Before my college entrance examination, my mother said that after I finished the college entrance examination, she would change to a job with five social insurance and one housing fund. After I finished the examination, she said that she was used to ease and did not want to change.

My mom’s monthly salary is 2-3k, and my dad’s salary is unknown (I feel like he is gnawing on an old man, the main source of income comes from asking grandparents for it)

Some of the main living expenses of the family are paid by grandparents, including utility bills, grocery shopping and cooking (my parents don’t know how to make vegetables, they usually go to my grandparents’ house to eat), 1/3 of my monthly expenses when I was in school. Living expenses (my dad asks them, the remaining 1/3 of the living expenses is given by my mother, and 1/3 is my part-time income on weekends)

I am a freshman undergraduate, the school is not bad, in recent years, the most popular software major, because I am an only daughter, so may be more sensitive to the parents’ pension issues, and I’m afraid that they won’t know if they have retirement salary in the future, grandpa My grandma is gone again, I will be under great pressure.

Coordinates: Southeast area (not along the coast), capital city, urban area, there are more than 100 m² houses (the name on the real estate certificate is not sure, anyway, there is definitely no name of my mother, only my parents and I live, grandparents also have a set)


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7 months ago

Failure to pay the endowment insurance has little effect, provided that you have to have a deposit, develop the habit of compulsory savings, or in the future, a filial child who does not pay medical insurance will have a great impact, especially if you are hospitalized for a serious illness, it is easy to be hollowed out without medical insurance. Of course, it doesn’t matter if the family has money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay unemployment insurance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay maternity insurance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay work injury insurance. Loans are more favorable, and this is the advantage. Then, social insurance can be paid by the Medical Insurance Bureau of the Social Security Bureau. In summary, if there is no unit to pay you, it is recommended that you pay your own pension insurance and medical insurance (the medical insurance paid by the unit) It is called employee medical insurance, and what I pay is called resident medical insurance. The reimbursement ratio and reimbursement method are different.) So in one sentence, if you don’t pay the five social insurance and one housing fund, it will affect your old age, mainly medical insurance.

7 months ago

Because of the aging population, many people are now looking at social security. Many young people see the salary slip when they pay their wages. The monthly salary of 10,000 is paid only more than 8,000, and the tax is deducted, one-fifth. It is a contribution to the country. It is even more difficult for business owners. In the past two years, the economy has been sluggish and they have made less money. They have to pay taxes and social security. Many private companies pay social security according to the local minimum standards, and some directly wipe out their provident funds. Everyone hopes that tomorrow will be guaranteed to be able to cope with life’s firewood, rice, oil and salt. Many people are walking on thin ice, not capable of everything and perfect. But I still hope that you will cherish this social security with all your heart. If you understand its history, you will know that in China, such a seemingly burdensome welfare is obtained at the expense of the interests of many people.

