Mao Zedong’s Negative Teacher Theory: China’s first Wang Ming line took four years, and it suffered the most from the Chinese revolution. Wang Ming is now recuperating in Moscow, and we have to elect him to be a member of the Central Committee. He is a faculty member of our party, a professor, a priceless treasure, and he cannot be bought with money. He educated the whole party not to follow his line. Chiang Kai-shek is China’s largest teacher, educated the people of the whole country, and educated all our party members. He used a machine gun to teach, while Wang Ming used his mouth to teach. We want to thank our good husband, Chiang Kai-shek. He drove us to the countryside. This period is very long. Ten years of civil war, ten years of fighting with him, then you have to study the countryside. In our youth, we did not expect to have a revolution. Only after the October Revolution did I know what Marxism and Leninism existed in the world. I started with some urban workers’ movements, peasant movements, and some student movements, and some movement in cooperation with the Kuomintang, but I was not prepared for war. I want to thank the gentleman we are now in Taiwan, he let me go up the mountain to fight guerrilla. He was killing people everywhere, and we couldn’t stay in the city. We had no choice but to go up the mountain for ten years and hit Yan’an. Later, the Japanese came and beat the Japanese again. When the Japanese finished fighting, they fought with Chiang Kai-shek again. You see, I’m a teacher and elementary school teacher. I don’t know Marx and I don’t know how to fight. This is where the environment forces people to not act according to my will. That environment forced me to read Marx’s book and go to war. We have two major faculty members: one is Japanese and the other is the chairperson. These two big teachers don’t want to be paid to teach us. Without these two great teachers, we cannot educate the Chinese people and our party. As for some small teachers in our party, they don’t recognize many characters and can’t tell a lot of truth. They don’t listen to them when they talk about it. Later, I invited a Japanese, a Chinese, a Japanese fascist, and a chairman of the committee. These two instructors helped us teach and we were done. (An oral political report made at the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1945) In the world, things are not easy to do without Dulles, but things are easy to do with him. So we often feel that Dulles is “comrades” with us, and we want to thank him. On October 16, 1964, after the successful explosion of China’s first atomic bomb, Mao Zedong said humorously: “Khrushchev should be awarded a one-ton medal.”


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7 months ago

Seeing the problem, I thought of General Chen Geng’s words: “The Vietnamese army and the French army are really a pair of wonderful opponents.” At the end of World War II, the British and French colonizations began to withdraw from the stage, but Britain left a little trouble and left directly, and France just left. To be honest, many countries in Africa are still looking at the face of France, the sovereign state; Vietnam, as a French colony at the time, did not want to let go, and as a result encountered fierce resistance from Vietnam. At that time, China and the Soviet Union provided large-scale aid to Vietnam. China not only provided supplies but also sent General Chen Geng as military aid to take part in the command, but it was this experience that left a deep psychological shadow on General Chen Geng… In his memories, he said: “The slowness and inactive actions of the Vietnamese army were beyond his imagination, but his evaluation of the French army was even lower, and the French army’s combat effectiveness was not as good as the national army. She was beaten up.” Once General Chen Geng arranged an ambush for the Vietnamese army, but when it encountered heavy rain, the Vietnamese army arbitrarily delayed the departure for an hour. The angry general cursed the battle will delay the fighter plane. As a result, After a while, the battle report came, and the Vietnamese army won a big victory. It turned out that the French army also spontaneously delayed the departure for an hour, and then neither side was delayed, and they fought a beautiful ambush. General Chen Geng wrote in his diary: “The French army and the Vietnamese army are really a pair of wonderful opponents.”

7 months ago

In October 1962, Zhang Guohua, the commander of the counterattack in self-defense against India and the commander of the Tibet Military Region, said in a pre-war meeting: “Our face-to-face opponents are the “ace” troops of India, but they are not as good as Chiang Kai-shek’s army. We must despise the enemy strategically, attach importance to the enemy tactically, and use the strength of fighting the Kuomintang’s 181st Brigade and 11th Division in the War of Liberation, and prepare to fight big battles, hard battles, and bad battles. Also prepare for the second and third battles.” Zhang Guohua thinks that India’s ace army is not as good as the main force of the national army. It seems to be extremely insulting. In fact, it is a kind of flattery. You must know that the “eleventh division” he mentioned is The Eleventh Division, one of the five main forces of the National Army, and the Eleventh Division under the command of Hu Lian have made the People’s Liberation Army suffer in the Liberation War. Therefore, Zhang Guohua proposed to be prepared for tough and bad battles. A month later, when the war ended, Zhang Guohua smiled and said when summing up: “This is the first time I have been in the army for 33 years.”

