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This is a good show. The Chinese not only watch the show, but also always pay attention to linking Britain and the British royal family with racism, imperialism, and colonialism. There has been such a noise yesterday, and all kinds of criticisms are endless. why? Do things in Hong Kong still need to be explained? Megan needn’t say much, I want to talk about Harry. Getting married makes the wife want to commit suicide, makes the children racially discriminated, and makes the family under attack. You say that I am true love. I am not she who does not marry? I think you have been pua to the extreme. You have no responsibility and no responsibility at all. Are you taking revenge for your mother or paying for the turmoil in your youth? Your head is also bald, and you are no longer the object of thousands of young girls’ nympho, you are essentially a giant baby, but unfortunately there is no mother to rely on you. sympathy? Is that sympathy too much? He was not at all miserable, complaining about why his family didn’t give himself a piece of the pie, not why your family should eat meat. Why didn’t the female boxer come out and hammer him to death? I saw a wonderful comment yesterday that the royal family is a racist ceo, great! What has the UK done in the past three hundred years, and how much of the chaos in the world today is the legacy of this shit stick? Still pretending to be like a white lotus, continue to stir. China’s counterattack has always been weak. This is not the American remarried black actress. It is simply a natural assist. This nest of colonialism, imperialism, and racism, which has never expressed a trace of apology, is once again revealed to people. Comrades, this is shaking the country’s foundation! How many leftists in the UK have come forward! Only by catching these black histories that are still widely left to criticize, can we get to the point! Some Chinese have not cut off the braids in their hearts, and some are addicted to watching too much Gongdou Opera, and they naturally feel intimacy with the royal family in Europe. They often perform, but basically they all play badly. Needless to say, Prince Cha’s extramarital affairs are raging, but his father didn’t cheat? Still an old racist! Squinting your eyes, can you still round the field for him. Is it British humor? Goodbye, he is a descendant of the fallen Greek royal family. Belgium has never liquidated Leopold II, who had done all the bad things in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Albert II jumped out by himself. It is not an old hooligan who has an extramarital affair and left an illegitimate daughter. Not to mention the former king of Spain who was so corrupt and treasoned to flee the country. Did the Spanish royal government say anything? They also had a very good life, and even got wealthy and sick and had an unpleasant life. Such actresses should be allowed to expose the scandals of the corrupt aristocrats, and embarrass those Chinese (including Hong Kong people) who can’t cut their braids in their hearts. As for Gong Dou, as for what the actress and her soft-dandy husband want, this kind of boring soap melon is nothing to eat.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

These two guys are really disgusting. They didn’t know about the royal family before we got married…. When we are in love, we will always ask about the family affairs of the partner. We talked about the news that the royal family did not go through the news. Anna’s mistakes… Diana was because of Charles’ derailment in marriage, the marriage of three people… What is Meghan, it’s normal to marry a prince to be gossiped, let alone a serious British prince, marry a rich man in the village. The second generation will also be gossiped at the beginning. Okay, Megan, a Hollywood 18th-line actress, doesn’t understand this?! Lie! After that, the royal family also wanted to quit, and the interview was also to be accepted by themselves. It was a thousand miles away from Diana, and the royal family treated them and William Kate differently. The couple, William and Kate, want to inherit the throne. Assholes like us who occasionally brush up on costume dramas understand that the crown prince is different from the average prince, and must have a different weight in the royal family. Racial discrimination is also mentioned… This is a bit on the line, and the royal family accepts Megan to marry. Can they not think that her son will have black ancestry? ? ? ! Harry said that there was security since he was born. He announced that he would withdraw from the royal family, and the royal family removed the security. The audience looked dumbfounded. You are going to retreat from the royal family. What’s the problem with the royal family withdrawing your own things? Are you retreating or not retreating? The couple don’t want to take responsibility and want to enjoy the obligations. Although the British royal family is wrong with Diana and Andrew, but in terms of Harry, the royal family’s handling is no problem.

8 months ago

Haha, you have to keep your royal title for yourself, you have to not be restricted by the royal family, and you have to enjoy the privileges. You always use skin color and racial discrimination to play the weak. Britain is not good, so the ridiculous and expensive America is paradise, and there is no racial discrimination. Up? If the royal family really discriminates against you as a black person, it will be over if you don’t agree to the marriage. As for the big wedding, just to make money? Can this be sprayed out? He took Diana out again to say something, have you eaten Diana for the rest of your life?

