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Chinese people often have this idea that it is too late to work hard after 30 years old. 30-year-olds have basically settled their families and careers, and they will enter the middle-aged crisis of the workplace at around 35. It is not easy to maintain the status quo. , Let alone change destiny. But in fact, most people have been employed for less than ten years at the age of 30. There are still 20 to 30 years to work in the future. At the age of 30, they are afraid of change and dare not try. It is too early. Many people’s examples can prove that it is never too late to change. As long as you are willing to act, there will be hope. Regarding the question of the subject, I started studying hard at the age of 30. Is it too late? I think that it is too late, but reading is only a way to change. For a 30-year-old, reading is different from when it was in school. What adults need is lifelong learning. Those who want to open a sideline learn cross-domain knowledge; those who need work learn related technologies; even if people who don’t find any learning needs for the time being, they can broaden their horizons by reading more books. Learning can be a rigid demand or a hobby. Learning can be reading books, online lessons, or communicating with others. 30-year-olds who want to change their destiny through learning need to pay attention to the following points: 1. To break the “fear” and act effectively for people who cannot break through themselves due to age restrictions. Many are afraid of losing and worrying about giving in vain. If you want to change careers, you are afraid that your current job will not be as good as your current job, and you will lose your stability. If you want to start a sideline job, you are worried about being known by your colleagues’ leaders, saying you are delaying your main career and making cynicism. To break the original shackles, the most feared thing is to be a “giant of thought, dwarf of action”. Before implementing it, think about the difficulties first, and naturally it is easy to retreat. To break the “fear” is to reduce the burden of thinking and do what you think, rather than predicting difficulties. 2. Get out of your comfort zone step by step and build self-confidence. Change can’t be done overnight, but step by step, especially for people who are transformed through learning. The learning of most knowledge requires a long process. Many people die on the journey, many people are tired of perseverance, and in the end, few people can really persevere and get results. The best way to do this is to set yourself small goals, build self-confidence through the satisfaction you get after completion, and promote long-term persistence. People have been living and working for a long time, and it is difficult to take the first step to change, but those who are brave enough to go out and persevere can make a difference. 3. Regular review and continuous improvement of the strategy. People are prone to wrong direction or method in the process of hard work, especially for 30-year-olds who have a family and a family. I will take the test for other people’s research, which may actually be out of touch with my original job, and I won’t be able to get any income after the test. I also learn programming for others, but I don’t know that others can use it in work, and I can’t take it independently if I learn it. an item. Suitable for their own learning, or learning that is purposeful and can ultimately gain benefits, is more suitable for adults who are eager to change their destiny. 5 volumes of success in the workplace. EQ I wish you success. Vision Strategy. Jingdong ¥ 56.00 to buy. Finally, no matter whether you can change your destiny, you can’t go wrong with reading and studying. With more knowledge input, thinking and actions will naturally change. The benefits of studying are sometimes not measured by actual benefits, but they can indeed benefit people for life. Hurry up and take action. Don’t wait until the age of 40 or 50 to ask yourself, why don’t I try to change at the age of 30? !


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

When Mr. Jin Ping was 70 years old, he initiated a non-paid private consultation with the master and asked: I suddenly want to learn now, is it too late? Duke Jin Ping asked Yu Shi Kuang, “I want to learn in my seventy years, and I am afraid it will be over!” Shi Kuang said, “Why not Bing Zhu?” Ping Gong said, “An You is a minister and plays with his emperor?” Shi Kuang He said: “Blind ministers dare to play with their monarchs! The minister heard:’Small but easy to learn, like the sunrise of the sun; strong and easy to learn, like the light in the sun; old and easy to learn, like the bright of Bingzhu.’ Bingzhu Zhiming, what is it or ambiguous?” Pinggong said: “Goodness!” The master’s reply is: life is like a dark night, reading is like lighting, the brighter is smoother, and the further one is more joyful. At least in the description of Shikuang, you are strong and learn. At this moment, you are truly in the midst of the sun, throwing away the youthfulness, and steadily illuminating your life. This is better than moving forward in the dark. This passage is the reading comprehension I gave to the students in the first grade of junior high school. You see, if they don’t read it in elementary school, they won’t be able to learn this lesson. All roads must be walked by themselves; all lights must be lit by themselves. It’s too late, let’s go.

