On March 7, Shi Weiyun, deputy to the National People’s Congress and president of Shandong Eye Hospital, said in an interview that when wearing contact lenses, people’s corneas are at risk of infection. Once the infection is irreversible, he especially emphasized that it is not recommended for young people. Wear cosmetic lenses.

The representative is engaged in keratopathy, and the way of looking at the problem naturally fits his professional perspective. The statement is correct, but I personally think that the conditions should be added: the young people here refer to: the young people who are the best corrective methods of frame glasses and contact lenses; it is not recommended to wear them: not as the main corrective method ( Cannot be worn often), should not be purchased and worn by yourself; cosmetic contact lenses refer to: inferior cosmetic contact lenses (including inferior transparent lenses); in the context of the domestic contact lens market. For groups with anisometropia, the visual quality of contact lenses and binocular vision are beyond the framework of the framework, so I won’t go into details here. Contact lenses are three types of medical devices, which are of the same level as heart stents. Wearing contact lenses is also a medical behavior, and any medical behavior must be risky. If frames and contact lenses are also suitable for you, why should you wear contact lenses from a risk and health point of view? From the perspective of vision correction, there is a low risk and a zero risk for corneal infection. Low risk does not mean that there is no risk. The security of the framework is obviously much higher than invisible. It is a low-risk medical behavior to inspect qualified products in a qualified organization, and the wearing of contact lenses (including cosmetic lenses) under regular supervision is a low-risk medical behavior, but if the product and the person (wearer, fitter, consumer ) If one party is unqualified, the risk of wearing is greatly increased, and it is no longer safe. Our cornea is in direct contact with the air (there is actually a tear film in front), and a large amount of oxygen is obtained from the air to maintain the normal function of the cornea. This is the main way for the cornea to obtain oxygen during the day. Wearing contact lenses is equivalent to covering the cornea with a quilt, and the cornea will receive less oxygen. For example, the neovascularization in the video is caused by the lack of oxygen in the cornea. If contact lenses are used as the main way of wearing, 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, the cornea is covered with a layer of quilt, the eyes will surely have problems over time. Compared with ordinary transparent film, the oxygen permeability of cosmetic contact lenses is generally lower. This is a basic fact in the current domestic market (there are very few silicone hydrogel lenses). There are almost all major silicon hydrogel manufacturers for transparent sheets, and it is not a new technology. However, the silicone hydrogel technology of cosmetic contact lenses is currently available. Johnson and Johnson, the originator of cosmetic contact lenses, still sells hydrogel cosmetic contact lenses. Some people who know that make a mess of their own silicone hydrogel cosmetic contact lenses every day, just listen to her blowing NB, don’t take it seriously. The representative said that the domestic market background is also blessed, and the market is chaotic. There is a lack of standardized fitting institutions, and there is no strict supervision system. Even many of the products sold by WeChat and Hitomi are not qualified. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is not recommended to wear them. Moreover, the wearing safety of cosmetic contact lenses is much lower than that of transparent films. If you must wear contact lenses, some potential risks must be reduced to a relatively low range, and it is not forbidden to wear them. Can you wear it? Contact lenses have strict contraindications, and many people cannot wear them. “Monocular people” ban the monocular here in a relative sense. For example, one eye has amblyopia caused by strabismus, congenital cataract, ptosis, etc., or the corrected vision of one eye is very poor (strabismus, nystagmus, etc.) Not recommended to wear). Because there is only one eye with good vision, daily work and study mainly rely on one eye. There is a risk when wearing contact lenses, the risk of infection. Although this probability is very small, there is no guarantee that it will not happen, no matter how small it is. What if a small probability event occurs because the infection causes the vision of the other eye to decrease, what should I do at this time? This time will be catastrophic. Diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. are prohibited for systemic diseases. For example, diabetic patients have decreased corneal perception and decreased eye infection resistance, which increases the chance of eye infections. Endocrine changes in thyroid disease, there is also the risk of incomplete blinking and corneal exposure. Some people in this group of people take drugs that affect the secretion of tears and affect the wearing of contact lenses. Women who are pregnant, menopausal, allergic, and mentally ill are disabled for pregnancy and menopausal women. Because of the special period, the changes in the body’s endocrine not only affect the safety of wearing, but the accuracy of the diopter is also not very high. The material itself, the ingredients of the care solution, and the daily wear and removal of glasses are all detrimental to people with allergies. When you have a cold, if you have rhinitis, your body’s function and resistance will decrease when you disable the cold. Wearing it at this time will increase the risk of infection. At the same time, some cold medicines can affect the secretion of tears. People with rhinitis wearing contact lenses also increase the risk of eye infections. Prohibition