you! Guys! Absolutely! Correct! guess! Do not! To! I! band! Up! What! What! Hahahahahahahaha, I still remember the unbelievable expression of the young lady at customs security. Since it is my first time to go abroad, I am a typical Chinese stomacher. So in my suitcase, there are not only changed clothes, quilts, sheets, quilts and daily necessities. I also brought light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, star anise, aniseed, pepper, bay leaves, cumin, dried red pepper and other condiments. In addition to the above, the most weird thing is that I brought 10 packets of salt! That’s right, it’s salt! [Covers face] Why should I bring salt? Because the country I want to study in is Italy, and my mother happened to have a colleague, and her daughter went to Italy two months earlier than me. She told her mother that Italian salt is the kind of coarse sea salt with very large grains, and there is no fine salt that we eat in daily life. So her mother relayed these words to my mother out of kindness. Of course, we didn’t believe it when we first heard about it. But just in case, my mother bought 10 bags of salt for me. But when I packed my suitcase, I found out that I was carrying too many things. Only a small part of the 10 bags of salt can be stuffed into the suitcase, and the rest can only be packed in a backpack and carried on the plane. So here is the next scene: when my backpack passed the security check, the young lady at the security check quickly noticed the suspicious white crystal item in my backpack. She asked me to open the backpack and check it. I opened the backpack obediently, and the young lady at the security check began to take it out the same way: one bag of salt, two bags of salt, three bags of salt, four bags of salt… (Miss security check’s expression gradually distorted…) Finally all I’m finished, eight bags of salt! The young lady at the security check checked the seal as usual, smelled the odor again, and then asked me: Are you the salt you brought? I nodded: yes. Miss security check: What are you doing with so much salt? Which country are you going to? Me: I go to Italy. Miss security check: Is there no salt in Italy? Me: I don’t know either. I heard that there are all kinds of sea salt in Italy. Without this kind of refined salt, I thought about it just in case, so I brought it. At this moment I heard ruthless ridicule from others around me. The young lady at the security check also looked at me with an incredulous expression, silent and silent. Then said: Then you can put things in. I silently filled all my salt and went in. On the second day in Italy, my friends and I met to go shopping in the supermarket. In the supermarket, I saw Italian salt. There are three types of Italian salt: the first is coarse, large-grained sea salt. The second type is salt that is smaller than sea salt and larger than refined salt. The third type is the refined salt we eat in our daily lives. I looked at the salt, and there were 10,000 grass-mud horses rushing past… and my classmate happened to pass by, and she saw the expression that was difficult to say when I looked at the salt. She sighed, patted my shoulder sympathetically, and said: It’s good, at least you don’t need to buy salt. You can eat it slowly. Me: Later, I gave salt whenever I met. When others meet to give chocolate, I give salt. Before others leave, I will give a souvenir, and I will give salt. When someone comes to the house as a guest to deliver desserts, I deliver salt. When I catch someone, I ask: Hey? Are you short of salt? Others: You just lack the heart. Me: No, it’s salt! Eat the salt! Come and come, give you a bag of salt, take it back and eat it slowly. Others: In the end, only 5 bags of the 10 bags of salt were sent by me. I ate it for 4 years before I finished it. [Cover your face] This is not over yet. A week after I arrived in Italy, my friends asked me to go shopping in a nearby big city. In that big city, we found a Chinese supermarket. In Chinese supermarkets, there are all kinds of soy sauce and old soy sauce, star anise aniseed, and various condiments and condiments. When my classmate saw me looking at soy sauce and dark soy sauce, that faint expression of resentment. She sighed again, patted me on the shoulder and said: It’s good, at least you don’t need to buy it, you can eat it slowly. Me: Besides, when I was in China. The aunt also told my mother that her daughter told her that the Italian aunt’s towel is not easy to use and very expensive. My mother immediately took me to the supermarket and bought me 50 packs of aunt’s towels. When we checked out, the young ladies who lined up at the back came over and asked me: Is this auntie’s towel on sale? I’m not. [Cover your face] As a result, I found out after I arrived in Italy that Italian aunt towels are not only inexpensive and cheap, but they are also the same as Chinese aunts. They have mesh and cotton surfaces and are very comfortable. They are the same as Chinese aunts’ towels. There is no difference at all. So when I was standing in the aunt’s towel section of an Italian supermarket again, looking at the aunt’s towel with an angry expression. My classmates saw my expression again. She sighed and patted my shoulder. When she was about to speak, she realized that I was looking at her. She patted my shoulder again and walked away without saying anything. By coincidence, another classmate saw it at this time, and she ran over with a look of gossip. Ask me: What’s the matter with you? I didn’t answer her, but silently turned my angry eyes back to the aunt’s towel. She looked at me, looked at the aunt’s towel, looked at me, and looked at the aunt’s towel, and then she had a clear expression. She patted me on the shoulder, and said in a comforting tone: It’s okay, at least you don’t have to buy it anymore, you can use it slowly. Me: (I can’t escape, right?! Why are you everywhere!) Finally, from my personal experience, I tell everyone: Don’t be too credulous in what others say!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I went to Canada, the country of maple leaves. To meet the occasion, I bought myself a school bag with a maple leaf pattern on Taobao and brought it to Canada for school (pictured). The maple leaf pattern, again in black, gray and white tones, is in line with my low-key personality and I am very satisfied. I was carrying this schoolbag, and every time I was waiting for the subway, I felt that everyone would look at my bag. Occasionally, a few cool-dressed young people would tell me directly that my bag is beautiful and asked where I bought it. I thought to myself that the people of Canada really love maple leaves, and an ordinary maple leaf pattern schoolbag has been recognized and liked by so many people. I chose this schoolbag too right! Until one day, when I was called out by someone at school, I hurriedly put my schoolbag on the table instead of putting it on the ground as usual. Then after class that day, my roommate (also a classmate) told me what happened after I went out. A boy sitting in the back row saw my schoolbag and cried out, “Damn, whose schoolbag is this, pull it like this!” My roommate girl felt strange, and asked him what he was dragging a schoolbag. . Then, the boy told her–I came to school with a hemp-patterned schoolbag on my back, and I didn’t pull it!

