It’s almost March, but the footsteps of spring have not been seen. Guo Degang said: I take off my cotton trousers, and Miss Chun is here. I counted the days, and on the day of Li Chun, I took off my cotton trousers resolutely, but I couldn’t wait for the favor of Chun girl. For a few days, the cold was far away, and the warm wind was blowing. I thought that Miss Chun would no longer be afraid of the severe cold and would spread the vitality in the world, but in the end I still failed to see her shy face. If spring does not come, my world will be deserted, and there is no hope of recovery for all things. I can only turn out the memory of yesterday and dry it, not as a memorial, but just to forget the unknown season. The passing years are like water, time is like an arrow, and a dream is not awakened for several years. Half a life wasted, my heart was dead, and the bustling city was full of tears. I still remember that time, from the remote Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau all the way to Chengdu, with the young and frivolous “everything is in my control” and the “unsuccessful benevolence” view of death, the first time I set foot on this land I clearly felt the enthusiasm of the spring girl. So he quickly took off the cotton clothes and changed into spring clothes, and walked with the heartless girl on a strange street, snuggling happily, laughing presumptuously, and enjoying the boundless spring scenery that belonged to only two people. In the years since then, this picture often appeared in my mind: the warm sunshine gently slanted on the playful face, the water-like eyes reflected my happy smile, the world was gone, only the heart banged. I’m in a daze. I always feel that the so-called “paradise on earth” is not Suzhou and Hangzhou, but it is in Chengdu. The female classmate of my university is now the wife of a buddy in the same bedroom of my university, and she also has a child. This beautiful marriage of getting married after graduation makes many people envious. I don’t remember when or what the opportunity was. I only remember that she once said: Two people must go to a strange city for a period of time to feel the feeling of being dependent on each other. I deeply agreed with this sentence at the time. In the unfamiliar and unfamiliar environment, each other’s lives seems to be the only one left in each other’s lives. The kind of mutual impulse forced by the objective environment, even though it is short, is mutual possession in the true sense. After attending a large-scale job fair for two days, I found a job as a conference marketing host. She also quickly found a job and rented a house with the help of colleagues. So I went to get off work every day, had dinner together after work, and occasionally played mahjong with my co-rented roommates, or wandered around arm in arm. It seemed boring but happy. The place where I work is not far from Tianfu Square. It is a small health products company. The main marketing model is to organize senior citizens to have meetings at farmhouses or hotels, and then sell products. My job is to preside over the entire meeting process, and by the way, fool them into buying products. Fooling is not my strong point, but it is not as difficult to fool the elderly. It’s just that at the beginning, I always felt that I was deceiving people, my personality was low and the quality was bad, but I gradually figured it out. This was originally a “Zhou Yu’s fight against Huang Gai”. What’s more, even if this thing has no magical effect, at least it won’t kill people, but if I don’t fool them, they won’t be able to eat. This will kill me. On the issue of life and death, I have always taken a clear stand. As the saying goes: The sparrow is small and has all five internal organs. The main employees of this company are only 20 or 30 people, but they are distributed in Chengdu, Suining, Deyang, and Dazhou. Due to the special and important nature of the work, I often travel back and forth between the four places, so that I stand in Deyang. The venue actually said the opening remarks: I am very happy to come to the beautiful Suining…To be honest, I like to travel because I take care of everything I eat and live, and I don’t need to spend my own money. I occasionally receive warm hospitality from the local branch. Singing a song with wine can be considered comfortable, but it has suffered her. Once I went to Dazhou, because the company did not send a car from Chengdu. I went there by train. I arrived after 8 o’clock in the evening. It was almost 10 o’clock after dinner and settled in. I was chatting with a few colleagues and I received her call from Chengdu. His voice trembled with a sad tone, and finally cried when he said it. I deeply understand and blame myself, leaving her alone in a strange city, the kind of loneliness and even fear can be imagined. But I am thousands of miles away, and the only thing I can do is to call her home and ask her mother to call for comfort and comfort. It was four o’clock in the morning when I returned from Dazhou two days later. I hurried back to my place in a hurry. She was already asleep, curled up in the corner, like a strand of duckweed, unable to find a direction to rely on. My heart hurt suddenly, went to bed quietly, and gently took her into my arms, feeling guilty beyond words. She looked at me sleepily, her whole body finally stretched out, and she fell asleep peacefully. At that time, because of my childish arrogance, I swallowed the “sorry” that had come to my lips. We often plan to visit the scenic spots and historical sites in Chengdu in our free time, but when we rest, we never make the trip because we are too lazy to move. Either sleep in the dark, buy a barbecue and go all night, or play mahjong with your roommate all night… Those days of squandering youth make many people who have lost their youth gritted their teeth with hatred. I once thought that when I reached a certain age, I would definitely regret my intestines turning blue because of this “degraded” life. Now that several years have passed, every time I think of that time, I am full of happiness and happiness. Why do those days that are as plain as water and the time spent in idleness make me linger and yearn for? I can only say that in March many years ago, I was very handsome, she was very beautiful, and we were very happy! Later, because of this and other reasons, we left Chengdu and went back to school, then we suffered an earthquake, then graduated, then we broke up, and then we went our separate ways. Life is like going through a drama, you never know which part of the cottage will be in the next scene. In fact, everything has just begun, and everything seems to have ended long ago. May lovers all over the world eventually become family members, because they are destined to never lose their marriage in previous lives.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Once you love it, you will never forget it. People who have truly loved will become relieved over time as they grow, and will no longer be attached. The sunset is not the passing of the years, and the wind is not the fault of the woods. Maybe it’s better not to see the passing things, or not to read them. But the feelings and regrets in the heart will not be forgotten with the blood flow in this life. People who have truly loved know how difficult it is to let go of someone, because she once left a deep mark in your heart, and it has made you unforgettable. It is almost impossible to forget a person you love deeply, because the life of the person you love is recorded bit by bit, how can you forget it except for amnesia. Therefore, it is impossible for a person to forget the person he has loved, because what is forgotten is not true love. It takes time and years to forget a loved one. Maybe one day when another person fills up this love, he will really let go. Letting go is different from letting go. This person is very difficult to let go of in your heart, but letting go is different. You won’t care if he is there or not. Some people will stay in their memory even if they let go, even if they forget their faces, their voices, their faces, but that feeling will never disappear. It is easy to disappear from a person’s life, but the hard part is to disappear from a person’s heart. Leaving doesn’t start from turning around, it’s the relief in the heart that will be liberated.

