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Star Fund Continues to Call Back New Fund Offerings Cold

Before the Spring Festival, fund holdings in group holdings have become a hot spot in the industry. The net value of some funds has risen by nearly 20% in the past month, and the significant money-making effect has also attracted many investors to enter the market. In order to protect the interests of the original holders, some old funds frequently set the upper limit of single fund purchases.

However, the profits earned from participating in baituan stocks such as liquor and medicine before the holiday were all taken back after the holiday. According to the latest data, some celebrity funds such as China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index, E Fund’s consumer industry stocks, Sino-European Healthcare Hybrid A, and E Fund’s small- and medium-cap hybrid have fallen by more than 15%. Judging from the name of the fund, the decline of pharmaceutical-themed funds is at the forefront of its kind , And other top-decreasing funds at the end of the fourth quarter of last year have heavy holdings in high-value stocks such as liquor and consumption.

At the same time, new fund products led by star fund managers quickly opened positions after their establishment. The fund dropped by 6% within a dozen days after its establishment. There were also new fund products that dropped by 14.12% within just nine trading days of its establishment. .

The data shows that the average single fundraising scale of the new funds established in February was 2.472 billion yuan, compared with 4.018 billion yuan in January. Among them, the average raised scale of hybrid funds in February was 2.961 billion yuan, while in January it reached 5.339 billion yuan. At the same time, the share of new funds raised in February this year was 149.9 billion, and the share of new funds raised in January this year was as high as 554.2 billion.

“Sunlight Fund” has also become a rare item in the fund market in February. Only 9 funds among the active partial stock funds sold out in one day. Even the products “blessed” by many well-known fund managers did not appear to be subscribed as hotly as expected Scenes.

Many star funds fell sharply when the market suffered a “downturn in the cold”, but they still left the market to increase their positions. The Citizens stood at the crossroads


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Years ago, the market’s rise was really great, and it lifted the market’s height to the sky. With the high morale all the way, the year of the ox hit the market directly, and it hits today. The rebound is almost zero, and there are many on the Internet. People said that after this wave of heavy blows, the Christians have no waves in their hearts. Today’s deep V rebound in A shares failed, and the market’s pessimism has become more intense. Funds have accelerated their downward smashing of the market, scaring away many investors (selling at low levels), and the rapid rebound has re-set a group. People come in! Today is the return of capital from the north, blowing the clarion call for counterattack? At present, the market is violently turbulent. It is hard to say whether to wash the market or not. The stronger the pessimistic and wait-and-see mood, there will be funds to enter the market. It has been said many times that the fund is a long-term investment. Don’t always think about buying at the lowest level. The highest position is sold, this god can’t do it! The market outlook continues to fluctuate and fall, and I will start to enter the market. This wave of adjustment is a long one. It is more appropriate to buy slowly. After all, we cannot predict the bottom! It will be beneficial to keep an eye on U.S. stocks and watch stock market news to understand policy trends.

