Xu Jingkun, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, said that many undergraduates have very weak grasp of basic subject knowledge. He suggested to follow the example of College English Test Band 4 and Band 6, set up advanced mathematics, college physics, and college chemistry proficiency examination systems, set up different levels and levels of level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and comprehensively assess basic courses of science and engineering students and above. Degree of learning and mastery. This allows students from different levels of schools to have an additional stage to compete on the same stage, and it also helps colleges and students to pay full attention to the education of basic subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry. (China News Network)

I am a physics major. Advanced mathematics, college physics and even college chemistry set up four or six levels of examinations themselves, because I think they can definitely be better than English. But honestly, this thing is useless. If you speak CET-6, it means that you have a certain level of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. This is a tool in itself, something that you will need in your future work and research, and it is also something that you have been using all the time. If you say that you have a sixth grade, what does this mean? Explain that you are smart? Or does it mean you have mastered this course? There are so many methods involved in high numbers, you still have to pay back the things after two years. It can be said that after work, 90% of the industries will not use this thing. What should I do when I need it? It’s like doing research. That’s what knowledge point you need. Check it out and re-learn this knowledge point. You won’t have to learn high maths again. If you want to set the level four or six of these things, it is better to develop the level four or six of IQ, level four or six of logic ability, and so on. In fact, from the experience after graduation and work, I think it is necessary to set the communicative competence level four or six, the four or six levels of slacking horses, and the thin-skinned level four and six, and so on. After all, these things are important for your future career path. In some positions, you can directly deny your ability to slap a horse. It is good for both the unit and the individual, so avoid taking some detours.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

No need for duck! ! ! Originally a CET-4 or CET-6 is very embarrassing, and we must continue to step up the curse. We are college students, not Monkey King! And the most important thing is that the majors of the university are subdivided. You have no way to sort out how to take the exam for the fourth and sixth grades of science. Although there are connections between them, there are not many. They are not progressive. How do you score in math grades four and six? Unless it is the fourth-level test of high mathematics, the sixth-level test of high mathematics increases the content of the test. It seems that it can only be like this. For example, I studied engineering thermodynamics, electricity, and fluid mechanics. They are also subdivisions of physics. How do you test them? And what can the test level prove? Finally, these subjects are still only used as the basis of professional courses, and professional courses can cultivate your core competitiveness. Finally, mathematics, physics and chemistry level four or six, I hope you don’t want to show up!

7 months ago

Who is taking exams in mathematics, physics and chemistry? It’s like the computer major test “Computer Level 2” English major test “College English Level 4” the only beneficiary is a variety of sellers of materials, certification training, you can get a certificate of cheating leek, listen to the leek, I was so happy that I rushed to bite the hook and said, “I want to improve myself, work hard, work hard, work harder.” However, I am also very happy. Maybe I can go to a training institution to become a teacher. After all Anyone who knows me knows that my mathematics, physics and chemistry are okay [doge]

7 months ago

Disagree. Many undergraduates have a very weak grasp of basic subject knowledge. He suggested that following the CET-4 and CET-6, setting up advanced mathematics, college physics, and college chemistry proficiency examination systems is not good enough. This is really not something that CET-4 and CET-6 can solve. Now education is all for exams. May I ask how many people in society can continue to use the mathematics, physical chemistry, and chemistry learned in school if it is not for science or education? If it is not for science and education, most people just for the score of the test, and forget it soon after the test. So what we should do is to cultivate their learning abilities and habits, not blind education, and finally to take the test. And in the university, I have to be busy with various professional certificates, small examinations, big examinations, homework in this subject, and various social practices and club activities; there are also papers, and… truly belong to oneself How much time can I go to the library to read my favorite books? Those who say that there is a lot of college time are mostly people who have wasted their time and have not planned their future well. College students have become more difficult, and the internal scrolling was already very serious. Now it comes to the fourth and sixth grades of mathematics, physics and chemistry, and the pressure is even greater.