7 months ago

The emperor tried to squeeze the ball with him, fight for the arrow, and hurt his upper finger. The emperor said angrily: “This solid general will plant it!” Fang said to him, “Fighting Gongsun to the north, and Zhuge to the west, so why not plant it?” The emperor was very embarrassed. -“Book of Jin · Biography of the Empress” Note: During the Three Kingdoms, Wei and Jin Dynasties, scholars made their achievements with military merit. For scholars, “generalization” is an insulting vocabulary. Emperor Wu of Jin, Sima Yan, had a concubine, Hu Guibi, whose father and grandfather were both generals. Once in a two-player game, vying for an arrow, Hu Guibi injured Sima Yan’s finger, and Sima Yan was angry: You really are going to plant it! He said that there should be no derogatory meaning, but a kind of irony, accusation and shame in disguise. Unexpectedly, Hu Guibi replied: Gongsun in the Northern Expedition, and Zhuge in the west. It means that Sima Yi, the ancestor of the Jin Dynasty, is also a high-ranking military meritorious service? Will you also be planted? Sima Yan was ashamed of hearing this.

7 months ago

When Heinz Wilhelm Guderian led his troops across France, his troops once shouted to the retreating French army: “I have no time to capture you. You must lay down your weapons and leave the road so as not to hinder our progress.” Guderian , A famous military strategist, the father of blitz, the father of German armored soldiers, and Manstein and Rommel are also known as the three major German generals in World War II, and the “Imperial Eagle” of the German Third Reich. In May 1940, Guderian led the 19th Panzer Corps to participate in the French campaign. On May 10, Guderian launched an assault, crossing the Ardennes (before that, it was considered an area that mechanized troops could not pass) 110 kilometers deep into the realm of the law in just two days. On May 12, arrived at the north bank of the Mas River and captured the French fortress Sedan. After that, he crossed the Maas River to the north and outflanked the Allied forces stationed in northern France and Belgium. Under the cover of the German air force, it seemed like no one had entered. So much so that in the face of the retreating French army, Guderian’s troops shouted through loudspeakers: “I don’t have time to capture you. You must lay down your weapons and leave the road so as not to hinder our progress.”

7 months ago

Han Chuan organized the Kaixi Northern Expedition, and the Jin Dynasty was shocked, thinking that the Southern Song Dynasty was prepared to come this time must be a fierce battle, so he moved all over the world, and planned to organize a defense in Kaifeng and plan to deploy the last line of defense in the Yellow River. It turned out that something was wrong. Song Jun didn’t get in far, and Xilu didn’t even get over Qinling, so he hurriedly sent people to the south to organize a strategic counterattack. First let the general soldier of Fu Sankui, and later he died of illness, he was replaced by the general soldier of Wanyan Zonghao. In less than half a year, Wanyan Zonghao also died of illness, so Wanyan Kuang led the soldiers to continue fighting. The opposite Song Dynasty performed more interestingly. The offensive battle turned into a defensive battle. As a result, he could not defend himself. He lost Zaoyang, Guanghua, Suizhou, De’an, Anlu, Yingcheng, Yunmeng, Hanchuan, Jingshan, Yicheng, Gucheng, etc., the opening of the northern expedition to Taihe, and the southern expedition, was about to be attacked by the Jin army again to the south of the Yangtze River. In the end, there was no way, so they had to chop off the heads of Han Tan and Su Shidan. It was sent to Jin Chao for peace talks. . . Later, when the Mongolians who loved the art of war saw the performance of the Jin army in this archive, they sighed with emotion: Jin Zhangzong defeated the Song Dynasty, and he actually changed the main general three times in a battle. This is a big taboo of the military, and you will lose the battle! The result was the performance of the Song Dynasty. . . Looking up to the sky and howl: Are you going to fight in the end! ! So when I was compiling the “Golden History”, I wrote such an evaluation: Zhang Zong’s battle against the Song Dynasty, the commander of the Three Changes, was also a taboo for military strategists. Song didn’t know how to take advantage of this to think of merit, he still said that there are people? ! ——”Golden History·Volume Ninety-Eight”

