Every AI Express: At 11:30 on March 9, Beijing time, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.22 points, or 0.18%, to close at 3415.19 points, with a turnover of 302.562 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 60.34 points, or 0.44. %, to close at 13803.47 points, with a turnover of 358.864 billion yuan; the ChiNext index fell 5.09 points, a decrease of 0.19%, to close at 2723.75 points, with a turnover of 122.598 billion yuan; CSI 300 rose 1.51 points, an increase of 0.03%, to close 5081.53 points, with a turnover of 279.533 billion yuan.

The index staged a deep V trend in the early trading. The ChiNext Index and the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 4% at one time. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by nearly 3%. The three major indexes were approaching to turn red in midday. The BIPV concept opened higher and moved higher. Dyestuffs, steel, ports, The tourism and cobalt sectors rose, while the oil and gas mining sector plummeted. Military industry and agriculture were among the top decliners. The two cities fell by more than 3,000 stocks.

The first point is that if you are sure that your own position is a high-quality asset, then no matter what Mr. Market quotes, you don’t need to pay attention to him, because it will rise back sooner or later; second, if you are sure that your own position is a high-quality asset, then In the short term, the stock market continues to fall, and the stock prices of high-quality stocks are constantly hitting the lowest level. At this time, if you still have cash in hand, then you should be happy, because you can subsequently pick up these assets at a discount to amortize the cost of holding positions. Increase the profit of subsequent account positions; the third point, if you are sure that you are holding high-quality assets, but you do not have funds to increase positions, then close your account and stay away from the stock market for a period of time, because when you come back again When I watched it, it rose back up again, as if nothing happened. How do you live your own life, how to work, and still do it according to your own rhythm and mood; the fourth point, if you are not sure that you are in your hands Whether the position is a high-quality asset, then, whether you make money or lose money this time, if you lose money, wait for more than half a year to unwind, sell it, and do not hold it; fifth point, if you are not sure that you are in your hands Whether the position is a high-quality asset, then, regardless of whether you are making money or losing money this time, if you lose money, wait more than half a year to unwind and sell it, do not hold it again, and reflect on your own methods and strategies for investing in the stock Whether there is a problem, whether your investment system is still immature and needs to be improved, then just use the feedback from the crash to think and summarize. Sixth, if you are not sure whether the position in your hand is a high-quality asset, and you only follow others when you buy stocks, then I advise you not to scold your mother, because you made money and did not give the other party a point. If you lose money, you don’t need to look for him as a punching bag, as this will degrade your personality. The entire market fell sharply, and most institutions and individuals were not spared. If the subsequent market picks up and your holdings will recover in about half a year, then I suggest you stay away from the stock market from now on, because you make money because of your own wisdom, and you lose money. If you attribute other people’s trash and don’t look for the cause from your own body, you will not survive in this market after all. Even if you escape this big drop, there will be another big drop that will reap you. Because investing is the same as being a person, “be a good person, buy a good stock, and get a good return.” In addition, the mentality cannot pass this barrier. After all, one cannot become a good investor. The mentality determines success or failure. This is the same whether it is investment or life.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Kim-related topics are on hot search again, hey, it seems that there are a lot of new leeks coming in last year, even around the Spring Festival. Old Leek knows that after the callback in 2015, it has been falling. No matter how hard the national team works, or how the official media encourages them, there will be no response, and they will be shown to you on the ground. The reason is that the over-the-counter fund allocation is serious (that is, the leverage is high), and some people will burst their positions after a sharp correction, so the selling pressure is even greater, and the decline continues. In a vicious circle. This year’s correction is also a bit of the meaning of the year, and it can’t stop the decline. One of the most important reasons is that New Leek’s risk tolerance is weak. I haven’t seen a big scene, and when I saw a big drop, I was scared to pee. As a result, we started to redeem funds and sell stocks on a large scale (especially the funds, how many new bursts were issued last year, everyone should still be impressed). In order to maintain liquidity, fund managers are also forced to sell stocks. Selling stocks in a large area has led to heavy selling pressure, and the decline cannot be stopped. . Also caught in a vicious circle. . . To be honest, although I lost money in 2018, I didn’t panic. Because I am constantly deploying at a safe point, even though I am constantly falling, I still insist on buying and waiting for the flowers to bloom. However, in the market since the Spring Festival this year, although there is an inherent need for adjustment, after all, the stocks have risen so much in the early stage. After a Spring Festival calms down, many people still want to settle for peace. When a consistent expectation is formed, it is easy to oversold (or over rise, such as holding group stocks in the previous period). Then the inexperienced leeks began to panic, increasing the intensity of the decline. From a technical point of view, with so many losses, it should have been a rebound long ago, but there was no decent rebound. It’s often a positive market, driving high and going low, and it won’t last long. This is caused by panic. Just like a bank run will trigger a financial crisis, there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, there are indeed some worries at the macro level: 1. Social finance has peaked for a few months; 2. After the epidemic, the global economy has recovered, inflation has intensified (bulk commodities soaring), and interest rate hikes are expected to advance. The recent surge in U.S. stocks is closely related to U.S. monetary policy and market trends. A little turmoil is over-interpretation. It’s quite exaggerated. As the saying goes, the rise and fall are the same. Under the epidemic, the world has released the tap to stimulate the economy. The epidemic is over. Although it is hard to get over the water, there is a high probability that the loose environment is gone. Under inflation expectations, the possibility of raising interest rates has increased a lot. So how to come and go. The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall. In order to guarantee most of the profits last year, I reduced my full warehouse to 3-4 percent after the holiday. In this environment, it is better to control the position and control the risks first. I don’t like to do things like getting a chestnut out of the fire. Although it has fallen so much, there may still be a decent rebound. However, I am not a short-term expert, and I cannot grasp the rhythm. All the profits left in the market are last year’s profits (this year’s profits are basically gone), and they can go up and down at will. Wait until the right time, and then work hard!

