At the press conference of the two sessions on the 7th, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi announced that he would launch the “Spring Seed Operation” to actively assist and strive to vaccinate overseas compatriots with domestic or foreign vaccines. More than 50 countries are gradually including Chinese citizens in their national vaccination plans, and many Chinese citizens are receiving Chinese vaccines in accordance with the law. In the next step, we are also preparing to set up regional vaccination sites for domestically produced vaccines in countries where conditions permit, to provide services to compatriots in need in neighboring countries.

The Chinese government announced the launch of the “Spring Seed Operation”, what do you think?

First of all, it must be clear whether this spring seedling operation is taking up the share of the country’s wider compatriots to vaccinate. If this is not clear, there will be a lot of people scolding their mothers. They don’t have enough fertilizer in their own fields, and they give out to the “white-eyed wolves”, and then enter the Weibo of “Building the motherland if you are not here, you are the fastest to poison you thousands of miles.” style. You know, China has joined the global new crown vaccine guarantee mechanism. This new crown vaccine guarantee mechanism means that many small countries come together to report to the group for warmth. Small countries and weak countries cannot develop their own vaccines, and it is difficult to develop large-scale low-cost production. Therefore, this mechanism has always wanted to bring in major countries. The United States will not go, nor will Russia. China is the first major country to begin to assume “vaccine international responsibility.” We are the first country to suppress the epidemic and the first country to fully restart the industrial chain. We announced in May last year that the new crown vaccine developed in China will become a “global public product.” But we are also smart and will not help the West. We are helping poor countries within the framework of a bilateral agreement, rather than participating in a multilateral process, so that the West can take a ride. So what we are determined now is that Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos will become the priority recipient countries of China’s vaccines, which is consistent with our country’s peripheral strategy. To put it bluntly, even if there is a small friction, but the future direction of the country is “cooperation is greater than confrontation,” we have actively completed bilateral negotiations. This is why the Western media has been catching us and talking about “vaccine diplomacy.” Hey, it’s vaccine diplomacy. We have the ability and technology. You bite us. Therefore, at the beginning of our country’s vaccine strategy, it has been determined that it is going to sea and has the goal of the human community. Everyone knows what is going on in our country. Because we have a clear physical isolation method and do not need to rely on herd immunity to fight the virus, although the number of vaccines inoculated is only second in the world, it has reached the level that is sufficient at this stage. Now many friends in the system should know that the unit organizes free vaccination. You can ask these little friends, it’s not rushing to get the vaccination anymore, but… dragging… to see if the vaccination person has any side effects. Even some people in key positions need to be vaccinated compulsorily, otherwise there will be a lot of behaviors that develop in the wild. This change in mentality has actually proved that our domestic vaccines are sufficient, and exporting them is not occupying domestic vaccines. Secondly, we must make it clear that this time the vaccine goes overseas, it has a higher strategic goal. On the table, this new crown epidemic is a good opportunity for our country to show the responsibility of a major country. On the table, the new crown epidemic is a good opportunity for our country to reconstruct the international discourse system and use China to replace the world’s police in the past, and it is an opportunity to tear off the veil of hypocrisy in Europe and the United States. In the news at the end of February, my country has provided vaccine assistance to 53 requesting developing countries, and has exported vaccines to 22 countries. If the aid is blunt, it means sending it; if it is bluntly exported, it means selling. More than 10 million doses of domestic vaccines have been arranged. And developed countries in Europe and the United States, hey…According to the data released by The Lancet on February 12, wealthy countries are currently snapping up about 70% of the new crown vaccine. According to data from the Spanish newspaper “Herald”, the vaccine dose set aside in Canada is more than five times the vaccination requirement of the country’s population, the United Kingdom is three times the population, and the European Union is twice the population of its own. The doses of vaccines pre-ordered in the United States are already sufficient to meet the vaccination needs of its population more than twice. Therefore, on the one hand, it is a prison and a beggar-beggar-neighbor, on the other hand, it is the support of China in all directions. Even the media like the US “Capitol Hill” can’t stand the high ground of the pattern on this card.
The most important thing is the publicity effect of our Spring Seed Action. Although China has promised to turn Chinese vaccines into international products, China cannot be taken advantage of. What needs to be done is to use the current global hard currency vaccines. Now, if you look at the countries that you are supporting, they are all countries that are already closely related to China. Although it is a help, the marginal utility of favorability has little effect. What is the other way? That is the reverse operation, through overseas compatriots all over the world (note that they are not converts), to expand the results of vaccine outreach. Let me give you a personal example. Our company has a morning meeting every two weeks, and small partners from 66 countries gather together to chat together remotely. As for the morning meeting, everyone knows that they are not willing to speak first, so they set up a magical system, which is to choose a ruler at random and sort them. We used to sort by height and sort by national GDP. The most embarrassing time was to sort by FIFA World Ranking. Unfortunately, I was the first to speak… Last week’s ranking was based on the global vaccination ratio. To sort. When I arrived, the big man said, even though Ling’s speech was late, it was because China’s population was too large, but Ling had already been vaccinated. Then there was a burst of Chinese blessings that I spent 3 years popularizing in the audience: Niu B. Then the meeting started to deviate from the theme, asking me what it felt like after the fight, whether I can run without a mask after the fight, and will it affect the sperm motility after the fight… This is the hero of a powerful motherland. Heng, people like me who hide in the red light district of Eminem trying to steal the lithography machine and the management technology of the red light district are walking brochures.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Seeing that you praised the answer, either from the perspective of national strategy analysis, or telling stories with examples. Coordinates in Africa, Ethiopia, the current situation of the epidemic here is quite severe. The Chinese in the Ethiopian capital have been infected on a large scale, so for these people who want to return to their country without a ticket to buy, they are at high risk. In fact, what we care most about this news is when the plan can be implemented. If I don’t know anything else, I can’t say that if I don’t know anything else, I’m afraid the overseas Chinese in Ethiopia will really have to “herd immunity” on their own. When can we play, through which channels, and how to sign up, these questions are the most important to us.