8 months ago

Fund-related topics are on hot search again. Hey, it seems that a lot of new leeks came in last year, even around the Spring Festival. Old Leek knows that after the callback in 2015, it has been falling. No matter how hard the national team works, or how the official media encourages them, there will be no response, and they will be shown to you on the ground. The reason is that the over-the-counter fund allocation is serious (that is, the leverage is high), and some people will burst their positions after a sharp correction, so the selling pressure is even greater, and the decline continues. In a vicious circle. This year’s correction is also a bit of the meaning of the year, and it can’t stop the decline. One of the most important reasons is that New Leek’s risk tolerance is weak. I haven’t seen a big scene, and when I saw a big drop, I was scared to pee. As a result, we started to redeem funds and sell stocks on a large scale (especially the funds, how many new bursts were issued last year, everyone should still be impressed). In order to maintain liquidity, fund managers are also forced to sell stocks. Selling stocks in a large area has led to heavy selling pressure, and the decline cannot be stopped. . Also caught in a vicious circle. . . To be honest, although I lost money in 2018, I didn’t panic. Because I am constantly deploying at a safe point, even though I am constantly falling, I still insist on buying and waiting for the flowers to bloom. However, in the market since the Spring Festival this year, although there is an inherent need for adjustment, after all, the stocks have risen so much in the early stage. After a Spring Festival calms down, many people still want to settle for peace. When a consistent expectation is formed, it is easy to oversold (or over rise, such as holding group stocks in the previous period). Then the inexperienced leeks began to panic, increasing the intensity of the decline. From a technical point of view, with so many losses, it should have been a rebound long ago, but there was no decent rebound. It’s often a positive market, driving high and going low, and it won’t last long. This is caused by panic. Just like a bank run will trigger a financial crisis, there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, there are indeed some worries at the macro level: 1. Social finance has peaked for a few months; 2. After the epidemic, the global economy has recovered, inflation has intensified (bulk commodities soaring), and interest rate hikes are expected to advance. The recent surge in U.S. stocks is closely related to U.S. monetary policy and market trends. A little turmoil is over-interpretation. It’s quite exaggerated. As the saying goes, the rise and fall are the same. Under the epidemic, the world has released the tap to stimulate the economy. The epidemic is over. Although it is hard to get over the water, there is a high probability that the loose environment is gone. Under inflation expectations, the possibility of raising interest rates has increased a lot. So how to come and go. The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall. In order to guarantee most of the profits last year, I reduced my full warehouse to 3-4 percent after the holiday. In this environment, it is better to control the position and control the risks first. I don’t like to do things like getting a chestnut out of the fire. Although it has fallen so much, there may still be a decent rebound. However, I am not a short-term expert, and I cannot grasp the rhythm. All the profits left in the market are last year’s profits (this year’s profits are basically gone), and they can go up and down at will. Wait until the right time, and then work hard!

8 months ago

Anyone who invests wants to buy low and sell high. This is normal. After all, this is the only way to be profitable, but no one can predict the rise and fall of the market. Years of statistics in the capital market and the experience of successful people have proved that the rise and fall of the market is unpredictable, and timing cannot increase revenue. Volatility is a distinctive feature of the capital market. Don’t try to eliminate it. What we should do is to follow it up and down. Risks come out, opportunities fall out. What we have to do is to achieve a state of both offense and defense through the reasonable allocation of assets, to smooth out the particularly large fluctuations, and then stay in the market as much as possible. Only in this way can investment be sustainable and be friends with time and compound interest. . Just like playing a game, if it is all offensive players, then this game will be very gambling, either soaring to the sky or completely defeated. Gambling is a taboo in the investment market. It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. No one should try to challenge. When the market fluctuates sufficiently, it is impossible for anyone to have no waves in his heart, even the stock gods. The investment activity itself is actually very anti-human. Only by continuous learning and continuous improvement of their own cognitive level can we avoid making wrong decisions in investment. People can never make money beyond their own knowledge. Even if they are made by luck, they will eventually be given away by strength.

8 months ago

If you buy a fund and do not plan to take it for 2-3 years, it is better for you to engage in stocks.. The decline is good, you can buy some. The rise is pretty good, you can sell some. The world economy is recovering. Since cash will go through the baptism of inflation, why not find a place to put it? I also want to buy a house to keep its value, but I can’t afford it. There are only fund stocks. The other option is consumption. The answer is to carry, nothing else. And the real stock market crash has not happened yet. Refer to 2015. At that time, it almost fell to systemic risk. The national team is saving the world. The adjustment from 3700 to 3400 is only a reasonable level. If you are lucky, that band will go, and today’s trend has shown the problem. If luck is better, I hope to hit 3200-3100 directly, and then empty all the ammunition, but unfortunately it is now full…all assets have lost about 10%…I can still resist up to 3200 points, which is really not enough. Be prepared to return to 2800. Investment is inherently boring. If you can’t grasp the opportunity, you have to wait… But China’s future stock market will definitely be slow. Nothing to worry about

8 months ago

The market outlook must be cautious, and positions must be well controlled. In the near future, everyone must pay attention to preventing risks, that is, the recent positions must be controlled. why? Because the U.S. 10-year Treasury bond yield is still on the rise, less and less capital will flow into the stock market since then, and more are to make risk-free investments. Especially friends who buy stocks, the recent sharp drop in Baotuan stocks is directly related to the rising U.S. 10-year Treasury bond yields. You see, Longji, Tongwei, and Kweichow Moutai have all fallen into dogs. Today I came home and cooked a bowl of noodles to eat, crying while eating, tears dripping into the bowl without turning on the light. As the post-90s, it’s really difficult!

