2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and the development plan for the next five years and the long-term goals for 2035 will also be discussed at the two sessions of the country. For you, what is your personal plan for the next five years? What are the goals?

When I was in college, I liked reading books about success and personal growth, such as “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and “Be Cruel to Oneself and Get Closer to Success”. Maybe you have experienced something more. I don’t think about these books. Too cold. During the postgraduate entrance examination, because of having to study politics, I have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the mode of action of the Chinese government. Among them, “Selected Works of Mao Zedong” has the greatest influence on me. I slowly discovered that the history of the People’s Republic of China since its founding has really fallen apart. What else to learn to learn? Take a look at the methods and ideas of these top Chinese figures. I have been thinking about my five-year plan. The general direction is very simple. I successfully graduated with a master’s degree and found a job with a not bad salary, preferably in the south. Falling in love becomes more and more metaphysical with age, so this is not included in the plan. In addition, the goal of reading 50 books per year is still planned. I also hope that I can write more popular high-quality articles on Zhihu. I didn’t go home during the winter vacation and stayed in school for internship. A few days ago, I bought my favorite Mac Pro with my internship salary and manuscript fee. I haven’t used an Apple computer before, and it feels great to receive my brother and teach me how to operate it. When money reaches a certain level, people’s three views may really change. Therefore, in the next five years, I still hope that I will become a slash youth and make more money, of course, with my own efforts. Finally, I would like to recommend the book “Selected Works of Mao Zedong”. I have read it 5 times over and over again, and I have really benefited a lot. I have also written a lot of personal interpretations about “Selected Works of Mao Zedong”. Friends who are interested can click the link below to communicate together: What are the gains of reading the Selected Works of Mao Zedong?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I hope that my mortgage will be paid off within five years. I am not a “house slave” or a “homeowner.” I hope that I have more room to buy a house to take over my parents who live in other places. I hope that the family will be safe, healthy and healthy together. I hope that within five years I will be able to get promoted to the position I want to do, not for the sake of becoming an official, but simply for my hobbies and my ability to develop my expertise. I hope Zhihu can develop better in five years. Since I came to this platform last year, I have liked it. I met many like-minded friends here. Of course, I can still gather wool here. Set another small goal. Is it okay to have more than 100,000 fans? If you can earn a few thousand a month, that would be great. You can make money by doing what you like. This is the most beautiful thing. I hope that within five years, I will take good care of my daughter and grow up, hoping to make her grow up happily. There are many goals for five years, and the five years is also very long, and I cherish it. I hope to be able to dash forward with my friends!

8 months ago

I’m not married in 30, a rural child, an ordinary second school, no house or car, and live in a rental house. During the Chinese New Year, the unit was not allowed to return, and I was eating instant noodles in the rental room. But I still try to use my insignificant kindness to warm the world. Helping people to cross the road and helping people who don’t have enough money to buy food. I have done these things countless times. I don’t have any other ideas. I also know that people at the bottom are not qualified to talk about kindness, but I only want to use my trivial things. Kindness in exchange for peace of mind. If there is a future, or if there is a better future, I hope not to work overtime. I don’t want anything else. I can’t stand it physically. If there are any other requirements, I hope I can learn spoken English well and have the opportunity to settle and work abroad. Even in a backward country, I love my motherland very much and love it deeply, but I am so tired, I want to change another one. Life in a less tiring place, nothing more.

8 months ago

Very simple, my goal is: to finish writing 3-5 popular science books on gastrointestinal tumors. Let 1 million cancer patients and their families know me, understand tumor-related knowledge, and know the correct treatment concept. Add a few words in my heart: In fact, Zhihu has changed the trajectory of my life, I already know what I should do, and I am ready to take a thorny road. I will be committed to opposing doctors’ random diagnosis and treatment, and looking for various ways to maintain the fairness in my heart. I hope that some day, some doctors who behave in ways will feel terrified. By the way, I will send you a sentence: It’s not that you don’t report, the time has not come. Finally: every doctor should examine his medical behavior for any mistakes and practice medicine with caution. Doctors are not so good.

8 months ago

The end of today’s pre-defense also means that the five-year academic career is coming to an end. I really am full of emotions. Five years have passed, and two things will be done in the next five years.

The first is to return to the family, take good care of the family, have children, and raise children, which is a heavy responsibility.

The second is personal work. I still hope to do some industrialized work. Of course, it would be great if I can make a breakthrough in theory.

8 months ago

In the next five years in 2021, I will try my best to earn 15w and change to a bigger car. The current car, the wife and the child are sitting too small. In 2022, I hope that the whole year will not quarrel with the daughter-in-law, and the family will be harmonious. Last year and this year (even though three months have passed this year) both of us have paid too much for our children. I hope that both of our lives can be on the right track and our income will be slightly higher than last year. 2023 I want to take the law test before 2023. Although it is more than 30 years old, it is nothing else, I just want to challenge the most difficult exam in liberal arts. Income has increased slightly from last year. In 2024, I will lose 75 kilograms, and my income will be slightly higher than last year. In 2025, when we return to the place where we studied abroad, our income has increased slightly compared with last year. After all, life is going to be better year after year.