7 months ago

1. Soon there will be a mess of mathematics, physics and chemistry tuition institutions on the market, “preserving mathematics, physics and chemistry grade 4 or 6”, “high scores through mathematics physics and chemistry grade 4 and 6” and so on, flooding the entire market. 2. The already heavy academic pressure of college students has increased, and their time is usually squeezed by all kinds of major homework and small homework papers. There are also so-called social practice activities to pick up school, and they have to test all kinds of messy certificates. May I ask how much time do you have for yourself? For digestion majors, how much time is left in the library to read idle books and expand the amount of reading. Is it not enough for everyone to be oppressed by grade points, comprehensive tests, and CET-4? The original intention of the proposal is good, but we must also consider the learning situation of contemporary college students. Are there still few college students who died suddenly? Background: I am an English college student in a science and engineering school, and I will also learn some organic chemistry in professional courses. I have participated in courses such as engineering drawing, statistics, information engineering, etc., and I have participated in a lot of homework, and exams are very difficult. I am considered to have a decent learning ability, but think about those classes that are originally cranes. , English majors are not good at first, but they still have to set up titles to do these things. Isn’t it even more difficult for them?

7 months ago

Disagree. Many undergraduates also have a very weak grasp of basic political, history, and geography knowledge. I can’t remember the chronology of historical events, I can’t distinguish the geographical direction, I can’t understand the conventional weather system, I can’t recognize a slightly more complicated map, I can’t understand economic newspapers, political terminology, foreign policy, and the international environment. Not sure. I suggest that, following the University English Test Band 4 and Band 6, set up a system of university politics, university history, and university geography levels, and set up different levels and levels of Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Comprehensively assess the basic courses of liberal arts students and above. Degree of learning and mastery. This allows students from different levels of schools to have an additional stage to compete on the same stage, and it also helps colleges and students to pay full attention to the education of basic subjects of politics, history and geography. Having said that, shouldn’t we also set up a level four and six exams for politics, history, and geography? It is obviously not feasible to set up exams to promote the development of science and engineering. Must fundamentally stimulate students’ interest in various subjects. Of course, this kind of interest does not mean that it can be aroused by arousing, and it is closely related to personal ability, learning habits and hobbies. Setting up this exam, some students who love science and engineering may not feel it, after all, this is not a problem for them. But there are many students who study science and engineering who can’t learn physics and chemistry. They may be forced by the exam-oriented education to hate mathematics, physics and chemistry. The gain is not worth the loss… In university, there is no history of thesis, or science and engineering. As long as someone is willing to study and love this subject in their hearts, are they afraid that they will not be able to cultivate talents in this field?

7 months ago

Isn’t the language important? Now college students generally need to improve their cultural, literary, and writing skills. Should they be grade 4 or 6? Isn’t sports important? Young people generally have poor physical fitness. How can they cope with the social test if they don’t have a good health? Physical education should also be level four or six. Don’t tell me politics, Marxism-Leninism, thinking of education is not important, unity, level four or six. computer? Health and physical hygiene? Love and marriage values? Legal morality and morality? Aesthetic art? Etiquette reception? Social activities and social practices? Which professional course is not important? Employment guidance interview skills…? The ultimate solution to Chinese education has been found. If you don’t know anything, give it to the four or six!

7 months ago

Mathematical four and six levels are valuable. Especially for students who have two or three books. One of the huge problems faced by the students of the two or three colleges is that their grades are not recognized. With a grade point of 4.0 and a score of 90+, it is nothing in front of the students of prestigious schools, and it is not comparable to the students who scored 70 in the 985 exam. Because the question is too simple, the final exam for 985 students is afraid it will be 100 in the class. Of course, it’s useless if something goes wrong, no one believes it. This is very embarrassing. No matter how hard you study in university, you will not be able to prove that your professional ability is better than 985 students. The only way now is to take the postgraduate entrance examination. But what if you don’t want to go to graduate school? Then there is no way. Therefore, the 985 students are studying various papers, while the second and third students do not even have the opportunity to do the papers. Because the grades are not worthwhile, hard-working students can only take a bunch of messy certificates. Although they are useless, they are better than school grades. There is a national level 4 and 6 mathematics examination, which can be regarded as a chance to prove oneself. It is certainly useless for students of 985 and 211, just like the second-level computer certificate for computer majors, it is assumed that you have this ability. So it won’t be a burden, you don’t have to take the exam, and the grade point is just as convincing. But for double non-students, since they can prove that their math and professional courses are better than 985 students, they can be treated as 985 students. Just like the current level of English, domestically speaking at CET-4 or CET-6, if you have no English in CET-985 or CET-4, it is also a good thing. It is impossible for you to be open to you because of your academic qualifications. If you are not in CET-4, 600 is definitely good in English. Of course, overall speaking, the performance of 985 students will definitely be better. It just gave other students a way to prove themselves. To a certain extent, this can still break the determinism of academic qualifications and the determination of a lifetime in the college entrance examination. It is also a means to measure the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. If a 985 school is not as good as a certain Shuangfei in grade 46 in mathematics and science, is there a problem with undergraduate education in this school? In order to avoid embarrassment, does the school also strictly enforce teaching?