8 months ago

When will fund investment become the same as short-term stock speculation and need to watch the market every day? I began to be puzzled by the investment strategy of the fund. It is true that the mentality of many people has collapsed due to the continuous decline, but the market is like this, and it will not take care of investors’ emotions, just like when investing in money, you will not return the market. Everyone who chooses an investment fund must first have a psychological expectation. This is not an expectation of profit, but an acceptable amount of loss. According to one’s own risk tolerance, choose the type of fund to invest. High-risk fund products such as stocks and hybrids are more suitable for investors with strong risk tolerance. If investors have poor risk tolerance and are more sensitive to the daily fluctuations of the financial market, such as worrying about the recent continuous decline of funds, or even having trouble sleeping, then they are not suitable for choosing high-risk investment products. Fund investment is a financial management method that cannot guarantee absolute profitability. In fact, no one guarantees returns with you in any financial management method. Even bank financial management also indicates various risks. Therefore, investors cannot put all their assets into funds or stocks. As for the proportion of funds invested in the fund, the investor’s own situation is determined, and it is comprehensively analyzed based on the total income, disposable income, and existing deposits of each family or each person. Under normal circumstances, investors can divide all assets into three parts: expenses needed for daily life, emergency fund reserves, and the remaining one is the funds that can be used for investment and financial management. The second is the expected return and the setting of the take-profit point.

8 months ago

The stock market is actually no different from the vegetable market. It’s just that the vegetable market trades vegetables, and the stock market trades stocks. If you are selling vegetables, if the price of vegetables drops, you will reduce the supply and you will not want to sell them. If you are buying vegetables and the price of vegetables has fallen, should you buy more? It’s just that the stock market does not have absolute buyers and sellers. They are both clumsy and can be bought or sold. This is where the stock market is more interesting than the vegetable market, and it is also a place where many people are easily lost. The reason for the loss is because there is no position. Another difficulty in the stock market is that most people don’t know how much the things in their hands are worth. This is not the same as cabbage. Cabbage costs 2 yuan per catty, which may be considered reasonable by most people based on common sense. Yes, if it drops to 50 cents a catty, everyone will think it is too cheap. If it rises to 5 yuan a catty, everyone will think it is too expensive. However, few people can see clearly how much a stock is a pound. Therefore, many people trade stocks based on the ups and downs, not highs and lows. According to the ups and downs trading, it is a faction called chasing the ups and downs, which is a technology flow. According to the high and low transaction, there is another faction, which is called selling high and buying low, which is a value stream. I advocate value investing, that is, trading based on high and low prices. Stocks are the same as cabbage. The core ability of value investing is to judge whether stocks are expensive or cheap, not whether they have risen or fallen. Value investing does not care about ups and downs. You need to judge whether you are a buyer or a seller based on the ups and downs of the overall market. If you feel that it is not expensive as a whole and you still have a lot of spare money in your hands, you are the buyer. At this time, the decline is a gift from the stock market, and you should be happy. If you think the overall market is too expensive, and you have stocks in your hands, and you don’t have much spare money, then you are the seller of the stock market and you can sell it gradually. Regardless of the rise or fall, there will always be someone who is heartbroken and some people are happy. The difference lies in the different positions and investment logic.