7 months ago

Which of these five insurances has the greatest impact on us? The most influential ones are pension insurance and medical insurance, and the longer the payment time, the better for us! For office workers with a work unit, paying social security is a statutory obligation, and that fee will be deducted regularly every month. For those who are not working and want to pay the five insurances by themselves, it is also possible, I will talk about it in detail later! 1) How to receive pension insurance? how to use? The endowment insurance must be paid for 15 years and can be enjoyed for life after retirement. It is paid monthly and mainly used for living expenses after retirement. The money in this is paid by individuals and units together, and is mainly put into two accounts, personal account pension + basic account pension, and its calculation process is very troublesome. If you want to know how much pension you can receive after retirement, you can go to the official website 12333 and enter your personal information to estimate and calculate your pension after retirement. But there is an unchanging principle: pensions must be paid more for more, and paid less for less. Part of the premiums for high-income earners is allocated to low-income earners. 2) How to use medical insurance? There are two accounts for medical insurance. The unit pays you 9% of the monthly medical insurance, and the individual pays about 2% per month. This several yuan of major illness co-ordination only allows you to spend a lot of money in the hospital. And the 2% of the money you pay yourself will be allocated to your medical card every month. (The ratio of payment by units and individuals varies from place to place.) The money from the medical insurance card can be used for common colds, fevers, going to the hospital for outpatient visits, or going to the pharmacy to get medicines. Later, I was hospitalized due to illness. The money paid before, that is, 9% of the company’s help for you, is taken by the state and transferred to the medical pooling fund, and then you can take it out for reimbursement! 3) How to use work injury insurance? This is an ordinary person who is not used frequently, is injured at work or has an occupational disease. After applying for an industrial and commercial appraisal, he can receive a certain subsidy. It should be noted that you should save the evidence, do the filing of work-related accidents, as well as the labor ability appraisal. If you are interested, you can take a look at similar claims cases, which will not be discussed here. 4) How to use maternity insurance? Maternity insurance is a rare benefit for women who give birth to children. After paying for one year, they can receive maternity allowance and reimbursement for the cost of maternity inspection and hospitalization. If the woman doesn’t have it, she can use her husband’s maternity insurance for reimbursement (but many friends report that it’s not possible in their area). I suggest you use your husband’s to check in advance! Regarding the question of how much maternity allowance can receive, Dabai will give you a formula: maternity allowance = average monthly salary paid by the employer of the employee / 30 X days of maternity leave. You can calculate it yourself! In this article, Dabai has sorted out the calculation process for everyone in detail. You can move to here to take a look: Dabaibao: Maternity insurance is a great benefit. It would be a shame to miss it! 5) How to use unemployment insurance? There is a time period this year, which is almost the peak period of unemployment. For unemployment insurance, everyone should pay attention to that although it is a subsidy during unemployment, there are three conditions for receiving it: 1. You must pay for one year before you can enjoy it, and generally pay for one year. Two months, two years for four months, and a lifetime payment for up to 24 months; 2. If you interrupt your employment without your own will, you will not be able to get unemployment insurance if you resign or resign on your own initiative; 3 , For those who have registered for unemployment and have job-seeking requirements, some friends reported that the specific process is more cumbersome….In short, there are some usefulness, but there are also practical thresholds. Then let’s talk about housing provident fund. Many people may not be familiar with housing provident fund, but do you know? Buying a house can use the provident fund, which is more cost-effective than finding a bank.

7 months ago

First of all, I will conclude that if you want to pay, you must pay, and you must strive to “overpay” (purchase with the full amount of the payable salary as the payment base). Understand what social security can bring. But there is a very simple truth. Since so many small black factory owners have tried their best not to pay social security to workers, social security is mostly not a bad thing. Why does the boss not want workers to pay social security? Because social security not only collects personal money, the unit also has to pay a certain percentage to the social security fund, and this ratio is higher than that paid by individuals. Take Shenzhen’s current non-shenzhen endowment insurance, for every 8 yuan you pay, the unit has to pay 13 yuan. (This is not only the case for social security, but also the housing provident fund. For every one yuan you pay, the unit has to pay one yuan. You can withdraw all of this money. It is literally earned by paying it!) So the bosses hate this very much. Things, I hope employees will give up. But if you choose to give up social security, it is to give up future protection for 8% of the cash, pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon. By the way, according to national regulations, both social insurance and housing provident fund are compulsory. It is the employer’s obligation to apply for social insurance for employees. All “voluntary waiver of social insurance agreements” are illegal and have no legal effect. Even if you sign a similar agreement, you still have the right to lodge a complaint with the Social Security Bureau, requesting the unit to pay the social security, but the retrospective period is only two years, and it is difficult to do it earlier. So if you have this kind of problem, please file a complaint as soon as possible. For us, social security is a welfare and security system. If you don’t pay social security, you can’t get protection on many issues, and you can only rely on individuals to bear it.