7 months ago

This is not something that happened to me, it was what I heard from my friends. When he was studying abroad, he happened to have a relapse of his shoulders and neck. His mother brought him a pack of things like tiger skin plasters, but he was detained when he went through customs. His English was so spicy that he said no to life and death. Clearly, there is really no other way but to perform: he punches himself; Customs: shocked. He clutched his chest and said: ache! Customs: Shocked. He took out a patch of tiger skin plaster and applied it to his chest. Customs: Shocked. He has a relaxed look: not ache! Customs: Shocked and detained all the tiger skin plasters.

7 months ago

My boyfriend came to the United States with more than 60 salted duck eggs, which happened to be hidden in the trunk of the suitcase. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a greasy salted duck egg while eating instant noodles? However, this man stupidly filled out the customs declaration and blatantly told the officer that I had an animal with an egg on my body. Come and check me… So when we entered the customs, he was honored to be invited to the channel for independent review. .. Finally, according to his words, when the box went through the security check, more than 60 eggs appeared on the screen, distributed in all corners of the box, and the scene was as spectacular as fish roe. After opening the box, all of them were taken out and thrown away… My male ticket was about 1.8 meters tall and almost shed tears for the salted duck eggs. The key point was that he actively helped others find the missing duck eggs while he was heartbroken. Originally hidden in the shoes, in the wash bag, in the pocket of the down jacket, and in various containers, I found out and turned in by myself. There were more than 60 stupefactions but none of them stayed…Plus, come to the United States to study, if not a country school If you do, there will be all kinds of large supermarkets and Asian supermarkets… Don’t bring all the daily necessities and food like you go to Africa for support. For example, when we went to the supermarket, we found very authentic salted duck eggs. They still tasted deliciously. As for those 60 eggs… I hope they have a good time.