7 months ago

Compilation of the North League of the Three Dynasties-(Yue) Feichu confronted the officials, and let go of his hands if he stood upright. A pawn held a stick beside him, and the stick made a sound and said: The fork hand stands upright! Fei Layan screamed and crossed his hands. Then he said: I have tasted the unification of one hundred thousand troops, and today is the price of the jailer. Mangul Tiberle, an old document in Manchu language, said: “Those who are sweaty should be informed by the public. Why should I be embarrassed by the public? I have inherited everything for sweat, but I still don’t like it. I want to punish me.” After that, he held the handle of the saber forward. At that time, his mother and brother Deger Lei Taiji said: “You are not in a proper way!” He fisted and fisted, and then walked away. Behrermangguertai said angrily: “Father, why are you punching me!” Then he drew his sword out of the sheath, and his younger brother Deger pushed his brother out. Orthodox Lin Rong Lu-within this month, in Fengzhou, there is a wife of Boyan Tiemu Er so that the maidservant asks: “You are warm every day, and what do you do with the fire at night?” Minghui said: Whenever I don’t have anything to do, I just eat meat, and then I fall asleep. Every five or seven of me sleep in a tent, where there is a fire. A maid said: I see fire on your tent every night, just saying that you burn fire every time. Hou Boyan Timur’s wife and others said: It is Emperor Hong Fuguangxian.

7 months ago

“He became the president to prove that the Chinese assassins were dead.” In November 1923, a “Public Opinion Survey” questionnaire at Peking University answered the question “What do you think of Cao Kun as President”. (In that survey, there were 801 feedback papers and 782 votes were disapproved.) The professor of Peking University and the famous writer Wang Yao was dragged to the stage by students to criticize during the “anti-doubles” movement in 58 years. After listening Later, Wang Yao said: Today I listened carefully to the criticisms of my classmates. I think it is revolutionary but almost scientific. Because of his disobedience, the department said he was stubborn and “difficult to handle a professor.” Yang Shu, a former classmate, talked to him and asked him, “Are you convinced by the department asking you to make a review?” Wang replied: “My mouth is reviewing, and my feet are drawn with the word “No” underneath.” Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary how she felt when she read James Joyce’s “Ulysses”: “It seems to see a disgusting college undergraduate scratching his pimples.” Write these first, and add it later if you think of it. Second change ~ Huang Kan, the veteran of the Republic of China, has always been proud of his talents and is known as “the yellow madman.” Huang once visited Wang Kaiyun when he was young. Wang Kaiyun praised Huang Kan’s poems and said: “You are already a brilliant young man with a weak crown. My son is about the same age as you, but he doesn’t know anything about him. He is too dull. “Huang Kan replied unceremoniously: “You still don’t get through, let alone your son.” Note: In the early Republic of China, Wang Guoyuan listed Wang Kaiyun as the leader of the poetry world when he wrote “Guangxuan Poetry Spots and Records”, against Chao Gai, the king of Tota. In 1942, the Ministry of Education selected Tang Yongtong’s “Buddhism History of Han, Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties” as the highest academic award. Tang Yongtong himself was not happy when he heard the news. He complained to his colleagues: “I always give students grades. Who will judge the book?” Feng Youlan and Hu Shi have disagreements on academics and occasionally disagree. On one occasion, He Bingdi told Feng that the title of a student’s master’s thesis was “Hu Shi’s Influence on Chinese Cultural Circles Before 1927”. Feng Youlan said: This problem was very good, because after 1927, he had no influence.

7 months ago

General Du Yuming, General Qiu Qingquan, General Li Mi, and Qiu Li Corps commanders and division commanders:    You have now reached the end of the mountain. The Huangwei Corps was wiped out on the evening of the 15th, and the Li Yannian Corps had turned around and fled south. There is no hope for you to get closer to them. Do you want to break through? With the People’s Liberation Army in all directions, how can it be so sudden? You have tried to break through these past few days, what are the results? Your aircraft and tanks are also useless. We have more aircraft and tanks than you. These are artillery and explosives. People call these aircraft and tanks. Isn’t it ten times more powerful than your foreign aircraft and tanks? Your Sun Yuanliang Corps is over, and the remaining two of you Corps have also wounded more than half of the prisoners. Although you forced many of the government officials and young students from Xuzhou into the army, how could these people fight? For more than ten days, under our surroundings and heavy blows, your position has shrunk greatly. You only have that little place, which is less than a dozen li, so many people crowded together, we can kill a bunch of you with one cannonball. Your wounded soldiers and family members with the army have followed you in groaning. Your soldiers and many cadres do not want to fight. If you are the deputy commander-in-chief, the commander of the corps, the commander of the army commander, you should appreciate the feelings of your subordinates and family members, cherish their lives, find a way out for them earlier, and stop calling them meaningless. Sacrificed.   Now that the Huangwei Corps has been wiped out, and the Li Yannian Corps fled to Bengbu, we can concentrate several times the strength of your troops to fight you. We have only forty days of this battle. You have lost ten Huang Baitao divisions, Huang Wei eleven divisions, Sun Yuanliang four divisions, Feng Zhian four divisions, Sun Liangcheng two divisions, Liu Ruming one division, and Suxian one division. , Lingbi is a division, you have lost a total of thirty-four whole divisions. Among them, He Jifeng and Zhang Kexia led an uprising of three and a half divisions, Liao Yunzhou led an uprising of one division, Sun Liangcheng led one division to surrender, and Zhao Biguang and Huang Zihua led half of their divisions to surrender. The remaining 27 and a half divisions were all annihilated by the army. . You have seen the fate of the Huang Baitao Corps, Huang Wei Corps, and Sun Yuanliang Corps with your own eyes. You should learn from the example of General Zheng Dongguo in Changchun, follow the example of Commander Sun Liangcheng, Commander Zhao Biguang, and Commander Huang Zihua, and immediately order the entire army to lay down its weapons and stop resistance. This army can guarantee the safety of your senior generals and all officers and soldiers. Only in this way is your only way to survive. Think about it! If you think it’s so good, just do it like this. If you still want to fight, then fight again. You will be resolved anyway.  Central Plains People’s Liberation Army Command  East China People’s Liberation Army Command

