Mo Changying, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that scientists should dominate the screen instead of traffic stars. Mo Changying pointed out that all kinds of media currently use more entertainment means to attract and develop the audience market, leading to “traffic stars” dominating the screen. It is recommended that the national and local mainstream media should appropriately reduce the proportion and time of pure entertainment programs, and increase publicity and reports on major scientific and technological events and the deeds of outstanding scientific and technological personnel, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists. Appropriately learn from entertainment methods and methods in scientific and technological propaganda, closely integrate the content of the communication with the hot issues of public concern, and use popular and popular forms to transform difficult academic language into a form of discourse that the majority of the people like to hear, and improve The people’s interest in science and technology creates a good atmosphere in which the whole people love science, learn science, and talk about science.

Let intellectuals come to the stage and have been doing it all the time, but it is indeed divided into two types due to the nature of the subject. One is the more common humanities and social sciences intellectuals, although the knowledge of such scholars is also difficult. The obscure part is persuasive, but they can still choose some popular and interesting stories to get closer to the audience, and the audience loves to listen to this, so they are doing more successfully now, such as “Hundred Schools of Forum”, such as CCTV A batch of variety shows released in recent years (“Poetry Conference”, “National Treasure”, “China in Classics”, etc.). For example, Professor Liu Qing has countless fans in Qipao, but the real philosophy books will make most people persuade them to leave. . . The other category is science and engineering scientists. To tell the truth, the knowledge threshold of scientists is indeed too high, and it is very difficult for you to tell a story, right, so that the natural one will distance itself from the public— —It’s not that we are not uninterested in technology, but in fact, we prefer to read science fiction rather than to listen to knowledge. This is a fact. Therefore, at this time, the mainstream media needs to stand up and set aside some hot search positions for the latest scientific research results, and then other people like the editor and the author will tell a story to achieve the effect of publicity. This is the best. For example, “You know how romantic the naming of our aerospace is” is good. Let scientists concentrate on scientific research, so that they can achieve the purpose of propagating them and propagating science without having to walk to the front of the stage in person. This is what we should do. And if you really want to make scientists star, you must return knowledge to knowledge and life to life. To give a recent example, Yang Zhenning’s contribution is so outstanding, but people are focusing on his marriage. I am disgusted with the entertainment of celebrities.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

No objection, but socially necessary entertainment is definitely needed. I have read an article before and someone interviewed many scientists. As mentioned in the article, many scientists actually don’t like to appear in front of the screen, and they don’t like to be disturbed by themselves. They like to do scientific research and surveys quietly. Some of them also said that they don’t like being recognized by others on the road, because they don’t know what state to respond to others’ strike-ups. So for lively, they prefer quiet. I hope that the country can support those scientists who are willing to “out of the circle” to make some popular science videos that the people like to see. Or talk about the process of scientific research. But traffic is also essential in many cases. After all, some people like to listen to songs, some like to dance, some like physics, and some like literature. These are all adjustments in our lives, there is no need to force anything to become the real oneness. The necessary science is really recommended for implementation, but forcibly pulled in may not get a good response.

7 months ago

Let me talk about my attitude first. not support. If there is a specialization in the technical industry, a scientist should be a scientist and should devote himself to scientific research. As for the traffic star, let the traffic star do it. If this proposal is really to be implemented, many problems will definitely arise. Let me start with a few comments. First, scientists are specialized scientific research talents. They must be a little dissatisfied with the appearance of the film. If they want to achieve good results, they must squeeze time out of their own work. In order to get the attention of scientists in the scientific field, and neglect the scientific research itself, is this not the last thing to do? Second, the value of traffic stars lies in their own traffic. If scientists are allowed to squeeze their traffic, will it cause a backlash from this group? You should know that a traffic star does not just represent a specific person. A traffic star is often behind many teams and companies. Third, high-quality content is a prerequisite for the audience to buy it. On the one hand, it requires the production team to be superb, on the other hand, it requires scientists to have experience in cooperating with the film. And content production in this field is relatively new to both parties, and it is inevitable that there will be low-quality works. How can we ensure that the audience will buy the account of these content? Fourth, traffic is a double-edged sword. Excessive exposure is not necessarily a good thing, and it may backfire. In order to achieve the desired effect, multi-party control and cooperation are required, and the cost is huge. What is the effect of spending such a cost? Does the gain outweigh the loss? I humbly think that if you want to change people’s views on scientists, it is better to start in the field of education than in the entertainment field where everyone needs it.

