Before asking this question, the answer I gave myself always jumped repeatedly. The following is my situation: I am studying in a low-level 985 school, although it is not as good as a top-level university, but the hardware facilities and school atmosphere are still relatively good. satisfaction. However, I did it myself, and missed the opportunity to transfer to a major (twice!), so I had to decide to cross the exam and do it again if it didn’t work once! For this reason, I also took the legal professional qualification examination and passed it smoothly. As a result, the results came out, which was more than 10 points higher than the national line in area a last year, which was a far cry from my target college.

Now I am facing a transfer, and all the news I get is that I can only go to the second college, and be a little optimistic about the second college in Zone b, and even face the failure of the transfer. . All reality is telling me that I must be willing to bet and lose, and I have to admit these three years for my dream career! However, I have seen many posts recently saying don’t go to a school that is much worse than my undergraduate. I’m so confused. According to the truth, I’m not confident enough to be successful if I ask this question. But if I don’t think about it, I will not try again I’m very motivated, so I’d like to ask you what you think. Thank you very much for the above! !
I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t make it clear before, so I will add another one: I am already in World War II, so I can see my ability twice after the postgraduate entrance examination.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, this question is very simple. Today I just received a few students from Tsinghua University, 390+. After preparing for a month and a half, I still missed the retest. My advice to her is: World War II or other plans, why? Because it is worse than Tsinghua University, it accepts the National People’s Congress at most, but it is impossible for the National People’s Congress to transfer quotas, so it just gave up. Then, I will talk about a case of a student from my side in previous years, undergraduate Shandong Finance, 350+ last year, I transferred to Nanjing Finance, and later she felt that this school is not much better than undergraduate, thinking about World War II, I also supported it at the time , But, this year’s score is only 330+, and there is no way to go to school. Regarding Guan Yu’s question, let me talk about my views: 1. Obviously those who have been exhausted after several years of exams, or, if necessary, recognize the reality and make early plans; 2. They are worse than the undergraduate degree, how can they be worse, such as From strong 985 to weak double non, unless this degree is specially needed, otherwise, it is not necessary; 3. It is 5-10 worse than the undergraduate degree, which is completely acceptable, and 5-10 is not enough to affect your future employment. can be overlooked;

7 months ago

This depends on the purpose of your postgraduate study. As long as you can achieve your goal, it’s worth it. If you don’t know why you want to study for postgraduate, but you have a specious concept in your mind, follow the trend and go for the postgraduate entrance examination. In the end, there is a high probability that you will regret it, and you will even doubt your life on the bedside alone in the middle of the night.

7 months ago

In my opinion, postgraduate studies should be job-oriented, so whether you need to adjust depends on whether you can find a satisfactory job after three years of study. 1. If you have made up your mind to test civil servants, the number of places for the unknown second degree may be more than that of some 985 majors. In this case, it is a good way to go to study the Fa-Shuo of adjustment. The same is true for public examination majors like Chinese. If you want to test civil servants, the most important thing is the name of the major on the master’s degree certificate, which directly determines how difficult the public examination is. 2. Going to some good companies in the industry. In this case, you need to look at the company’s requirements for schools, because now non-system work requires more and more fresh graduates. If it is not the target school, it is difficult to get one. Admission ticket. I am majoring in finance and want to find a good job. I usually have a few 211 finance and economics universities + 985 finance majors, and there are very few positions left for ordinary universities. If it is a computer major, the target school is limited to 985+211+ a few strong computers. At this time, the two books that were transferred to non-coastal schools in non-coastal areas were not so helpful in finding a job. Some good law firms for law majors only cater to the 5th academy and 4th department +985. So I think if you don’t go to the civil servants, then it depends on the threshold of your counterpart company. 3. Changing majors and changing careers Now everyone has seen the difficulty of changing careers. After the Tiankeng major 985 University passes the campus line, click to send it, and some computer-powered universities have extremely high scores in 211 universities. In my opinion, the most important thing about changing careers is to be able to pass the postgraduate entrance examination and enter the industry first. Compared to entering a good school for a few years in the postgraduate entrance examination vs. entering a not-so-good school, my personal suggestion is the latter. The same is true for the computer postgraduate entrance examination. The schools that were not difficult to take the entrance examination the previous year, such as Hangzhou Electric Power Company, accepted transfer students last year. After the change of 408 this year, there were even more high-score candidates. Sometimes it is a year’s time away, and the difficulty will be inexplicably higher, and the same is true for finding a job. The banking technology post that was sent by clicking on it a few years ago is not so easy this year. Time is the biggest cost. My advice to students who change careers is that the sooner they change careers, the better, and they will always be the ones who enter the industry first after the harvest. The quality of the school is not the main factor in the face of time.

