Member Tao Kaiyuan, vice chairman of the Democratic Progressive Central Committee and vice president of the Supreme People’s Court, spoke at the CPPCC conference today and pointed out that the mental health of our young students is worrying. The survey found that up to 81% of educators believe that the psychological problems of young students are related to academic competition. Lack of sleep has become a major problem for primary and middle school students across the country. “As long as you don’t die, you will learn from the dead”, “one more test score, kill a thousand people” is a portrayal. Chinese students are under high academic pressure and low life satisfaction. The anxiety caused by excessive competition and internalization from the outside world is passed on to young people.

She called on the whole society to pay more attention to the mental health of young people. Suggestions include deepening education reform, diminishing the excessive individual competition atmosphere in the school education environment, creating a positive and healthy social environment, purifying the network environment, controlling the time and content of youth online, and building schools , Family, and trinity youth mental health support system, establishing a youth extreme behavior early warning platform, etc. (China Youth Daily)


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7 months ago

I participated in a tender in 2019, and intercepted part of the content: some colleges are living with Internet dependence addiction, disconnected from reality communication, resulting in conflicts in real life, leading to personality conflicts, etc. Due to the inability to properly handle psychological conflicts, individual college students vent their pressure through anti-social behaviors such as posting inappropriate remarks on the Internet. Due to the imbalance of self-cognition and imbalance in value evaluation, they are easily affected by non-objective cultural values ​​and strengthen each other in subcultural circles, forming overpriced ideas, leading to mental problems such as association obstacles and “precision”. Misconceptions such as “Japan”, “hatred of China”, and extremism have even been used by hostile forces. There have been many public security cases nationwide in recent years. Therefore, an accurate understanding of the mental health status of college students under the new situation, analysis of its influencing factors, and intervention for student groups with mental health problems can not only effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of psychological crises, but also provide targeted psychological development for colleges and universities. Health work has positive significance, and can provide a reference for the medical, health and education authorities to formulate corresponding policies and measures, and provide assistance for the healthy growth of the young generation and the prevention and resolution of ideological risks. The research team plans to use the mobile phone app to combine offline questionnaire surveys and interview surveys to conduct psychological measurements on college students, and use the mobile phone app to provide music therapy and exercise therapy for the subliminal depression group among college students under the guidance of modern psychology and the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. And other interventions. Due to the limited strength of the research team, experts believe that the research team cannot solve two ethical issues. 1. Data security issues have led to the disclosure of student privacy. 2. Undergraduates live collectively, and saw a classmate who started to do Tai Chi for no reason. Didn’t you tell your roommate that he has a psychological problem? The tender failed to win the bid. But the social issues we are concerned about should arouse attention from all quarters. In recent years, many “problematic netizens” have caused heated discussions in society, which are related to their psychological problems.

7 months ago

This society is moving from value-oriented to value-oriented. Values ​​are divided into right and wrong. There is no right or wrong if there is a difference between right and wrong. New media is developed if it is profitable. Some eye-catching but unscrupulous media and content manufacturers are using no Good value misleads social values, and the first thing that bears the brunt is the distortion of the value of young people. The youth is strong, the country is strong, and the shaping of values ​​requires a long period of time. Planting trees and raising seedlings makes the trees crooked. Extreme behaviors are appearances. The fundamental reason lies in distorting thoughts and wrong values, first regulating behavior, involving early warning mechanisms, not only for young people, but also for society. The necessary value guidance and the necessary early warning mechanism are necessary means to guide the growth of young people and guide the positive energy of society under the current situation. The algorithm-led society and the flow-oriented thinking will inevitably affect the long-term development of society if it cannot effectively guide and restrict it.

7 months ago

More than young people, an early warning platform for national mental health should be established. This can reduce the number of cases… Didi, Huolala, even if it is a simple test question, intelligence test scores, Webster’s adult intelligence test, WAIS-RC combined Raven test, China Binet test, personality test scores, Minnesota multi-personality test, Kafka 16 Personality Factors Test (16PF) Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) Mental and Behavioral Assessment Score 90 Symptom List (SCL-90) Depression Self-Rating Scale (SDS) Anxiety Self-Rating Scale (SAS) Stress and Related Assessment Score Life Event Scale Social Support Rating Scale Coping Style Questionnaire (CSQ) In addition, a physical health warning platform should be established.