7 months ago

When I went to Canada, my parents were afraid that I would be cold, so they brought two thick quilts, a mattress and three beddings. Quilts and mattresses take up a lot of space. Later, it was discovered that in winter, Canada’s indoors couldn’t be covered with thick quilts, because the heating was too strong, and it would be covered with sweat. Mattresses are not needed at all, because the mattresses here can be used to sleep with sheets. But before I left, my parents were arguing over whether to wear a duvet or a silk quilt because they were afraid of freezing me. I felt very heartwarming. It’s almost New Year, can’t go back, miss them.

7 months ago

My family is from Shaanxi, so my mother is good at making all kinds of noodles. The first time I went abroad was to go to school in Australia. Before I left, she made three very big meat dumplings for me as dry food. At four o’clock in the morning, the flight attendant woke up to fill in the immigration card, only to find that he could not bring any food. I took them out in a panic, and they were cold, just outside the window of the first ray of sunlight in the southern hemisphere. I ate one and a half, and forgot to choke and almost fell tears. I hesitated for a long time at the entrance, but threw away the rest. Then I really felt lonely. Really lonely.

7 months ago

During the winter vacation, I was infatuated with the convenient small hot pot. It cost 600 yuan to stuff two boxes of the small hot pot. It was detained at the customs because of the chicken fat in the seasoning bag… At that time, the staff put my hot pot one by one. Take it apart and read the ingredients list one by one. I cried and cried beside me… I was really distressed at the time, because the hot pot was so delicious. I originally dreamed that I could store a cupboard under the envious eyes of my roommate. Eat fragrant hot pot, now my dream is broken. It’s all over. Later, only the vegetarian hot pot from Haidilao was qualified, but I only bought one box of that. So I took the only box of hot pot and two empty boxes, and left the airport sadly.

7 months ago

That day, I travelled a long distance to New Zealand. I was on a 14-hour flight, wearing a thick domestic winter sweater and knee-high boots, pushing a full three suitcases, and lining up to go out of customs against the heat of New Zealand summer. When it was finally my turn, one handbag went into the security inspection device, one box passed the security inspection device, two boxes passed the security inspection device, and three boxes passed the security inspection device, planning to quickly leave the airport and get home to change summer dresses. “Hello, there is an unidentified object in your box, you need to open it for us to check.” A word from the customs drew me back to reality, and my mind was swiftly moving. What should I not bring? ? ? I still know the requirements of New Zealand well? ? ? Have I been back and forth many times? impossible? ? ? Could it be the box of golden jujube that my sister gave me? No. Last year, I also brought a dime of jujube, no problem; could it be that big bag of snacks bought on Taobao? Impossible, there is no meat; could it be those packets of three squirrels? No, I remember you can bring Nuts? ? ? Could it be those boxes of tea? Isn’t it right, tea can always be brought, and I have declared all of them? ? ? So I opened the box containing the red dates. The customs looked at it and said it was not this box; I quickly packed this box and put it aside, opened another box, and said, look, there is nothing in it, it’s all snacks, clothes and cosmetics. The customs took a look, picked up the dried flower bag above, said this, you can’t bring this one! I. . . I bought this at IKEA in China, and it was used for the fragrance in the cabinet. I don’t know if I can’t bring it. . . What to do if you are swollen. . . . The customs picked up my customs declaration form and saw that I checked YES in the “Whether to bring leaves, petals, plant roots, seeds, etc.”, but at the last checkpoint I explained that I brought tea, and he said you Although you checked it, you brought it, but you are referring to tea, not this, you also have to affirm this. . . I wanted to cry without tears. Looking back on that day because Beijing was too cold and there was no place to go, I went to IKEA with my friends. I was embarrassed that I didn’t buy anything, so I bought two packs of flower packs for one person, and thought it would be good. It’s fragrant in the box. . . This is really a thousand-for-all, I really didn’t expect it. . . I bit the bullet and continued to explain. I really don’t know, I didn’t expect at all, and I don’t know why I can’t bring dried petals. The customs said that there are stamens and flower seeds, so this is a kind of seed object that is strictly prohibited! ! ! A bolt from the blue, I know very well that seeds cannot be brought, very serious things that cannot be brought. Last time, a pair of Chinese parents were refused entry because they brought seeds and were repatriated on the spot. . . I had no choice but to look at him weakly, repeatedly explaining that I didn’t know, I didn’t expect it. He held my customs declaration form and my flower bag and ran to his leader for consultation. The leader looked at and said that it was okay to let her go. (Firstly, I clearly declared yes for the corresponding item, and secondly, I have no problem. Record), he warned me that I would not download this one time as an example, and then opened the computer Google this flower on the spot, and explained to me the variety of this flower and why it can’t be brought. I thanked me and entered the country griefly. Seeing the roommate who picked me up at the door, I almost cried. Hahaha, well, not so much, it just makes people wait for a long time.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the experience of an individual. Immigration security check at Chicago Airport found that a Chinese man and woman were carrying “suspicious items”, but they did not speak English. The customs officer glanced at me and pulled me to translate. At that time, I was also afraid of it. Don’t be any explosives. The male owner of the box also came. When I heard, yo, I’m still a fellow in Sichuan. Let me explain to him quickly. Explain what? He opened the suitcase, and I felt a golden nima at that time! A whole suitcase of bacon sausage! Full of Dangdang! ! He said he was planning to go to Denver on a ski holiday. He was afraid that his girlfriend would not be used to Western food, so he brought these sausages and bacon to cook for himself. Admire and admire, I also explained the original text to the customs officers. At that time, I really wanted to ask if I took half of the box and everyone did not exceed the standard. Everyone was happy. But I was afraid of turning around and grabbing me. I was in a hurry to catch the plane and slid away.