7 months ago

Mr. Market cannot predict. It is meaningless to simply discuss stock market crashes and bear markets. Do a good job of risk management and anticipation. There are countermeasures for both ups and downs. Gradually reduce the influence of emotions on decision-making. Don’t go where there are many people. Read more classic books and you won’t pay attention to these unpredictable noises. Whether the market stabilizes or the market rebounds or falls, I will sell when the price I approve of it; on the contrary, I hold it and wait most of the time. Most people can’t stand the recent market. I started to redeem the fund and stepped on each other… Forget what I said, Chairman Guo’s words are not heard too early, waiting for the bubble to clear, the return of valuation is a painful process, long and torment… The market is about to release water (loose monetary policy) The fear of ending. Sooner or later, the United States will withdraw its loose monetary policy. This is a time bomb. At the same time, the evasive mentality of A-share funds against Baotuan stocks is still obvious. The first task this year is to control the drawdown. No loss is to win, and the second is to make money. A shares fell miserably… what should we do? Is the crash at the end of February 2021 counted as a stock market crash? How terrible is the stock market crash in history? U.S. debt is rising, the world is plummeting… What should we do now? I personally think that a correction of valuation is good, but the continued plummeting when the fundamentals are okay, it shows that there is a big emotional problem on the side. The human heart is the easiest to change. From extreme greed to extreme fear, beliefs are easily shaken. It just happened to have just finished “Smart Investor”. The book mentioned the phenomenon of American blue-chip stocks in 1929. Compared with the bells of the domestic white horse stocks before, I can’t help but lament that every year is similar and every year is different. History is always surprisingly similar. Human greed and fear have not changed for thousands of years. If every time you encounter a big drop, your mentality is like a collapse, and you swear and complain, then you should pay attention at this time. The market is not wrong and the market does not recognize you. What you have to reflect is whether you have entered this way. A vicious circle: when the market fell, I panicked and helpless. I read articles and posts for comfort. When the market rose, I became very excited, bubbling around and shouting my god of liquor. All the time is spent in reacting to the stock market, and there is no time to do other things. This is a vicious circle. It will become more and more painful and fall into a vicious circle of loss and anxiety.

7 months ago

There are two types of beauties in the eyes of men: one is “beautiful in the eyes of everyone”, which is used to show off; the other is “grows on his point”, which is beautiful for self-enjoy; milk tea My sister is the former to Dong Ge; Gong Li is the latter to Zhang Yimou; the stock market is also like finding a target, the former is the rise and fall in the news, and the latter is the red and green in your own account. A big drop is not a big drop, and what you discard like dross is not necessarily the beauty in the eyes of others. The big drop in the market in your eyes is not necessarily the big profit opportunity in the eyes of others.