of special working environment, such as heavy sandstorm, dirty working environment, oily smoke, smog, etc. When you are not wearing glasses, in these working environments, due to the self-protection mechanism of the eyes, such as blinking, tear exchange, etc., particles in these environments will be washed out of the eyes. Because of wearing contact lenses, these particles will adhere to the lens or around the eyes, and the risk of microbial infection in these particles cannot be ruled out. Certain ocular diseases: patients with dry eye; repeated inflammation of the eyes; lacrimal disease; abnormally sensitive or insensitive eyes. It is forbidden for children in the growth and development period and those with poor hygiene compliance. If there are no such taboos, you also need to know the parameters of wearing contact lenses. The parameter base arc of the eye: This base arc (BC) is the radius of curvature of the front surface of our cornea, which is different for each person. Just like how big we wear to buy shoes, we must first fit the size. The code is inappropriate, which affects the wearing effect and the health of the eyes. Both the keratometer and corneal topography can measure the base arc, and the current computer refractometer can also. Since our cornea is not strictly a spherical surface, the horizontal and vertical curvatures are slightly different, but the general soft lens is spherical. The horizontal and vertical are the same curvatures (the curvature of 360 degrees is the same), and the base arc needs to be converted. If the base curve of the lens is larger than the curvature of the cornea, the lens will be loose, clear when blinking, blurry after blinking, and even a slippery lens will appear, and the lens will fall out of the eye. If the base curvature of the lens is smaller than the curvature of the cornea, it is like putting a rubber band on the cornea to tighten the cornea. It will cause blur when blinking and clear after blinking. Over time, it may even cause corneal hypoxia and some ocular reactive symptoms, such as red jelly and eye pain. Diameter: Let’s take the example of buying shoes. Shoes that fit the size and do not follow the foot are often not the same thing. For example, shoes with shoelaces, if the shoelaces are the right size, they won’t follow the foot. . This diameter, like the base arc, also determines the suitability of wearing. The diameter and base curve together determine the fit of the contact lens. The diameter is judged comprehensively based on the diameter of our cornea and the degree of movement and coverage of the lens. The base arc may be adjusted up and down without changing the diameter, or the base arc may be adjusted up and down without changing the diameter. In the end, satisfactory fit and comfort can be achieved. Just like with glasses, you need to know your degree and visual function. The change in visual function brought by contact lenses during actual use of the eye. If the visual function is impaired and cannot adapt, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses until the relevant visual function is restored. Most people know the degree relatively well, so I don’t want to introduce too much, I just want to talk about astigmatism. Why would people with astigmatism be affected when they wear contact lenses? Because the contact lenses on the market have only spherical components for myopia and hyperopia, and no cylindrical components for astigmatism. We can choose a spherical lens to compensate for the amount of astigmatism, but the clarity is affected. On the market, you can also customize soft lenses with astigmatism, but astigmatism, like a vector in physics, has not only degrees but also directions. The axial direction of the lens is easy to be skewed when worn on the eye. Although there are many ways to stabilize the axial direction, each has its shortcomings, and the actual effect is generally not ideal. How to choose products? In a word: high oxygen permeability, short cycle. The higher the oxygen permeability, the thinner the quilt and the lower the potential impact on the cornea. There are traditional and discarded contact lens wear types, as well as the period derived between the two. The traditional type is discarded annually, and the discarded type is discarded daily. The products in the middle (half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly) are strictly not called discarded, discarded, discarded when used up, from the perspective of definition and safety, only daily discarded is the true discarded type. Let’s take a look at the risk posed by contact lenses: the safety risks posed by the product itself and the safety risks that exist in the process of wearing it. For example, the potential risk of microbial infections during picking and wearing, as well as microbial infections and allergic reactions caused by lens deposits. The disposable lens can directly avoid or greatly reduce the risk of lens deposits. For example, daily disposable lenses are thrown away after one use, and there is a problem of sediment. This is why we have been vigorously promoting short-cycle products. Pre-match inspection, purchase qualified products, guaranteed hygiene, intermittent wear, stop wearing it in time if discomfort occurs, and seek medical treatment in time to avoid avoidable risks and minimize the inevitable. Contact lenses (including cosmetic lenses) can still be worn . If you think: wear a contact lens so many things, just find a platform to buy and wear it, and you can see clearly; so many people buy and buy casually without wearing it; big brands are expensive and cheap, so you can kneel; hygiene is very poor , Bacteria are useless; if compliance is not enough, luck will come together; then don’t wear it, trust represents, get bright.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The invention of contact lenses brought great convenience to the myopia family and got rid of heavy-frame glasses, but it also brought a lot of hidden dangers.

