Preparations before takeoff: false operation: flight attendants check all equipment in the passenger aircraft, including some life-saving equipment, life-saving materials, sorting or distributing some newspapers and books for passengers to read. Real operation: the flight attendants check one by one whether the 300 pens in the cabin can write smoothly to ensure that the passengers will not complain to the airline after the plane has made a successful emergency landing because the pens distributed can not write, and start from the details that the customer pays the most attention to. Improve service quality. 2. The plane was in distress in the air, the altitude dropped rapidly, and the cabin was facing loss of pressure: false operation: the flight attendant fastened the seat belt, put on the oxygen mask that popped off the seat, reminded the passenger to pull the oxygen mask that fell off, and asked the passenger to give priority to Wear it yourself, and then help other passengers wear it. Real operation: the flight attendant puts on the oxygen cylinder on his back, puts on the helmet, pushes out the trolley, and distributes paper, ink, pen and inkstone to passengers in a semi-suspended state, and clearly conveys the message of “You are hanging up, bye Bye~” to prevent passengers from producing Unrealistic hope of survival. 3. In the face of panicked and emotionally collapsed passengers: False operation: flight attendants comfort the passengers, show them that they have been professionally trained, and convince passengers that the experienced crew can save them. Real operation: Distribute papers and pens to passengers, tell them “You are almost done playing, just write down what you want to write”, and step up to test the passengers’ ability to withstand pressure under extreme conditions. 4. The plane is about to enter the emergency landing procedure. False operation: the flight attendant fasten the seat belt and repeat “brace brace, heads down, stay down”/”the whole body is pressing hard, Brace!” In his cabin, he held a sharp pen and distributed them one by one, increasing the probability of passengers being stabbed to death. Randomly killed a few lucky passengers with the pen in advance, reducing the number of deaths due to air crashes, and saving the reputation of the airline. 5. When the plane enters a low altitude, the pilot tries to control the false operation of the plane’s attitude: the flight attendant reminds passengers to sit in their seats, do not walk around at will, fasten seat belts, and wear oxygen masks. Real operation: The flight attendant reminds passengers to hand over the written will to the flight attendant seat at the rear of the plane, and continuously changes the center of gravity of the aircraft through the wide range of passenger movement, testing whether the pilot’s aircraft control ability is as good as the company advertises under extreme conditions. 6. Preparatory work before the emergency landing. False operation: the flight attendant reminds the passengers to open the visor, straighten the seat back, fold the small table, and make an anti-impact posture to prevent the passengers from being hit by the small table due to inertia during the emergency landing. . Real operation: The flight attendant gently reminds passengers that when the plane is bumpy, they can put paper on the small table to write on, so as to ensure that the search and rescue personnel can clearly identify the content of the will. In order to ensure the quality of service, passengers should not be urged loudly to implement hospice care services. 7. Search and rescue work after the plane crash: False operation: search the black box of the plane, read the contents of the black box, and study the cause of the plane crash.


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7 months ago

At least there is no such project in my training history. Because…you don’t know where to save it after you write it. The so-called black box is a voice data recorder. That is not a collection of wills. That is for post-mortem analysis. I think it’s better to find a lawyer or justice to make a will. Or bring your own fireproof, waterproof and shockproof box. (Speaking of this as a business opportunity?) In an emergency, all crew members are considering how to ensure the smallest casualties as much as possible. All procedures and training are also for this purpose. Personally, if you can open training or observation to the public, it is actually a good thing.

7 months ago

An airplane can range from more than 150 passengers to more than 300 passengers. If one person, one pen and one piece of paper, would the airline’s idleness hurt to open an office supply store on the plane? When the crash may happen, the flight attendants are busy comforting the passengers, checking whether everyone has taken off their high heels, took off their glasses, and fastened seat belts. Where can there be time to hand out pens and papers to each passenger? Once the plane breaks down, it is too late for the flight attendants to comfort the passengers, and even send out pen and paper to write a suicide note? Isn’t this scaring the passengers? If the plane landed safely, and the passengers who were scared to death by writing a suicide note in the air, shouldn’t complain to the airline to die? Not to mention, what if someone writes in the suicide note, “The child’s house belongs to the wife, the inheritance belongs to the third child”, and the wife finds it out, causing the family to break up, what should I do! Once an airplane crashes and falls, where can I find the hundreds of sheets of paper? Once the fire was completely burnt, and the water was soaked, did the airline specially prepare a fire-proof, waterproof, shock-proof and pressure-resistant safe for the suicide note? In the event of a possible crash, the flight attendants will definitely not tell the passengers, at most let everyone sit back in their original positions and make an anti-impact posture. . . . . Suddenly dying must be easier than waiting for death while crying and crying for blessing.