7 months ago

If you adjust to 211 and still support it, then you will be downgraded by one grade; this will directly give you a second copy, which will be downgraded by three grades. . . You mentioned that for your dream career, what is your dream career? Wouldn’t it be a lawyer? What good law firm can you go to with your academic qualifications? Or do you just want to be a lawyer, it doesn’t matter? No, some people say that their dream is to be a programmer and that is also a programmer from a big factory. A programmer with a monthly salary of 5k in a third-tier city outsourcing company is worthy of him? If your dream career is a civil servant, then it’s okay to read it, but there are fewer tracks, so you can only take the national exam and save the exam. The directional selection has nothing to do with you. Regardless of career planning, whether you go or not depends on what kind of person you are. If you have the kind of character that can tolerate humiliation and are not easily disturbed by outside sounds, then you can think about it. If you are emotionally sensitive and like to complain about others, you may associate all the unhappiness during the master’s period with this school. The school is small and broken, the teachers are low, the classmates are poor, the canteen is unpalatable…whatever you think Can recycle in your mind. Emotionally sensitive people encounter this situation, ranging from depression, dropping out of middle school, and reopening, which really does not scare you. One of my classmates is 211 undergraduate, with an optimistic and cheerful personality. When he was undergraduate, he never said that the school is not good or his classmates are not good. Then he failed to pass the postgraduate entrance examination, and was transferred to a double fault. After going there, someone asked him where he was undergraduate, he said XX science and technology, and others said: “XX science and technology? 211! Why did 211 run here?” There is another 211 who is also transferred, others Just call them “big cleverness” and “two cleverness”. Is there any malice in this name? Hard to say. But the speaker is unintentional and the listener is intentional. He sounds like a mockery. Then he felt that his roommates were also weird. After trying to communicate normally, he never established additional relationships. After graduation, my classmates cut off contact with everyone during the postgraduate period. It seems that he has never had this experience. . . To sum up, whether to look at your career plan and personality. Those who are ready to take the civil service exam and can bear the humiliation, can go. It is not recommended in other situations. In addition, no one really thinks that the Three World Wars is an exaggeration. . . You can go to find out how many three wars were involved in the resumption of diplomatic relations and finance in Beijing. . . Fudan BRIC has received so many people, there will be a lot of people fighting, let alone Qingbei.

7 months ago

There is a very important principle for the selection of postgraduate colleges and majors, that is, employment orientation! Whether you want to transfer to a school worse than your undergraduate degree depends on your future employment intentions. If you just want a graduate degree in law to facilitate future provincial and national exams, then you will be over. If you want to go to a directional selection or enter a high-end red circle after graduation, postgraduates in ordinary schools are definitely not good, but now the problem is that you are already in World War II, and you may not be able to get an ideal school in another year. . Time is precious, and opportunity cost is also very expensive. So my suggestion is still to adjust, and rely on personal strength and work experience to make up for the general school.

7 months ago

do not go! do not go! do not go! People who come over will tell you. Undergraduate studying at a certain 211-the score must be higher than the low-level 985. Transfer from postgraduate entrance examination to major, fail, adjust. There were two options. A. The score is almost 211 in the same city (the score is about 20 points lower than my school, this year’s admission score is more than 630) B. Two books in a certain tier city. Later, I chose the latter because of a certain mental disability. I won’t talk about my feelings when I was studying. I found a job where I could go to undergraduate after my master’s degree, but now I can’t go. . . Then I took the Ph.D. of a certain 985 again, and I am now working as a PhD graduate. How does it feel? That is, if you have money in the future, you must spend money to delete the experience of the second graduate student.

7 months ago

I was also thinking about this question last night. The key is to think about what I can get, what I want in my heart, and finally weigh it. The transfer can have a graduate degree. Are you worried about this degree? Do you have any thoughts on taking the exam again? The key point is what you want to do with the postgraduate entrance examination. If you really want a degree, why didn’t you take the exam more securely? If you want a better platform, go to a remote place and a lower-level school. , Will there be a gap in your heart? I should know that when I took the exam to my school, if I didn’t succeed in pursuing my dreams, it was very difficult to adjust, because if there was an adjustment, I steadily re-examined. A while ago, I was entangled in whether to adjust or not, because I was very likely to be Go to a one or two books in area b. People really don’t have to ask me. I think about my original intention for the postgraduate entrance examination: I really want to study closer to home, in the future, interpersonal relationships, looking for objects, and homesickness. , I’m more convenient. And I thought for a moment that I had been taking the exams of the 5th Academy and 4th Department. I really wanted to have a platform and learn knowledge. If I went to a B area and a copy, there must be a big gap in my heart, and I will probably regret it. Finally, I found that I can find a job with my bachelor’s degree, and I can take the job test in the future, so I seemed to be determined yesterday and concentrated on looking for a job. When the time comes, I can fill in and go to the re-examination to feel and feel. I don’t report any hope. The above is mine. No matter how you choose, it’s not a good choice. Maybe in the eyes of our classmates and our parents, they will think that you should seek stability and take a good exam. But only we know that we really want to chase our dreams. And we believe that we can succeed through our own efforts, and we are willing to bear the consequences

7 months ago

As a top5 undergraduate who graduated from the postgraduate entrance examination and transferred to a double-african school, I empathize with the entanglement of the subject. It has been nearly ten years since I graduated with a master’s degree. I do not regret the choice that year, or that I had no choice at the time. For specific reasons, please see my other answer: What is the experience of failing the postgraduate entrance examination in 2021, and what should I do? If the subject decides to accept the adjustment, compared with the school’s reputation gap, it is actually the inner gap that is more tormented. When I was in graduate school, I told myself every day: The current predicament is only temporary, my life is not over, I must have a chance to prove myself! After graduating from postgraduate, I was admitted to a Shanghai civil servant and got a decent job. I was 35 years old last year. I picked up English that I hadn’t touched in seven or eight years, and achieved a global ranking of 1 in the extremely difficult GMAT test. % Good grades. To put it bluntly, many Qingbei students in their early twenties fail to get this score. However, they have gold diplomas and degree certificates, but I don’t. Maybe this is life. A lot of nonsense, too much talk is tears. If the subject of the subject is willing, you can communicate in private, I must know everything is endless.