Last year, a 14-year-old girl in Shenzhen bought a pair of contact lenses online. After wearing it for less than 2 weeks, she developed eye discomfort. A few days later, her left eye visual acuity dropped sharply. In the end, due to repeated inflammation, her visual acuity was only 0.05. Frame glasses are of course the safest, but many times contact lenses are just a mess. To a large extent, the eye diseases caused by contact lenses are caused by not choosing suitable products or not paying attention to hygiene when using them. Shopping is becoming more and more convenient nowadays. Many people buy contact lenses by simply searching for evaluations and then shopping online. In fact, this is not reliable. When you wear contact lenses that are not suitable for you, you may not have symptoms immediately, but in the long run, it may cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

7 months ago

Finally someone came out and made a sound for the cosmetic contact lens (soft contact lens)! I am also a person who has stocked hundreds of boxes of cosmetic contact lenses. I have worn domestically produced cosmetic contact lenses for half a year and every month and every month in Japan, and I am also an ophthalmologist. I want to say: Just don’t wear messy ones. Brands, especially small workshop cosmetic contacts of various micro-businesses, that’s fine! But there is a prerequisite—how to wear it is also exquisite, some girls wear it directly for more than 12 hours, and can still wear it to sleep? Isn’t this life-threatening? The contact lens is a thin sheet placed directly on the eye, covering the entire cornea, so that it reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the eye from the environment. A good supply of oxygen is essential for maintaining eye health, which is why contact lenses or colored contact lenses are prone to visual fatigue and soreness after wearing for a long time. It is generally recommended to wear contact lenses for no more than 8 hours a day, hahaha, but this is nonsense. The majority of social animals are generally 996, and it is definitely more than 12 hours a day. PS: Transparent films have higher oxygen permeability than color films. , So the comfort and safety will be higher. It is recommended that the beautiful sisters wear transparent films when they move bricks daily, and wear color films for special occasions when going out on a date. Am I very caring? ? Also, the shorter the service life of the contact lens, the better, so if you can wear it daily, you won’t wear it monthly. If you can throw it monthly, don’t throw it in half a year or every year. Because the longer the life of the contact lens, the greater the risk of eye damage, and bacteria and other agents that cause infection will accumulate on the lens. After each use, properly clean and disinfect contact lenses. However, wearing contact lenses (whether it is a color film or a transparent film) has a certain effect on the cornea. This is why we need to stop wearing contact lenses for more than 1 week during clinical eye examinations. Wearing contact lenses for a long time will make the cornea Edema, there is a slight degree of abrasion (in general, we can’t feel it). Therefore, if you are not uncomfortable wearing the frame, and in order to ensure the absolute safety of the cornea, it is best not to wear it.

7 months ago

I don’t know why people are so hostile now. The ophthalmologist only gave some advice to young people from their own professional point of view during the interview. This is not a proposal either. I don’t know why so many people say that experts are idle and nothing to do. I can’t understand why many people rank beauty before health. ​I use my very unprofessional language to share with my friends the process and some experience of my full femtosecond myopia correction surgery~ 1. Hospital choice: I went to a private hospital because I was a doctor known by my senior sister and husband. Work there. My sister’s husband was born in a family of doctors, and my brother himself is also a doctor of medicine graduated from Sun Yat-sen University. He chose the hospital for my sister and found an acquaintance. I went to stay with me. If you choose, you must choose a larger and more reliable hospital. Don’t listen to the so-called “friends” and go to the black heart clinic to save thousands of dollars. If there is really no reliable private hospital, go to a tertiary hospital. I feel that the top three hospitals will be a bit more expensive. My little partner went to Beijing to do it. It is said that the inspection fee cost nearly 10,000, and it will cost 20,000 to 20,000 to complete it. 2. Preoperative examination: Because the eyes are very important organs, regular hospitals dare not sloppy. The preoperative examination will evaluate your eye condition from many aspects. According to your corneal thickness and other data, it is recommended that you do a full flight Second, half femtosecond, laser or lens implantation. Both full femtosecond and half femtosecond and laser are irreversible, and the price is between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan. Lens implantation is particularly expensive, and you have to wait for the lens to be placed in the eyeball from abroad. This operation is reversible. If you don’t want it someday, you can take it out. The cost is 40,000 to 50,000. In general, full femtosecond is the safest and most cost-effective, but some people have insufficient corneal thickness and cannot cut full femtosecond. In this case, the hospital will not dare to do it for you. The doctor will recommend you to do lens implantation. The private hospital I went to cost 500 yuan, and the public one my classmates went to cost 2,000 yuan. If you are hesitant, you might as well go for a check-up first to see which type of surgery you are suitable for. 3. Surgical procedure: I arrived at the hospital at 9 o’clock in the morning and queued up for various examinations. All the examinations ended at about 11 noon. The doctor recommended me to perform a femtosecond operation based on my results. The cost was 12,000 yuan. After we signed the preoperative consent form. Just lined up to prepare for surgery. During the inspection, you should keep dropping the eye drops, the anti-inflammatory syrup and the nourishing syrup together, for a total of eight times, there will be staff to help drop the syrup and take notes. Before surgery, you should practice opening your eyes and keeping your eyes constant, and teach a breathing method to adjust your heart rate. Just listen to the instructions of the staff. The anesthetic is not painful, and it is also dripped into the eyes in a way similar to eye drops. After the anesthetic is applied, I am ready for the operation. I write here before the operation. See the next article for postoperative and recovery period.

