Just talk about the impressions, there are personal prejudices in it, in case a fan teacher happens to pass by and feel uncomfortable, first apologize. 1. Yi Lijing unexpectedly returned to the field and bombed the field unexpectedly. If the last stunning shot failed to completely defeat Li Dan’s iron-blooded guards, this time the crushing is basically a solidification of the theory of grace: the queen speaks, just kneel and listen. 2. The first five episodes of the program basically relied on the black horse among the guests to save the field, such as Eggshell, Xu Zhiyuan, etc. The professional actors were almost collectively in a state of sleepwalking, and the subject with the most shots was completely incomprehensible. In this episode, several talk show actors finally broke out in a small universe, which is regarded as a reward for Xiao Guo. The lead screenwriter Cheng Lu has always had a strong book, but unfortunately his performance ability was weak. This time the stage feels very good. If continuous improvement can be made, this independent man with creative skills will have no limit in the future. Pang Bo has been holding back for too long, and finally he has suffocated. He has some similarities with Zhou Qimo, and his image is a bit too correct. This is actually a reduction in the comedy stage. He needs to find a breakthrough as soon as possible, and then add new ones. Steps, might as well learn from Cam’s performance style and let yourself go. The high level of Hulan is recognized. Once it enters the state, all works are high-quality works. It’s just the phrase “…, then… meaningless”, so many people actually know its existence through a funny show. Whose sorrow is this? I admire Hulan’s courage, and it is better to say less about similar things in the future. 3. The chaotic on-site voting was finally restrained, and this one was relatively fair. In fact, it’s not difficult to solve the problem. You only need a record to explain to the audience present. Don’t just vote for whoever’s fans are good or bad. Try to vote according to the quality of the actor’s performance. As for whether the program group has any votes, let’s say something about it. In short, I think the real number of votes for the Queen of Versailles should be in the single digits. The performance was not just a crash, it was a disaster, so that Li Dan had to Temporarily intending to forcibly eliminate the players from the winning team, but had to think about reviving the hot eyes, and the scene was chaotic for a while. The tragic scene second only to Ma Jingtao’s car accident can be recognized by a quarter of the audience, believe it or not. 4. The deliberate hype of a certain CP finally reached its peak in this issue. Hopefully, after the peak, it should stop. The huge traffic and economic benefits brought by the Snow Country Train allowed the program group to find another wealth code, so it spared no effort to put another group of CP on the headlines. They don’t seem to realize (or don’t care at all) that, for audiences who are not in the crowd and the CP is not so high, this kind of unrestrained and blunt hype will intensify the audience’s hatred of the two actors. After Wang Mian won the championship, it was indeed a bit fluttering. It is also human nature. In essence, he is a very sincere and sincere person. He is a good boy. Let him go. It’s been six full episodes. Since I can’t make headlines, please don’t take up public resources anymore.


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7 months ago

Yi Lijing is the biggest highlight of this season, and she’s just complaining about it! Go straight to the slot. The so-called hitting the slot point is that Wang Mian’s champion is not worthy, Li Dan’s competition system is too childish, etc., rather than fat, thin, beautiful and ugly. I am 8 years older), what is this? ? This Hulan’s manuscript is also very good, and it points to social phenomena. For example: Why is the box office good in the small age? This is a problem of the times. If criticism is not free, praise is meaningless. The performance of the overall talk show actors was better than that of film and television actors. The biggest failure of this season’s revision is: the guest lineup is too fixed, which leads to those who go back and forth in each issue, and there are only those who go back and forth in the slot: Huang Yi sees men’s bad eyes, Zhang greatly annoys people, and Qin Hao’s marriage Fry CP with career and talk show actors. . . In the past, the guests in each issue were basically different, and each issue had at least fresh spots.

7 months ago

The first episode of the show can still be seen to be tense-I have been watching the teleprompter, but this episode completely holds the audience. In the 1V1V1 session, against two professional talk show actors, those two passersby were still big players and had no home court advantage at all, but my sister turned against the wind. (In the beginning, I didn’t expect Yi Lijing to win.) Sure enough, the critical moment still depends on the woman. Xu Zhiyuan and Yang Li felt a little sad when they left, as if to watch their talk show again.