7 months ago

Today, the three major A-share indexes opened collectively lower. After the opening, the major plates collectively hit the market and dragged down the impact. The three major indexes plummeted and fell sharply. The entire A-share market plummeted in only half an hour. However, after the three major indexes dived, Baotuan stocks led by tourism counterattacked, and resource stocks led by iron and steel continued to rise, driving the market index to become popular. However, due to the limited counterattack, the intraday selling pressure was relatively large, and the three major indexes fluctuated and weakened. All day long diving to repair the decline, and then the weak shock, but ultimately unable to change the continued decline in the market, the three major indexes closed one. K-line chart with long lower shadow. By the end of the market, the three major A-share indexes closed down across the board, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.82%, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell 2.80%, and the ChiNext Index plummeted 3.50%, indicating that the three major indexes closed down across the board. In terms of individual stocks, there were 620 rising stocks and 3509 falling stocks, of which 46 were daily limit stocks and 75 were daily limit stocks. Most of the stocks were dominated by declines, and it was a cold day.

7 months ago

It seems that everyone has ignored Chairman Guo’s speech to squeeze the bubble. This sharp drop started with the tax hike by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At that time, everyone did not understand it. As of 3.3 Chairman Guo’s speech, there was such a paragraph. [Guo Shuqing: The financial markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States are in serious contradiction to the real economy] Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, stated at a press conference of the State Council Information Office on March 2 that since the outbreak, all countries have adopted proactive fiscal policies and extremely loose monetary policies. This is understandable. Now, some side effects are beginning to appear. For example, the financial markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States are in serious contradiction with the real economy. I am worried that this situation will be forced to adjust sooner or later. “I am very worried that the bubble problem in foreign financial markets will burst. Now the Chinese market is highly connected to foreign markets and foreign capital continues to flow in. However, at present, the scale and speed of foreign capital inflows are still within control. If the United States Once interest rates are raised, the US market bubble bursts and the global market is likely to be reaped again. Taking precautions, China squeezed the bubble first. Judging from the Shanghai Composite Index, it has returned to the position of 12.14. This is where the accelerated market of Baima Group started this wave of years ago. , From the A50 point of view, it has basically recovered the bubble formed by the accelerated rise. This is the meaning of the meat in the pot, and don’t wait for the withdrawal of foreign capital to cause a big drop… So why didn’t the national team help this time? It can be understood. From the perspective of the position, the possibility of a big drop later is also very small. But don’t rush to buy bottoms, the market is still waiting for the market to signal.

7 months ago

Far from being a bear market, it is not appropriate to be overly pessimistic. There are three reasons: 1. There are a lot of small and medium-sized tickets that have risen in the new year, which has a profit-making effect in the short-term and the market is popular. 2. From a policy point of view, there is no big bad news for funds. 3. The collapse of Baotuan stock cannot be regarded as a bear market signal. At least you will not regard the unilateral decline of Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity, China Water and other old monsters as a bear market. The newspaper group is about to collapse, and it will inevitably affect the mood. 2021 is the world of real chuckers and short-term themes. Excellent SMEs will rise, and short-term themes will also have more opportunities to participate. Most of the tops of Maotai Mountain cannot be solved this year.

7 months ago

This is a violent leek cutting campaign. I have published this view many times on Zhihu. In 18 years, and 21 years, it is really very similar. The beginning is the collapse of Baotuan stocks. Last time it was the SSE 50s, and this time it was the Mao 100s. The decline was like a bear market and a stock market crash. But there are still fundamental differences. In 18 years, it was a real bear market, a real stock market crash, and liquidity was very exhausted. Cutting meat with a blunt knife was tantamount to Ling Chi, a pool of stagnant water. That kind of situation is passive and a vicious circle. Later, the management used a variety of methods to try to revitalize. For example, the state-owned assets rushed to help. This is an active harvesting, that is, the sedan chair is too heavy. Harvest. I think the overall situation is still in the slow bull start in 19 years. Just like the ten-year bull market in U.S. stocks, there is no lack of plunges in the middle. I have always reminded everyone to avoid this round of plunge, because the plunge was too big, the index fell by 10 to 20 points, and individual stocks can retrace 50 points.