7 months ago

I used to wear a few silicone hydrogel contact lenses that were very uncomfortable. Later, I chose a hydrogel. There is no problem wearing it for less than eight hours a day. The comfort is unmatched by frame glasses. But I tried to wear contact lenses for a week, and the aperture of driving at night turned into pieces, which scared me to death. Fortunately, I stopped for a while and returned to normal. But compared to contact lenses, laser surgery is not recommended. You think I have a problem with my contact lenses for a week. Fortunately, I recovered after I stopped using them. If there are sequelae from the operation, this sequelae is likely to be accompanied For a lifetime. Recommendations: 1. Wear it for less than five days a week and no more than eight hours a day. It is not recommended to wear it for more than the next day. 2. Choose contact lenses produced by regular manufacturers. 3. Choose contact lenses with a short cycle, and it is recommended to sell them below a month. I use it every month, and the local tyrants can choose to throw it for half a year or throw it on the day of the month. Although the daily selling cycle is short, it is not as comfortable as the monthly selling.

7 months ago

The suggestion on behalf of Shi Weiyun is very good, Xiaohe raised his hands to support! Young people are not unsuitable for wearing contact lenses, but young people have relatively poor self-control. They are prone to improper behaviors in the care of contact lenses, which can easily lead to the risk of corneal infection, and the infection is irreversible and harmful to the eyes. The injury is lifelong. In order to protect young people, corresponding regulations should be introduced to regulate, starting from the sales side of contact lenses.

7 months ago

Of course it hurts, but it’s still inevitable. I don’t like wearing glasses. Hahaha. But there is one thing to say. I have been a little shortsighted since the sixth grade. Wearing frame glasses to replace the lenses once a year should be less than three years. Frame, the degree of myopia in a year has deepened by one hundred degrees, and then I started to wear contact lenses in the third year of junior high. It has been about five or six years until now. Since wearing contact lenses, the degree has never risen. It has been 375 and then I wore cosmetic lenses. The bells and whistles of cosmetic contact lenses are more beautiful. Hahaha. I have only one eye irritation after wearing cosmetic contact lenses for so many years. Normal cleaning is very important. I must also buy them. Those suggestions from micro-businesses are best not to buy, because I Personally, I don’t feel very relieved. Although some of their cosmetic contact lenses are really good-looking, the wearing time of their cosmetic contact lenses is generally eight hours, but office workers must not stop, sometimes they can use special eye drops for contact lenses when their eyes are dry and sore. The liquid will be much better. I can’t see any problems that he needs, but the degree has never risen. Also, we must pay attention to cleaning and change the nursing liquid every day! ! !

7 months ago

Although Professor Weiyun Shi is the vertical industry leader we respect, I still want to speak anonymously. Are cosmetic contacts hurt? Can’t say no. The biggest problem is that it destroys the tear film of the eyes after wearing it, and aggravates the symptoms of dry eye. Secondly, there is a small probability of causing infection (the correct choice and wearing is actually no problem). Thirdly, it is prone to hypoxia of the cornea after wearing it for too long, and it will not be a problem to wear it correctly. But contact lenses are so good. Their biggest contribution to the world is to provide the option of “beauty in 5 seconds”, which is a must-have for home travel, not to mention that they can provide better visual quality than frame glasses. Professor Shi probably has seen too many cases of inflammation or even blindness due to improper wearing, just like the news some time ago “The actress went to see the orthopedics department after wearing her tuxedo because she was too small.” Women in the Middle Ages wore corsets and often fainted when they couldn’t get up. The improved modern women’s underwear may also be allergic, uncomfortable, or unfit to cause physical discomfort, but will experts recommend not to wear it? My generation’s correct approach shouldn’t be to improve the material, make popular science when choosing it, and remind it when using it? Wear it if you have dry eye treatment. Corneal doctors banned cosmetic contact lenses. This is a new era of choking. I have only one comment on the proposal of the respected Professor Shi: straight men don’t know beauty… Don’t stick, you win. If you don’t choose cosmetic contact lenses, there is no other loss, except ugliness. point.