7 months ago

This Tucao conference is so enjoyable! It feels that everyone performed very well in general, especially the final 1v1v1, which seemed silly to me! After reading all the favorite people: Cheng Lu, Pang Bo, Huang Yi, Hulan, Yi Lijing. Cheng Lu feels really good, with a lot of burdens, and every one of them rang out, “Huang Yi is very nice. When I saw me, I said, I want to have an ex-husband like you! I’m sorry, I already have an ex-wife. Please take care of yourself!” “Guo Caijie’s movie ratings are very low, around 3 points, and I thought it was a basketball player at this rating. You are Gu Li, this is Curry!” The process was listening. It’s quite comfortable. Pangbo was most impressed by complaining about Cheng Lu and Huang Yi, “Cheng Lu, I am a very gentle person, and you are no longer a thoughtful person.” Hahahahaha He also said that Huang Yi would have seen it in advance, otherwise the wedding In the bridal chamber, the best man went in, she was outside! It’s really amazing! Although it’s pretty good! But in fact, I didn’t expect to win Cheng Lu. Huang Yi felt a lot of self-discovery, especially the ex-husband, he really dared to say it! I can’t kill a ship’s ex-husband with one pole. The beating is to go to jail. I will meet the ex-husband in the prison. Hahahahahahaha! Teacher Yi Lijing is really crazy! I love it so much! Although the style of questioning Tucao is different from the previous Tucao conference, but it is really cool, it is her personal style! And the calm tone of the tone, as always, is really too cruel! Hulan feels that he has made a lot of progress! Both games performed very well tonight, especially the final battle “Criticize not free, praise meaningless” blows up the audience! It’s really hard to make money and behave again. Hahahahahaha. The final 1v1v1 is very good. Although it feels that it caused a lot of pressure on everyone, it is really enjoyable! A person is related to the life and death of a team, and the pressure is really conceivable. Especially the performance of the first two groups is so good. I feel that Wang Mian can’t handle it, but in fact, it is reasonable to feel that Zhang is greatly eliminated!

7 months ago

I can also be regarded as a natural fan of Yi Lijing. Regardless of whether the manuscript was written by herself or not, the state of this issue is really much more natural. Although her face and those problems are still annoying. She is not required to have much emotional intelligence, nor is she required to have true temperament, kindness, and realism, at least not holding that posture is enough. Wang Mian’s battle spit is simply a stroke of the human body, and it is unstable, he can slow down the rhythm a bit. One thing wrong with Yang Li is that Wang Mian performed on top, and she actually worked under the stage. I am also a rare brave male fan to Yang Li, but she really doesn’t like the part of Wang Mian’s cp joke. . Don’t say whether these two contrasts have a sense of CP. The CP of the previous group was her beginning, so she behaved so disgustingly in this period, and the equivalent of her previous paragraph is not established; this time she After planning your own work, don’t blame the audience for not voting for your team. Look at the CPs of Li Xueqin and Wang Jianguo. Although they have gestures and expressions of disgust, when they or others talk about the Snow Country Train, they don’t take too much action. But I think the funniest part is Hulan’s paragraph, “Butterfly Effect: Huang Yi feels that the show was cheated, causing the security guard of Xiaoguo Culture to lose her hair frantically.” The problem is that many of the jokes he uttered may require some people to think about it a bit more to understand. Fortunately, what he said are all nouns. If you don’t understand, you can search. Wang Mian’s imitation is too fast, which leads to whether it looks like or not.

7 months ago

Audiences who have read the sixth issue of “Tucao Conference” in this season must have the following feelings. There is a cruel side to the game, and there are also opportunities for counterattacks. Even if there is only a 1% chance, you have to do your best, because no one can determine the outcome until the last minute. Of course, opportunities are often reserved for people who are on standby at any time. Only by accumulating and accumulating on weekdays can there be a “stopping” hit rate. The sixth issue of this season’s “Tucao Conference” is the end of the second stage. This issue is destined to have a team facing “group annihilation”, so every guest is a “back-to-back fight.” The results of the last three teams were announced. The Defensive Team has the lowest heat value and is facing elimination. This is the cruel side of the game.