7 months ago

Today, the market broke the heart of retail investors. In the early trading, it fell and then rose. It closed in the morning. I thought it would go up in the afternoon. I didn’t expect it to fall all the way in the afternoon. The good thing is that the rate of decline is relative to the morning. To put it a little better, the daily line closed with a small lower shadow Yinxian. After two consecutive days of sharp declines, the A-shares have been mad. Judging from the two-day decline, it is really a disaster. The biggest difference between this and the normal decline is the emotional collapse and the panic. The collapse of the sky must be a stampede caused by the forced redemption of funds, which is similar to the stampede caused by the forced liquidation of 15 years, but this time the scale is not as large as the last time. The main reason for the sharp drop is fund redemption. This has already been said yesterday. Now that the fund has fallen, more people have redeemed it, and it is snowballing. The main board, Shenzhen market, and small and medium-sized Chuang Chuang’s weekly K-line are all top deviation and back stepping, top deviation and back stepping down, the adjustment does not end so soon. From a technical point of view, there was a counter draw near 3330 in the market. This counter draw is actually not a deviation, so I also said in the intraday and afternoon review articles, although the space is almost at a low point, but in time It’s not in place yet, and you need to wait patiently. Next, I felt a small reversal of the market trend-and then shocked back to step on-and then began to rebound. Although the current short-term point is almost satisfied, but in terms of time, we still need to wait. The index has fallen like this. What else is there to be anxious? If you want to do it, it will drop in batches and buy low.

7 months ago

This wave of decline was mainly due to the fact that “group stocks” and “core assets” killed valuations. You can think of it as the inverse logic and inverse feedback when Baotuan stocks rise. This wave of decline has two characteristics: fast and extreme. After the Lunar New Year, Baotuan stock has basically fallen by more than 30% in just two weeks. Many people have not yet emerged from the New Year atmosphere, and the funds in their hands have already become dogs. In fact, if you have not bought funds or group stocks, then you will find that this extreme adjustment has already begun since September 2020. When the index and funds soared every day, many small and medium-sized caps have fallen back by 50%. I personally think that this market is too extreme, and the short-term decline has actually been very large. I personally bought some yesterday, that is, after the opening of the market on March 9th, and today they are all floating profits. The market outlook, honestly can’t understand. If you really think about it with bear market thinking, then these core assets are still very expensive, generally at 50 times or more pe, and many are 70 times or 100 times. Compared with their huge gains in the past two years, this decline is almost negligible. If this is the case, now is just the beginning of a super bear market. Of course, you can still think of it this way, the consensus on core stocks has not been broken. Subsequent funds can only buy these. After the adjustment, with the release of performance and the restoration of market sentiment, these core assets will now be called back and will slowly rise. From a longer timeline point of view, here is a wave of major adjustments to the super slow bull market.

7 months ago

If you remember the stock market in the Battle of Feishui, you will know that it is very easy to trigger a stock market crash into a bear market. The existence of a bull market requires a large number of investors to invest money. From the second half of 2020 to the Spring Festival, we see a stock market booming, and many students have followed suit on blind dates. The Battle of Fei Shui is actually a story about the stock market. A large number of people are mixed together, the team is huge, the beginning and the end are not corresponding, and the news is different, which will cause a blind spot in perception. The whole is not visible, and the front army retreats. , A lot of people who didn’t know why they thought they had defeated the battle ahead, they all fled with them, and finally formed an avalanche. The hotter the stock market investment, the more people blindly follow the trend, which can also boost the growth of the stock market. At this time, there will be a counterproductive effect. Once there is a turmoil, people who blindly follow the trend are the easiest to run away, causing chaos and running away, and ultimately the stock market funds can’t keep up. , It fell, and the more people fell, the more people fell, which eventually triggered a bear market. To put it simply, it means that a bunch of people are together, and suddenly one person shouts that there is a bomb, so everyone is afraid to start to flee. The more they run, the more chaotic they are, the more people follow, the stampede occurs, and the bear market is triggered. Then it was discovered that the bomb did not go off and the yelling people were deceiving, so the masses slowly realized that there was nothing wrong, and returned to normal, and the bull market came again.

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