8 months ago

Those who talk about the spiritual feudal system are really drunk, haha, all of them come out and say Harry Megan and they are so brave to promote freedom, afraid that they don’t know the national conditions of the United Kingdom and automatically take their own ideas. Why Harry Megan are being scolded so badly now is not because they want to quit the royal family and want to ask for money from the royal family, then isn’t this very stigmatizing with their idea of ​​economic independence and freedom? And the one I despise the most is Harry. Although I understand that the pain of losing a mother in a young age does have a lifetime impact, don’t use the death of a mother to gain sympathy and attention. His duty is that the royal family is the face of the country. In the end, Megan wanted to be famous and wanted to be free. Isn’t he typical and standing? With a free mindset, marrying into a country that pays attention to appearance and doing so many messy things, does anyone like her? If you really think she is so good, then why are there so many revelations? The problem obviously lies with her!

8 months ago

After reading Megan’s interview, I feel that this marriage is a contradiction caused by the out-and-out “wrong door and wrong household”. Megan is an American, natural sex free, and the realization of self-worth is more important than anything else. The royal family is so serious that it is impossible to support her high-profile behavior. The royal family means that if you do what we say, we will protect you. Megan felt that if you didn’t let me go my own way, I would be depressed and would commit suicide. She publicly refused to attend Trump’s reception, and she went to New York to attend a high-profile baby shower. Really, it was very eye-catching. It made the royal family difficult to be a human being. How to protect her? But Harry is really a good husband. They may be soul mates with such consistent three views, or Harry will break with her family just to protect her. In any case, the husband is like this, so what a husband can do! Also, can you two not live in such an expensive house and say that your life is difficult? ? ? I really want to cut you two.

8 months ago

Stripped of descent, title, family, affection and other factors, the British royal family is actually more like a big company. And the queen, the crown prince, the prince, the princess and the like are all a job, facade + propaganda + diplomacy + religion. And it’s a life-long job, 007, can’t resign. This job requires everyone to strictly self-discipline and follow all rules, otherwise the consequences will be serious. Of course, the salary is also exceptionally good, and it is extremely difficult to get a job. Some people are fooled into entering in a ignorant way, or they may find that they are different from what they imagined after entering, and regret it. Such as Princess Diana. Some people have no choice. They are born in this environment and have to take up the job, whether they like it or not. For example, Prince Harry. This is really unfair to Prince Harry. After all, the British royal family is not really powerful… (Of course, in the eyes of us poor people, this situation is also full of food and support… If you give it to me, I will!) It’s normal that you don’t like to do a job and want to quit. It’s normal to want some compensation after resignation. But after resigning, I still want to pay the same monthly salary as before, which is a bit too much. Now a new employee finds that the environment is not good after entering the company, and encourages an old employee to quit and make trouble with him. After asking to resign, do nothing and raise the salary by one level. Desperately discredit the former work unit outside in order to achieve the goal. I also have to let my sons and daughters continue to work in the future. Personally, I think it’s a bit too much. Reasonable compensation and self-reliance. Anyway, the title of the royal family is deprived, and they will not be deprived of their stories. There is still traffic and money can be made. It’s just a little bit less… Finally, I have a plan! Prince Harry, you give me the title, I will help you fulfill your obligations, and you can fly freely. In this way, I can inherit the throne in my family! In the end, Prince Harry is really a silly white sweet who has been pua…

8 months ago

You just need to change their sexuality, throw away these royal titles, and you will understand them, a beautiful villain, a non-beautiful villain, a free, equal and independent; one in a certain system, the traditional and the beautiful villain. Man fished a non-beautiful traitor, ate for nothing in her house, and did nothing, but made a lot of money with his identity, and said to her: Your physique is wrong! not free! Feudal despotism! Racial discrimination! Come with me and breathe free air! The non-beautiful villain said: Good! Then the two took up the money and left. The non-beautiful adulterous said “I didn’t know myself in my physique before” how nice! What a classic plot (dog head)

8 months ago

As a successor to communism, the vision is just a bunch of feudal chief vampires. Did the royal family benefit from fighting the Opium War? ! Don’t believe it without you. To colonize Hong Kong, the royal family has taxes to support it. Did the Queen of England not know about messing up Hong Kong? ! Impossible, reviewing so many documents every day! Every year, the Queen of England spends a budget on public relations and uploads to the We-Media official account (the British newspaper sister and the British are all about the Queen’s mindlessly all day long), and they have their shadows down to the cartoon Peppa Pig. But the British royal family represents reaction and decay. Huaxin Andy has a close relationship with Epstein and frequently cares about Lolita. Now he is not extradited or prosecuted because of his shit royal status. The Queen of England only banned him from attending all public activities. He was fined three glasses of alcohol… Nothing else is mentioned. In short, without the royal status, no one will lose except this family. As for Harry and his wife, just do whatever you want, the more embarrassing the royal family, the happier I am

