Are there any good website construction companies in China? As the Internet becomes more and more developed, more and more people are aware of the importance of having a website, which is a channel for displaying information and can also bring certain business opportunities , So what are the good website construction companies in China? The following corner point technology will tell you how to look at good domestic website construction companies. 1. Look at the experience of domestic website building companies. It is not difficult to build a website. You can build a simple website with a little bit of technology, but if you want to build a high-quality big brand website, you need years of accumulated experience and solid technology. When you communicate with such a website building company, you put forward your needs, and they can quickly design and conceive the website structure, design style, design plan, etc. you want according to your requirements. When you have opinions, you can communicate with them. Quickly sort out a feasibility report, and will not waste each other’s time. 2. Look at the successful cases of domestic website building companies and whether they have rich work experience. You can analyze them through his actual cases. Are there any examples in various manufacturing industries? For experienced website building companies, the cases must be very rich. We also need to learn from The quality, level, design effect, customer experience, and application of the case are analyzed. An excellent website building company can make a website very humane. 3. Look at the working environment of the domestic website building company. You need to look at the working environment, whether the office production area has changed, and the distribution of team members. If it is a local website building company, it will generally invite door-to-door exchanges. You can go to the site for inspection; if If you are a company that builds a website in a different place, you can use video to see the office space. If it is a shell company, then you must be afraid of videos. This kind of thing needs to be careful. 4. Look at the qualification certificate of the domestic website construction company. The certificate allows us to see the overall strength of the company. If you need to select the website construction company, you can ask the company to show the certificate and corporate honor. Spectral. 5. Look at the domestic website construction company’s plan planning ability. General websites can design plans at will, but big brand websites can’t. There must be strict website building requirements and steps, and its technical requirements are very high. You must have plan planning ability and plan planning. Not only writing the copy, but also planning the overall product selling point, website structure, function, layout, etc. of the website. The above are some of the selection skills of domestic website construction companies summarized by Corner Point Technology. However, if you really want to make a website well, and for the website to have a very good development direction in the later stage, it is best to find a professional, The best way is to make and optimize by a formal website construction company. And our corner point technology has many years of experience in website construction and website optimization in this industry, and has helped many people solve website related problems. If you have any questions about the website or have needs in this area, you can come to us at any time. ~ I hope this reply can help and encourage every friend who is attentive. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am a corner point technology that focuses on website construction √ website optimization √, a friend who shares experience with you and works hard to move forward. Welcome to exchange and learn together!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The more well-known domestic ones, like Growth Superman , Leo Burnett , Picken Design, and Block Design , are all comparative Good website construction company. Growth Superman, specializing in high-end customization of websites, as well as business growth-related businesses, with first-class design and planning capabilities; Leo Burnett, an international advertising company, serves large enterprises with relatively strong comprehensive strength and relatively expensive prices; Picken Design, as a design company, it is very good in design and very tonality; the section design is a Taiwanese company, the official website is quite stylish, and the design is also great. The above are all good website construction companies in the industry. I personally like to grow superman and section design. I have in-depth understanding and have a good reputation. ps. Personal recommendation, for reference only.

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7 months ago

There are actually many website building companies in China, but the outstanding ones, like growthman, blockstudio, and Zhengbang zhengbang, are all well-known high-end website customization companies in the industry. They have done many listed companies’ websites. Fortunately, they have worked with one of them. Cooperation, I feel pretty good. For the construction of an excellent website, I think the content of the website should be more important than the design. Of course, the design must be above the level. When the design is ensured, how should the content planning of the website be more important? Companies that are truly capable, instead of designing, are focusing on website content planning. Without enough content support, just look at the design and you will find that the whole website is very empty, just like when your customers enter your website, they are not to appreciate your website’s lack of design, and more situations. Yes, they need to find some kind of information, such as what do you do? Your advantage? In this regard, Superman and Zhengbang have done a good job. In the case of Superman’s website, you can see that they think a lot for the company and for users. You can check their case; and Zhengbang is an established brand. The planning company has sufficient experience in this area. Few companies in the market still do brand planning for them when they are building websites. This is why I say that there are only a few excellent website building companies. Basically no one will do this. Only the growth superman, Zhengbang they did. The sector design is a Taiwanese company that I personally like. It has more personality, as you can see from their official website. The companies mentioned above are more conscientious, but the prices will be more expensive. After all, you get what you pay for.

7 months ago

Now it can be said that if the website is not adaptive to mobile phones, it must be outdated, let alone a good one; I have seen many traditional website construction companies whose own company websites are not adaptive, which is too strange; I read frog Frog, eico, holy Hole are all adaptive websites. It seems that they have been adaptive several years ago, and the benchmark is the benchmark.

7 months ago

A good website construction company’s own official website must be top-notch. Many companies that build websites do poorly on their own websites. It is conceivable that they can serve customers. The company changes its website and finds a circle on the Internet. After consulting, there are still many good companies, such as Ogilvy, Holler, and Frog.