7 months ago

The nature of the work of entertainment stars and scientists is not the same. Entertaining stars live in the spotlight, and are a profession to bring entertainment to the masses. However, scientific researchers need to do research with peace of mind, so we should not over-consume scientists. Letting scientists dominate the screen may not necessarily be what scientists want. They are not necessarily willing to show up in front of the public, engage in image, and do marketing. In doing so, they will be disturbed instead. “When things are gone, you will hide your merit and fame.” This is our compliment to scientific researchers. We also hope that they can do scientific research at ease. I think that improving the salary of scientific researchers, improving the working and living environment of scientific researchers, and improving their social status are more reliable than this idea and easier to realize. However, if there are more popular science programs, it is also very good to praise the deeds of scientific researchers. Not only can it increase our interest in science and technology, but it can also create a good atmosphere for loving science.

7 months ago

If scientists are allowed to run on the screen, I don’t support it. When it comes to scientists, I think of academic concentration. I originally planned to do an experiment or write a paper, but the agent called early in the morning and said that he was going to appear in a series of shows today, and he had already arranged the itinerary. Letting them run across the screen is undoubtedly disturbing them. Entertainment stars are different, the screen is originally their stage. If you refer to science and technology in the form of entertainment, and use stars as the communication media for science and technology, I agree. Let the stars that people want to see stand on the screen to promote the spirit of science. The public likes to watch, celebrities gain ratings, and the purpose of disseminating science is achieved. We all have a bright future.

7 months ago

I don’t want to watch scientists waste time on traffic, I want to watch scientists earn RMB. Don’t mention that the renminbi is lingering again. Relying on promoting the mission of scientists to get more people to engage in scientific research will make me doubt whether the salary of scientific researchers is fair. Sorry, if you want me to do anything, please give me vulgar RMB. Please use the money to insult me ​​as much as possible. Don’t worry, I’ll take it. Don’t you want to promote technological progress? With a few fewer Fan Bingbing and Horgos, all the benefits of scientific research workers have been raised. Money doesn’t need publicity at all. On the contrary, let people come out to publicize that the cart is upside down and affect their own work, and it may also cause dissatisfaction with people who want to relax by watching entertainment programs. Allowing scientists to make money from traffic is like not granting funds to schools and only granting school policies, so that schools can collect more money from parents, and then they will be treated as “subsidies”. Is this plausible? Others say that if scientists are allowed to blog and make money for themselves, it will be a subsidy. Isn’t this a monkey play? Scientists don’t need too much traffic. In the noisy star entertainment show, the scientist took the microphone and said, “I’ll cut a short message, about ten seconds.” Then he looked around the group of small fresh meat and said: “The average of scientific research workers The income is ten times that of these grandchildren. That’s all I want to say, thank you.” Then the star continued to perform, what should the scientist do. You said, can this society be bad?

7 months ago

The statement of this proposal is very good. Let’s take a look. “It is recommended that the national and local mainstream media should appropriately reduce the proportion and time of pure entertainment columns, while increasing the publicity and reporting of major scientific and technological events and the deeds of outstanding scientific and technological personnel, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists. “The current TV programs are really absent from the scientific field. I really don’t seem to see related programs. Of course, the science and education station has various physical and astronomical knowledge, but it is also a bit boring. There was a big poem conference before, which promoted traditional culture in the form of variety shows and competitions, which received a good response. You must know that the audience does not like not to watch science-related things, but the program has to be eye-catching and full of fun, so that people have the desire to watch it. For this reason, his proposal states that “appropriately borrow entertainment-oriented methods and methods in scientific and technological propaganda, closely integrate the content of communication with hot issues of concern to the masses, and use popular and popular forms to transform difficult academic language. It is a form of discourse that the broad masses of people love to hear, to increase the people’s interest in science and technology, and to create a good atmosphere for the whole people to love science, learn science, and talk about science.” So this proposal is comprehensive and I think it should be supported. I also look forward to the form in which science will be presented in our TV programs.

7 months ago

This suggestion is of course supported! Raise your hands in favor! Mainstream media can be appropriately reduced, so are non-mainstream media still operating? However, why this phenomenon occurs requires serious consideration. Today’s celebrities have incomes of tens of millions or hundreds of millions at every turn, and they are all eye-catching. The children are so dazzled and desperate to chase stars. How many children have dreams of singers and movie stars! Irrational star-chasing behavior. The previous generation used scientists, model workers, and the People’s Liberation Army as their idols and their goals. Lei Feng, Wang Jinxi, Zhang Haidi, the heroes of the Laoshan self-defense counterattack! Now, they are all kinds of stars and entertainers. Some celebrities and entertainers still have bad deeds. How much bad influence this has brought to the children. Of course, there are also artists from Deyi Shuangxin, including Andy Lau, etc. In such a general environment, simply relying on “restricting the media” still feels powerless. When the salary of scientists and outstanding laborers is increased, then the basis of public opinion will be changed. All idol objects will change. This should be fundamental.

