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To be honest, I really like playing with horses. Upon hearing this news, there was a feeling that the second shoe finally fell. I’m very sad, but it’s not surprising that he will retire. On the contrary, there is a faint feeling that it is almost time. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. At this time, Goose asked him to retire from the competition. I believe it was said on the Internet that Goose persuaded him for a long time, but couldn’t help it. As mentioned in another answer, children like Hema cannot be brought up by ordinary families. An elite family where both parents graduated from Harvard is unlikely to agree to a child dropping out of Harvard to make idols. And judging from some fragmentary interviews, his family is a more traditional East Asian family, and his parents’ expectations of him are also very high. Of course, he himself is indeed outstanding-smart and calm, strong in self-control, and not easy to admit defeat. ..Music is his dream, but it does not mean that it is his only dream. Harvard is also his dream. His dreams were never money, name, market, popularity… his parents might allow him to experience life and learn about some Chinese culture (as can be seen from his high school elective Chinese), but his popularity is basically locked after a public school. Debut…it’s most appropriate to retire at this time. Later, there will be suspicion of deceiving feelings. This is a wonderful experience in life, Kazuma, believe you know what you want, come on. Unexpectedly, there are so many sisters who resonate, just add a little more… You can search for photos of family background members of the popular students of the creation camp. You can basically find some information (although I am not interested in searching many people ), even Mika I saw his mother’s INS… But Hema, except for a little very brief introduction released by the company, and his one-meter content from the interview tidbits, I couldn’t find anything. Regardless of the internal network or external network! Explain what? One is that the family does not want to be exposed to the spotlight at all, and the other is that they have the ability to prevent themselves from being exposed.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I hope that many years later, this juvenile journey that started in spring will become the gentlest and warmest time in Hema’s eyes. Time has the sweat of Qinglian and Mika, the friendship of 90 teenagers, and the blessings of countless fans. He graduated from Harvard tomorrow, wearing a suit and walking on Wall Street, don’t forget the beaches and waves of Haihua Island. First of all, my personal point of view is that it is more self-determination to retire from the race, and it has little to do with the management of the agency and the program group. One. Resource replacement theory: Ai Huiyong and horses retreat to goose replacement benefits. Possibility: 40% If it is determined that Ai Hui wants to use Hema to retire from the game and seek resource replacement from Tencent, he must know that Hema’s popularity is still rising rapidly. Although he lacks program exposure, he can rely on retiring to obtain temporary traffic but is away from the program. There are still dozens of days to end. Hema, who is sure to enter the finals, is still in a period of rising popularity. At this juncture, proposing resource replacement is equivalent to selling the investment property when the housing price rises a little bit. If it is indeed a resource replacement, you will have to wait until the peak of popularity with horses before retiring, so the possibility is unlikely. And Aihui itself is a company short of money, and he also hopes that the popularity of the players will rise to the end. Even if he hopes to retire from the race, he hopes that the traffic dividend will be absorbed and then retire instead of now. two. Debut position theory: Use the horse to retire to save other players’ debut position. Possibility: 50% of a large number of friends attacking Goose and Ma to retire in order to keep other players in their debut, it is unlikely. First of all, the foreigner’s debut position itself is the goose’s speech. If the goose suddenly announces that there are only three tracks for foreigners to restore the old system, it will only attract more consent. (Foreign player fans disagree, but domestic player fans must be happy to encourage political correctness.) The royal players who need to protect themselves are all domestic players. It is not necessary to directly restore the rules in order to keep them forcing topical foreign players to retire. Secondly, the second half of the schedule will enter the 1pick stage (voting can only be given to a single person), and the ranking of Aihui’s family of three will definitely be shuffled. At this stage, their fans are all three members of a family to vote together, but if only one person can start the split, the number of votes will begin to dilute. On the contrary, Lin Mo, Liu Yu and even Yin Haoyu behind are a large number of fans. So the ranking of the three people is likely to drop significantly by then, which has often happened in 101 history. Goose does not