The new head teacher, for the self-study class to watch a movie with an all-in-one computer, and the whole class refuses to admit who played the movie, the key is that there is no monitoring. What should I do?

Why did the whole class refuse to admit it or tell you who released it? Because they think you are holding accountability, if the truth is revealed, the person who played the movie will be punished. “The key is that there is no monitoring.” Judging from this sentence, if there is any, you must call it out. Then not only your students think you will punish them, even I believe you will punish them. So, if I know who put it, I won’t tell you. The students don’t tell you because they think this classmate did something that makes everyone happy (of course, some people don’t like it, but it doesn’t hurt the general trend). If they “sell” him, they will be very immoral. Very embarrassing. I don’t tell you, because I told you there is a high probability that you don’t know how to deal with it. At most, the students will be reprimanded. You will only do things that naturally pit yourself against your students. And there are too many issues worthy of attention in this matter: Why do students think that self-study classes can watch movies (is it just to give you the new head teacher a good idea)? How to make students believe that you are educating them and discussing problems with them, rather than threatening or hurting them? How to make students think from the bottom of their hearts that this kind of quietly watching movies is wrong? What if the students want to watch a movie together next time? If you also decide to watch a movie with your students, what are the preparations and what are the back-ups? If my students watch movies behind their backs, I won’t ask “who put them on” the first time. Because no matter who put it, the whole class watched it together. This is something that needs to be undertaken by everyone. I will say: 1. Why do you watch movies in self-study class? Didn’t we stipulate that we must get the teacher’s permission to watch movies? 2. Of course, no matter what the reason you say, I can understand it, because when I was a student, I also liked watching movies in the classroom. But I hope that this kind of thing will not happen again in the future. Because the self-study class is arranged for the students to study, this is the respect and trust of the teacher to the students. If students always entertain with their teachers in this way, the trust and trust between us will be destroyed. 3. And watching a movie is not like everyone sees only with eyes, and then it’s over in a while. Movies are an art, and since we watched them in class, we have to gain something for us. So in the future we will still show movies in the classroom, but they are all for the purpose of teaching. 4. I hope that the classmates will write down their views on this matter in their workbooks and hand them in to me for a look, so that I can understand your thoughts. If the students who take the initiative to play the movie are willing to trust me, you can also tell me who you are in your homework. If you are worried that you will be punished so you do not write, I understand you. I only hope that if you re-release it in the future, you can seek my consent first. 5. But I still hope that our classmates and teachers will think together, while improving class regulations and management procedures, while building a class where teachers and students trust each other