8 months ago

I have always felt that the three views of our government in this new crown epidemic have always been very upright. Regardless of the fact that it is not in place, the propaganda has never been relieved: the motherland of the Chinese people all over the world must be protected. Chartered flights to pick up elementary school students back to China, health packs for overseas compatriots, and this spring seedling operation. What I see is the foresight in the diplomatic field and the courage of a responsible power. On the other hand, some people in the country abused overseas Chinese, slandered the group of overseas students, and were full of violent arguments that “you are the fastest to poison you in a thousand miles”. Then these people who are completely contrary to national policies claim to be “patriotic”? ? ? It’s really confusing.

8 months ago

Let me tell you one thing. During the epidemic last year, Chinese embassies abroad have been busy delivering supplies to their compatriots. At that time, we also wanted to send some loving supplies to overseas students and classmates. We also contacted friends from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zhihuli. They said that everyone was busy doing things. The difficulty at the time was not materials, but logistics. I hope that every friend overseas can understand that people in China also care about their overseas compatriots. Everyone remember that during that time, when masks were not available in many places abroad, embassies of many countries distributed love anti-epidemic kits to everyone. Now the domestic epidemic has come to an end, and the overall safety is much safer. Many of our compatriots overseas have not yet been vaccinated. In this case, this project is too meaningful. No matter how others provoke, no matter where everyone is, unity is strength, and we have no choice. On behalf of myself, I am grateful to many overseas students for their understanding and support of the domestic fight against the epidemic for so long. Thank you.

8 months ago

Plant one millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn. From warming the hearts of the Spring Festival to the “Spring Miao Action”, the Chinese people’s self-confidence and pride is unprecedentedly high. The world in the epidemic, and China, which is constantly struggling, is driving the world’s dual-cycle development. My Chinese-Australian friend has been staying in Shenzhen since the beginning of the epidemic. We are all wondering why he didn’t take the chartered plane by the Australian government to return to China. He said he would eat and drink when he returned, and how to survive? This friend was an overseas engineer of Huawei in his early years. He was responsible for market development in the South Pacific region. After 20 years of struggle, he bought a house in Australia, married a daughter-in-law, gave birth to a baby, and obtained nationality. Engaging in a trade war with China, Chinese high-tech companies have been blocked from going overseas, and this friend’s business has also been greatly affected. Under the political correctness of the West, it is racism. He, a former Chinese, was discriminated against and suppressed. Therefore, Jinwo and Yinwo are not as good as their own grass nests. After returning to China, my friends feel that their relatives in the motherland are very simple and kind, but we still have a lot of gaps between him and this foreign guest. Now living in China, he feels very at ease. For overseas compatriots, this friend also has more care and compatriot friendship. It is a heart-warming spring rain for the motherland to vaccinate overseas compatriots. Good rain knows the season, when spring is here. Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently. I believe that compatriots at home and abroad will be more proud of the strength of the motherland.