7 months ago

It is recommended to establish an early warning platform for juvenile extreme behaviors: “As long as you don’t die, you will learn from the dead”, and “one more test score will kill a thousand people” as a portrayal. If teenagers are in this state, let’s have fun! Unfortunately, it is not. The real situation of young people’s academic performance can tell everything. There are more and more learning resources, and they are not getting better and better. My son is sixteen years old this year. For the past ten years, I have been fighting with my son every day over the mobile phone. He understands his rights very clearly. Parents cannot beat their children, and parents must raise him until he is eighteen years old. Now that I graduated from junior high school, I put on a battle of killing me and not handing over my mobile phone. Often stay up late to play all night, sleep during the day, our parents really have no idea! Is there a problem with this kind of child’s mental health? I suspect that he has no mind, no heart and no lungs, thinking about nothing all day long, no future, no money, no food, not to wear anything, as long as he has games to play! Who can we blame? This is caused by the environment. Recently introduced policies, the online real-name system is just a slogan, without any substantive control effect. For example, two years ago, King of Glory requested the real-name system. My son logged in with his ID information and found that he could only play for two hours, so he randomly searched for an adult ID card information registration on the Internet, and played unlimited time every day. . I don’t believe that Tencent doesn’t know about this. They just open one eye and close the other, earning children’s money. Recently, it may be more strict. The game interface will occasionally jump out of the interface and ask for face recognition. As long as you ignore it, you can quit and re-enter and you can play. Recently, Tencent has set up a public account, the juvenile beacon’s parent service platform for minors, but it requires logging in to the minor’s game account to operate it. This is okay for children under ten years old, and it’s useless for teenagers. It’s so embarrassing to call it the young lighthouse, don’t defile the word lighthouse. Create a positive and healthy social environment, purify the network environment, control the duration and content of youth online, build a school, family, and trinity youth mental health support system, and establish a youth extreme behavior early warning platform. It is indeed a good wish, but it is more reliable to implement the online real-name system first. Our parents want to complain that the game company has no way, can we call the police? Calling Tencent 95092666 has not been accepted, and it is called to log on to the service platform for minors’ parents. They will never admit the adult ID information that my child fraudulently used. If they do, they will recognize the identity of my child as a minor, and a refund must be made. They also know that this is a common phenomenon. The teenagers around me are all the identity information of imposters. Tencent has not implemented the real-name system at all, requiring face recognition, and it is not known whether there is any corresponding legal control. This is also a notice: “Notice on Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games” (excerpt) 3. Regulate the provision of paid services to minors. Online game companies must take effective measures to restrict minors from using paid services that are inconsistent with their civil capacity. Online game companies are not allowed to provide game payment services for users under the age of 8. For game paid services provided by the same online game company, users over 8 years old and under 16 years old, the single recharge amount cannot exceed RMB 50, and the cumulative monthly recharge amount cannot exceed RMB 200; those over 16 years old and under 18 years old Users, the single recharge amount shall not exceed 100 yuan, and the cumulative monthly recharge amount shall not exceed 400 yuan.

7 months ago

Tell us about the situation of our neighbor Japan in the late 1980s. In the field of family, middle-class families in Tokyo are increasingly aware of the negative impact of the long-term absence of salaried fathers on the family. Because of the absence of fathers, mothers can only consume their children’s energy by continuously increasing the amount of extracurricular tutoring for their children. Some children are already affected by the examination system when they are three years old. They are taught to read and write to prepare for entrance exams in prestigious kindergartens. Studying in prestigious kindergartens prepares them to pass the entrance exams in prestigious primary schools. And so on, stepping up. Due to the increase in test pressure, K12 extracurricular tutoring schools have increased sharply. Before entering school, the children in Manma Town use their spare time to prepare for the cram school, put down their hobbies, sports, and rest, and make every effort to prepare for the exam. During this period, parents often give up outside interests to ensure their children go to school. This kind of crisis psychology is almost all-round, and the impact lasts for several years. It even brought many psychological problems, health problems and family crises. The most serious are bullying and domestic violence. The typical teenage violence is to attack parents, often mothers. We are still following the old path of modernization. We cannot escape any of the social problems caused by modernization. Rethink whether this mode of production and life is reasonable, and how to transform it is serious. Will the problem of left-behind children in cities caused by 996 now become a major social problem in the next ten years?

7 months ago

A provincial-level database should be established. For those who have been complained many times, because the teacher does not have the right to enforce the law, the sooner the police intervene, the more the tragedy can be prevented, and at the same time, some parents who are gangsters will be deterred! In recent years, more and more school violence incidents have been exploded only when things have become life-threatening. There has never been a major department to deal with them. Schools often have more things than less. They can be suppressed. In the end, they are not about teaching and educating people. It only takes students in and sends them to graduation. There are too many loopholes in the management. After the platform is established, at least it must be developed for the family committee, teachers, and law enforcement agencies.