8 months ago

The market fluctuated sharply today. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.82% to 3,359.29 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.80% to 13,475.72 points, and the ChiNext Index fell 3.50% to 2,633.45 points. The index staged a V-shaped reversal in the morning and weakened again in the afternoon. The ChiNext index closed down by more than 3%. The BIPV concept rose sharply against the trend, but most of the subjects were green. Only shipping, dyes, steel, tourism and other sectors were active. In terms of individual stocks, , The two cities fell by more than 3400, and the limit fell by more than 70. The net inflow of funds from the north was 2.4 billion. Half an hour in today’s morning, the market fell sharply. With the concentrated outflow of panic funds, the market returned to rationality, and the phased risk release was relatively sufficient. There have been signs of stabilization in the short-term. The mood is gradually getting rid of pessimism. The index level is likely to maintain a consolidation trend. . How big is the risk of market valuation compression? Recently, investors are more worried about the risk of market valuation contraction. We believe that for the market in the past two years, the loose surplus liquidity environment has provided the basis for the rapid expansion of market valuations. Although the monetary policy is gradually shifting, the overall liquidity environment will not be Significantly tightened, the valuation of the A-share market will not shrink in a trend. Is the background of low interest rates and low growth still there? At present, under the conditions of economic recovery after the global epidemic + fiscal stimulus + loose money, the surge in commodity prices has boosted expectations for strong economic recovery, U.S. bond yields have risen, inflation expectations have risen, low interest rates, The low-growth environment seems to have changed. But from a long-term perspective, we believe that low interest rates and low growth are still the long-term background of this great era, and the economic recovery is only a phased reversal. Is there still a chance to see A shares throughout the year? Looking at the general trend of the equity market, in 2021, we will face an environment of profit growth and tight liquidity. Therefore, there will be a process of profit expansion and valuation contraction. It is difficult to consider the liquidity environment. Exceeding expectations tightening, and at the same time the profit recovery is strong, it is expected that the general trend of A shares will still have good income throughout the year, but the volatility will increase significantly during this period. Where are the investment opportunities for this year? From the perspective of the main line of growth, what needs to be looked for is a direction with large long-term growth space, and performance can be realized, and with strong long-term certainty; from the perspective of the main line of prosperity, what needs to be found is the short- and medium-term trends that can bring A sustainable boom variety. For the whole year, focus on the non-ferrous metals, chemicals, and machinery in the procyclical sector; optimistic about the investment opportunities in the manufacturing sector and new energy vehicles, and continue to track the beneficial directions of equipment development and technological innovation in the military industry. (Data source: Tonghuashun 3.9. Opinions are for reference only. Risk investment needs to be cautious in the market.) This document is not intended as any legal document. All the information or opinions expressed in the document do not constitute the final operational advice of investment, law, accounting or taxation. Our company Do not make any guarantee for the final operation suggestions based on the contents of the materials. Under any circumstance, the company is not responsible for any loss caused by anyone using any content in this information. The operating time of my country’s funds is relatively short, which cannot reflect all stages of the development of the stock market. The market is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.

