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The most difficult thing is the lack of motivation to push oneself to change. Everyone has thought about changing themselves, but the plan is always today, and the action is always tomorrow. To make a swearing appearance tonight, starting tomorrow, I will change my mind and be a new person. But the next day when I was dying and sat up in shock, I looked around blankly, everything was so familiar, everything was so warm, and then made a decision exactly the same as yesterday: Forget it, let’s have another day today, and tomorrow. let’s start. Day after day, year after year, this vicious circle, I don’t know how long it will last before it ends. I have summed it up. There are several reasons why we have been able to act since we were young: teachers’ tasks, parents’ supervision, being looked down upon by others, having someone we really like, family changes… First of all, you’ve known the need for change. It is driven by passion and desire, not by will. Teachers’ tasks and parental supervision are mandatory, and we are more often forced and reluctant. The remaining points are to provide the driving force for us to change ourselves. We are voluntary and proactive. But in fact, the essence is the same. The former is for others to force us, and the latter is for us to force ourselves. Many people can’t make up their minds to act, just can’t force themselves, because those situations have not happened to them, so they can’t empathize with them, and can’t step out of the original comfortable circle. There are people who know the truth, but the only difference is the way to change. But change is originally your own business, and it is not forced by others. No one can copy his determination to you, and copy his own methods to you. Do you need others to teach you how to eat, how to sleep, and how to poop? I am not responsible to myself, waiting for others to be responsible to you? Don’t love yourself, waiting for others to love you? It’s because you eat and wait to die without thinking about making progress, and finally blame others for not teaching you the method? What are you, like losing the key to the door, are you worthy? Look, after reading what I said above, are you very angry? You can’t wait to open the comment area and spray me again. You are here to see the method, not to be scolded. If you want to spray it, it’s worth it if you can wake you up. Knowing the shame and then courageously, in fact, more often than not, the reason why we are stagnant and drunk in dreams is that we have not been hit by anyone for a long time, and we have not been scolded in blood. After graduation, the teacher has no right to discipline you. When your parents are old, they can’t control you anymore. If you want to change yourself, only you can restrain yourself. Your inner indulgence and laziness are like the last big boss in a novel TV series, and your unyielding heart is the last hope of the entire plane. Can not be defeated, in the end can only be destroyed.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is very difficult for people to change themselves, unless in two situations, talents will change. First, they have suffered major emergencies. In a short time, they cannot bear the huge pressure in their hearts, and they suffer from the tingling sensation every day. . (For example, the death of the closest person, long-term illness, unemployment, broken love, bankruptcy, debt, betrayed by a friend, divorce, etc….) Because I spend every day in a situation of thinking, remembrance, and regret, it may become better at this time. It may also deteriorate. Seeing his thinking mode is to think in that direction, will he learn from the pain and want to change. Secondly, contact with a good environment every day, accumulate and subtly, slowly change personal temperament and concepts, just like caterpillars metamorphoses into butterflies, it takes time to brew, and vice versa, because it is constantly repeating the input of the subconscious and The result of habit, otherwise it is really difficult for people to change their existing thinking patterns and habits. Why is it so, because people are accustomed to animals. If you think about everything, then people will have difficulty doing everything. For what they do every day, they will be accustomed to deal with them, and they will repeat past behaviors under the domination of the subconscious mind. American President Franklin, in American history, is considered a perfect president by Americans. According to Franklin’s autobiography, he wrote in his autobiography: In order to improve his shortcomings, he set up 13 moral catalogs: Temperance-not enough to eat, not to drink too much . Just to say ─ Don’t talk boring nonsense, avoid useless gossip. Order ─ Things have their roots and ends, and things have an end. Decisive ─ Act decisively and don’t change easily. Frugal ─ Constantly cherish every single inch of material resources. Diligence-cherish time and avoid futile work. Sincerity-thinking and focusing, there must be words. Integrity ─ Not to slander or seek personal gain. Moderation ─ Be generous and avoid extremes. Neatness-Keep your body clothes clean. Tranquility-not happy for things, not sad for yourself. Chastity ─ Clean oneself and love oneself, cherish reputation. Modesty ─ Don’t rely on talents, but treat others with modesty. Franklin chooses one to improve every week, using a gradual approach, gradually practicing one by one, and a list of 13 virtues, which is repeated four times a year, to continuously reflect on and correct his mistakes, and continue to practice throughout his life. Only by gradually improving and correcting their own shortcomings, how can ordinary people in a short period of time, can completely correct their own shortcomings. But some people think that change is not easy. It’s just an excuse and a pretext. That’s because you don’t understand that people are accustomed animals. When you are complaining and accusing others every day, you suddenly want you to make a 180-degree change and learn to praise. Do you find it easy to encourage others and live with a positive attitude? Exercise is a good thing, but for those who never exercise, exercise is a huge chore. Reading good books is a good habit, but for those who don’t like to read, they may want to go to Zhou Gong when they start to read. Up. So to change a person is really not an easy task. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to make changes, because these experiences, values, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have been with you for a lifetime. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s difficult to change in the short term unless you replace bad habits with good habits