need to use retirement as a means. Especially when He Ma is still attracting fans and Beijing is still in a meeting, the hype is equivalent to my own brain watts. three. Personal family theory: He Ma quit the program recording because of his personal needs. Possibility: 70% From the beginning of the isolation to the recording today, Hema lived alone in China for more than three months without the use of mobile phones and computers. Although the recording process of the show is interesting and lively, it is still boring and stressful on the whole, especially since it seems that Mika has boiling sheep and Qing Lian has Oscars, and there does not seem to be a particularly strong friendship line with Ma on the island. Although accompanied by Mika and Qing Lian, it is indeed worrying that the current scene analysis and the development of Ma’s friendship story line are very worrying. At the same time, He Ma also revealed in the video that he retired not only to leave the show but also to leave China. Therefore, it can be speculated that there may be an event that requires a return to Japan or the United States. Considering the epidemic isolation on both sides for more than 28 days, the program recording can only be interrupted. Due to privacy protection, we have no way of knowing what it is, but we can pay attention to whether Hema will go abroad immediately after leaving Haihua Island. If you go abroad, it proves that you have family affairs. And taking into account the factor of the double degree of Harvard, if at least one year of suspension after joining the group may be fatal to Hema, who has no desires and desires. For those who can be admitted to Harvard, maybe being a group and making a debut is not that attractive. Although Hema made his debut in Japan for many years, he has always been in a tepid state. The high number of broadcasts on the tubing is basically the base of Japanese fans who are brushed by foreigners. It is said that I started to suspend school in September last year and came to China to record programs at the end of the year. Maybe he didn’t expect that he could go so far in the show. Considering that the United States may switch to classroom teaching and Harvard University’s strict teaching regulations, He Ma should choose the latter in the boy team and Harvard. For him, experience may be higher than traffic. Rather than squeeze out a brother who is chasing dreams, it is better to let yourself, who have already had the intention of landing, withdraw as soon as possible and not become an obstacle to others’ pursuit of dreams. This is why he chose to announce his retirement before the first elimination. He knew he could save one more brother. Regardless of the conspiracy theory, we must know that Hema is still in the stage of attracting fans, Ai Hui itself is also a poor company that has recently burnt out, and Hema’s Harvard degree label is also the only domestic entertainment. . . All these show that various resource replacement theories are unreliable. The brokerage company was so obsessed that Hema would gain more popularity in China. Goose really wanted to do Hema and directly reshuffle the wave fans in the 1pick stage to get the most profit. On the contrary, I hope everyone can understand the difficulties of idols. Hema has been a singer since his debut, and rarely experienced such high-intensity training. For more than three months, he could not touch the outside world, could not meet with his family, and there was also a certain language barrier. Moreover, since the beginning of the show, Hema has never had any storyline to exaggerate injuries, and the recent live broadcast has also participated as usual. It may indeed be a family matter to deal with. You must know that when you leave China and return to the United States or Japan, you will have a quarantine period of at least one month. No kind of programs can be recorded. Even taking a step back, apart from being gentle and kind, how much we know about Hema. Does he really want to be a group? Does he really like the environment where a large number of people come in? Does he really want to sing intense audition songs? . . In fact, many answers are not clear to us. In our eyes, he is perfect but lacks real touch. Rather than panic on conspiracy theories and offensive shows, I hope everyone can pay attention to the students who are still on the island instead of crazy insulting shows. At present, all foreign students are at a high point of life attention and flow, and every moment now is rare for them. We should support and bless them, instead of actively attacking the show to scare away passersby. The group portrait of geese made us meet 90 young and interesting and lovely teenagers. Although we left with the horse temporarily, he will always be part of our spring memory. Compared with the current crazy conspiracy theories and attacking show crews and innocent players, I hope everyone can send blessings and continuous attention to Hema. At least half of the comments currently watched are attacking the show team and the players, but few people are thinking about how to send him off and how to continue to pay attention to protect him. You are not a hippo from the zoo, you are Kazuma from Japan.