7 months ago

Regarding the use of the five social insurances and one housing fund, and the harms of not submitting articles, I think at least I can say a few words about it. The reason I dare to say this is because I have written 5 million read articles in a single article, and I have liked more than 150,000. Zhihu said that he has 200 million users, so I secretly calculated that this tm is equivalent to one out of 400 Zhihu users who have read this article. Thank you for your support. To be honest, I even feel that there is such an article in my life that I don’t feel in vain. Let me answer the question first. I took a look at the typical status quo of ordinary urban and rural families, and consulted me every day in the background. There are definitely not a few families in the same situation as you. My parents are in their forties and 50s, and the older generation of urban casual workers has no sense of old-age care, and feels that it is okay to pay social insurance or not (or the company just doesn’t pay). Now the pressure of old-age care is all on the subject. The subject of the question asked what would happen if I didn’t pay old age, I was just a freshman, and I began to feel the pressure and fear. What will happen? You will be required to work ten times harder than your peers, earn ten times the money, and give your parents thousands of pensions a month. At the same time, we must pray that parents are chosen by nature and will never get serious illnesses in their lives. Even if one of the two elders gets it, you will be wasted if you work ten times as much. Because everyone else has the state reimbursing half of the hospitalization expenses, you don’t have it! For working mothers, it is definitely illegal for the company not to pay, because according to the Social Security Law, as long as a labor contract is signed, one must pay five social insurances and one housing fund, even during the probation period. Moreover, even if the mother only has two or three thousand wages, the company must pay it in accordance with the minimum standard of 60% of the social average wage of the entire working city. The 60% of the social average wage of the southeastern capital city where the subject lives must be more than this number. In other words, even if you only earn this amount, the company should actually give you social insurance for at least a thousand dollars a month, which is almost half of your salary. Here is a special reminder that there are low-income people who work, the more they earn less, the more they have to pay, and the minimum standard pay is also required. Because in the future, when the payment is made, it will also use the average social salary as the base. Less payment means that everyone’s can be averaged. Promptly communicate with employers and prepare pay slips. Even arbitration in the future will be in your favor. If you have to pay the salary stub for a few years, you have to pay it for a few years. Regarding fathers who are not working, this can only be handed over to our country to get another type of social insurance, urban and rural residents’ insurance, which the state specifically provides for people in towns and rural areas who are not working. With this insurance, you are free to choose how much pension you pay. You can choose the lowest of yours for your father, and you can receive several hundred yuan a month in the future. Its greatest use is its medical insurance.

7 months ago

Take my salary as an example. If I don’t pay five social insurances and one housing fund, then I get 8496 in one month, but now I pay five social insurances and one housing fund, 5862 in one month, but in addition to the following benefits: 1. Provident fund, my month is 3222 (1611 for myself, 1611 for my unit). My provident fund loan was 900,000, and I repayed more than 5,000 a month in 20 years. After subtracting the provident fund, I had to pay more than 2,000. It was quite easy. In fact, I had never thought about buying a house, but the provident fund was too fragrant, so I bought a set. If you don’t buy a house or resign, you can take out the provident fund. 2. Medical insurance, 420 a month (I am 140, my unit is 280). It is usually convenient to buy medicines, such as vitamin tablets and so on. There is a drip for colds and inflammations, and there are two or three more in the medical insurance card throughout the year. thousand. In addition, if you pay the insurance and pay two hundred a year, you can be reimbursed for more than 90% of serious illnesses (local policy, local policies, but the specific amount depends on each region). I’m young and strong now, but I can’t use it, but who can make it clear in the future. 3. Maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance and unemployment insurance, I don’t feel any use for the time being, but they are all paid by the unit, and I didn’t pay for it myself. 4. Pension insurance. I paid 854 by myself. I don’t know how much the company pays, but it’s quite a lot, because our retirement salary is quite high. After retirement, it seems to be seventy to eighty thousand. The specifics are not clear. If I change a job that is paid more than 8,000 a month but do not pay the five social insurance and one housing fund, I will not change it either. You can compare the jobs you can find horizontally, compare the five social insurances and one housing fund and the five social insurances and one housing fund which is more cost-effective. After comments, the provident fund seems to be related to the year-end bonus, so I will also list my year-end bonus. Last year’s text messages have been deleted. I haven’t sent them this year. It’s about 110,000. When the text messages arrive, I will attach them again (I didn’t say at the beginning that it was because I wanted to conceal it. I really didn’t want to shift my focus. This has nothing to do with the question). But I still feel that it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the year-end bonus, because before our year-end bonus was not so much, the provident fund was more than 3,000, and the previous year-end bonus was 40,000 to 50,000. Then when I was working in a state-owned enterprise, I remember that the salary was paid 2500 a month, the year-end bonus was 15,000, and the provident fund was paid 360 by myself, totaling 720. So the main thing is to look at the unit. If you want to change or find a job, it’s better to compare it horizontally. But in any case, it is obvious that everyone in the comment section hopes that the higher the provident fund, the better~ After all, this is money that can be used immediately, and it can basically be used as a salary. As for the elderly, everyone has different opinions, which is a psychological comfort. Although medical insurance is only a little bit in one month, it is essential, and there are several other insurances. We don’t need benefits that don’t cost money for nothing, haha.