7 months ago

Civilians who are found to have extreme signals are forbidden to participate in all kinds of jobs that may raise classes? How to determine extreme signals, as far as I know, Prince Wang does not appear to be anti-social tendencies at least. It is indeed a way of thinking that the bomb disposal team does not dismantle the bomb and detonates it early. Just like the previous depression in the medical insurance, the real poor people have depression, it is better to order food rolls and more than two pieces of pork. The extra two squares of the caged house in the city and village is really enough to ensure that all diseases can be cured.

7 months ago

Agree, I see some people say that foreign countries have similar platforms and have achieved certain results, then I think there should be a certain degree of feasibility. Although it is only a proposal, the general direction is correct. After all, many extreme remarks and behaviors on the Internet come from the mouths of young people. Many of them are not yet mature and can easily be misled, leading to extreme psychology and even extreme behaviors. Speaking of this, I think of a more realistic problem, that is, extreme behavior in reality campus violence. School violence incidents have not been well resolved. One is that it is difficult for schools to distinguish clearly, and teachers cannot always be next to students, so they cannot be prevented. At the same time, most of the problems that occur are reduced to major issues and minor issues. Fundamentally solve the problem, mainly because the teacher is not professional enough in this area, so I suggest that in the future, each class of primary and secondary schools should be specially equipped with a teacher who studies the behavioral psychology of primary and secondary school students to adjust the atmosphere of the whole school and make the children receive more warmth from childhood. School education. At the same time, the burden of schoolwork should be reduced as much as possible, practical opportunities and professional skills training should be increased, so that students can truly have their own foothold in the future. In addition, I think that the social atmosphere should be improved to a certain extent, and the cultural atmosphere and the promotion of socialist core values ​​should be increased. The society is composed of every small family, so I think it must be implemented in the education of every family. Most of the children’s parents don’t understand psychology, and they don’t have a good idea of ​​educating and nurturing their children. Even many old ideas are completely wrong. Therefore, I suggest that couples should have certain professional training before and after giving birth to a mother and child expert. Special training classes are set up so that parents of children can listen, so that they can learn more correct education methods, strictly oppose repressive education, and give children better room for growth. At the same time, children’s parents should avoid anxiety and reduce children’s anxiety. Let children develop more comprehensively and healthily, not just limited to test scores. The current reality continues to prove that it is difficult to ensure good development only with good academic performance. As for the high comprehensive strength, it is long-lasting. meter. Finally, I want to talk about the network level. The Internet is not a place outside the law, and you must be cautious in your words and deeds when you speak on the Internet, otherwise you must receive corresponding punishments. In this regard, we mainly rely on professional network supervision departments. When encountering extreme remarks, we must find out and solve them early, and we can have face-to-face conversations. However, the boundaries of extreme speech on the Internet must be clear, and the law must be more complete. Of course, this is a temporary solution, not a permanent cure. I think the national regulatory authorities should also put forward higher standards for the current website establishment and software development, specify strict age restrictions and different modes, and log in in the form of facial recognition. The private privacy of customers must be strictly protected by law. . This will not worry about the risk of privacy leakage, and it will also allow young people to avoid being addicted to the Internet and other bad information. I think that in the continuous improvement of the above three dimensions of family, school, and social governance, the probability of the occurrence of extreme behaviors among young people will become lower and lower, and we will wait and see.

7 months ago

“A high 81% of educators believe that the psychological problems of young students are related to academic competition.” Can I spit? In response to this sentence. narrow! What good students can be taught at this level? Simply anti-intellectual. Academic competition is because no one cares about how people live and how happy they live except studying. 1 All issues are issues of development. 2 Help the poor first, and lower the divorce rate first. So many parents with debts, so many parents who still fall into love for life and death. 3 Make up lessons. Let’s print out the booklet for the development of human brain and nerves and mind and body at the age of 0-15! 4 Separate the admission rate of school psychologists and principal secretary, and leave a channel for telling the truth. 5 When people do not want to solve the fundamental problem, the next generation will be forced

7 months ago

This is one link after another. You have changed the KPI of your school and downplayed the campus competition. Can you downplay the sense of competition given to you at home? Well, even if the family is completely forbidden to talk about school homework, you can solve the problem of employment. Does a good school decide employment to a large extent? Even if you engage in employment after graduation, can you solve the problem of property prices? Even if you can provide low-cost housing for everyone, can you alleviate the problem of childbirth, childbearing and education for married children in the future? Why do teenagers have pressure at this stage? It is because of helplessness. Only at this stage can their pressure be controllable, but is everything really worth it? It is precisely because they feel it is worth it that they are under pressure.

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