7 months ago

I have not forgotten, people who have really liked them, I believe that no matter how long they are, they will never forget them, but that the matter of liking them has changed. You like to live a person, he has played a role in your life, or the kind that has weight. Regardless of your final outcome, he has left a trace in your life that will not disappear. Just like when you travel, you pass a place, at that time you may have liked this place, and you still want to stay. But you finally leave. Will you forget that you have been here? Will you forget that there is such a place? Everyone, every experience, as long as it has passed, will become history. History cannot be changed, nor will it disappear, so I have never forgotten that person. He has also played an important role in my life journey. I respect my every contribution and gain.

7 months ago

How could you forget that person who has been branded deep in your heart. As time goes by, the memory of Ta may be covered with dust, maybe it will be eroded by the years and the picture will be blurred, but there are always those unknown in life. Carrying the shadow of the past in an instant, sweeping through your whole thoughts like a flood of mountains, that one at that moment, don’t open it quietly, and when you return to the present reality again, you will gently close that door. As we grow older, our experience is enriched. The immaturity and beauty of my youth has long since retreated. Whenever I look back on the past again, I will only smile faintly. About that person and thing, under the pain healed by time, will be quietly placed in the true and pure treasure box deep in my heart. My own memories of youth

7 months ago

Forgot before,

At that time, I was very puzzled, wondering why I liked him, and then I forgot about him. Later, when I remembered why I liked him, I remembered again. I think that when I work hard for the life I want, those feelings will gradually fade away. After all, the other party has a girlfriend.