7 months ago

In the flight attendant training, no paper was required to write a will. In this case, from the captain to the flight attendant to the flight attendants, they all perform their duties, with clear tasks (collecting high heels and sharp objects, locking them in the toilet, learning anti-impact posture and how to wear an oxygen mask, etc.) writing a will. The crew will not arrange the situation, and some passengers will write if they feel necessary. Because it will make passengers more upset. In summary, writing a will with paper and pen will only appear in the plot of the movie.

7 months ago

A good university friend, his father. It was about 1989. His dad took the Trident aircraft [1], the main model of my country’s famous airlines, and returned to Chengdu from Shanghai. Over the Chengdu Airport, when preparing to land, the landing gear of the plane could not be opened. After tossing for a long time, there is still no way. The two flight attendants came out to appease the passengers, but at the same time they quickly handed out pens and papers to each passenger, and said calmly: “Everyone, please write something, you must have your name and the name of your relatives. Just in case, we Will help everyone throw out the suicide note when the plane makes an emergency landing.” His father was suddenly nervous for a while, but he quickly recovered his calm. After writing a few words quickly, he handed the paper to the flight attendant. About 20 minutes later, the landing gear actually opened again. So the plane landed smoothly. This matter has been too long, maybe the previous Minghang safety management rules required flight attendants to issue paper and pen. But how is the situation now, you still have to listen to the answers of current industry insiders. For example, as @JoVi said, without proper storage, it is difficult to obtain these suicide notes after a plane crash. If it is not available, what is the point of writing it? [1] The Trident aircraft is a three-engine, medium- and short-range civil aviation airliner designed and produced by British Aerospace Corporation. China’s famous airlines began to be introduced in the 1970s, and they were all retired in the 1990s.

7 months ago

There is a director in the company who only takes trains instead of planes. Even if there is no high-speed train, he chooses green leather cars. Once I happened to be on a business trip with him and took a 10-hour train ride. During dinner together, I asked the manager, “Everyone said that the plane is safe, right?” The manager said: Hey, you don’t know. A few years ago I also took a plane. That time the plane arrived at Hongqiao Airport. It landed immediately and pulled up again. It’s okay. Hovering and landing again, the runway can be seen clearly, and the horse rider pulled up again. At this time, the atmosphere in the cabin was not right. I saw a flight attendant’s complexion changed, and there was no sound in the cabin. What is terrible is that someone suddenly asked the flight attendant for pen and paper. This was over, the mood was overwhelmed. There were all yelling in the cabin, and I also felt like I was going to hang up, and my mind was roaring… “Is it all right in the end?” I looked at the director in front of me and suddenly felt that I had said something wrong. “Your kid is really good at this question, what do you say,” the director lit a cigarette and said, “I finally landed for the third time. From then on, I don’t even take a train for a few days. You can fly this time when I go back. It’s still a train.” “What if I go to Japan?” “I don’t have to go.” “Where to go to the German exhibition? The big bosses are all there.” “Then there is no other way but to buy more insurance.”

7 months ago

Although the first answer is somewhat reasonable, it may not be accurate enough.

A few years ago, my aunt encountered strong air currents when flying on a plane, and the turbulence was very severe. After a while, the flight attendants began to send pen and paper to write “suicide notes.” Finally the plane landed successfully, the whole plane cheered

I guess that the issue of paper and pen may depend on different airlines. For the specific situation, I hope more people in the industry will answer.