8 months ago

The difficulty of changing yourself is determined by your actions. If you want to change yourself, you must take action within 72 hours, otherwise you will quickly forget about it. You can slowly change from the following aspects: 1. Go to bed early and get up early, so that you can have a good body. The realization of wishes is almost based on the premise of good health. 2. Persist in reading for half an hour every day, after two years, a good habit will be formed. Change of thinking, more motivation for action, and regular summary, this is the fastest way to change and the lowest cost way. 3. Join an excellent group and learn more from excellent people. At the very beginning, you can start with a year of persistent public welfare activities to improve your own vision. The horizon will be improved, the pattern will become bigger, the good people will gather around, and the fortune will be better and better~

8 months ago

As long as you find the right method, it is not impossible to change yourself. There are many people who want to change, but they don’t know where to start, even if they start to act. Due to the inability to see the effect, or the confusion of the people around him, the incompatible environment and other factors could not be persisted, and finally it was nothing. In the end, there was no one day when I saw a chicken soup article, and felt that time was wasted, and I was anxious. Then comes the next cycle, change-abandon-change-abandon. First, we have to find what we are determined to change, but what we intend to do. Write down the corresponding answers or keywords in the following three areas. M: Things that make you feel meaningful. P: Do something that will make you happy. S: What you are good at (if you are not sure, you can listen to the opinions of relatives, friends or colleagues.) Then, find the intersection of these three aspects. The overlapping part of the three is the answer you are looking for. Second, you must have firm confidence. No matter when, whether it’s effective or not, at least stick to it for at least 3 months, never give up after 3 months, don’t let go after 3 months, and you can’t do it in 3 months. After that, summarize the shortcomings and leave it to the next time to find experience. . Write down the things you are afraid of in your diary one by one. Make a plan from easy to difficult, and then start with the first thing you are afraid of, until you are no longer afraid, think about the more serious consequences, can you accept. Every time you complete one item, you cross a mental obstacle, untie a rope that binds your soul, eliminate a thought that I have never done before, and wipe off an idea that I dare not do. Third, make progress every day, accumulate every day. If you can keep improving every day, within a few years, you will be able to leave most people behind. Fourth, step out of your comfortable circle, use difficulties as opportunities for growth, ask the right questions, and expand your personal scope. As you grow older, you will only regret what you haven’t done. All in all, start with a small thing. Reading/exercising and getting up early are things that you have to do in your life. Go to bed and get up early, exercise, read, write, eat on time, and be kind to others… Since you are thinking about it every day, since you are often caught If you are impressed by other people’s accumulated achievements, it is better to act quickly. You may think that reducing one exercise, delaying a project, or eating a fast food is not a big deal, because tomorrow you can “make up”; you mistakenly believe that doing a “wrong thing” will only affect the current relationship, as long as you do it next time Just better. This is the biggest self-deception in the world.

8 months ago

It is actually very simple to change yourself. The key depends on whether you have a strong willingness to change. When a person wants to change himself, just take action. The action here is not that you are fully prepared and then take action, but start to act immediately. A simple example: For example, if you want to lose weight, now you Lying on the sofa, the idea is there, it’s not that you want to act tomorrow. Instead, you should get off the sofa immediately and tell yourself that I can exercise for one minute. When you finish one minute, you will find that the physical activity is on, and you will continue to do it again… By the way, I recommend a book “Micro Habits”, it is worth reading, those seemingly small actions are precisely the motivation that can trigger you to continue. Many people use the slogan to change themselves and say, I want to change myself, I have to work hard, I want to… But the question is, change requires action. Where is the change without action? In short, the change does not need to set up a complete plan, only you need to act immediately

8 months ago

Changing yourself is actually quite difficult. When a person reaches a certain age, his thinking mode becomes finalized, and it is difficult to change. It takes a lot of determination and a lot of perseverance. First, I have to read a lot of books about the underlying logic such as history, philosophy, etc., and change my own underlying cognition from the shallower to the deeper. Then make behavioral changes. Behavioral changes are also accumulated from small things. At first, they are implemented according to the minimum standard. When you get used to it, you can increase the amount appropriately. After a long time, it will naturally have an effect.

