Northern Myanmar may currently be the region with the largest concentration of fraudsters in the world. The pure telecommunications fraudster is not the kind of gambling. There are also a group of criminals who have been rounded up, and the prices are also high. In reality, I have met many friends who wanted me to find a channel to smuggle children to northern Myanmar and Thailand. Both are around 20. I guess I have encountered seven in the past two years, if I remember correctly. It’s hard to persuade them every time, really, I don’t understand why they are too long-lived. And the idea is very strange. At present, there is only one case of persuading success. At that time, the person was 18 years old, and the other party was still of a good family background but didn’t understand anything. Personally, I feel that there are more online. Look at those who do fraudulent betting. Personnel propaganda has a lot of brainwashing content, but I don’t have the ability to distinguish. I feel that foreign countries are only nb, smuggling nb, and the understanding of various information about passports and visas is 0. After persuading science, the other party knows it. Is it so easy to play abroad? It turns out that such a pit in Myanmar and Cambodia is not a place for tourists to go. After that, I got my passport and went to other countries to play. . Look at his circle of friends who went to Dubai, Japan, and South Korea from last year to last year. As for other things, after persuading the other party for a few words, I guess I felt that I couldn’t get him a smuggling channel. The kind that I was determined to go there was no contact. Recently, another “friend” who is determined to smuggle to northern Myanmar to make money is trying to persuade, but it feels useless. I told him that he would find an intermediary to get the passport through a formal channel. At present, the total amount for a trip to Laos is more than 10,000, and it will cost more than 10,000 to come back. It is clearly stated that I may go to Laos or Thailand after I have finished the quarantine (my wife’s house is on the Lao-Thai border). Then I will bring you to have a look, and then you will consider the experience. The other party didn’t listen. It’s fascinating As for Xishuangbanna’s recent severe crackdown, he was not afraid to seize a fine of 5,000 plus detention. It can only be said that young people nowadays are very fascinated. Isn’t it okay to be alive? Supplement, smuggling this thing is different from home and abroad. We have a strict group in our country, and it takes only two years for the organizers to be arrested. Is it bad to be alive? The criminals who went to northern Myanmar smuggled. I heard from the staff of the Epidemic Prevention Office that it had only sent 300 people to Xishuangbannaga last week to catch smuggling. The country attaches great importance to this. Between Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian countries, if there was no epidemic in the first place, I found a channel for border police and just filled in some money and went in. No matter what. The money is in place and you can enter the gate in an upright manner. The government doesn’t care. As for now? Because of the epidemic, the border police are all persuaded, and the most ironic are all in prison.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Young people are self-centered and feel that they should be gang bosses and princes. The reality is that when they go to northern Myanmar, they will have to cry for their parents for a week. Living in a civilized world and observing the law is the right way. Visiting the prison, you can also experience it for a few months. When it comes out, I will only say that this is customer service 0002, and I will be happy to help you. Back in northern Myanmar, I really thought my father was Peng Jiasheng and Zhang Zuolin. In reality, you are at most a child who is playing roulette with a revolver in the Mekong River and has sores or AIDS. That’s it.

7 months ago

I don’t know what it is, but I know that northern Myanmar is a hotbed of crime in the Golden Triangle. Criminals gather here. Gambling and gambling are all shameful transactions. There are countless anti-drug police here every year. My life is not correct. , I am extreme, but I can probably tell the good from the bad. Such a stable social environment in our country is indispensable for the contributions of these people. Even if the three views are not correct, we have to know who is worthy of respect. I really don’t have the spirit of selflessness to devote myself but it does not affect me to them. I’m grateful and admired because I know that I can go out in the middle of the night and walk home drunk. I am not afraid of being kidnapped and killed by them. Even I was so drunk that I was on the street once. I went back to their duty room and slept for the night. I am very grateful to these police and soldiers, so I don’t yearn for that ghost place, that ghost place, if someone goes out in the middle of the night to get drunk and get drunk on the street. Does someone dare to show a wad of cash in that ghost place? I’m walking on the road. Someone picked up my money and took a taxi to chase me and sent it to me. Mom’s northern Myanmar, I live comfortably and safely. Who directly destroys this safety and comfort? I can’t bear my extremes, who disturbs me I can live a stable and comfortable life. I can really fight to death. I’m a person who doesn’t know how to kill, and I don’t want to sacrifice myself. I want to change this. This is northern Myanmar, not a place for people to stay, a hotbed of crime, and criminal Heaven, it’s better to go home, skewers in the middle of the night, beer with crayfish and spicy stir-fry

7 months ago

The source provided by Du Niang is what the domineering president Lu Jin said to Shen Feiyun in the novel “It’s Hard to Fly”. I don’t know why this sentence suddenly became so popular on Douyin… The main reason is that the male voice in bgm is more flavorful. A group of unknown people followed suit and came up with a bunch of dress-ups with this bgm. Face changing video. At the beginning, no one went to study this sentence, and then it spread more and more. Police accounts from various places came out to explain what kind of place is northern Myanmar. Because no one knows if someone really stupidly thinks that it is a beautiful place, and then ran over stupidly. By the way, anyone who has read this novel, comment and share it below.