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This, this, I am not a teacher after all, but I was a student a few years ago. I want to use this question to tell a story. The second year of my school is on a separate campus, in the suburbs, the school covers a large area, the geographical position is relatively small, and there are few students. Therefore, almost 90% of the students chose to live on campus. At that time, the schedule was about 6:50 in the morning and the end of class at 10:10 in the evening, and then there was a voluntary self-study classroom after returning to the dormitory. It’s a group of 16 or 7-year-old children who are away from their parents to face the boring and boring school life of high school for the first time. It is conceivable that the rebellion of the teenagers at that time finally had a place to be released. For the first time, we left home and got along with our peers day and night. The large enough campus gave us a little real freedom for the first time. The “supervisors” are the teachers. They usually arrive at school at 8 o’clock and leave work at 4:30 or 6 in the evening. Then all the teachers get off work in shifts to watch morning and evening study, and for evening study, there is probably one on a floor. teacher. The teaching building is very big. It’s dark at night and the lights in the corridors are very dim. The timid girls don’t dare to go to the toilet alone. At the beginning, it was a class teacher’s English evening class that showed us a movie. When the lights are turned off, the darkness in the classroom and the black sky outside can be connected together, and the classroom becomes a small movie theater. Everyone has united to do one thing and watch a movie together like never before. The English teacher, my head teacher, is a relatively young male teacher. I like him very much, and all the students in my class like him very much. The movie was not finished in class that day, and the teacher said that he could finish watching it by studying at night. In the self-study night that night, we were the only class in the entire building that didn’t turn on the lights. Because we are watching a movie. The teacher on duty that day was a very young teacher in the next class. He found us. The English class representative and the physics class representative went to “explain” with the teacher. The teacher smiled and ignored us. Later, very rarely, we caught the self-study the night after the exam, the self-study the night before the holiday, and quietly watched a few movies. We escaped some teachers on duty, and were caught by some teachers. But I have to say that those few self-study evenings watching movies with classmates in the dark classroom are one of the most unforgettable memories of my high school. I recall now that the corridors, classrooms, and the outside sky were connected in darkness, and I couldn’t even see what was on my desk, but in that terrible darkness, I felt it. A sense of security, a temporary escape from the boring and strictly supervised study life, leaving behind a little bit of different memories. I guess I will never forget it in my life. I have had this kind of evening study because I have a special class teacher. I think the most special thing my head teacher has done is that he is thinking about how to educate us from our perspective. Boys aged 16 and 7 just like to play football, and the ball is their half-life, so he talked about Kobe and Messi with the boys. The school held a basketball game, and he took the initiative to take the boys in the class to train basketball. He joined the team of boys in our class and played a friendly football match with the next class. In that game, the water sent by the girls in our class was discharged in a row on the football field. Then for three full years, we and other classes When talking about the class teacher, I would proudly add a sentence, “My class teacher is good at football! You can shoot through midfield!” 16- and 7-year-old girls like to be beautiful and faceless, so he starts from Don’t criticize any girl in front of the classmates. For girls with short hair and slightly long ears, and for girls with shiny nails, they also open one eye and close one eye. The 16 or 7-year-old children are at the age of playing and making noise, so he never participates in our party, class meeting, unless we invite him to sing a song, he will only come when he performs , Because he knows that we can’t have fun in front of him. The 16 or 7-year-old children are at the age of rebellion, so when our class suffered from the unfairness of the referee at the sports meeting and had a dispute with the director of the physical education teacher but did not change the result and was criticized, he went back to the classroom and told us, This is the right, this is the society, and this is the unfairness you suffered for the first time, and there will be many more in the future, so you must study hard so that you can be less exposed to such unfairness in the future. At the age of 16, 7 years old, there shouldn’t be only the endless papers in the school, the endless test and the endless knowledge points. So when we actually can’t learn, he can turn a blind eye to our movie behavior under the pressure of the director. No one in our class dislikes our head teacher. Even if he only took us for two years and didn’t accompany us through the third year of high school, no matter when it was a gathering of big or small classmates, someone would always mention him, our Uncle Yang. The boys in my class were famous for being naughty and rebellious in the third year of high school, but when Uncle Yang was there, our class was famous for being united. No one would not listen to Uncle Yang’s English class, and no boy would dare not write Uncle Yang’s English homework. No matter how angry the boys are, how can they play, no matter how difficult it is to discipline, Uncle Yang said, everyone immediately shut up obediently. At that time, the whole school envied our class because there was a class teacher who was worthy of their envy. Similarly, we were also worthy of Uncle Yang. Our class was always boasted of loud slogans and the team was neat, and the average test score was always ranked first. One-third. I had a big problem with interpersonal relationships during my first year and second year in high school. I had no friends. Being alone in groups of girls was especially obvious. Because of this, I broke down and cried many times in the middle of the night. Uncle Yang found out very early. He often praised me in the class, praised me for my good grades and good character. All my classmates should have been in contact with me. He also talked with me many times in private. He told me that no friends are not mine. Wrong, I am very good, telling me to have a big picture, this time is just a small episode in my life, he said that I am a magnificent child, he said that he is very optimistic about me. Thinking about it now, if there was no Uncle Yang, I might have formed a kind of pleasing personality a little bit, I would become inferior and cowardly, I would hate school and study, and the worst could be depression. I think, because I met Uncle Yang, not just me, every student in our class has become a little better person. The answerer will not be my Uncle Yang, but the answerer can be the other children’s Uncle Li, Brother Wang, Sister Zhang… and those children who will proudly mention us Uncle Li, Brother Wang, and Sister Zhang will also Be a better person.