Last edited 7 months ago by greatword
7 months ago

Raise your hands and feet in agreement! I first came into contact with cosmetic contact lenses when I was in college. One day, when I was shopping with my classmates and passing by a large shopping mall, there was a booth offering free cosmetic contact lenses. I tried it out of curiosity. The last one made me feel very uncomfortable, so I immediately asked the staff to remove it for me and insulated it from the cosmetic contact lenses. I admire those girls who wear cosmetic contact lenses every day for beauty. I have a little myopia, but my myopia is not very high. I rarely wear glasses because I am afraid of trouble. Since I need to stare at the computer every day, I pay more attention to massaging my eyes in the morning and evening, so my nearsightedness has not declined for so many years. Young people have poor self-control ability and strong vanity. In addition, wearing contact lenses can harm the cornea. Therefore, the suggestion made by Dean Shi must be 10,000 likes. But from an economic point of view, the emergence of products is determined by demand. As long as young people continue to have demand for cosmetic contact lenses, there must be a market, and this market will not be too small. Because people love beauty. Greed, anger, ignorance and suspicion, as long as these human weaknesses persist, many products will not disappear. Including those products that discerning people know at a glance that they are harmful to health.

7 months ago

Harm, most people who wear cosmetic lenses can hear a sentence even if I lose, okay? First of all, let’s talk about who wears cosmetic contact lenses. It must be the students who love to be beautiful. There are also students who rely on their beauty to eat. The last part of the cosmetic contact lenses has degrees, and students who want to be beautiful and can solve myopia problems. Guys, which of the above people are willing to give up the benefits of cosmetic contact lenses? Isn’t that good? Because after wearing cosmetic contact lenses, it does make people feel that the glasses are pretty or very special. This benefit is immediate. When wearing contact lenses, people’s corneas are at risk of infection. This risk is not to wear them. What happened immediately after you said one is that you can get benefits right away, and the other is that it may be dangerous. Most people should think that they are the lucky one, right? Just, I hope more people can know who wears lenses. In this way, they can choose whether to choose the unknown risk or the immediate benefits~ I also wear the cosmetic contact lenses occasionally~ You said not to wear them at all, it is really difficult~


7 months ago

Generally speaking, it is a good thing, after all, it is too late to wait until the bad results come out. The importance of eyes is self-evident, and many people always feel that various eye diseases are far away from them. Quantitative changes cause qualitative changes. Today, I look at my mobile phone for a few hours more, and tomorrow I play for a few hours on the computer. Over time, my eyes will go wrong. However, the fact is that when the result does not appear on me, I always feel that I am lucky, and my luck is not so bad. For example, myself. When the doctor told me that this was an irreversible result, I didn’t know what to say in an instant. After all, I was still young. After all, I still have a long second half of my life, but I can never have a pair of normal eyes in the second half of my life. I used to have no nearsightedness, no astigmatism, and my vision of 5.0 was maintained until graduation. However, now, there are many problems with the eyes, such as astigmatism, dry eyes, and vitreous opacity. These are all achievements accumulated before, and there are causes and effects. When I tried to persuade people around me, they always said that they knew, while still doing their own way. Without personal experience, there will never be action. I don’t know much about cosmetic contact lenses. If it is purely for beauty, then I want to tell you that health always comes first, and it is not worth sacrificing health in exchange for beauty. The human body is balanced, and if the balance is broken, it will cause a chain reaction. One disease may be the cause and basis of another or even several diseases. Especially the eyes are such a particularly important part. Not only cosmetic contact lenses, our education should teach children some health knowledge and common sense from an early age, and instill the concept of health from an early age. I remember that my parents have been emphasizing sitting posture since I went to school, otherwise the result would be myopia. So far, I have successfully avoided myopia. I have always avoided myopia as a target, while ignoring other things. I don’t even know that there are so many diseases in the eyes. Sometimes I thought, if my parents didn’t just emphasize the problem of myopia since I was a child, would I still have a pair of healthy eyes. Of course, I do not blame them. On the contrary, I am very grateful to them. Otherwise, I will probably have one more myopia problem now. Having said so much, I just want to say that all ideas at the cost of health are not feasible. When you know how to cherish, it has been lost. After all, the people around you repeatedly inculcate some of the same content (health) to you every day, the environment is like this, after a long time, you will accept it imperceptibly.

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