7 months ago

Suddenly it occurred to a funny bridge section that the plane failed. The captain did not desperately save the plane, but was ecstatic, “The pen and paper prepared for ten years are finally in hand.” Then he broadcasted “Dear passengers and friends, because of our company.” The plane of China suffered a malfunction and crashed to the ground in half an hour. Please don’t panic. The plane is specially prepared with pens and paper to make it easier for you to write your suicide note. After you have finished writing, please put it in your jacket pocket to make sure it won’t be lost. Please don’t panic. After leaving the seat, the flight attendant will issue pens and papers in an orderly manner in five minutes.” Then! The stewardess came here with a small cart. Of course, the first-class passengers wrote first. If you can’t write enough, you can ask the stewardess how many more papers, and there are a variety of beverage options to provide writing ideas to relieve the mood. “Do you want a ballpoint pen or a pencil? Coated paper or kraft paper?” “Bring me a pen and a piece of jammed paper. Thank you.” “Okay, please wait.” The captain in the cockpit was adjusting the plane to sail smoothly. , In order to let passengers have a comfortable writing environment. After half an hour, the stewardess made sure that everyone finished writing the suicide note. Pushing the trolley to report to the captain: Everyone has finished writing and can safely give up controlling the plane. “People have sorrows and joys, and the moon has cloudy and sunny. Although we have not met for a long time, it is also a meeting. I am the captain. I believe that everyone has fully enjoyed this journey so that we can get together well and have a good destiny. Goodbye!” After that, he dived the plane’s nose down at high speed. The captain thought, this is the last service, and I will let everyone die without pain. Then he smiled relievedly.

7 months ago

On August 12, 1985, a passenger wrote a suicide note before the crash of JAL flight 123. The reason is as stated in Wikipedia: “Because this air crash is relatively rare, it took more than half an hour from the accident to the crash. Some Passengers wrote down suicide notes on the plane (and some passengers took pictures of the scene in the cabin at that time with a camera), and these relics were found during the search and rescue process.”

7 months ago

It should be in 1995. I took Air China from Beijing to Shenzhen (I can’t remember the return journey, just between these two points). I encountered a very big bump. At that time, I went with my grandmother. Relatives. I remember very clearly that I really sent out pens and sticky notes. Because I have been thinking about why I sent pencils instead of ballpoint pens, which are not easy to spend. The probable process was that the plane suddenly started bumping. It was okay at the beginning, but it kept bumping. A flight attendant in the aisle tried to push the cart with water back and was thrown to the ground, right next to me. Then I remembered that the plane became very quiet, no one was talking, I couldn’t remember what was said in the cabin broadcast, and after a while, note papers and pencils were issued. (It is the kind of sharpened and short pencils that hotels often have. The sticky notes are white, normal size, and the backside is not glued.) Later, the crisis turned into a safe place. When getting off the plane, the stewardess wrote them one by one at the door. The paper was taken back, and passengers were not allowed to stay at all. I don’t think it would work to keep it as a souvenir. It was taken away by force. At that time, I didn’t want to give it. I always felt that it should be my own thing, but my grandma asked me to get off the machine and I gave it. Later, many relatives and I talked about this, mainly for brainstorming. Why is a pencil? But then it was around 2004. I encountered a more dangerous red-eye plane, a China Southern Airlines plane, and it suddenly began to descend quickly halfway through the flight, until I could see the street lights clearly through the cabin window… Of course, the crisis turned into an Ann and pulled up again, and this time nothing was posted. As for Aeroflot after 2010… well… I have participated in collective applause and thanked the captain for not killing me. I have never seen any pens or papers. The answer is anonymous because I don’t want to reveal my age…

7 months ago

This question is a bit funny, why do you expect the airline to prepare paper and pen for you? Would you like to feed the rice to your mouth? But your question may give birth to new industries. Airline-specific audio and video equipment can only be opened and used at a specific time just like emergency hatches, and it must be fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant and fall-resistant like a black box. Make another shooter, reserve emergency information as an additional charge item such as accident insurance and delay insurance, which can only be used after payment. Otherwise, if you encounter an accident, you can only find a small piece of paper to leave a message on your own, or leave it in your phone, praying that it will not be destroyed by any physical factors. To be honest, this consciousness is already there, so if you explain the important content in advance, will it be over? There is the Chinese Will Database for wills, and the one for information reservation is like seeing App, writing a letter to the future (its name is called this). No matter how bad, you find a notebook in advance to list your important asset information, the items that need to be arranged, and it is better to put it at home than to crammed on the plane. Those who don’t want to say before they are alive, but have to say immediately after birth, there are many things that have to be told to different people after birth. Why do you have to wait until you are facing life and death to write?

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