8 months ago

I retired from the race with the horse, which is regrettable but understandable. Imagine that for a Harvard University economics student, there are too many options in life. Don’t talk about participating in Genesis 4. I’m afraid that debuting in Japan is just a life experience, like going to China to exchange, travel to Southeast Asia, and teach in Africa… For him, this must not be the beginning of a lifetime career, but Dispensable, add lustre to the foothold. Most viewers may not realize that the competition with Ma is like a summer school, a summertime crush. It allows you to meet all kinds of people briefly and densely, breaking all the restrictions of regional identity tags, and making you think you are Stable, predictable, and homogeneous. However, the fact that you only met briefly in this time period in this time and space gave you an illusion. That’s right, when can you see a serious Harvard student who can sing, dance and sell cute treasures to provide emotional value for you? Not surprisingly, after ten or twenty years, Hema’s life should be more prosperous than most of the 90 students here. The regrets and dissatisfaction at this moment will soon be washed away by reality. After experiencing the tsunami-like shocks, one line after another will return to its own track and follow its own trajectory, no matter how many promised reunion or not. Will forget. When the summer camp is over, those short highlights of life are over. After returning to the ordinary and monotonous daily life, the days of youth will still more or less leave traces. No matter what reason he left, he deserves to be respected. He has the freedom to decide whether he wants to stay. If for some reason, he is destined to leave, then his early goodbye is also a kind of thoughtfulness. Just like feelings that know that there is no ending, or a story that shouldn’t be dragged, isn’t it also a good ending to say goodbye in a cool and unrestrained way when parting? Even if you wait for the higher and higher jz, the closer and closer debut, and the ever-expanding and irreconcilable conflicts, choosing to get off at this moment is undoubtedly the right decision. After speaking emotionally, let’s make a rational guess. Regardless of family reasons, it is difficult for Hema to continue the current GAP of Harvard’s online courses for a long time, especially for him that he has not devoted himself to the goal of the entertainment industry. He is basically locked in his debut position, but a long-term contract after his subsequent debut is almost impossible. Of course, he can also choose to go back to study after the travel of Chuang 4 in the past few months, but on the one hand, the cost of fan investment, the anxiety of occupying the debut position, and perhaps the pressure from many parties make it difficult for him to continue. Right. As for why yesterday’s live broadcast was still in high spirits, and I retired suddenly today, it may also be due to some external impact. But it may still be the same sentence. For those who are destined to leave, it is not a question of whether to leave or not, it is just a matter of time. I wish a bright future. Wish you get what you want.

8 months ago

I don’t think everyone should over-guess. Goose can’t get along with real money. If it is really an internal operation, why not stay in the second half of the game and withdraw? Wouldn’t it make more money? Why did you close the internet so early? And Hema is a very popular player. He can also help the ratings. If you want to leave, you must use all of them before leaving. Why do you use half to let people leave? Why do geese block their own money when they have money? So I personally tend to really be family reasons. Supplement: Because the comment area still has a lot of questions about this aspect, I think it tastes like a conspiracy theory. I think to be honest, with Ma Harvard’s degree, for him, his debut is definitely not the best choice in his life. You know, what position the Harvard graduates are, it is certainly not the position of selling labor in front of the stage, but the position of strategizing behind the scenes. Such as politicians dalao, Wall Street executives and so on. As far as Hema’s personal wishes are concerned, even if he is willing to make his debut in China, it is really difficult for his parents not to stop him. Don’t want to get a boy team while leaving a bright future for the Harvard graduates? Which one is lighter and whoever is the most important one must have a clear judgment. So from the point of view of personal choice, he chose to leave and he was completely talking about the past. After all, for others, the boy group debut is not the most preferred, and may even be the worst choice… At the same time, I think many likes can be rushed. It was an accident to retire with the horse, but there will definitely be someone in his empty position. At present, Mika should be stable, and Riki has a better chance. The last edition of the editing was not friendly to many likes. For example, his ability to lead the group and the problem of integrating into the group laid the foreshadowing and damaged the passers-by. The situation in the previous foreign line was that Mikhail Zando and Ma Sijia were very good, plus a concubine. But from the editing point of view, Mikhail Maru is more goose-inclined, and Hema is closely followed by fans to be able to beat the goose and also wait and see, Zanduo is a little less optimistic. Now as soon as he walks with Ma, Zanduo has the opportunity to rush to see how many foreign positions the goose has left. If there are three, there is no way, but if there are four, if the fans keep up, it is very hopeful. (Rikizan Domikagatai) Goose’s international mission is to open up the international market. After all, Goose has successfully acquired shares in Global. And in recent years, Goose has been stepping up efforts to open up overseas markets. Goose needs a team that can fight to help open up the international market. Therefore, I personally feel that I will not necessarily be disappointed if I have the strength. Zanduo rush for a fight, don’t waste this opportunity. I don’t know which strength to give to him if it is wasted. Let’s join hands with Zandori Maru to debut!!!