7 months ago

Kachin and Shan states in northern Myanmar. Plus Thailand’s Chiang Rai Province, northern Chiang Mai Province and several provinces in Laos. It is the golden triangle commonly known by the Chinese. This stalk means, “This is the Golden Triangle.” Bullets are the biggest truth here. The warlords in the northern region of Myanmar separatist regimes, the big drug lord Khun Sa controlled once Shan State, and the nation was founded here. At the same time, there are multiple autonomous autonomous regimes with independent arms and administration in Shan State, such as the seven special zones in Shan State. The most famous of these special zones are Guokang, Wa Bang, and Xiaomengla. More than ten years ago, when I was a kid, there were many people in China who hated the shackles of the law and went to the free northern Myanmar to enjoy life. They think they can take drugs freely, gamble freely, and prostitute freely. But what awaits them is the freedom to be blackmailed, kidnapped, beaten, and tortured. Time has changed. Kunsha’s original main drug production area was controlled by the pro-China Wa State, and the anti-drug aspect was quite effective. Most of Kokang has been taken by the central government of Myanmar. And Xiaomengla has become a new gathering place for overseas fraudsters. But there are two points that have not changed to the first place, and the city head has changed to the king’s flag. Chaos is still the main theme here. The police here do not go out at night, nor the dead outside, for fear of insecurity. Most ethnic armed forces have very general restrictions on soldiers, and they are stronger than the national army. They can only do no harm to fellow villagers and people. It is a normal operation to take a gun to the police and find people. Second, there are still hundreds of Chinese people who bravely travel to northern Myanmar to be slaughtered every year. Probably they really think that a good public security environment is the same as the air around them, and it is everywhere.

7 months ago

From the net article “Putting Wings Is Hard to Fly”, it is actually a meaty article with high h. The resources that can be found on the Internet now seem to have been deleted. At the time I read it, some of the very shameful descriptions of the pictures are as follows. The complete paragraph is as follows: “Here is Northern Myanmar, where I grew up,” Lu Jin straightened up, stretched his body, and looked up at the sky where the red glow began to appear. Then he turned his head to Chuyun and smiled handsomely, “Welcome to my world, delicate Little princess.” The main content of the novel is about a beautiful underage girl named Chuyun who was abducted and sold to the northern part of Myanmar and sold to the “king of northern Myanmar who also had a peerless appearance.” “—Lu Jin. After Lu Jin raped Chu Yun many times and experienced a series of events between the two of them, Chu Yun fell in love with Lu Jin and gave birth to two children to Lu Jin.