8 months ago

Hope for the next five years 1. Take your parents out for at least 3 medical examinations once a year to buy things that she likes and I like for my mom. I hope that my parents are healthy and free from illness and disasters. 2. I will buy a set for myself at work. Regardless of the size of your house, you only want a sense of belonging and security3, work ability reaches a certain level, you can independently undertake work to solve the panic sense4, meet the people you like to form a loving family and make progress together for the rest of your life. Finally, on a level, I wish the motherland stronger and stronger and the people more happy

8 months ago

We promoted our snail noodles brand to parts of the motherland and opened 100 profitable branches. This is my five-year goal. The first year: build a central kitchen, build a benchmark flagship store with the best performance for training and image promotion, set up a distribution center, and the number of fans on the short video platform of the entire network will reach 1 million. The second year: Open 10 branches, establish a sub-packaging factory, online sales of 100,000 bags per year, and create a store template copy function. The third year: Open 30 branches, and make every store break even, open up overseas markets, and do export trade. The third year: Open 20 branches, slow down the pace of expansion, and ensure that each store can continue to make a profit, increase the new store by 20%, and the old store by 30%. The fourth year: Opening 30 branches, accelerating market layout, and exporting 500,000 pieces per year. The fifth year: Open 10 branches, the market is stable, the competitiveness is improved, the stores are profitable, and the annual net profit is 300,000 per store.

8 months ago

A good question can’t be clever, and don’t make a long story. Since it is a goal of striving, I don’t write aspirations, just write the goal 1. Make money. Pay off the mortgage in five years. Have at least one hundred thousand yuan in fixed deposits and at least one hundred thousand yuan in working capital. 2. Healthy. Body weight and body fat are maintained at the current level of five catties, and the amount of exercise is not less than one hour per week. 3. Family. Take both parents to travel at least twice. Small families go out once a year. Buy a car for your husband and transfer your baby to a better school district. 4. Learn to grow. Job position and salary can be upgraded to another level. Learn a skill that you don’t know now, for example, driving. In fact, five years later, I will be forty years old. It is the age I want to pass to all of a sudden after graduating from university. In my imagination, I have a house and no mortgage at the age of 40, so I have enough to sustain my daily life. Working capital The child has no need to interfere too much in junior high school to give him the space to grow up freely. The child has already prepared money for college, and a shelter for him has been prepared for both parents. Pension money and related expenses have been prepared for both parents. With major illness insurance, parents can enjoy their old age and no longer need to worry about money, and no longer need to go out for life. The husband is already greasy. The middle-aged uncle no longer has the hardware to hook up young girls. Of course, there are no longer any young girls to post. I only want him to be healthy and upright, because we will continue to support each other for the next two or three. Ten years or even forty years. Myself, whether in work or in life, is already strong enough to hold my desires. Suddenly I realized that I was really a long-term lover. This was my wish when I was twenty-four years old, and it is still my wish now.

8 months ago

Thank you very much for such an invitation! 1. Arrange an annual physical examination for the elderly in the family. The happiest disease and disaster free! 2. Buy a mobility car in 2021, and buy a house on the job site in 2022. (Poor economic foundation, all on your own) 3. Steadily improve yourself in the work, my husband Yijian successfully won! 4. Save up a little bit, and a little more every year. 5. Receive your child before the kindergarten class, and personally counsel! May the motherland and the people be safe, healthy and happy family members, and children thrive! I hope that every one of our tomorrows will be even better!

8 months ago

For me personally, I only have three goals: 1. Health and beauty, physical and mental health. Fighting to be 30 years later, he still looks like his early 20s. Memorize the “Huangdi Neijing” bought 8 years ago, work and rest in strict accordance with the four o’clock regulation of God, and refuse to stay up late. Eat a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, eat small amounts of meals, eat tonic and nourish your face, and get a nutritionist qualification certificate in your spare time. Go to the dermatology department of the hospital once every six months, go to the health center once a year for a physical examination, and obediently listen to the doctor’s advice. At least 10 minutes a day, Xiao Ma will gain a healthy body, keep the disease away from me, and miss me with beauty. 2. Achieve true financial freedom. Buy if you like it, and the price of something is no longer one of the decisive factors. Get a good job promotion and raise salary, daily summary, weekly summary and year summary, pick up again, and pay attention to self-growth. Even if she is not married, she has the qualifications to adopt a child, as well as the ability to protect and educate her. 3. Understand what feelings are and whether you are qualified to have them.

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