8 months ago

For a 30-year-old, there is no need to reason at all, it is a problem of execution. But your mentality is too wrong, this mentality is likely to cause you to stop tasting, and it is easy for you to get hot for three minutes. Without a stroke of the horoscope, I just want to change my destiny. Do you dare to think so if you are admitted to a university? Don’t listen to the XX hour theorem. The reality is much harder than this. For those who have not studied at university, they may work hard for a year on something, but their salary has increased by two thousand yuan. If you rush to change your fate, it is estimated Give up early, this is the year of the monkey, most people give up like this. Only when you regard hard work as a lifetime thing, do it with a ten or eight-year mentality, and with the mentality of making yourself a little better, will you persevere and have the possibility of changing your destiny. For a 30-year-old person, reading is not simply learning theoretical knowledge, but finding something that is within your capacity to focus on growth. Reading refers to doing it with your heart and mind, such as using online courses to learn about other people’s experiences.

8 months ago

At the age of 30, the direction of efforts should not be “reading-oriented”-at the age of 30, you should have a certain understanding of the world and capital operation, your own class, and the cultural characteristics of China, and should be oriented to making money . If you choose to study, postgraduate entrance examination, civil servants, or Ph.D., or even want to re-take the college entrance examination-that should all be for making money. Don’t use chicken soup. The 30-year-old adult world is beginning to be eliminated, and the class differentiation is obvious. When you are 20 years old, even if you are average and have a bad family, there are many people who are willing to treat you with tolerance and kindness. The school will forgive you. Your mistake, your face full of salt and pepper will make many uncles or sisters full of tolerance for your selfishness, laziness, and paranoia. Maybe it’s long, and there is no shortage of suitors around Ye. At 30, give up dreaming. The rich woman will not take care of you and give you a chance, and neither will the uncles. It’s best to be clear-headed in your assessment of yourself and society, know yourself clearly, and tell yourself that even if you die, there are not many people who feel sorry for you. You will operate normally without the earth. The recognition of the degree is also a little clearer, no one recommends you for the honorary doctorate or the X school cadre training class, which proves that you are not a celebrity. Changing classes requires wealth—not reading. If reading is a way and a means to change classes, it may not be the best way and means. Social competition is very cruel. You have to understand that not only 30-year-olds want to make money, but 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds, 60-year-olds, and 20-year-olds. Who doesn’t like money? Who doesn’t want to change his destiny? Don’t the students of China’s 30 million vocational and technical schools want to change their fate? Don’t 500 million farmers want to change their destiny? Don’t people with 600 million monthly income of 1,000 want to change their destiny? So our question becomes, how to change destiny? It costs money to make money and change destiny. You have to pay a price-but there may not necessarily be a reward for paying. It is generally believed that reading is a shortcut-but that is only the first level. Looking at the textbook to do the questions is only the first level-although there is a lot of competition, it is still the first level. I rarely see cases of changing classes at the age of 30-really very few. Not to blow you. I saw a 36-year-old person who went to take the Ph.D. 985 exam and successfully went to a Erben as an associate professor at the age of 40. I have seen this, but his every step is very hard. Of course, his class hasn’t changed too much, he has been middle class from before to now. Reject chicken soup, think of something realistic

8 months ago

Do you know, seeing your saying “I want to change my own destiny and family life”, I can’t help but think of myself. We are really the same as heroes. Because, back then, I also had this kind of thinking, which is what I have today, ha. Stand at thirty, it’s too late! Too late! Don’t say it’s only thirty, even forty, fifty, or even ninety, it’s all right! Sorry, at this time, I have to say a classic saying that has been summed up after countless people’s experiences and experiences, ‘’If there is a will, everything can be done’’. Because, not long ago, I heard again: There is a 92-year-old woman in Japan who wrote a novel that seems to be about life; a gentleman in Hong Kong, who started studying and textual research when he was in his fifties, was out of control. I have taken several qualification certificates in a row. A man in his forties in Hunan studied with his daughter and was admitted to university together. You say, is it too late? It’s absolutely okay, it’s definitely too late, right? But in any case, we tried our best without any regrets. What do you say. At the age of 25, I was still in the college entrance examination, so I thought so, with this kind of mentality to cheer. Because I believe that knowledge can change oneself and make oneself stronger. So, let’s encourage!