8 months ago

“Spring Miao Action” + vaccine passport, the two are linked. You know, a big event will happen on February 4, 2022. “China regards the hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as a major event of special significance, and it must be held well.” Even if the Tokyo Olympics this year is left in the cold, there are 11 months of preparations for the Winter Olympics. It may become the first all-human event in the post-epidemic era. Specifically, on the one hand, the current domestic epidemic situation is stable, vaccination is orderly, and the vaccination rate is not high, but the number of vaccination is not low. More capacity is used for exporting overseas and supporting poor countries. Now vaccines are slowly moving westward from Arab countries in the beginning to Hungary and Serbia in Eastern Europe to the Czech Republic in Central Europe; the Austrian Prime Minister is also calling for the EU to purchase Chinese vaccines. The current production capacity is not enough to supply the most populous countries in Western Europe [France and Germany: if you see it through, it’s still a good friend; I’m the third pole of shamelessness]. However, the EU’s attitude is extremely ambiguous and wait until the supply is fully rolled out in the middle of the year. Presumably Western Europe will also buy [French and Germany: Excuse me thousands of dollars, now let me save some face for a while]. On the other hand, the GDP growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 6.5%, which has returned to the level before the epidemic. Therefore, if only the “Spring Seed Operation” does not produce vaccine passports, relying on the domestic market can still ensure the smooth operation of the economy. Then why must we develop a vaccine passport to open up international travel? Is there a more convincing call for a “community of shared future for mankind” than “leading the world out of the haze of the epidemic before the Winter Olympics and successfully hosting the first comprehensive sports event that symbolizes peace and friendship across the world in the post-epidemic era”? CPPCC National Committee member Zhu Zhengfu: It is recommended that my country study the implementation of the “vaccine passport” as soon as possible. So I have reason to believe that at least before the Winter Olympics I have great hopes to go home and eat Hu spicy soup, tofu, brain Peking duck short meat, sauce fragrant cake Steamed rice dishes, Lanzhou Ramen, Shabu-boiled Lamb, Rolled Noodles with Pork and Donkey Meat, Braised Enema, Roasted Butter, Roasted Oysters, Garlic and Eggplant Spicy and Spicy.

8 months ago

It is very positive, which shows that the government cares about the compatriots who stay behind in all parts of the world. This is also an expression of some media’s constant hype and instigation of divorced mainland residents and overseas compatriots some time ago. It’s all nonsense about poisoning. Everyone is Chinese and holds Chinese passports, and deserves the asylum of the country. This is also a warning to people with ulterior motives. Don’t try to draw traffic to yourself by creating unwarranted opposition. The strong nation needs to unite all the forces that can be united. This belongs to the general strategy of the country and does not allow certain individuals and groups to destroy it.

8 months ago

In overseas countries, like China, it is rare to use organizational means to control the epidemic. In countries where the epidemic is out of control, Chinese citizens will be affected by the epidemic to some extent, and health and safety will also be threatened. Moreover, considering the current domestic quarantine, health and medical resources, it is not realistic to bring back Chinese citizens on a large scale. In addition to organizational means, vaccination is a more effective means of prevention and control. At present, vaccines have been put on the market, but not all countries have the ability to develop and produce vaccines, mainly in China, the United States, Russia, and the European Union. Therefore, for countries without production capacity, they will also face the problem of vaccine allocation. Usually, priority is given to ensuring that nationals are vaccinated. At this time, the state will provide domestic vaccines to overseas Chinese citizens or obtain foreign vaccines, which can ensure that Chinese citizens get immunization in a timely manner, reduce the probability of contracting the disease, and help them tide over the epidemic as soon as possible.

