On the afternoon of March 6, the Heilongjiang delegation held a group meeting to review the government work report and review the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the draft outline of the 2035 long-term goals. Representative Cao Yongming, representative of the National People’s Congress and principal of Harbin Garden Primary School, suggested that teachers should be exempted from taxation to attract outstanding talents to join the teaching team.

She also suggested to increase investment in compulsory education in school conditions, teacher team building, and informatization construction; and to maintain standard sports venues and facilities for primary and secondary schools. (China Business Network)

In our country, personal income tax is progressive. The premise that tax exemption can improve treatment is that the income is higher than the tax threshold, and the higher the salary, the more obvious the effect. For example, the annual salary of teachers in Shenzhen’s establishment is close to 300,000. If teachers are tax-exempt from salary, the increase in the salary of teachers in cities like Shenzhen will be very significant.
However, the income of some township teachers in poverty-stricken areas in the central and western regions may not reach the threshold. Whether or not their salaries are tax-exempt will not improve the treatment of township teachers. Since tax exemption is useless for teachers in villages and towns in poverty-stricken areas, and only useful for teachers in first- and second-tier cities with higher incomes, doesn’t the tax exemption for teachers’ salaries widen the income gap between teachers in different regions of the country? The answer is yes, but let’s think about it, is this really bad? If the income of teachers in first- and second-tier cities and third-, fourth, and fifth-tier cities and townships is further increased, the pace of entry of excellent teachers into first- and second-tier cities will also accelerate, and the quality of basic education in first- and second-tier cities will continue to increase the advantages of small cities and towns. . Parents will naturally choose to move to a big city or stay in a big city directly after graduation for their children. The average house in first- and second-tier cities is tens of thousands of square meters, and in third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities is only a few thousand. Some villages and towns are even homesteads with no commercial housing. Nowadays, the first requirement for primary and secondary schools in many first- and second-tier cities is that parents have school district housing, while in towns and villages there may be homesteads to go to school. If there are high-quality basic education in the township, how many township parents still have the motivation to go to prefecture-level cities and counties, or even first- and second-tier cities to buy high-priced houses for their children to study? The common people do not buy houses in first- and second-tier cities at high prices. How can local finances be increased? Without a solid financial foundation, how can we concentrate our efforts to build our own country? Tax exemption for teachers’ salaries can further improve the treatment advantages of teachers in backward areas in big cities and developed areas. Let high-quality educational resources represented by excellent teachers be further concentrated in central cities. As the education system in underdeveloped areas has difficulty attracting excellent teachers, the gap in education quality will also widen, and the process of entering the central cities of small and medium-sized cities and towns will surely speed up. As long as more residents go to central cities to buy houses at high prices to pay for their mortgages, then more residents will need to work hard to pay for higher housing expenditures, and more people in poor areas will enter developed areas to work hard to get rid of poverty and become rich. , Instead of living lazily and inefficiently in poverty-stricken areas, thereby increasing the level of urbanization and promoting high-quality economic development. In addition, the degree of privatization of basic education in central cities is much higher than that in prefectures and towns. Many real estate developers promised the government to build supporting private education when they obtained residential land. For private education, the promotion of teacher tax exemption is even greater. South Korea allowed nearly half of the country’s population to gather in the Seoul metropolitan area, and half of the country’s population enjoyed housing prices similar to that of Guangzhou, and eventually became a developed East Asian country. So my country has also allowed half of the population to enter first- and second-tier cities to become an urbanized population, living in houses that are similar to Guangzhou’s housing prices, so will the economic development level be worse than that of South Korea? As long as there is a large number of people who have not been urbanized, it means a huge room for economic growth. In summary, the tax exemption policy for teachers’ salaries benefits the country and the people, and a win-win situation for all.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

For example, my cousin works as a teacher in my hometown, a small county in Sichuan, because the county is the most populous county in Sichuan, and the county’s finances are particularly difficult. My cousin’s monthly salary is almost three thousand yuan. The money is almost enough for food and drink and for your own pockets. Everyone knows that there is still a year-end performance. By region, like my classmates in Guizhou, they have a year-end performance of 40,000 to 50,000, and my cousin only has less than 10,000, and this money is 2018 The new year has not been released because of financial difficulties. What I want to say is how can these areas with financial difficulties attract outstanding teachers? There are not many people willing to go to villages and towns with inconvenient transportation. I think it is better to allocate teachers’ salaries directly from the central government than to tax exemption on salaries. I think we should also discuss how to make areas with poor, inconvenient transportation and difficult living conditions attract excellent teachers to join.