8 months ago

It doesn’t make sense to come or not. Reading can’t change your destiny. What can change your destiny is to take an exam. Choose a skill you are interested in, look for a relevant skill test, prepare two years of rice, and concentrate on studying. Another thing is to develop a thing, register a patent, and then lie down and collect tuition. Hope you can be sober. Postscript, my answer may be a bit offensive, but it took me a lot from the age of twenty-eight to thirty-two to understand it. What’s the trouble? Find a friend to have a drink with you, and it’s over after a nap.

8 months ago

I was also 30 years old and started thinking about changing myself. It has been 8 years now. To be honest, my current life is still a feather, and I still live tremblingly every day, but compared to eight years ago, my state and circumstances are completely different, and the things I care about and trouble have also undergone great changes. . At present, studying hard and living hard may not allow you to completely change your destiny. You may still be trapped by money, tired of emotions, and disturbed by others, but when you think about how you were when you were thirty , You will still feel that all this is worth it. Halfway through my life, sometimes I still feel confused and helpless. The days I have to fight for everything are very tiring, but I still continue to persuade myself that there are still 20 or 30 years to bet on, as long as I am not in the same place. Stepping, no matter how bad it is, it will not be worse than it is now. So, I slept, and woke up the next day was another day of blood. I hope that one day, I can really answer this question.

8 months ago

Why is it too late? I am the best case. I also started studying hard at the age of 27 or 28, which is very close to my 30s. Now two years have passed, and it will be 30 soon. It can be said that my destiny was changed through reading and studying. Through reading and learning, I switched from a traditional industry to the Internet, and my salary increased rapidly. In my opinion, even if you start working hard at the age of 30, it is not too late at all, you can still change your destiny and life. However, 30 is not a young age, so some strategies need to be adopted. 1. Utilitarian reading For people who are already 30 years old, time is very precious and should not be wasted at all. Therefore, to read selectively, be utilitarian. how to say? When you encounter a question at work, read with the question. This is the best way to solve the problem, because at this time, your brain is running at high speed. If you read a book aimlessly, this kind of efficiency is actually very low, because the brain has limited memory and can’t remember so many things. Although utilitarian reading is effective, I think it is not the most effective way to learn. why? Because it is not a system, knowledge is fragmented and difficult to summarize. Therefore, it is best to pay for some courses. This kind of knowledge is systematic, and you will meet many people like you. If you communicate and learn together, it is easier to make progress. More importantly, you will know some people outside the circle, this is the beginning of your change. 2. Use the Internet to amplify your advantages Now, the Internet can provide almost all services. In other words, no matter which industry, you can use the Internet to develop your business. If you want to use the Internet to carry out business activities, you must first expand your influence. When you have a certain degree of attention and a certain reputation, all kinds of resources will naturally come to your door. So how to expand the influence? A relatively simple method is to share your experience and opinions on the Internet. This is how a person’s influence is established. Of course, this requires a process, which may be several months or several years. But what is certain is that as you continue to accumulate, your influence will become greater and greater. To sum up, if you want to change yourself through reading and learning, you must first enrich yourself, and then continue to expand your influence through the Internet. I hope that everyone who is unwilling to be ordinary can live the life they want. Welcome to follow Xiaobing, dedicated to the new retail e-commerce industry, you can consult me ​​if you have any questions about the e-commerce industry!