7 months ago

The overall performance is quite satisfactory. Yi Lijing’s performance is a pleasant surprise. It is indeed a “crazy”. As a non-professional, he can hand in answers of this level in such a short period of time, even with the help of the program team. Factor, that is also very powerful. As Wang Mian said after the game, Yi Lijing’s performance mode is simply too suitable for that stage, and the audience will always like it. After a few “play-offs”, I think everyone understands that due to lack of preparation time at this time, whoever is more aggressive and more accepting will get more votes. And Yi Lijing’s “questioning complaint” is very suitable, aggressive enough, the audience is not disgusted, which is why their team put Wang Jianguo and Zhang Wei, the two treasures of which are not used, and they have to let Yi Lijing go.

7 months ago

I personally think that Cheng Lu’s performance is better than Pangbo. Of course, the difference between the votes between the two of them is not big, and it is within the margin of error. Cheng Lu lost to luck. Pangbo was very nervous at the beginning, his speech speed and rhythm were faster than his normal, and he also “contributed” a few “stepping on the broadcast standard”, especially the “win devil”. Not clever, but it just allows the audience to give votes, this “scheming boy”. And Cheng Lu’s performance is very good, and his handling of “sensitive topics” is much better than in the talk show before. He managed to walk a tightrope between “boring” and “sympathetic” and let the audience I can laugh without any psychological burden. I am indeed the chief screenwriter. I didn’t feel very good about Hulan’s performance for the first time, but I can’t tell how bad it was. It just felt weird. It’s like someone who looks like Hulan is using it. It’s like Hulanhui. When you say what you say to perform Hulan, there is a feeling that the manuscript was written for him, anyway, it is not quite right. But his second performance was very good. It should be his own heartfelt voice. It can be said that Xu Zhiyuan’s complaints are deadly. Every time he rushes to the point. The key is that his expressions are not so sharp. In a “Xu Zhiyuan-style cultural man” method, he carefully wraps the outside of the knife. It is really a soft knife that pulls the flesh and a blunt knife kills. Xu Zhiyuan said that he came to the show to repay the favor. I feel that not only did the favor not return, but he owed new favor instead. Wang Mian’s performance is undoubtedly not good, basically a semi-finished product, really pulling his hips. However, the hip pull in this game just proved that his victory in the talk show is well-deserved. Since he won the championship, I have seen similar remarks in various places saying that he is the “default champion”, “not worthy of the name”, and “not a talk show at all”. These remarks can be said to be either stupid or bad, and worthless. However, when these voices are increased, passers-by who don’t know the truth may really think that Wang Miantu has his own expression. Many people say that Wang Mian just got the cheapness of the instrument? As if anyone can play an instrument and sing what they want to say, they have to amuse the audience. Is it enough to bring a musical instrument on stage? Look at this Wang Mian’s performance, not only used musical instruments, but also ukuleles that hadn’t appeared before. What happened? There is no use for eggs. If your content is not good enough to make the audience laugh or even cheer, what is the difference if you take the instrument or not? Wang Mian’s performance was really bad. It had nothing to do with the musical instrument. Similarly, Wang Mian’s performance at the talk show was really good, and it had nothing to do with the musical instrument. Admit it, Wang Mian’s performance in the talk show is very good. If Wang Mian’s performances in the bombing scene are “not worthy of the name”, where do you let the faces of those actors whose performance is much worse than Wang Mian’s face?

7 months ago

Zhang Shaogang is really not good at hosting. It doesn’t matter whether he has him or not, I feel that Li Dan is gradually marginalizing him, and as soon as he pauses, I know that I want to enter the advertisement, and then I will fast forward. The advertiser is quite happy. Anyway, I want to have the money to name the name, my only requirement is to change Ma Donglai, or change a normal host, which will affect the business performance. Yi Lijing is too suitable for the Tucao conference. In the end, 1V1V1, the word Zhuji, Bi Wang Mian used Yang Li to solicit votes, and Yi Lijing used the elimination of Li Dan as a hot spot. I am an audience. I also want to vote for Li Dan to revive myself. And Zhang Dada’s group has nothing to explode. What’s wrong with Zhang Dada? Except for the bad audience, Wang Mian’s talk show and variety shows have been watched too much. Not so. Yang Li has been searching for so long. Now it’s a joke. Also very times. Cheng Lu, Qin Hao, and Xu Zhiyuan were nothing. Waiting for Qin Hao to explode in his marriage life? Xu Zhiyuan didn’t recognize it. Thirteen invites such high-end and high-end things are completely out of my knowledge circle. At the time of the resurrection, did Ma Sichun choose Wang Mian because Xiaoguo artists are cheap? The Tucao conference is really a revision, and Li Dan is completely up to his own ideas. This is the only advantage. In addition, the schedule coordination was really bad. Zhang Yuqi, Lame Yoko, and the bullet shells were basically bye bye for work reasons. At first, they just looked for reasons to eliminate them.