8 months ago

Tax exemption should not be classified according to occupational category, but should be classified according to actual income level. First of all, the salary difference between teachers and teachers is also quite large, some tens of thousands a year, some hundreds of thousands. Secondly, once teachers are exempt from tax, it will lead to a phenomenon similar to the Ming Dynasty’s land contribution (self-farming farmers attach their land to a person of merit to obtain tax exemption rights). At that time, I am afraid that a lot of gray money will be turned into a variety of ways. Teacher salaries are paid in the form of salary. Again, as a teacher, like me, I also want to be an honorable taxpayer. It’s just that the salary is too low, and I can’t pay a few dollars a year, ashamed and ashamed… As for whether the tax exemption can attract talents, of course it can. It’s just that the current faculty establishment is very valuable, and many outstanding talents want to come in but can’t get in. Probably no more need to be done.

8 months ago

According to the current individual tax plan, for individual teachers in one year, the tax is actually not high. If the tax is reduced, it is better to increase wages and benefits. With the social changes in recent years, the income of teachers has increased a lot, and the social status and cognition of teachers have also changed through the guidance of public opinion. As a very important industry, teachers are even the most special and most important among the industry attributes of various social forms, and they cannot be measured in terms of workload. Attracting outstanding talents to join the teaching team may involve all aspects of society. It is necessary to attract practical interests, such as housing allocation, welfare benefits and even children, as long as the standards of all aspects of teachers’ employment are well controlled, and the comprehensive treatment of teachers is improved as much as possible. And social status can have a positive effect on social development.

8 months ago

Increase the income of teachers and staff, increase three insurances, one housing fund, and annuity deductions, especially housing provident fund! I raised my hands in favor of the proposal not from the perspective of income increase and security. From a tax perspective, disagree. After all, teachers should be tax-exempt. What about medical workers? During the epidemic period, a temporary work allowance of 300 yuan per person per day was tax-exempt, and there is no expansion. What about tech workers? In terms of foreign talent introduction policies, talents in short supply who come to work in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will also enjoy a 15% personal income tax reduction or exemption. The real tax reform is the structure, income recognition, and grading adjustment. Good law and good governance.

8 months ago

Most teachers should not reach the base figure for tax withholding. The remuneration of most teachers does not meet the tax standard, especially those newly recruited young teachers, whose salary is basically more than 3,000 yuan. Don’t ask me how I knew it, that’s how I came over during my one-year internship at that time! It’s so miserable that you doubt life. Most of our teachers simply do not meet the standards for paying taxes. We talked about tax exemption for teachers. Isn’t this making the outside world think that teachers’ salaries are high? Isn’t it again asking teachers to provoke some verbal friction on the Internet~~~ And many other professions in society do not even reach the tax deduction base. For example, the income of most people in the western region is only about 3000-4000. Why do teachers need special treatment? If you open this hole, civil servants, doctors, and scientific research workers are the same, shouldn’t they all be tax-exempt? According to the current special additional deduction for individual tax, basically, there will not be a lot of tax to be paid. The special additional deductions for personal tax refer to the six special additional deductions for children’s education, continuing education, medical treatment for serious illnesses, housing loan interest, housing rent, and support for the elderly under the Individual Income Tax Law. Everyone should have a special tax deduction item~~~ Therefore, even if the teacher in the eastern region or the middle and senior professional title, the tax base is 100,000 in a year (the actual income is more than that, and there is provident fund) . After deducting the special additional deductions, there will be no taxes, at most a few hundred yuan, and only 100/200 less. The income disparity within the teacher group is also great. For example, teachers in western regions and township areas have a monthly salary of less than 5,000 yuan, at most 60,000 yuan a year; for example, teachers in Shenzhen and Beijing High Schools have an annual income of 300,000 yuan. Therefore, if the teacher group is tax-exempt, it will only benefit the high-income group of teachers, and it will not help the low-income group of teachers. This result will only increase the unevenness of the teaching staff. Those capable teachers will definitely choose schools and regions with high salaries and no taxes. Therefore, I personally think that instead of imposing tax exemptions on teachers’ salaries, it’s really better to solve the problem fundamentally, which is to improve the income of low-income teachers in poverty-stricken areas, remote areas, and rural areas. Income level. We are not unwilling to pay taxes. On the contrary, we are very willing to pay taxes. If the income goes up, hahaha, we should pay as much as we need! !