8 months ago

My undergraduate and graduate student in the United States is now in Boston. In fact, since the rankings have risen so much since the previous two days, I was discussing this with my friends around me. As far as I know, Hema has now suspended school for one semester. The new semester starting in February is still in suspension, so I can participate in innovation. He didn’t expect to make his debut, who knew he had gained so much love. However, American university management is very strict. In a situation like Hema, he can’t make his debut while studying. Harvard has a lot of classes and he is still under double degree competition. Even if he is studying full-time, he still has to stay up all night. Don’t talk about part-time work. Half-read. The second and most important thing is that American universities don’t talk about Harvard. Many top schools do not allow this kind of reading method. The second is to continue to suspend school until the group is disbanded. I discussed with my surrounding students about their school policies. Most schools support and encourage a one-year leave of absence to experience life, but if you make a debut, you will be taking a leave of absence for at least another year and a half. It is impossible for them to allow students to do this for a school like Harvard in a year and a half. So if he wants to make his debut with Ma, he has to quit school, please. But it’s Harvard. The family doesn’t support it. In fact, it’s understandable. If it’s my child, I might also want him to finish his studies first instead of making his debut. Self-certification of the photo, you know all about love, believe it or not

8 months ago

I heard that it’s impossible to give all three spots for the debut to the Japanese. At the beginning, I thought that a family of three should be leaving at the end of the game, because they had a group in China, and it’s not too popular to make their debut in China. Foreigners can only serve as a foil for the Chinese team members to consume people. Thinking about it, it will be tiring and troublesome, but I didn’t expect to be with Ma so early? ? ? I like his looks so much! ! ! The face value is definitely the highest in the entire show. I don’t have the motivation to chase it anymore. When I was in the second installment, I was still thinking about being with the horse. I really don’t want any of them to stay in China alone. Anyway, I am a fan of Intersection. I don’t know how to vote in the future. I originally thought that if I really want to make a debut, there are so few places and I will try to send both Mika and Ma to a companion. My heart is broken now. In the future, I will seriously support Mika Qinglian, but I support all their choices.

8 months ago

I just reviewed the game. I think it was really unexpected to retire from the race. I still think that the goose wants to be with the horse more than Mika. This year’s appearance and high education are not so many that they can be discarded at will. If Ai Hui talked to Goose and broke his debut position, he could just take back Ai Hui’s five sons like Lehua had turned his face, and play in a single group in China. After all, if he tears his face, he will dismantle the stage to the end… 1. If Ai Hui Can’t get a seat, feel dissatisfied, and have the ability to leave halfway through and start anew, smashing the show. There are still a bunch of music copyrights on hand, and the balance after the debut is definitely not yet settled. 2. The goose left Aihui Wuzi and watched a happy comedian on this show. The show’s big hit Ai Hui is the best gmv. Even if you really want to play Ai back, you can choose to go before the finals. The show is over, and there will be another paste group. Anyway, two have already been paste. You don’t need to tell Ai Hui at this time, the master is just going to prostitute you, this one is gone. Annoyed Ai back, triggering all members to speed up the retirement. Goose should not be so brainless. It is the last moment even if it is going to be tricky. In summary, my tendency to do this is indeed probably an accident. In addition, Harvard should not be able to accept GAP3 years. The family call makes sense. After all, Harvard students are not picked from the tree. If it is really because of Tan’s collapse, Ai Hui’s five sons should be withdrawn immediately, and there will be no TVXQ songs in the performance. Could it be half collapsed? will not. If you want to collapse, you will collapse, otherwise, will you leave two dance kings there to give dance lessons? When 101 ran 3, 3 of them ran together. Finally, 3 of them stayed together after the talks were made. Regardless of the actual situation, everyone is still a 101st team member. There are a lot of things in the name. So either continue the soft game without breaking down, or all breaking up. Such a midway departure will be a double loss to the Goose and Ai Hui. Ai Hui does not have to make any concessions to Ai Hui if he misses the players on the last track and makes wedding dresses for others. What will be the impact this time? great influence! He Ma’s retirement will make Mika a steady advance, but it will also directly affect many people. For example, the facade problem: the Thai Xiao Jiu directly entered Yin Haoyu without any drama, and we will see Zanduo start to fill the facade with semi-permanent makeup and hair. The rankings of Gan Wangxing and Zhou Keyu are about to rise a little more. For example, the issue of translation and academic qualifications: ak Liu Zhang, as a high-edition and translation reserve force, must strive to top it. Oscar went straight out. The vocal track of domestic players is about to start rolling. Wu Yuheng’s performance will be very important. After all, he is the best looking and cutest vocal left (if he can count as a vocal).