7 months ago

Three tips: don’t hold accountable, set rules, and always encourage! 1. Catch the thief and the stolen goods, the bad luck is in pairs! If there is no evidence, don’t pursue it. Don’t ask about this in the class at the time, and don’t ask in private afterwards. The trust between classmates and the unity of the class collective are more important than the so-called “answer” you really want to know! 2. Reflect, are there any class rules regarding the use of multimedia by students? If not, make it up immediately. If so, is it imperfect? Suggestions on class rules for multimedia use: a. The responsibility is to the person, only the class committee can turn on the multimedia, and should bear the corresponding responsibilities and obligations! b. Class members have the right and obligation to report ordinary students. Open multimedia! 3. Think about whether students’ watching movies contribute to the active learning atmosphere, and whether watching movies can be used as a measure to encourage the class to make progress together? Make a good agreement and play the movie regularly.

7 months ago

Tell the students directly, next time you watch a movie, you don’t need to watch it secretly, and work hard together. In the next evaluation/score, the class will get a good place, and I will show you the movie specifically. Grasp the big and let go of the small, what’s wrong with watching a movie, KPI is completed, let everyone relax. I am also a student here, so I have to understand and understand students. If someone in your class points out who did it, then I think your class teacher has failed in education.

7 months ago

What school do you think it is? If the county middle school, the opening meeting will deeply tell the students that the college entrance examination is the only opportunity to change their destiny, and then set a rule to give students a movie as a reward. If students generally go to a second college or junior college, but their parents can basically solve the second-tier schools in the city, or the kind of schools where students can go abroad if they fail to pass the 985 exam, what are you doing? If this kind of child is unhappy in childhood, he will be awkward for the rest of his life.

7 months ago

It’s easy to handle. If no one admits it, you won’t be held accountable, but if you know what movie you are watching, they will still say this. After all, the teacher is not a devil. Since I have seen it all, I can’t waste it. By the way, I can write a review, about 800 words. But having said that, I always remind myself whether after being a teacher for too long, I will forget what it’s like to be a student. It’s really like this. When you have some power in your hand, many things that were previously considered bad will gradually become accustomed. It may not be a big deal, but it is indeed accustomed to it. And they will become less and less concerned about what they are thinking, because too many ideas will really affect the results. The more novice teachers are, the more anxious they will actually be about their grades. After reading the many answers to this question, I suddenly discovered that the knowledge we teach is not that important. Knowledge is very important, but it will eventually be forgotten. Even if I teach Chinese, I have forgotten what my Chinese teacher taught me. All I can remember are some special things. For example, the teacher asked us to speak on stage. For example, the teacher talked to us about Su Shi impassionedly in class, and recommended the Great Qin Empire. For example, our senior teacher’s super funny verse: Now there is only the Great Wall, how? No see (Qin Shihuang) his grandma. These things are actually very unimportant and can’t give me many points, but together they make up a particularly good memory of my school days. In the end, part of the knowledge is forgotten, and the other part is internalized. What can really be remembered is memories. So I calmed my mind, let the students watch a movie happily, and watch a movie happily with the students, which is actually quite good. When they are all worried about the squalls and rains, it is good to share these youthful memories with them with a smile. But after reading it, I still have to write! This is not only as a teacher, but also as a gift of love to you from seniors!