8 months ago

Do you support voting for tax exemption for teachers? I’m going to vote and don’t support it. I resolutely oppose specialization. It seems that specialization is a care, but it is not necessarily true. Like the ethnic minority policy, it seems that it is to take care of the ethnic minorities and for the national unity, so the ethnic minorities are allowed to override the Han nationality, and various preferential policies. So is our nation united? We are special to others, in fact, to remind them that we are different, just like when facing the disabled, we always say that you are disabled and that you are weak and cannot be compared with our normal people. On the contrary, they cannot naturally integrate into the larger group. On the other hand, allowing the ethnic minorities to override the Han nationality in all respects has caused the Han nationality to resent and cannot accept them well. No matter how good it is in normal times, when you think of ethnic minorities, you can add points and even exonerate them (my ethnic minority classmates say they have shark quotas or something), then we are different again. Therefore, ethnic minorities have been scolded and jealous, and they are considered to have never stopped relying on policies. If you really get the benefits, you will be scolded too. However, there are many ethnic minorities who do not get any benefits but are scolded for their names. Teachers are the same. For specialization, they always have to create a saint, saying that it is respect and gratitude, and then many teachers are often scolded for not meeting the standards of saints. It is also said that the salary of teachers is higher than that of civil servants. Everyone thinks that teachers’ salary is higher than that of civil servants, and teachers are rich. In fact, if the teacher’s salary is so much higher than that of civil servants, it is worth talking about every year, but everyone doesn’t care about it, and it is said that the teacher is not dedicated enough to teach with the high salary. Now I’m talking about tax exemption, as if teachers can pay taxes. Then, these teachers who do not meet the tax standards at all have to be scolded for the welfare policies that they do not enjoy at all. I foretell that if someone sees this answer, they might have to say that the teacher’s morality is bad, and they will receive red envelopes, because no matter how noble teachers and no matter how poor teachers are, there is no less than “I don’t believe it, you must have gray income. You can’t be so poor.” “You should dedicate everything to the students. You have winter and summer vacations. We will pay you wages. Don’t sell badly” and the like. Let me just say that I am not opposed to scolding teachers who have corrupted morals. I can’t think of any industry that is full of noble people, let alone teachers? However, isn’t simply a map gun to vent your emotions? Why should others be scolded by representatives? The average salary in our country feels higher than a year, but there are more people who do not reach the average salary! At this time, pointing to a person with a negative average salary and saying that you are 9 to 5 nights every day, weekends and weekends, work is just drinking tea and chatting, various bonuses of 10,000 yuan, high wages, going out from time to time, playing with little stars from time to time, and You have the right to bully men and women. You are the result of oppressing me for such a good day. This is too stressful for those with average wages.

8 months ago

Let me talk about my opinion first: In addition to making teachers scolded more, there will be no improvement. First of all, the income of teachers varies greatly, and most teachers’ income cannot reach the threshold. There are only two types of taxes, 1. A few economically developed areas. However, there is no shortage of teachers in economically developed areas, and countless young people squeeze their heads to get in. There is no improvement in economically underdeveloped areas lacking teachers. 2. Old teachers with a long teaching experience. Their income itself is more than that of the new teachers, and there is no improvement even a little bit more. Then, the new teacher takes on several times the workload, holding a fraction of the salary. Even if the future meal is very fragrant, people will starve to death halfway through. There are also various levels to prevent you from reaching the end. Do you think it will attract a large number of talents to join the ranks of new teachers?