7 months ago

There is nothing to say about the competition system. Whether the show has a competition system or not does not affect the main content. What is commendable is the last 1v1v1 link, mainly Hulan and Yi Lijing, Wang Mian’s on-the-spot ability is not good. Within the 15-minute limit of on-site creation, they can be regarded as really making complaints. The pre-arranged paragraph is funny and interesting, but not offensive. Hulan’s offensive speech against Xu Zhiyuan is a very subtle speech. The chaotic fist broke the package of the target and showed it to everyone. “This Don’t say that, don’t let you say “it is indeed the main reason why the Tucao conference is not good-looking, but to dig out this point and add a sentence like “If criticism is not free, then praise is meaningless”, which also reflects the Tucao conference. Core. Yi Lijing makes the guests or actors feel embarrassed by saying something. If she is the main person of the show, then such behavior is bound to make the invited guests feel uncomfortable, but she is also a guest. She was able to make a lot of offensive speeches, which made others appear to be pressed for questioning, embarrassed, and embarrassed with nowhere to put it, and the effect was very good. It is a pity that this situation is unlikely to happen again in the future. And even with such a rare opportunity, the two dare not go too far, and Yi Lijing can only mock Xiaoguo culture. This kind of sudden participation can only achieve the effect the first time. After that… the Tucao conference wants to be done well, and the audience wants to watch it, it is criticism, it is blunt, instead of vaguely saying on stage: Marriage, divorce, second marriage, old age, young age, ugly, fat, poor acting skills, out-of-tune, these are trivial things. Since you are here to complain, can you be a good target?

7 months ago

The most enjoyable: Yi Lijing. I’m not sure if Yi Lijing’s performance is an orthodox talk show, but there is no substitute for her style, sharp enough and direct enough! It is more in line with the original positioning of Roast, an exotic product. Perhaps as Hulan said, these “rude” questions can be raised by others, but the effect is definitely not as good as Yi Lijing’s. As the former chief writer, Li Dan has “remembered” for ten years (Yi’s Weibo also has treasures, which are worth digging). The most pleasant surprise: Hulan. Really pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger! I always felt that he was round and round, but he was lovely, gentle and gentle, but he didn’t expect to be so sturdy. Two times on stage, it was wonderful. The laughs are intensive, and the theme is sublimated. Especially the teasing of Xu Zhiyuan (to the effect): If criticism is not free, praise is meaningless. Not only want to make money, but also to save face, isn’t it just being and standing up again? If you don’t do things with money, wouldn’t you read books for so many years? It hurts to see the intellectuals who once worshipped have fallen to the present. And everyone present here is responsible. Haha, watching Xu Zhiyuan sitting on pins and needles in the audience, his face is red, la la la la, so relieved. Although the one-way street bookstore and “Thirteen Invitations” did a good job, it is a rare touch of green in the spiritual desert at the moment, but the merits are not worth it, and the bad faults of the literati are still to be said. But I didn’t expect that it was Hulan who rushed out to make trouble with him. And judging from the interview in Hulan after the game, he was also very happy and had the opportunity to vomit quickly! The section about the small era is also very capable: Gu Li’s poor acting skills may be a problem with “Little Era”. But why “Little Times” has a good box office is a question of the times. advanced! It’s a man who fought CP with the queen (just kidding). As for the professional talk show actors, they are indeed professional, with various advanced comedy skills taking turns. Nitrogen, not as good as Yi Lijing’s new path, and Hulan’s genius, come to enjoy!

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