7 months ago

First place: Kang said: “Where do you hear? Where do you see?”-“Shi Shuo Xin Yu” Ji Kang asked Zhong just one sentence and said: What do you look at? Suddenly Xiao Zhong will feel that life is here. The sky has turned into the sky. Zhonghui immediately turned black for Ji Kang, and later simply killed him. Involved Guanglingsan followed lost. Guanglingsan said: What do I do. Second place: Xie Daoyun said her husband: “I don’t care about the world, but there is a king.” A group of kings are either calligraphers, artists, or officials. My husband dared to be inside. . It is not very harmful, after all, no divorce was obtained. But when it comes to insulting. . . Seeking Wang Ningzhi’s psychological shadow area. Third place: He Qiao: “The holy qualities of the crown prince remain the same as before.” Jinwu Emperor Sima Yan asked his teacher to see if the crown prince has made progress, and after reading it, He Qiao came back to report: “The highlights of the crown prince are exactly the same as before, and they have not regressed at all. “The answer is no problem. The problem is that Emperor Wu’s prince is the later Emperor Hui of Jin, that is to say, why not that idiot who eats meat and minced meat. Fourth place: The princess said directly that you can’t do it: “Princess Shanyin is like a halberd, why don’t you have a husband.” Princess Shanyin commented on Chu Yuan; “You have a thick beard and you don’t behave like a man.” Princess Shanyin is history. The female hero with 30 faces recorded on it. She fell in love with her uncle Chu Yuan (really related by in-laws) and directly tied to the house to play shameful play. Ten days later, my uncle just couldn’t do anything. The angry princess Shanyin said: Your beard is so thick, you still don’t do something that a man should do. The harm is not great, after all, the actor is guarded like a jade. But, um. It is said that the wife was almost divorced after returning home. So it’s dangerous outside, boys should take good care of themselves. Fifth place: “Wang and Xiemen Gaofei, you can visit them under Zhu and Zhang”-“The Biography of Hou Jing in Southern History” Hou Jing defected from the Northern Dynasty to the Southern Dynasty as a general that Emperor Wu of Liang relied on. After a long period of time, he felt that his position should be stable, so he proposed to Emperor Wu of Liang his plan to get married. Hou Jing is also very confident and will marry the top Bai Fumei: the girl from the Wang Xie family. Then Emperor Wu of Liang replied naturally: Wang Xie’s family is too noble and not suitable for you. Just marry someone whose surname is Zhu and Zhang. People say that marriage should be done right. In the end, Hou Jing wiped out a country altogether. This is not the most insulting, but it is certainly the most serious.

7 months ago

“Lu Mi is the most, followed by the Atlantic Ocean, followed by Xiaoxiyang, and the Japanese are actually subordinates… after all, they are not as easy as the Japanese fire”-Zhao Shizhen “Artifacts” If you are Japanese fire fighters or Ming dynasty fire If you blow it, you will feel that this sentence is particularly insulting. As a firearms expert at the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhao Shizhen is naturally very authoritative in his judgments on firearms of contemporaries in various countries, and he did not give himself face, greatly. Fang Fang admitted that the firearms of the Ming Dynasty were the worst. As the person who had blown the firearms of the Ming Dynasty, he was swollen. But Zhao Shizhen also mentioned that the firearms of the Ming Dynasty were the worst. But the Ming Dynasty was already too corrupt at that time. All kinds of cutting corners and blood were daring to drink, and the folk firearms were still very good and could even be exported: “Otherwise, taste the trade between the East and the West, and the barbarians will buy the guns of the Guangzhong. People. Those who sell to barbarians are extremely skilled; those who make for the government are evil. From this point of view, China does not want to be skilled, and must not be skilled.”.

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