7 months ago

Wang is always an employee of a state-owned enterprise, with a monthly salary of 50,000. When the unit pays social insurance, he will pay according to the base of 10,000. The monthly withholding of the social security of Mr. Wang is 2,800, and the tax shall be declared according to the monthly salary of 5,000. Mr. Wang will get it every month. Seven thousand two, I feel good. Chief Zhang is a civil servant with an annual salary of 120,000. When the unit pays social security, it will pay social security based on a monthly income of 15,000 and declare a tax based on a monthly income of 5,000. The monthly pension insurance account of Zhang Chuan increased by 4,200 yuan, the provident fund account increased by 7,600 (capped), the medical insurance personal account increased by 1,500, and the monthly paid salary of Zhang Chu was 10,000. The subject’s mother signed a labor contract with the unit, and there is no five social insurance and one housing fund. The subject urged the subject mother to discuss the payment of two insurances and one housing fund with the unit. The unit said that the subject mother now has a monthly labor cost of 3,000, and she needs to pay social insurance for the transfer of the labor contract. The part paid by the unit needs to be borne by the subject’s mother. For 900 per month, the subject’s mother also needs to hand in an account 660. After paying the two insurances and one housing fund, the subject’s mother will be paid a monthly salary of 1440. The subject’s mother felt that the salary of 1440 was not enough to spend, so she still worked on a labor contract of 3000. The subject was puzzled, so I came to know what would happen if I didn’t pay the five insurances and one housing fund. Mr. Wang wrote an answer, saying that five social insurance and one housing fund are very important and must be paid, otherwise, let’s go. When Chief Zhang saw Mr. Wang’s answer, he felt very right, and gave Mr. Wang a thumbs up. The mother of the subject can’t go to Zhihu, nor can she ask how to change the monthly salary from 3000 to 1440, nor can she object to Mr. Wang’s answer. The subject of the question gave Mr. Wang’s answer a thumbs-up. I think it’s so hard to explain to the subject’s mother for such a simple question… By the way, don’t feel that it is illegal to work without paying two insurances and one housing fund. The relationship is called an employment relationship, and there is a kind of contract called a labor contract. The social security of the majority of migrant workers is basically in a state of streaking, so there are special channels for migrant workers’ social security payment… For example, migrant workers pay 4% of the endowment insurance policy and implement a policy of 12%, if it is not the wool on the sheep , Why should the overall planning be lowered? Many low-income groups face the problem of not being cost-effective at all, but having no money to pay, or no money after paying. Therefore, there will be new rural medical insurance and rural social endowment insurance. The highest grade of rural social endowment insurance is only 500 a year, but why set a 100 level? Some people really can’t get 500. Think about it this year that the goal of all-out poverty alleviation is an annual income of 4,000. Now that you are very struggling to live, where can you plan for the future?

7 months ago

Sincerely talk about my parents’ personal experience with me. I didn’t understand when I just graduated. I was “persuaded” by HR to get a higher salary without paying five social insurances and one housing fund. So I didn’t pay the first two years of work. It’s a pit (a lot less money in the provident fund than my friends in the same period). From what I can see, the social security provident fund is actually the company will bear more. In a disguised way, the income will increase. Besides, my parents have already retired. The current monthly pension income is enough for them to live a comfortable life. There is still a small amount of money left, which means that there is no need to use deposits for the elderly. Then there will be leeway to deal with big things and small love. So the money is very worth it and it is necessary. In the subject’s description, neither parents have paid social security, so after the parents retire at the age of 60+, life will indeed be a bit difficult. Even if they have two houses, they will be stretched. When you are older, you must not only satisfy your life, but also have to see a doctor. Reserve funds, etc.