7 months ago

28 words, 11 seconds. In Douyin, a dubbing can also create popularity. This is the sentence: “This is the northern part of Myanmar, where I grew up. Welcome to my world, my dear little princess.” This is a passage from the hero Lu Jin to the heroine Shen Yunfei in Huo’s romance novel “It’s Hard to Fly” in 2013. On February 9th, Douyin musician “Shu Yi” dubbed it. Because of the magnetic charm of the voice, he created a sweet pet scene of “dominant president” and “little princess”, which captured the favor of netizens and received 126,000 praises. “This sound comes out of my child.” Eleven days later, the blogger struck the iron while it was hot, and matched the copywriting of the same chapter. The video went viral again: “This is my world, the strongest is king. It is completely different from yours. Would you like to enter my world?” As of press time, the two Douyin videos have received 1.987 million and 2.188 million likes, respectively, and the number of original voice participants reached 276,000 and 49,000, while # Myanmar North Transformation Challenge and #Welcome to My World Topics reached 980 million times Play, 2.14 billion plays. According to the new Douyin data, the Douyin account “Shuyi” has gained about 1.966 million followers in the past 30 days, and the current number of fans has reached 3.66 million. In the recent trend chart of “Shu Yi”, we can see that both works have gained fans before and after the release. Among them, on the day of the release on February 20, they gained 558,000 fans. How did this stem get hot? At the same time, we also found that it has attracted a lot of controversy. Some netizens called it a “very hot and bad stalk”. Why? The emotional content of cross-dressing bloggers who created the first wave of Hot Duba Sum and the little princess has a wide audience. In addition to the charming voice of the blogger, it is easy for major bloggers to make secondary creations, splashing new sparks in the reshaping. , And this is also the first key reason for the fire in “Northern Myanmar”. Around the creation of “Northern Myanmar”, a large number of cross-dressing videos emerged first. Among them, bloggers of beauty, talent, two-dimensional and drama are the main creative forces. The core of this kind of content is “reversal” and “conflict”, such as the contrast between beauty and ugliness and beauty; the exchange of identities between men and women and men; emergencies behind the dressing. In addition, it is also important to control the rhythm of service and music scenes. After “Northern Myanmar” began to become popular, many tens of millions of Douyin fans used it as BGM for their creations, such as “Meniye” with 20.82 million fans, “Dakula K” with 26.382 million fans, and 18.34 million fans. “Young Master Hurry” and so on. On February 24th, the star Lin Gengxin also caught up with the heat, calling himself “the dear prince”, possessing flowers in the night, and embossing his style. The video has received 2.44 million praises so far. Under the topic of #Myanmar Northern Transformation Challenge, the video with the highest number of likes was taken by “Tu Luoyi”, with a total of 2.201 million likes. The blogger first chatted a few words, and then changed from a red and green Northeast local girl into a noble little princess in a white lace dress, which is amazing. According to the new data, the account gained about 184,000 followers within 2 days after the video was released. Some cute pet bloggers can’t sit still. For example, the Huskies of “Zhengjin Citizens” are online for business. A sharp look on the side of the face kills the netizens in an instant, while the dog wears blue and gold color contact lenses. , Big-frame glasses, also attracted the attention of netizens. The video has received 1.786 million likes in total. The “Northern Myanmar” series breaks the circle even more. The second key is that it provides a fixed sentence: “This is…, the place where I grew up. Welcome to my world,…”, “This is me. The world of…, would you like to enter my world?” It also brings more creative space. As a result, various actors played a fill-in-the-blank game, and the video painting style gradually became sand-sculpted. The most popular sentence in the comment area is “This is the depths of the toilet, where I eat. Welcome to my cafeteria, the delicate foodie”. Some people “show off their wealth” low-key, such as the post-00 blogger “Wang Shi II” The video shows the 330,000-square-meter Tomson Yipin mansion in Lujiazui, Shanghai, as well as luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce in the garage. The video has accumulated 230,000 likes. The blogger “Luo Yuqi” took it as inspiration and dubbed it. The video has a total of 545,000 likes. His interest is that the copy is too heavy. The number of users of the original voice of the dubbing is only 3,345. Immediately afterwards, various editions of “Northern Myanmar” were released, and related topics were once hot searched on Weibo. For example, in the local version of “Northern Myanmar”, people from various provinces in China speak in a dialect, introducing their own valleys or local specialties. There is also the “North of Burma” cute pet version, hamsters, tortoises, cats and dogs and other small animals, showing their nests and shoveling officers in front of the camera. But compared to the rich second generation, the living conditions of the “poor dick” this time are more eye-catching. On February 21st, the blogger “Internet Cafe Ares Xiaojunjie” showed everyone to his “Syrian Deluxe Single Room” residence. Because the decoration was dilapidated, netizens connoted “Girl: No, I heard that big households have a lot of rules.” The video liked 1.656 million . Even the official corporate accounts of Tencent QQ and Alibaba were also followed and sent their own mascots to introduce the headquarters building.

7 months ago

Recently, I often get this kind of dubbing video without nutrition. I just can’t figure out how such a nutritious video can be so popular? Internet celebrities who have not graduated from junior high school know that they are following the trend. The reason seems to be that someone edited the video of the endorsement of the Chinese Air Force’s recruitment of Yi Yang Qianxi, and added such a strange dubbing in the later period, and the sound “fired” without warning. First, a group of internet celebrities with high-quality elementary school degrees followed the trend and began to spread on a large scale. The videos that were posted were “Welcome to northern Myanmar”, which is really offensive. Answer: The first time I saw this video, I was very disgusted with it. Because the respondent has been in contact with people in northern Myanmar and knows the situation there. First declare, don’t sell goods, OK? Answer: In 18 years, I went to Ruili, a small city on the Chinese border with Myanmar, because I was doing jade business. The Burmese’s influence on Ruili is basically poor, and there are all kinds of deceptions. On the first night I went out of the hotel to buy a pack of cigarettes. I asked the uncle Sichuan in the shop how the public security was around here? Uncle Tiger’s body was shocked and warned me not to go out and wander around at night. The cause was that two years ago, a guy from Fujian was robbed by a group of thin Burmese youths on the main road away from the hotel where I was staying. The guy thought that he was too big and fought hard, but was stabbed to death. The uncle Sichuan who opened the store said: In the past few years, the store here had to close at 9 pm, otherwise it would be robbed. Although it’s better now, I’m still scared. The Burmese people gave the respondent the impression that they were very cunning, especially Burmese men, who pitted Chinese people. Myanmar women are very hardworking, and most of them work in restaurants and hotels. Because it is illegal work, so the salary is only half of the Chinese. Focus on it! Knock on the blackboard! (Chinese handsome guys are very popular with Burmese girls). The situation in northern Myanmar is complicated. Several ethnic armed forces are fighting with government forces. As far as I know, that place~