7 months ago

I can’t say that I forgot, I can only say that I let it go. Someone asked me to break up for so long. How do I remember your predecessor? Remember to look too carefree. Don’t remember to look too mean. In fact, I think that person is like walking and hitting a wire. After the pole hurts, I will walk around the telegraph pole when I walk. It may be a long time later that I don’t remember how painful it was, but the telegraph pole will always be there.

7 months ago

Uh, I can really forget. Maybe I only like myself. After that period of emotion, I suddenly hate myself like two people. I don’t understand why I said such stupid things, and then it is completely. Calm, and when you talk about the person you like, what you think of is just like your own black material, there is no emotional fluctuation, no way, I am such a person, just like feelings are also on a whim, and the end is to feel boring. -25

7 months ago

I like too many people.31-20e3.svg️ I probably seem to be in junior high school in the upper grades of elementary school. At that time, I was learning to draw in a place. I actually had a feeling of enthusiasm for a little kid sitting next to me (unbelievable). In the second grade, I was half of my height. I don’t know what I like him. Maybe I feel that he has a sense of maturity. He speaks everything in an orderly manner. Of course, I just like it silently in my heart!13.0.1/svg/32-20e3.svg️When I was in high school, my mother and I went to Handan to buy books (not the kind of big bookstore similar to the book wholesale market), in a very small, dark and narrow bookcase aisle, just like emerging from the dark, and my age The boy appeared and asked me what book you want to buy. I was speechless. After a short pause, I whispered the title of the book. After returning home, I lost my soul. Sitting in my own room, I kept thinking about the situation just now, all of which are my own inner feelings, and no real progress is made! ️! These are some chance encounters. I didn’t understand it during primary school and didn’t feel anything to anyone. I liked it in junior high school (in fact, it was a crush to the point where the other party didn’t know it, very natural). Let’s not talk about that! Forgetting can’t be forgotten, I think no one will forget this kind of sprouting

Last edited 7 months ago by greatword
7 months ago

This time I really forgot that I met you in 2017 and met and fell in love. At that time, I was full of hope for the future and thought that I would marry you. You also said that you would not leave me. Later, I have experienced many things before I found you. The so-called not leaving me is simply wrong, meeting the girl you like again, you will still be moved by your heart and even compare my shortcomings with her, lower my standards again and again, but in exchange for you to change again and again, in fact, if it weren’t for me I really like you. I don’t have to be humble until I get to this year’s university and I meet someone who really likes me. I don’t understand what love is. He will carefully prepare gifts for me on every special day. When I go to the courier, I will not eat and I will also give me potato chips. When I am in my menstrual period, I will awkwardly ask his sister how to make brown sugar water for my girlfriend. These are all things you couldn’t do before, so what reason is there for me to remember? You and I deserve a better college. Love is really a sweet campus love. I will work hard for each other. I will also go out to watch movies and eat. I am sad and happy. This is enough. In the future, you will understand that people who like you are worthy of you. the person I like

7 months ago

I once loved you: love may not completely die out in my heart, I hope it won’t bother you again, and I don’t want to make you sad again. I have loved you silently and hopelessly. I have endured both shyness and jealousy. I have loved you so sincerely and tenderly. I hope God bless you, and another person will be like I love you just the same. ——Pushkin “I Loved You Once”

7 months ago

It seems that it is almost three years. I said I would give myself three years to forget you, but the deadline is approaching. I haven’t done it yet. I even think the picture three years ago is still vivid. I remember the snowy sky and remember your smile. I’m so ridiculous. It’s only nine days. In the past few years, how I have insomnia, how I shed tears when walking on the road, and how many so-called emotional letters I have written, I seem to have been taken apart and repacked and fell in love with you once, I After a lot of emotional pain, but you never know, you are always so comfortable, because it has nothing to do with you sjz what should I do, come out

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