7 months ago

Speaking of five social insurances and one housing fund, it is useless to pay for pension insurance after 50 years old. Unless you can live to 100 years old, the only thing that works is medical insurance. If you have a rural household registration, it is a few hundred yuan a year. If you have an urban household registration, It’s more expensive. Just ask your mother to pay for urban residents’ medical insurance. The amount varies from region to region, but it can definitely afford it! And this medical insurance is used when you pay for a serious illness! Among the five social insurances and one housing fund, medical insurance is the most useful. Pension insurance must be paid when you are young, and you can take more when you are old. If you are really poor and reluctant to pay, buy commercial insurance for serious illnesses when you are young. It is cheap, but it is expensive when you are old. For example, Alipay costs a few hundred yuan a year for under 40. It is much cheaper to pay for urban residents’ medical insurance when you are old. According to your dad’s status, you are still an only child, and you will be the beginning of your nightmare at 30. You will not be able to sleep. A sickness may spit out all of your savings in the past few years, and you have to add a lot in the future. Years, plus no medical insurance, you will feel no sense of security, and you have to count on your dad not to drink or smoke. Some people with poor psychological quality will panic so much that they dare not marry. Really, if your parents don’t have medical insurance and your family’s financial conditions are not good, you can only support yourself. After you get married and have children, your parents will become seriously ill. Feel the despair that life brings! At that time, you will understand my mentality, as long as my parents are not sick, they are my greatest support! As long as parents don’t do it, it’s actually very easy to raise them. How much money can you spend on food, housing and clothing every year? I’m afraid of getting sick! If you earn more, they can travel and increase the quality of life. If you earn less, they will stay at home and watch TV with their mobile phones. I’m afraid of getting sick! Seriously sick! Life-sustaining disease! PS. Knowing that the per capita million per capita has just left the aircraft carrier in Inner Mongolia. It is impossible for Inner Mongolia to understand how high the cost of the five insurances of 1,350 yuan per month in Guangzhou is. On paper, many people’s salary is only two or three thousand. You let her spend it. Half to pay five insurances and one housing fund? Are you sick? Every fool knows that paying five social insurances and one housing fund is great. Can’t everyone see the life of retired civil servants around him? Want you to talk about the benefits of getting old? Who doesn’t know if I don’t pay for social security, there is no guarantee for my old age. The key is that I am living very hard now, so why can I take care of what happens when I grow old?

7 months ago

Write a short-sighted answer: Grandpa is a road maintenance worker. He started taking this at the age of 65. He was gone at the age of 69. Social security is too unfriendly to the poor. First of all, the social security level is low. Ordinary people work hard for a lifetime. Generally, the company benefits of the lowest class people are much lower, especially in social security. Second, people who are engaged in manual labor, long-term labor work is very harmful to the body, and they are relatively poor, and they cannot be cured if they have serious illnesses. As a result, the life span of manual workers is relatively low, so they can’t get much money. But people live forever, but peace of mind. It’s so good, don’t everyone look at the topic? The subject of the question asks what happens when I get old if I don’t pay the five insurances and one housing fund? So I just complained about the pension. Five social insurances and one housing fund are sure to be fragrant. The money in the medical insurance card usually buys medicines without spending cash. Maternity insurance, there is maternity allowance, at least 3 months of the average salary of the previous year, at least 10,000. If I haven’t received unemployment benefits, I won’t talk about work injuries. You pay half of the provident fund and the company pays half. This is an invisible salary that can be raised. This is a benefit that zf gives to the public, but it takes a stable job to maintain it, and it is a loss to pay by yourself. The purpose of social insurance is to make small gains and pay by zf. Of course, from the perspective of zf, we must not use too high-end benefits to hinder development. There is a saying in the comment area that is really good: In a society with negative welfare, the poorer people enjoy fewer benefits, the richer people enjoy more benefits, and the poor cannot get the rich people don’t need it.

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