8 months ago

Overseas Chinese welcome and support! First, I would like to state that I am doing five on my own. When the leader comes to visit, I am one of the people who rushed to the front line and competed alone. So don’t question whether I love this country or not! I haven’t returned to China for more than a year. I miss home, family, friends, and food! Over the past year or so, when the domestic epidemic was basically under control and the country where the epidemic was at its peak, I refunded the ticket and gave it to people who had to return to the country for various reasons. For me, if I don’t go back, I won’t bother the country for the first time, and I won’t cause trouble for myself (quarantine is also a kind of trouble), and I am confident that I can guarantee that I won’t be sick locally. Someone needed to go back to China and couldn’t buy a ticket (he had graduated and needed to go back to China), so I gave him my ticket through the agency where I booked the ticket. There are vaccines in my country, but it is not our turn to administer them, and I am not very relieved of mRNA. Vaccines, new technologies, many people are worried about whether there are undiscovered long-term side effects. At this time, traditional vaccines are almost my only choice! If Operation Chun Miao can proceed smoothly, I will definitely fight. Of course, Oxford Vaccine is also in my scope of selection, to see which one comes first, which one comes first to fight which one! Thank the motherland here! Hope the epidemic will end soon! I haven’t been out of this city for more than a year! Let alone the city, I have only visited the city center three or four times in more than a year! For the rest of the day, all wandering within one kilometer at home (the company is also within one kilometer)! It’s so boring that I started watching handball games that I didn’t even watch before!

8 months ago

This is spreading care, showing muscles, and showing the superiority of socialism. In the final analysis, the current situation of domestic epidemic control is quite good. Before the full opening of entry and exit, there is no urgent demand for vaccination in China. . In other words, the current domestic vaccination can be done slowly step by step, and it is completely desirable to appropriately increase some of the external exports. Especially for Chinese citizens residing overseas, timely assistance is provided. This is a country’s due responsibility and a way to arouse national pride. But what I am worried about is that the hatred and anti-China sentiment in the entire Western world is quite serious. If local overseas Chinese get the vaccine first through this plan, will it further stimulate local anti-Chinese sentiment?

8 months ago

Good thing, this is an important measure taken by the country to care for overseas compatriots, and it is also a good opportunity to enhance the country’s image and export soft power. This kind of thing should be more publicized, even if it costs money, I suggest that we must learn from Japan in this respect. People in Japan are a typical example of spending a small amount of money to do big things. You have to learn this. Decades of fraud can promote the spirit of craftsmanship. For example, the Three Gorges Dam that year sold us steel of substandard quality. What we were brainwashed by their propaganda was not to think that Japanese products were substandard, but to question the level of our testing equipment and personnel. Although I certainly do not encourage foreign propaganda to be as false as Western countries. But we also need to build our soft power. The vast majority of the media are profit-only, not to mention that if you have milk, you are a mother. Anyway, they won’t have trouble with money. And don’t worry when they broke the news that we’re sending money to buy publicity, how are we doing. Because first of all, ours is indeed to vaccinate our compatriots abroad, for the sake of the health of overseas compatriots. Secondly, we are not giving you money for propaganda, but for fear that some overseas compatriots will not know the news, and are afraid that they will be missed, so we have to advertise it. Reasonable and compliant. Even when necessary, it is possible to vaccinate police, medical staff, and media personnel in some countries for free, as long as they wish. Of course, this must also be promoted in their media, which means thanking them for their hard work and for their courageous responsibility on the front line. After all, people’s hands are short, even if a small part of them has a conscience, the benefits to our country will definitely far exceed the cost of the vaccine, and it will be harmless to our overseas compatriots. If the media is vaccinated with us, we will have to think twice about slandering us in the future. After all, people are watching it. The police were vaccinated with us, not to mention, they are a group that can directly protect our overseas compatriots. As for the medical staff, it is to occupy a moral high ground. However, we must also pay attention to the two devils. It is recommended that you must be optimistic about your passport when you get a vaccine. Some people who can speak Chinese may not be Chinese.

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