7 months ago

There are actually 2k likes, 1,000 times more than my last answer. That little brother didn’t know anything when he went abroad for the first time. He was just 18 on his birthday, and he was actually 16-17 in the senior year of high school. Suddenly, he didn’t have much preparation for going abroad. At that time, I just graduated from high school and went back to college after playing for a whole year. That is the little brother I met at that time. Yes, I am greedy. You know how to drop something on the plane and it’s not delicious. So how can a big pot of sauced beef not make people drool ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah The beef is not guaranteed. Hehe. In addition, moving to my house does not actually mean that. The place that the agent found for him was very cheating. A small room in a warehouse on the ground floor of the house was restricted to bathing in water for no more than five minutes. It was dark and humid, not to mention a room costing 200 dollars. It’s all sky-high. I live in a house shared by everyone. It’s so good that one room is vacant and I called to live together. One room is only 150 and it has everything. It is convenient to go to class. I can do everything I eat and drink by myself, but I get a barbecue from time to time. , Steak or something, the kid who eats flies up. . Later, when I found a girlfriend, I went to find a nest of my own, so I could be more presumptuous. . You know, we have a car, but my brother doesn’t. It’s very convenient to have a car where we live. If you don’t have a car, you can’t find it. . After the little brother came to play several times at home, the trouble didn’t come. At this time, he rushed to change qq to WeChat, and everyone changed to Weibo. . . After he moved away from there, there was not much contact. He got married and saw it in his QQ space, which is good. Friends who say they want to be together, two straight men who are like steel and drink beer by the box are impossible to be together. . . No one really cares if you can’t bring meat on the plane! I once hugged a KFC family bucket outside Pudong Airport, plus all kinds of fruits, and got on the plane all the way. I still remember the shocked look of the flight attendant. My old lady even carried a plane wrapped in salted fish. The Australian Customs is very sensitive to foreign animals and plants, so if you get off the plane, you must not be able to bring them to the customs. Mooncakes with duck eggs can’t be mentioned as beef. –Once I took a plane back to Sydney, and next to him was a sobbing little brother, holding a cauldron, there was a burst of aroma, it was meat! I thought about it, but I was embarrassed to talk to me, so I just sat there, halfway through the little brother quietly opened the lid and got some sauced beef out, eating and eating and crying. I glanced at the good guy roughly, a pot full of beef. When I was about to land, my stomach finally defeated my conscience, so I spoke to my little brother, do you know that meat can’t be brought to customs? The little brother was desperate, saying that his mother was afraid that he had just come homesick and specially brought it to him, so what should I do? I said that if you hide, there will be a dog at the gate. It’s not a face to smell a pot of beef. The drool sitting next to you can’t leave, (wiping his saliva by the way) So that day, you will see a fat man sitting on a crying brother sitting on the steps between the duty-free shop and his checked luggage. These two bottles of Coke and a bottle of vodka, dried up a pot full of sauce beef. . . After eating the beef, I accompanied him out of the customs. I didn’t check the customs. I flipped through my passport and came out. By the way, I kicked away the black-hearted intermediary who picked him up at the airport and asked a friend to send him to his place of residence. Later, I was not satisfied. Came to my house for boarding for more than half a year. During the period, his mother came here and cooked him several pots of sauced beef, which tasted really good. . awesome. Later, I moved out to live with my girlfriend, and gradually lost contact. I heard that I returned to my country and got married. I wished him and his sauced beef.