8 months ago

The salary tax exemption for the entire industry made me shiver with fright. The essence of all the proposals is the same. The original intention was to fight for the rights and rights of the group. It did reflect a little social phenomenon. This time it was aimed at the income problem of the teacher group that everyone knows. Not to mention tax exemption, the income of many elementary and middle school teachers does not even meet the minimum income tax standard. But if this proposal is really implemented, I don’t know what everyone thinks, so I will boldly predict that the affiliate model will thrive again, and the land investment during the period of the dynasty will regain its vitality. The method is very simple, which is to put one’s own income under the name of a person with a tax-exempt quota. Don’t think that this thing is easy to prevent. The folk show routines continue. If this set is really successful, there are at least three levels to play. The first level is a little tax avoidance. A school is an organization. Those who make money have to lose money. Those who make money must pay taxes. So how can you avoid taxes? Just raise the cost and let yourself lose a little. How to control school costs, that is, I will pay as much salary as I earn. Of course, this is the salary hanging on the book, and how much I actually pay is another matter. Anyway, teachers’ salaries are exempt from tax, so this move perfectly avoids all school taxes. After this proposal is passed, I can rest assured that there will be two effects. The first is that all elementary and middle schools across the country are losing money, and the second is that there will be many teachers with annual salary of millions of dollars who are eating chaotic food. The second level is moderate tax avoidance. In the past, when we ate and drank with public funds, all we took was the catering invoices. The latter was strictly controlled. Some service providers started to issue invoices for office supplies. These are stories that are ongoing in reality. Finance is a very magical thing. Any company that can tie in with education can evade taxes through schools in the future. Let me give you the simplest example. The Internet industry, which has the most money now, can easily cooperate with primary and secondary schools to transfer income (increasing costs to reduce profits). For example, I need an anti-addiction system to make a game. It makes sense, right? In order to study children’s behavior in depth, and to cooperate with teachers in elementary and middle schools, it must not be for nothing, you have to pay for it, right? Teachers are usually very busy at work, and the consulting fee of 1,000 yuan per hour is not an exaggeration. It is more conscience than McKinsey’s charge. Well… or that sentence is on the books. It doesn’t matter whether the teacher actually goes to the consultation or not, it’s just the reverse operation of the box office. The third level is tax avoidance. What else are you playing in the Cayman Islands, it’s out of date. Your big group is a bit engaged in education. It’s reasonable, diversified development, and it can be famous for caring for the next generation of the motherland. If you need to transfer payments within the group, it shouldn’t be too easy. I know how to do it if I fail to take the finance class. So, get it, the name is that the tax exemption of teachers’ salaries can increase the income of teachers. In private…don’t forget, this representative is not a teacher, but a principal…and one of the ultimate beneficiaries of the show’s operation

8 months ago

This is definitely not right. Although many people don’t want to pay taxes, they have to say that according to the tax law, paying taxes in accordance with the law is a citizen’s basic obligation. Not paying taxes is a privilege, and absolutely shouldn’t be. But the point to be explained here is that many people can go to the tax department to get a tax payment certificate even though the salary is not enough for the collection point, although the above is 0. But there are two completely different things from not paying taxes. The state promulgating laws and policies should not create privileges, let alone violate the constitution. Moreover, according to the current reality, what teachers need is the right to education control, not other rights.

8 months ago

I support improving the treatment of teachers. It is a common consensus in society to see that gardeners who teach and educate can have a higher life and social status. But I don’t think there is a direct relationship between improving the level of teacher treatment and attracting outstanding talents, because a big problem is that not everyone who wants to be a teacher can become a teacher, and those who stay in a teaching position are not all talents. . Everyone is a beneficiary of the improvement in the level of education for all. So since I can stand in this position and propose to improve the treatment of teachers, can I stand in this position and propose to strengthen the assessment and management of teachers, so that some incompetent teachers can leave their posts, so as to ensure that more talents are available What about becoming a teacher? Teacher posts are now very attractive to people, but not everyone. Moreover, this kind of iron job post is more attractive to people who are unwilling to make too much effort in future work, which is the so-called pursuit of stability. Is this point worthy of reflection? Please spit lightly and optimize the faculty. Some of the incompetent will be damaged, and the whole society will be benefited.

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