7 months ago

My high school classmate, 985 undergraduate, major in vehicle engineering, this major ranked top 5 in the country, worked for three years, and then took a higher ranking of 985, but failed for two consecutive years, transferred to Nanjing 211 in the second year. When I cried and called my mother, I was very depressed. Now three years have passed, and he is about to graduate with a master’s degree. He said that the main reason for finding a job is to rely on the undergraduate school. During the interview, only mention the undergraduate school and try not to mention the master school. The better domestic companies in the automotive industry recognize his undergraduate school brand. Many of the senior and middle-level leaders are alumni. They chatted with the interviewers happily and signed the contract smoothly. If it is 985 undergraduate transfer to 211, you can consider it. Just go for a regular one, it’s too cheap.

7 months ago

When I resigned last year to prepare for the battle, I considered this issue. In the southeast of the undergraduate course, I missed a postgraduate program that year, and sprinted as a graduate student in this school for three months, but unexpectedly failed in a professional course. (ФωФ) The grades that year were too bad, the total score was over the line, but there were only more than 50 hapless students in the professional courses, and the adjustment was not qualified. This is the background. It may be that the child has never passed the exam so miserably in his life, and it becomes obsession to go to graduate school. Later, I worked as a research and development company for a year, and I felt that the system was really fragrant when I was beaten up. After all the considerations, I quit my job to prepare for the exam. The initial test was very good, but then Beihang failed in the first retest, so I considered an adjustment. The main considerations at the time were this. First of all, I graduated for two years and did not have so much time to prepare for the next exam. Secondly, my main motivation for the postgraduate entrance examination was to get a postgraduate certificate and the status of a fresh graduate, and later to return to the small county to facilitate entry into the system. It’s not important; again, I have no obsession with the aura of a prestigious school. It may be due to the research and development background, and I pay more attention to the actual ability; in the end, I have a lot of masters and doctors around, and some of them failed in the postgraduate entrance examination to adjust to the research institute or double non-performing. Bozou joint training can wipe out the master’s experience. Although the cost is painful, after all, when it comes to the adjustment step, the initiative is not in one’s own hands. Of course, a very important point is that I was brushed for the first retest at Beihang University, and I was brushed for the second time in the retest. I was really tired-I just want to go to school, and my wish is simple. I took a median in the initial test. Generally, this kind of score can’t be brushed off. What’s more, I am good at fooling teachers sincerely. My English is very good, I can get a good undergraduate degree, and I have scientific research experience-but the proportion of re-examinations that year has been lowered. Originally it was half and half. This time I was open at 730, and most of the classmates who came in reported me in this direction…just because last year, the weaker direction was a big transfer, so click to send it. Then I became the cannon fodder of tragedy, two minutes before I volunteered to go ashore. Fuck! (A kind of plant) Although there are some adjustments in the Beihang Academy, it is definitely not allowed to hang on a tree. Thinking about it, I contacted Yanda University (*≧▽≦)ノListen to the undergraduate students of Yanda University in the re-examination group and said that their college has Just hand, shamelessly touched. Of course, there is also Nanjing Shuangxiong and China Southern Airlines. The reputation of these two goods for receiving high-quality adjustments is too loud….. Southeast Asia opened the Wuxi branch and the Mongolian school in the past, and there was a gap of hundreds of people. I also filled my alma mater. The adjustment. There were also a bunch of local research institutes recommended by senior sisters and classmates, and Hegong University was also considering it. At that time, my comrades in arms asked me if I lost, and I must have lost. But I can’t help but study this postgraduate. How I look at this double non-degree in the future will be better than if I gave up this opportunity to transfer and went straight to work! After all, it is still convenient for fresh graduates and higher education to follow the system. Q(`⌒´Q) However, thinking that I might have to go to study in Qinhuangdao, which is a guarantee, I still feel extremely depressed. Fortunately, in the end, I made adjustments in the hospital of Beihang University to turn the tide, and the third place in the total score of adjustment retained the halo of the prestigious school. In the past three days, the mood of this roller coaster was ups and downs, and finally became the first Chinese cabbage picked by the teacher. But at that time I was really prepared to go to Yan University to study, and even contacted the tutor of Yan University. Now I see this topic and I am deeply moved. In fact, I really feel that if it is for the establishment of a small county, it will be adjusted. This step is fine if you have a book to read. It is not within the scope of my discussion to consider joining the company. Different people have different opinions.

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