8 months ago

Shocked, shocked. See what I got at night! I just ate a melon from Ai Hui this morning, and then I asked a question about my international debut position in Zhihu, and I also talked to a friend about withdrawal, ticket squeeze or bad cuts. First of all, the reason is that I ate a melon somewhere this morning and said that Riki has a debut position for the time being. The company tied him with Zando, and the three at the intersection were also tied. This is the original company’s will, but the goose There are not many international debut positions, so it is impossible to occupy five debut positions, so the goose is under consideration. Either make a group debut, or not make a debut at all. If you want to split, it depends on how you talk with Ai Hui. Maybe Ai Hui thinks it’s not bad for everyone to go back to the original group with a wave of heat? In the beginning, I felt that they might have come to have more fun, and didn’t want to split up to make their debut in China. After all, those three are still more casual. I feel that idols should be more interested, not necessarily always being a career, and feelings. Very deep. Zandoriki also has good achievements in his own field. You don’t need to be an idol to eat, but there are still many restrictions on his debut in domestic entertainment, and he certainly can’t be as free as before. It depends on how they choose between the two ends, whichever is more important. But after watching the words in the show and the constant brainwashing of everyone,I also gradually feel that they just want to make their debut, and I really want to make their debut! We must work hard to make their debut! As a result, now… I am lost. I began to wonder if they wanted to make a debut, and whether their company wanted to make a debut. I just saw a comment from a netizen saying that there are not many photos of Hema, and the story line is not very edited. They thought that the popularity should not be very high, and they can’t make their debut. Looking at the current situation, I’m afraid that the situation will be uncontrollable. Retired. I saw it and felt it made sense. In that case, what about Mika and Qing Lian, do they have similar ideas behind them? If this is the case, follow-up… Besides, Mikazando is so popular nowadays, and the other ones are not low. Goose must have a headache. Even if I discuss the options with Ai Hui, how to deal with the aftermath is also a problem. Just a few operations and withdraw from the game. Press votes. Evil cut. I already had that kind of hunch, but I didn’t expect to come so quickly with the horse. Let’s look at it next, the other four feel that they can’t escape one or more of those three operations. No matter what they think and behind them, Goose shouldn’t let them keep their status quo and make their debut. If Ai Hui is really tied up, the best thing is for Zandori Pill to make his debut together, otherwise he won’t make his debut. If it can be split, it is probably a matter of popularity. Anyway, at the beginning of the show, I felt that Ai Hui’s five sons were not stable, that is, the company’s goose and the instability of the players about the uncertainty of whether they are willing to debut. This is because other Japanese players or Thai players did not let it. I feel it. Some are afraid of the future development. It is estimated that Zandomika, who has already reached the top, cannot be solved by pressing votes and evil cuts. If it doesn’t work, there is only one way to retire. After a bit of a brain replenishment, the Tencent boss thought that he had a lot of confidence and jumped up and asked the little brother Ai Hui who was tragically devastated and said: Anyway, I am just such a debut, you choose yourself! Then the aftermath work (reason for withdrawal) is also solved by yourself, this boss is too lazy to manage! Otherwise, don’t even want to make a debut (to make money)! But if the fan’s money really flows into the original company’s pocket, will the original company be hard-pressed? Just look at it short-sightedly, run away after rolling up the money, and still be unable to make a debut!