7 months ago

The proposal itself pays more attention to the scientific content, which I support very much. However, “letting scientists dominate the screen” is not a good idea. What we need is a product that can seamlessly connect with scientists, conduct effective communication, and avoid the phenomenon of talking with ducks, and transform the content of the dialogue into a certain entertaining and interesting content product (film and television variety show) Platform and people. In other words, we need a science popularization star and a reliable science popularization medium to allow such scientific entertainment content to have a place on the screen. They can be scientists who are willing to be public, they can also be people who have received more scientific training and are qualified to act as mediators, or they can be a brand. Similar media are relatively mature in European and American countries, such as the familiar Sir BBC Attenborough, and some star scientists who often host documentaries, or talk show stars, but there is a team behind the scenes to do scientific support. In China, this industry is still blank. Scientific content should have an entertainment attribute in addition to the educational attribute and the propaganda attribute. And this is the direction of our efforts.

7 months ago

not support. 1. The academic circle must not become a fan. The job of an idol star is to entertain the public. It doesn’t matter whether it is deified by fans or not, it is nothing more than fans who don’t distinguish right from wrong, hit the list and curse their performance. But scientists are engaged in scientific research. If this is deified by fans, and if there are problems with his papers or opinions, who else points out that he should not be scolded by fans? Scientific research should have an attitude of seeking truth from facts. It’s okay for an idol’s poor acting skills to push others to praise him, but it’s absolutely impossible for a scientist to push others to praise him because of poor scientific research ability. 2. Humans need entertainment. First of all, not everyone is interested in scientific research scientists. You let scientists replace traffic stars every day. What do you broadcast? Broadcast the results of their experiments and scientific research? Let alone the ordinary people who know about 985211, you are just looking for a bunch of Qingbei scholars, and they can’t understand the top scientific research results of other industries. It is difficult for people who do not engage in scientific research to understand that they are separated from each other. If they are allowed to participate in reality shows or science and technology variety shows, that does not affect their own scientific research work. Scientists are all on the show. Let Xiao Xianrou do scientific research? Besides, a child who wants to be a scientist cultivated through this kind of program does not want to engage in scientific research at all, but to become a scientist to be able to appear on TV programs. 3. A child’s dream. Regarding whether a child wants to be a scientist or a star, the most fundamental responsibility is not in the TV show at all, but depends on the parents and teachers. You can’t convey the concept of learning well to your children in the family and school that should be in charge of education, and hope that TV programs can do it? This is not a dream. What is this? Good teachers can inspire students to explore science, while poor teachers can only lead students to chase stars. I don’t know what the teachers of the post-00 generation are now. Anyway, I met many good teachers when I was in school. Although I don’t like class, they cultivated my curiosity about science. 4. Dreams shine into reality. I have always liked physics and biology since I was a kid. But when I chose a major in university, I hesitated looking at these two majors, and finally chose civil engineering, which is an applied engineering major (in fact, it is better than biology?). People always have to fill their stomachs. As a high school student, the information I received at the time was that it was difficult to find a job in a pure science major such as physics and biology, but it was easy to find a job in engineering, so I compromised. There are many children who want to be scientists, but there are very few children who can realize their dreams carefree. Rather than using TV programs to let more people know about scientists, it is better to actually improve the salaries of scientific researchers. Fresh graduates from Beihang University who go to the Institute of Aviation Research have less salary than college graduates and sell houses. Who wants to go? how? Do scientists invent with love? Those who are interested in scientific research will be interested in scientific research regardless of whether they watch TV programs or not. Those who like to chase stars, no matter how many scientists you show him, she will chase scientists as stars. It is the 21st century. The channels through which we receive information have long been diversified. What we are watching now is not determined by what we put on TV, but by your own choice.

7 months ago

Forced push does not work at all. The more the economy grows, the more stable the society is, and the more citizens need spiritual entertainment. Countries with poor economic vitality simply cannot have a developed entertainment industry. Government regulation and guidance play a certain role, but not much. The average working hours of Chinese people are well-known in the world. Who is so tired during the day and doesn’t want to lie down at home to chase drama at night? I’m tired of going to work 8 to 12 hours a day. When I go home and relax, I can watch the front row of iQiyi, which is full of war-themed films and documentaries, and watch the news. It’s all political science news and short videos. National Defense Education. Citizens go to work every day and stick to their posts, abide by the law and pay taxes, which is the greatest contribution to society to the country. However, proper guidance is necessary. I think the best way is to “entertain” science, that is, soft implant, so that everyone can accept value orientation and knowledge dissemination in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. For example, knowledge bloggers such as Hesenbao, Science Yuanren, Yi Zhongtian, Yan Bojun, and Museum Magazine have done this in recent years, and diplomatic spokespersons have also begun to use popular online jokes.

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