8 months ago

1. If racism is true, she will try to separate her and Harry, such as the queen’s uncle and the queen’s sister. There is a lesson here, there is no saying that the royal family discriminates but it still accepts it. 2. Emphasize that there is no charge for the talk show, in order to show your determination to clarify. How tea smells in tea? The premiere rights of this talk show are several million dollars, but you Megan gave it away for nothing? Didn’t take the cash anymore, what about other exchanges of benefits? 3. Don’t want to live anymore. This matter was a two-way choice from the very beginning, without forcing you to enter the royal family. The royal family is difficult, it is depressive, it can be seen from Diana, you just want to be free you should let Harry leave the royal family first, and then marry him. Now he obviously wanted fame and fortune and freedom, but was rejected by the royal family. 4. When Megan first got married, both the media and the royal family welcomed her. There is no dislike for no reason in the world. Combined with the recent incidents of bullying employees, it is worth thinking about the reasons. 5. Archie has not been named a prince. Only the king’s grandson and the grandson’s children will be named princes and princesses. When Charles comes to the throne, Archie will automatically become a prince. There is no exclusion of people of color. 6. Said that he never knew or heard of the royal family. is it? I do not believe. 7. Race cards. Others complained that Megan bullied employees at any rate, and there is evidence. Anyway, I don’t believe it. Let her go out to play today that didn’t suit her, okay, discriminatory; tomorrow I won’t give Archite a prince, okay, discriminatory; the day after tomorrow, if she doesn’t follow their requirements, she will still be given royal allowances when she quit the royal family, okay, discriminatory. As an American from the worst country in zzzq, can she not know that the moment this card is played, the masses will only condemn the discrimination of the British royal family rather than whether the discrimination itself has occurred? She knows, but she doesn’t care.

8 months ago

It’s a good time to have a big belly! It is assumed that the royal family will not dare to fight back fiercely at this time, then the hat will be buckled, and the persecuted and forced to leave will stand up, and in the future will sell an image of pursuing freedom and resisting oppression. No matter what the hell he made his husband’s house black (betraying her husband, she really doesn’t care about Harry’s situation), no matter whether his royal system can continue in Britain! If the royal family dared to fight back, the child in this belly might be gone. At that time, I asked the media to cry publicly. The royal family actually countered me, a pregnant woman, and it made me sad and sad that the child was gone. The royal family persecuted the black pot. The buckle is stronger, and the image of my victim becomes more vivid. Obviously full of scheming, vying for fame and fortune, but also packaged into a white lotus. I really don’t want to watch this disgusting drama

8 months ago

Personally, Megan is very disgusting, so he avoids the heavy and takes the light. The royal family has a few more Megans, and its demise will speed up. And I think she doesn’t get along well with many people (including her own father), there must be her own reasons. She turned her husband against her father and brother. Best at making trouble when there is trouble in the royal family (such as when Prince Philip is sick). And she said that many people are not good because she and the royal family are basically anti-purpose, breaking the jar. I think the mainstream media can pay less attention to the improper affairs and intrigue of the royal family, and report more on scientists and people who have made real contributions to society. Meghan and Harry are just good vampires, and they have not made any real contribution to society. She brought her own American way of doing things to the UK, complaining about everything she can complain about without introspecting her own reasons. In addition, Prince Harry has not even gone to college, so I feel like he was brainwashed by Megan. Moreover, the emotional intelligence is low. Others tell Megan when discussing the skin color of the child that this kind of obvious escalation of the conflict can be borne by himself. And we didn’t hear the other side of the story, what the people at Buckingham Palace thought. I would not believe what Megan said. She herself said that she did not arrange to quit the royal family, instead of listening to Harry. It’s like a possible thief saying he didn’t steal anything, do you believe it? In addition, it is not ruled out that she may exaggerate. I hope she creates fewer scandals. Maybe it’s because she was too sad during the epidemic? It’s really not very moral to get cheap (to make money from the royal family, fame) and to be good (complain). She has been very good to her, no one is perfect, so what else do you ask for? Did she do a good job herself? I really hate Megan, and I hope I can see her less in the future. In addition, the Americans even went to Meghan’s place unanimously. Is it because of george floyd and racial discrimination? Or is it because they are too gullible about what others say? As a graduate student of the journalism department, everyone went to Megan’s place when discussing, so I could only go to Zhihu to vent.

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