8 months ago

What does this “reading” refer to? ——Should I go to a certain school to get another degree, or did I start reading a lot of books widely? If it is to obtain a degree, is the degree obtained after the age of 30 belong to the kind of advanced and sophisticated? That is high-tech talents? If so, you can change your destiny and family to a large extent. If the degree you get is only some liberal arts, considering your age, the possibility of doubling your current salary is very small. Whether you admit it or not subjectively, the fact is: a person’s education is just a stepping stone to step into the society and start looking for a job. After 5 years of work, the next company does not pay much attention to your academic qualifications. His attention to your last work experience, experience, skills, business abilities, and whether you have led a small team is the It’s huge. ——”After leaving school, the banker will not ask you for transcripts and academic certificates. He only needs to look at your balance sheet.” Similarly, after entering the society through the stepping stone of academic qualifications, “the next company, he will only scan your academic qualifications, a lot of focus is on your business ability, management ability,” but if you want to obtain high-level knowledge The academic qualifications require that I have a good foundation in science and engineering, and then I have to study for at least many years. If it is widely read books. To put it harder, reading is to make yourself smarter, not to make more money. To make money, it is necessary to conform to the chain of industrial capital. Reading books is not in line with the industrial capital chain. “There is an important theory in modern education, saying that education is a tool, a tool to transform human resources into human capital. Then people have to ask: what do you need to become human capital? That is to cooperate with industrial capital and serve industrial capital. So. The true connotation of the modern education system is to weaken the other attributes of people, such as social attributes, natural attributes, etc., as long as they strengthen the attributes in line with industrial capital, and this attribute is the attribute of human capital. The resulting education is the standard Education”-Wen Tiejun only wants to improve his own life. Isn’t it the only way to work? You can start a small business yourself and grow bigger slowly. But business has put forward different requirements: street intelligence, business sense…

8 months ago

What kind of book are you talking about? Economic literature or postgraduate examination? I have to ask if it is too late, I should have read a page of the book. If a person has been working hard since birth and walking on the best path, then he has a high probability of being a god. You started working hard at the age of thirty. It was too late than many people, but it was a big step forward compared to yourself. If you don’t work hard, you will come to ask this question at the age of forty. If you work hard, you might answer this question at the age of forty.

8 months ago

Do you often ask yourself now, if I were to do that when I was twenty, it would be easier now? Then you want to sigh when you are forty years old. If I made that choice when I was 30 years old, it should be very easy now; or when I was forty years old, I would like to drink tea and be thankful that I made the right choice when I was 30 years old. What? There are some things that are not emotionally slapped, “Aha, it’s so decided”! From then on, life is like hanging up. This is called a pipe dream! Do you want to change your destiny by studying? Then, when can you use these documents to change your destiny? Give you a certificate for two years, and then you take this certificate to the affiliate company, and give you a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per year. Has your fate changed? Or do you want to spend three to five years to get a degree, and then? It’s not there, right? Why do you want to change your destiny through reading? Do you think it was when you were young? Reading is the fastest way to change your destiny! That is only limited to before the age of 20. You have not been admitted to a good university, you have not got a good professional certificate, you have not got a good job, and you have not worked for 10 years. Do you still want to change your destiny by studying? You think you are still young! Knowledge alters your fate! It’s not reading to change destiny! Doing business, accumulating business experience, is knowledge; making friends, learning to behave in the world, is knowledge. If you want to change your destiny, you just want to improve your life and increase your income. Make money, who doesn’t want? Change job? It seems not as high as the current salary. Do business? Don’t dare to invest capital. If you don’t do it, you will only think, and it will always be zero. Big fortune depends on luck, small fortune depends on hard work. Now that the Internet is so developed, I want to earn some extra money every month. It is still very simple to increase my income by a few hundred yuan, but are you willing to do it? Can you survive that loneliness? Do you understand that the whole world does not understand your feelings? It is never too late to change, but the method is very important. It is not too late. Sometimes, don’t think about getting rich overnight, fight steadily, and work every step of the way. Haste is not enough! There is a legend in the rivers and lakes, “Slowly take your time, then you will be fast”!

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