8 months ago

Thanks invite. As a person who suffers from insomnia under the influence of coffee, his head is very awake! The premise of “change yourself” is self-awareness, but how many people can know themselves clearly? So, I think it is difficult. If you say, that’s not right, I can change for. Most of this is a change of a certain habit, and many changes still have to be rewarded. If you don’t achieve your wishes, you will also have some negative emotions. Because your own cognition and way of thinking have not changed, you are just forcing your own consciousness. If you want to truly change yourself, you must achieve inner peace and take the initiative to reach consensus and reconciliation with your heart. And this requires a process! I want to change my insomnia state now, but there is no way at all, it’s hard to die!

8 months ago

It seems really difficult. I claim to be a person with strong perseverance and self-control. I have always been first in the long-distance running test, and I am always one of the earliest people in the class. I can endure the loneliness of autonomous learning, etc. But I was vulnerable to desire. From the second grade, I learned how to indulge (myself). I knew its harm for a long time. I still haven’t given up on it. The deeper impact comes from the lack of primary education in the earlier period. . My current thinking is that I look forward to quitting completely, even if it is a normal frequency, I feel that all previous efforts have been abandoned. This is the most common way of thinking among the brothers, and this is also the way to destroy the psychology of indulgence. No matter what, I still look forward to changing myself. Although it is difficult, although I regret it hundreds of times, I believe that after experiencing this, there will be few other things that will defeat me.

8 months ago

In fact, it is not difficult to change yourself, but to change your starting point is to change your mind. For example, if you want to go to a distant place, there are three kinds of planes, high-speed trains, and trains. You may not have taken a high-speed train before, so you chose the train with the longest time. Because you are afraid and afraid to come into contact with new things. This is a common problem among young people today. I think I should honestly go to school, find a job, earn money, buy a house, fall in love, get engaged, get married, be given birth, have children, and become parents. , After raising a child, he finally passed away and became a handful of loess. Later, he discovered that his life passed so quickly. Looking back on what you did in your life? I also thought about going to travel with three or two friends, but “work is too busy”, “I want to save money to buy a car and buy a house, how can I have spare money” “I want to save money in case I need it?” “I have no money”” “I am poor” “I still have to keep it for my children” “Why do I spend that money, I am fine now” Is it really good? I don’t know, I only know that some people go to work with a smile the next day after work, but he still sees water stains on his pillow. I only know that someone has worked overtime for a month and was called back to work overtime and crying on the street on his birthday. There is no image, just because it is her birthday. It’s said that the collapse of adults is just a moment, but it’s not true. Adults’ collapses are accumulated over time, but they are not afraid of being beaten by wind and rain, but they are pierced by a needle and cry. They also want to change and not live. Such a life, but they dare not take that step because the thoughts they have been exposed to since childhood limit their activities. Do you know why so many weird videos on the Internet are so popular all over the world? Because every viewer regards himself as the protagonist of the video and leads a life that he dare not live. It’s easy to change yourself, it just depends on how much change your mind accepts you.

8 months ago

The Sixth Patriarch Huineng once said: “One thought is a Buddha; one thought is a sentient being.” It is difficult to change the nature of the country. It is probably not easy to really change yourself. Because people have emotions and thoughts. To change means to give up, and what to give up is determination. It seems that everyone has determination, but there are not so many people who are really determined and indomitable. Everyone has times of self-doubt and withdrawal, but don’t make it a habit. I really like Tara’s words: “Find out where your abilities lie first, and then decide who you are.” No matter who you become or what you become, it is actually what we are. Since it has always been in our hearts, It is also part of our complete life. The change may be difficult or easy, but in fact it is all in oneself. Why don’t you understand? Or I just want to see myself through the statements of others or some unpredictable thoughts. Be firm and then persevere, if you can do so, you will have a certain time. May it be beneficial to you.

8 months ago

There is a Chinese saying that “there is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid of worrying people”. What is said is that there are no so-called difficult things in the world. The key is to see your determination, perseverance and perseverance when facing a thing. Facing the same thing, some people feel very difficult, fearful, entangled, dare not start, or have no perseverance to persevere; while some people as long as they make up their minds, they will think and try, with all the conditions and resources, will Things are done. Since you want to change, it certainly means that you are dissatisfied with your current state and want to change. If you first consider the difficulty of the change, then in time you start to force yourself to make the change, it is also very difficult; if Because you want to be better, realize that you have some shortcomings and make up your mind to change, then it is not difficult for you. It should be because you know what you want and are guided by a strong goal. What you care about in the process is how to better achieve the results you want. On the contrary, if it is because others are changing, or someone reminds you that it is time to make a change, and you passively force yourself to change, then it is very difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to change oneself with a lot of personal consciousness, action, mentality and willpower. As long as you want to change yourself and develop in a better direction, you will definitely pay off if you persist in doing it. For example, start learning and make a plan from easy to difficult. At first, you don’t need to gnaw hard and difficult knowledge first. You can read some readings that you are interested in. You can start by cultivating reading habits, and after you develop the habit of reading, you can Enrich the types of reading and do more extensive research.

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