7 months ago

You can try to come up with a self-study class every week or every two weeks, and choose a film or documentary that is excellent in all aspects and show it to everyone. Blocking is worse than sparse, and excellent film and television and documentary works can also give students a lot of gains. When I was in my second year of high school, my English teacher would choose two consecutive lessons or evening self-study every one or two weeks to communicate with everyone in this way. She will choose some excellent foreign films to share with you, and then while watching them, she will talk to us about the background of the films, national conditions and social conditions, oral usage, accents, idioms and slang, etc., which has benefited a lot. And the whole class watch a movie together, and then simply communicate, it is also a very fun group activity. Just for reference, maybe you can start with the Oscar and Cannes winners list. Of course, the prerequisite is to ensure the progress of teaching and students have spare capacity to learn.

7 months ago

The children in your class won’t watch “Scent of a Woman”… It is strongly recommended that you take a look, it is very helpful for the establishment of the three views. After reading it, you will understand how valuable the character of such a group of children who refuse to inform. Really, if you watch it once a week, it won’t delay things. It’s better to pick a good movie by yourself and show it to the kids once a week…Speaking of which, when I was a child, the thing that made me the most honorable was not how many places I got in my class. 1. How many awards have been won, but someone in the class fell in love online, even if the whole class knows, the head teacher will always be the last to know. No one whistleblower, even if the relationship between the two is so bad that they get into a fight, no one will betray each other. The skin is a little bit more skinny, but it’s much cuter than the guy who is obsessed with giving secret reports.

7 months ago

I am also a class teacher. Almost all of us have encountered the situation you mentioned. It is not necessarily the case that no one admits to the movie, but it may also be other miscellaneous things. I was also very distressed before, just to find out who did it, it would take a lot of energy. Then I suddenly understood a truth: I am a teacher and my duty is to educate students. I am not a policeman, and I do not need to restore the facts to find the person involved. Therefore, the handling of such things becomes much simpler. In front of the students, explain why the school does not allow movies to be watched. If you really want to watch it, you can apply to the school, and explain why we should respect the rules, etc. . You are also a teacher, not a policeman.

7 months ago

I suddenly remembered that my class secretly watched the movie “Hide and Seek” in the self-study class in the second year of high school. Because there are more girls in the liberal arts class, a few of them hugged each other and were so frightened. As a result, I don’t know who looked out the window, and found that our class teacher had been standing outside the window looking at us for a long time, and the class teacher was relatively low, only showing one pair of eyes. Then the whole class yelled, and the monitor hurriedly shut down the movie. Later, when I saw Qin Hailu, I remembered the phrase “I know where your home is” and the eyes of the head teacher,,,, let’s get to the point. I think you should make three chapters with your classmates and tell them that it is okay to watch a movie at school, but with your permission. You can use watching movies as a reward in the class. If the class performs well within a week, you can reward them for watching a movie. Of course, I suggest that you disconnect the internet in the class and let the students name the movies they want to watch. You can copy them to a USB flash drive. Our class was like this at the time. The teacher said that as long as we completed some tasks this week and were not registered in the student union, we would be rewarded to watch a movie. Since you are the new head teacher, you should be young, right? It’s easy to get along with children. The children know that you find that they are definitely afraid of watching a movie. If you use the above methods, you can not only solve the movie problem well, but also ease the relationship between you and your classmates. Also, you must not choose to pretend to be serious just because you are a new class teacher. Children still love teachers who can share topics with them.

7 months ago

It is not recommended to engage in ideological confrontation, especially between teachers and students. Watching a movie in self-study class is not a big deal, but because of the identity of the subject “new class teacher” and consciously making trouble, I think the authority has been challenged and I want to try to save something. In fact, it’s not necessary. From the perspective of management, for the grassroots staff (most of the students’ thinking patterns are exactly the same as those of the grassroots staff), the best way to deal with it is to know the emotions and move them with reason. Be friends, let them know that violating discipline will bring you losses, and selling in front of them is a good way. Of course, selling miserables must be effective if the daily relationship is good, otherwise… it is recommended to take time to watch the movie together. Then arrange a 1500-word review.

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