8 months ago

Probably as expected. The next conclusion, I feel that the reason for retiring from the race is true, and the probability of being forced to retire is extremely small. First of all, if it is forced to retire by the program group, this time point is very unreasonable. Genesis 4 did not chase the stars like even practice. Instead, it repeatedly jumped horizontally in the mud and not mud. At this time, the program group operated a popular player to retire. This is simply an operation to quench thirst by drinking poison, unless he completely breaks the pot behind him. This is obviously impossible. After all, Goose still has several popular players, far from the end of the road, and it is extremely irrational in terms of program planning. Secondly, if it is said that the company or the goose retired the match with the horse in order to make their debut, the timing is not reasonable. Although there are rumors that foreigners have 3-4 debut positions, no one can say that they have made their debut. There are still disputes among the families. After the first public, the benefits are far less than the second or even the third. . After all, everyone is still watching Yi Gong, and Ai Hui Wuzi, including Hema, has been in the upper ranks of popularity, basically steadily advancing into the second and even the third. The jz capabilities of these companies are also obvious to all. If you retire for the purpose of the debut position, it will be more beneficial to the Goose and Aihui after the second and third men who have more influence on the debut position. Not only can you make more money, but you can also abuse fans. What is more uncomfortable than success but failure. At the same time, they are even more able to abuse other wgr fans. After all, no one wants to let their idol be manipulated when they are about to succeed. At that time, JZ estimated that it went up to the sky like a rocket. Now that the players are retiring from the game, although the players are also actively playing, there is still a gap between the intensity and the final critical moment. After all, the side of the debut has not been touched. It is not comparable to the three males, the debut is close The sense of urgency in front of me. Then, Hema is from Harvard, and the gap has been for a year. When he came, He Ma said that he came to accompany Mika Qing Lian, so he didn’t comment on his desire to debut. But, Harvard! Harvard! Harvard! He is also a dual degree in economics and art. Is the academic pressure of the world’s top schools a joke? Haven’t you heard of Harvard’s four o’clock in the morning library? Although it may not be true, the academic pressure is obvious to all, and you can get an idea if you go to a first-class university in China. What’s more, although Goose is going to be an international group, it is clear that its main business scope is still in Asia. Hema is studying in the United States, and it is too difficult to balance both academics and performing arts. Adding to the rumors, it seems that this group will be signed for 5 years…Finally, although it is a pity not to be able to see Hema in Chuang afterwards, I still look forward to Hema returning to Harvard. Think of the great success with Ma at Harvard, no better than the peak when Goose debuted. With such a superior background and outstanding talents like Hema, where can’t shine, why be a little idol. In this world, Hema is actually a high-end player, alas, I hope he will take a more sophisticated path. Even if he wants to make his debut later, he will be far better than his current debut, and his thoughts and abilities will be improved, and he will be even better. In the end, I hope that I will have a happy and happy life with Ma, and I also hope that the girls from all walks of life who are chasing stars will study hard and follow the stars moderately. I’m talking about myself, study hard, have a degree of chasing stars, don’t be addicted!

8 months ago

I have always laughed at myself as a show fan with no emotions, and I started out because of the storyline of the joyous comedian. But then, when I watched the show, my eyes were always looking for the lens of Hema. A big boy who is smart, handsome and a bit stinky is really attractive. I used his English interview video to practice English listening; watched his pen-hold shot and laughed with his roommate, and said that he looked like an emoji expression; his koi picture was used as a desktop cheer for classmates who took the postgraduate entrance examination. It’s very useful for Harvard to make a wish; when I read the news about the retiring of the horse in wb before going to bed last night, I went to the db group to read various gossips, madly comforting myself that I would not be able to retire. Round it, I can still see kaz; just before the retiring news came out, I and my friend sent his koi picture, telling her that Harvard’s sweet brother imported Pleasant Goat can bless her success in the examination and training. Then I remembered that I haven’t voted for him today. I have always said that I am a ruthless show fan who can’t really feel the truth, but I have already planned to vote for Hema all the time. Although it is a student party, I still think about whether to give kaz a shot at the final one pick stage. Although he laughed and comforted the roommate of Pick and Ma like me, the younger brother could go back to school even if he didn’t make his debut, so why let the goose delay him, but when he found out that he really couldn’t see him, he was still so sad. Seeing some sisters in the group madly said that they would vote for smm ljx and others, I even thought about it a little bit. Then think about it again, why give the goose this heat, Gen 4 will not chase it, the goose of the fully automatic draft, goodbye you.

8 months ago

I feel so powerless after seeing it. Whether it’s a family of three, Ma Qinglian, or Drunken Punch with a horse and Drunken Punch with a horse, Mika King Mika King… It seems that all the joys in the early stage are short and fragile. Riki said that he has not yet figured out the relationship between strength and popularity, but it seems that strength and popularity are not decisive. No matter how many people like them, no matter how many people want to see the stage where their gods are fighting, the audience sitting in front of them is hoarse, and it’s useless. Whoever sits behind can decide the so-called royal family with a finger. This is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that this happens all the time.

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