7 months ago

Disagree. Moreover, it is recommended to cancel the English Test Band 4 and 6 immediately! The whole world is speaking Chinese. Now is the time for Chinese to fight back! The reasons are as follows: 1. We have invested too much in English education, but the gains are quite substantial. However, no matter how much investment in language education, the cost performance is not high; 2. Real-time translation tools are becoming more and more mature, HKUST News The rise of Chinese technology companies such as Fei, Hikvision, etc. above the world is a sense of honor in China brought by technology. The future must be a bright future built with artificial intelligence; 3. If the popularity of autonomous driving, immediately To eliminate the driver industry, the promotion of real-time translation will surely break the language barrier; 4. This measure also shows that the country attaches great importance to the construction of mathematics, physics and chemistry, and science and engineering are indeed the focus of future development, but what we lack is not reading and testing. Ability, but the ability to innovate and think. 5. Film classification is the top priority.

7 months ago

Does this make sense? In high school, students have already mastered the relevant knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Students involved in machinery may rarely come into contact with chemistry in the future. vice versa. After all, universities are professional. Even high school is divided into liberal arts and sciences. The more you go down to study, the more professional you become, and you can even concentrate on one branch. At a certain point, that is the doctor. On this basis, what is the significance of adding this mathematics, physics and chemistry examination? Just to make up for their weak foundation? Perhaps the knowledge will not be needed for a lifetime! It’s the exam, what’s the point? Evaluate the university level? Universities are only graded, and I haven’t heard of them. All were admitted to the college entrance examination. This wasted time and wasted energy. When it comes to university, it mainly focuses on majors. University basic education, university professional education. I dare not say that the current model is good, but the mathematics, physics and chemistry examination is really unnecessary. There are still two aspects, one is to lay a solid foundation, and the other is to specialize in expertise! Don’t toss the students!

7 months ago

Why should basic education in mathematics, physics and chemistry be carried out in universities? The education below junior high school is covered in rain and dew, and all subjects are studied per capita. High school began to appear in liberal arts and sciences, or self-selected college entrance examination subjects, choose the direction of development according to personal circumstances. The university has selected a major and developed in accordance with the professional direction. English can be level 4 or 6 because English is a language. Language is only a tool for communication, which can be used by everyone without any subject restriction. If you propose Japanese, Korean, French level 4 or 6, even if there are few people participating, you can do it normally. But mathematics, physics and chemistry are not universal. For students majoring in human literature, history, philosophy, minor languages, calligraphy, acting, vocal music, drama, director, visual arts, animation, etc., the points of mathematics, physics and chemistry in other high schools are enough. Why do you continue to study? It’s difficult to put into practice. I can only say that improving personal quality is the icing on the cake, right? The icing on the cake should be personal choice, not being included in the system. The physique is that everyone has food to eat and clothes to wear. Forcing everyone to hold an embroidery grade examination is superfluous. And mathematics, physics and chemistry are also basic courses, and most majors are taught by themselves. As far as the majors in these courses are studied, they must be better than those in CET-4 or CET-6. The result is that if you don’t study mathematics, physics and chemistry, you don’t need to take the fourth and sixth grades of mathematics, physics and chemistry. For majors in mathematics, physics and chemistry, look down on the fourth and sixth grades of mathematics, physics and chemistry. There is no suitable object for this test system.

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