7 months ago

Good websites will have strategy research, competitive product analysis, user research, interaction design, visual design, website development. Traditional companies come up with design and development. It can only be said that they have made a website, which is too far away from a good high-end website; There are very few companies that have always insisted on doing high-end websites. It is difficult to survive by doing high-end websites alone. The famous Holy Hole and Frog are also experience design companies that involve website business;

7 months ago

At present, there are three kinds of website construction companies: saas website construction pure design source code templates. The three kinds of website construction are different, and the prices are also different. Let me give you a brief introduction. The professional terms are also not correct. Some people may not understand the saas website system very well. You can simply understand why you need to drag the modules you need like a puzzle and write the content. The advantages of the system: low price, simple operability, free to change the disadvantages of the system: the source code is bound to the service provider, if you do not renew the source code will not be given to you later. If you find a dedicated website to build a website, the only problem is that it is expensive, and you will encounter many problems when you modify the code or add new features in the future. Or your company finds the technology yourself, or you have to find them every time you upgrade. You have to collect money every time. And such a company must graft your filing and server to your company. Don’t let them have a template to build a website. Templates to build a website usually use a mature system. Generally, this is done by an individual. The advantage is that it is cheap and you can also find you. The type you want. But the function and part of the design will have limitations. The intuitive way to distinguish good companies is to look at their own official website. If your official website is very low, then the technology may be so-so, and the things you make may be just like that.

7 months ago

There is no strict standard. No matter how good website construction company is, some people will find faults; no matter how bad the company is, customers will say that it is good. U.S. Crude defines what a good website construction company is. As long as the website that users need is fully developed and no big bugs appear in the later operation process, I think this is the foundation of a good website building company! More importantly, the quotation is reasonable and there is no fraud; in the later stage of the website operation process, certain technical support can be given. Rather than being irresponsible for problems. Therefore, the company builds a website and tries to find a good and reliable company.

7 months ago

Are there any good website construction companies in China? With the rapid development of the Internet, many companies want to build their own websites. Therefore, there will be many website construction companies. Even if they are recommended by relatives and friends, they need to learn how to choose. Now let’s take a look at how to choose a formal website construction company with the editor. First of all, we must treat website construction companies in the same city and in different places the same. A small number of people have scruples about website construction companies in different places, but they often miss many more professional website construction companies. The most important thing is to judge whether the company is reliable. When we first contacted the staff of a website construction company, we can search for the company’s brand words on Baidu, or check the company’s website to see if it is legally operating, and then find out whether there is a fixed office space. Generally, a formal website construction company not only has a lot of information related to website construction and branding on the Internet, but also has a fixed office location, so it will not be afraid of other people’s on-site inspections. At the same time, there will be a complete service process and a professional technical team. The technical team here is not a team of several people. They are all very experienced in building websites.

7 months ago

This problem is too easy to be judged as an advertisement. Answering as a website building platform may also be regarded as unobjective. So I hope you compare it more. And I hope to be your option. Let me share with you the preliminary preparations for building a website. I hope you will build a website you like. Clarify the business model of the website Before starting to formally plan the website, it is necessary for us to understand the main business model of the website. Although people are more willing to get free information, companies still hope to be rewarded. Before building a website for a company, we need to know what the company’s business model is. If we don’t understand the business model, we cannot know which behaviors of users are meaningful and which behaviors are worthless. Mainstream business models include: market/e-commerce model (such as B2B/B2C/C2C); advertising model (requires a large amount of user visits); membership model (value-added services); community model (source of income to assist the sale of products or services) ); order model (order service). Once the business model is found, we can begin to design a website that supports business needs. When you start building a website, you need to focus on the target customer group in order to increase the traffic of your website. First portray your ideal user portrait, and then focus on the target. The circle of target audience? (For example: post-90s women) Where do most of the audience live? (E.g. Beijing, Shanghai) What style of writing/intonation is used? (E.g. humorous, professional) What is the goal to be achieved after attracting the audience? (For example: selling products) Through the above questions, you can help you build a consumer portrait.

7 months ago

Create unique selling points After determining the target customer group, you can use existing information to create product selling points and attract customers’ attention. Think about the motivation of the visitor. Why do they visit your website? What are the pain points you need to solve? Observe your competitors. What did they do successfully? Which strategies failed? With their experience, what strategies do you have to attract visitors? What are your strengths? As an entrepreneur/entrepreneur, what skills do you have? Create content based on your own advantages to infect and influence others. You need to think about what characteristics can make you stand out from many bloggers? Maybe you can create a unique “personal design” for yourself. Protecting the domain name Domain name can be said to be the heart of the website. You need to use the domain name to realize the process of making the website appear in front of customers. It is like a street address, and it must be easy to remember on the premise of representing the brand. Generally speaking, a good domain name needs to have the following conditions: simple spelling, easy to remember, avoid hyphens and numbers, and be specific to your brand. Choose the right platform, design the domain name, and prepare all the information. Next, you have to start to research which platform can better meet the needs of the company. The easiest way is to choose a website building tool with templates, and the more advanced option is template building +1 to 1 designer service. Of course, you can also choose to customize the site, personalized display design customization needs. Now that all the materials and materials for building a website are ready, it’s time to start building the website of your dreams! Follow our 5 steps, spend a little time and effort, and you will be able to have a perfect online website.

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