7 months ago

Most of the replies to the three views are very positive. This is the real North Myanmar. Cannibalism does not spit out bones. Ordinary people go to eat and squeeze them out. Males get drugged and gambled, and they have no place to burial. Females are the same. The so-called female boss of Guokang Old Street Zhejiang, lost all, lost all, and wandering on the streets is still horrible. Sister Mengla, some people are already crazy, more lose, buy, lose, and then get poisoned. AIDS is not far from death. A large number of drug addicts are wandering here, where the frozen drugs are cheap and look like ghosts, just like drug addicts who died on the streets near Guangzhou Railway Station 10-20 years ago. There is no law or order here, the law of the jungle, whoever has the big fist takes all. How many glorious buildings have left so many miserable people. Don’t talk about companions, don’t get second grade. Those military leaders are just for defrauding ordinary people to donate money. They live in extreme luxury, wives and concubines in groups, and the manor is huge.

7 months ago

Some time ago, a lot of Douyin took pictures of the residential communities under construction in China and the landscape of Dali, accompanied by “This is northern Myanmar” plus Chinese signs and slogans on the streets of northern Myanmar, describing northern Myanmar as a low housing price, good scenery, and life. Leisurely and everywhere are places for making money. And as a foreign territory, Chinese is everywhere. The subtext is everything that the people here yearn for China very much. When you see the visitors from the celestial dynasty, they can’t wait to pay their heads. No matter what kind of dick you are in the country, you can earn 20,000 yuan a month. Sister, good work is from the heavenly guests, and the hard work and tiring work are all local dicks… Then some people go there with longing, and they are trapped in local illegal jobs, frauds, and online casinos…

7 months ago

This hot search is a coincidence! Recently I learned that one of my high school classmates (also my ex-boyfriend) is engaged in gambling in Southeast Asia. Sex, gambling and drugs are not divided into families. I guess they must have engaged in other things. When I learned about it, my jaw dropped. I never thought that one day this kind of thing would happen to him when he was in college to get a campus loan. His dad helped him repay 100,000 and then drove him out of the house. Later, he borrowed 4 to 50,000 online, and then I was included in the loan. All the people who knew him were tortured by the harassment calls of debt collection. He belongs to the state of social death. I talked to him for two months. He was sophomore and told me that his brother had set up an online gambling studio and earned 10,000 to 20,000 a month. He was working there part-time. I was young and ignorant and said that I too To make money, he said that you can’t do this, only men can do it, because the people who come to gamble are all men, and I can’t stand that page… (I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, now I understand …) Later, I was really scumbags, especially scumbags, and he would spend a lot of money at that time. He heard the news again that he went to Southeast Asia to engage in telecommunications fraud or gambling, and he is still borrowing money everywhere, as long as he knows. I called to borrow, but I couldn’t find anyone else. He used to have money and didn’t pay it back… When I saw this hot search, my first reaction was to think of him. It’s a coincidence. I came out this hot search when I learned about him the day before yesterday. Really I am very emotional. He was a handsome, high-spirited boy in high school. He looked a bit like Ke Zhendong (Is there a faint connection hahaha, thinking about it?) His eyes are round and bright, but people don’t like to speak big words. Now it’s like this. It’s a pity, but it seems to be expected. It is estimated that he was fooled by relatives to “take you abroad to earn money” to go to Southeast Asia. I don’t know if I went to northern Myanmar, but he is still there. Borrowing money at least knows that he has not yet entered, and I don’t know how many years later I will hear about him again. We are just ordinary children in the small county. It is estimated that he will be deep in the vibrato “this is northern Myanmar” now. I agree with it deeply, and by the way bragging to someone who said that I have been to Southeast Asia…I hope that this time I can get to the point where it is valued above, and I also hope that my high school classmate can turn back to the shore…Anyway, I hope he won’t let him in the previous answers To the point of horror…

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