the concept of virginity (by the way, the fishing essay on “Father’s inheritance” a few years ago really killed people), there are all kinds of messy “fantastic ideas”. Going to a university, we can understand gaps in sexual experience, and gaps in sexual knowledge or even confusion are troublesome. Blind chicken neck and kidney is a trivial matter. Abortion and sale of eggs, contagious diseases, and a large number of people’s marriages have long-term shadows on the relationship between the sexes. Professor Peng Xiaohui of Central China Normal University has a sex education course called “Probability of Sexual Science”, which has been open for almost 30 years. As a result, as soon as the professor retires, he will meet again for this course because there is no successor. Many colleges and universities had AIDS test kits, free condoms, and free sanitary napkins. They were removed as soon as they were inspected by the leaders. If this up-and-down ostrich mentality is not resolved, how can sex education be carried out? You just fast forward to marriage? Finally, it is useless to teach marriage and love in universities. Marriage is more complicated than sex. It depends on the family, income, assets, personality, physiology, culture, hobbies, education, and the total social relationship between two people. How do you teach? To tell the truth, if it is to teach marriage law and domestic violence (males will also be domestic violence, they have to learn), then it is not impossible to teach the country’s subsidy policy for marriage and childbirth. However, according to Representative Yu, she advocated teaching the concept of “marriage and love”: “Currently, college students lack emotional education in marriage and love, and most of their understanding of emotion and sex stays at the level of physical hygiene knowledge. When faced with emotional and love frustrations, it is easy to show up. Extremism is out of control, and even extreme behaviors.” It is not about physiology or education about the law, but to form a correct relationship of “marriage, family, parent-child”, is to cooperate with the “Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the National Women’s Federation to promote charity sex marriage services. Long-term cooperation between the project and universities”. This is densely packed, I just look at it in two words: urging marriage.

7 months ago

In fact, there are similar elective courses in universities. In the past, I have experienced and read materials that are very popular and difficult to choose. I am afraid that this is also the reason why it is set as a required course: otherwise there will always be people who regret that they can’t choose it. Love is not about combining theory with practice immediately, but to establish a correct concept of marriage and love, cultivate the sense of responsibility of both sexes in love, learn basic and systematic knowledge of getting along with men and women, and avoid some cases of anti-human fraud and killing pigs. pua or money for the purpose of the relationship. But for this course, I think don’t take the exam, the exam will be boring.

7 months ago

I! ! ! ! I remember that when I was in my freshman year, there was this class. I forgot what the textbook/course was called (I’m really ashamed). I only remember that it was a public class. The first chapter was to teach young people how to deal with broken relationships. I remember that at that time, I was still sighed and felt that the setting of this class is really very real, young people, who still has a love. Now… Does the committee’s proposal mean that this class is no longer available? (Manually embarrassed) o…I still remember that I took a labor technology class in the first year of junior high and taught people how to wash chopsticks: rub many chopsticks side by side. So, after applying this method for many years, I occasionally observed that many young people wash their chopsticks one by one, and they are very confused. Could it be…Are there many people who have taken a labor skill class to teach chopstick washing?

7 months ago

It is recommended to open up early love. Some contemporary parents and educators have a superstition. In high school, junior high school strictly guards against all normal interactions between men and women, even eating a meal together and writing homework together are considered to be premature love, which will affect children’s learning. But after going to university, you can encourage your children to fall in love, go on blind dates, and get married. . This reminds me of a famous lie, “Child, you have to suffer a bit now, you can play casually when you go to college.” The meal requires a bite, and the communication skills and feelings of people also need to be cultivated slowly. In junior high and high school, children can develop normal social skills through so-called early love. In this way, when they arrive at university, their minds gradually go back into marriage and into society. Not everything has to wait until the university to learn again. Similarly, there are financial concepts, sex education, etc. In fact, you have to keep learning at an appropriate age, not at a certain age and then instill it all at once. I want to be the Minister of Education. . . . Otherwise, my little Li will let the children start the puppies class from kindergarten

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