7 months ago

The Seattle Security Checker took an electric baton and asked me what these white flowers are…just the first year in Canada, my mother was afraid that what I was eating was not nutritious, so she took out the traditional Chinese medicine theory that has been passed down by the Chinese nation for thousands of years and asked me to feed me. So there was a box of walnuts she peeled in my suitcase, which took up half of the suitcase. This is nothing. The key is that the other half of the box contains the barley powder, yam powder, tuckahoe powder…all of which are fine powder of white flowers, packed in food bags. I resisted it when it was pretending. Compared to these heavy and unpalatable things, I obviously wanted to pretend to be some spicy duck necks, and I was stunned with my mother at the time. I was transiting in Seattle that time, and I had to go through the security check again when I boarded the suitcase. I didn’t think too much, I was wearing shoes, and suddenly I was controlled by an uncle at security! –The specific control method is to take away my other shoe… I was confused and wanted to say that this is a female model… Uncle raised my shoe and said, you can’t walk now, your suitcase is a bit Question…I was not afraid at all, there were no prohibited items and I had a clear conscience (˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́) Then they opened my box and saw the white powder at a glance, and I realized that this thing looks like a certain reason Some X is a bit like… Uncle asked me sternly what it was, and I said it was food. The uncle smiled slyly and said, what kind of food~ I shuddered and said, yes, daily food…you can make breakfast, like coffee, brewed, not smoked! The uncle felt bored and said well, let’s see. Then he tore open the bag violently! Plastic food bag, hello! You tore me away, how can I fasten it? Hey! I sprinkled the white flower powder on the ground. Suddenly, I remembered that my mother used a small machine to grind a little bit of powder for me, and it was too rough to grind it several times… Finally, it was all sprinkled like this. I couldn’t help crying at that time, and said aggrieved that this was my mother! personally! Made it for me! food! The uncle was startled, he quickly took out a test paper, dipped some powder from the ground, and measured, scanned, and swept in front of the machine. Finally, the machine rang out a sound that sounded good. Uncle was also very happy to tell me at this time, it’s okay, you can go, but you may not be able to take this thing with you. I quit! My bag is the most expensive wild tuckahoe in the supermarket… This is not the point, the point is that this is my mother’s care! It hurts my heart, it doesn’t matter if I can’t catch the plane, I have to take them away. Later, the uncle looked at me poorly, and found a box in the item box that was detained at the security check, let me put it in, and sealed it for me, before sending me away… It was also that time that I realized those “souvenirs” “The precious barley invigorates the spleen, tuckahoe helps the lungs, yam nourishes qi, mother nourishes the heart. In fact, I don’t regret it at all in the end, just be careful in the future! …At least, mix some other colors in

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