8 months ago

Many people in recent comments and private messages asked me if I had lost a lot of new energy, liquor and medical care, or even lost my principal, should I leave the market? It is really difficult for me to answer, nor can I give good advice. If you are advised to continue to resist and wait for the rebound to lighten up or liquidate your position, you may take greater risks. If you are persuaded to run now, what should you do if you immediately rise again? Wouldn’t it be a lot of loss in vain? It’s like a casino. Everyone wants to make money when they come in. Those who make money want to make more, and those who lose don’t want to leave the market to make money back. Some people even increase leverage and do not hesitate to borrow money to buy funds. In the end, they lose money and regret not in the first place. This round of plummeting, although it is still far from hurting the principal, but I also lose money every day. After reviewing and reflecting on the previous operating strategy, I still think that there is no major problem in general. In December of 20, I cleared up medical and biotechnology. Although I made a little less in January, I lost money. In January 21, I cleared the China Merchants China Securities Liquor. In February, the last trading day before the Spring Festival, I liquidated 3 new energy funds. On the day before and the first day after the Spring Festival, I cleared two military industries. After the Spring Festival, I switched the Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth Mix and Tianhong Food and Beverage, which contain more liquor, to two mixed bases with much less risk. After the Spring Festival, I also liquidated the Nasdaq index of US stocks. Although it was an afterthought, the above operations seem to be correct now and helped me avoid this round of plunge. I currently mainly hold semiconductors and mixed bases, with a total position of a little more than 50%, and the maximum daily loss is no more than 2.5%. For me, it is completely acceptable to fall for such a long time. A year later, the group stocks collapsed. After the plunge began, I did not increase the position immediately, but adopted a wait-and-see attitude. After a week of falling, I continued to increase the position. The increase was not large, and I still increased the position by wait-and-see and a small increase. Strategy. But no one thought that the panic in the market would last for so long, and the expected rebound would not come. If I want to say that I am still dissatisfied with the previous operation, it is that I reduced my position on the last day before the Spring Festival. At that time, three reasons for tightening monetary policy, high level of asset bubbles, and concerns about the impact of the external market on A shares during the Spring Festival were put forward, and a strategy to reduce positions was made. But at that time, regardless of the market atmosphere and the technical aspects of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, there was no signal to significantly reduce positions. Therefore, it is actually difficult to make the right choice. Today began to rebound, Shanxi Fenjiu daily limit, Moutai also stabilized, and the lithium battery sector continued to rise. Many small partners can recover a lot of blood today, and some people even bought a lot during this period, hoping for a new round of bull market to start. There will be a lot of comments on the Internet advising you to insist on fixed investment, long-term holding, or to reveal the latest income, and even more to persuade college students to buy funds to manage wealth, so as to realize the freedom of wealth. In this regard, we must maintain a clear-headed and calm mind. No matter what others say, don’t forget the possible risks in the frenetic fund atmosphere, and make your own decisions and operations based on market conditions and your own risk tolerance. I have always said that for ordinary investors, earning is the most important thing, and the most important thing is that the income is safe. If you don’t make money for a long time, or even lose your capital, it is very uneconomical.

8 months ago

The fund went from skyrocketing to plummeting. Have you become a leek today? At the beginning of 2021, the stock market was extremely hot. At the beginning of the year, the newly issued funds of some companies were rushed to the market. Topics related to funds appeared on Weibo hot searches, not only on Zhihu, Douban, b station, etc. The major platforms have caused extensive discussions. At the same time, it also attracted many novices born in the 90s and 95s to the fund. After the Spring Festival, the stock market experienced a wave of sharp declines, and many funds Xiaobai said that they could not afford to hurt. “Fund fandomization” is the pros or cons. With the enthusiasm of fund buying, the fund’s money-making effect is reflected. Some fund managers with outstanding performance have a large number of “fans”, and even those who have a fanpop on Weibo A series of rice circle behaviors, such as super chatting, checking in, and so on. The fund’s exit from the circle has undoubtedly expanded its popularity and allowed more funds to flow into the capital market, but at the same time it has also led to many investors blindly following the trend and lacking awareness of the risks that exist in the market. I have to say that the risk of fund investment is still quite large. , Investment analysis pays attention to strategy and also has some investment knowledge. A-shares continue to fall sharply, and the “leeks” gather together. The market is ultimately unchanged. If there is a rise, there will be a fall. The rise and fall of the stock market is determined by many factors. We must analyze not only from the fundamentals, but also from the technical perspective. At the same time, value determines the price. The valuation of a stock is related to its own company’s current development status and future development expectations. When the rising price does not match its own value, it will inevitably be called back. Today’s stock market is like this. After a surge in the market at the beginning of the year, after the Spring Festival, because the stock market does not match the current development situation, a wave of decline will inevitably occur. Some fund novices, due to their own lack of investment knowledge and experience, will blindly follow the trend, chase the rise and kill the fall, leading to losses. The current situation of many young people today is that they are shrinking and dieting in their lives, but they do not spare any effort to buy funds. The editor hereby reminds that the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious. In addition, use spare money for investment! Blindly following the trend is a big taboo, and insisting on fixed investment is the truth. In the stock market, it is extremely irrational to blindly follow the trend to chase the rise and kill the fall. Such an approach will only bring losses to investors. For fund investment, unlike stock investment, there are many types of funds, and different fund types have different risks. Funds are essentially fund managers helping us invest. This is indeed a more convenient and trouble-free financial management method for investors. However, the fund is suitable for long-term investment. Through fixed investment to diversify risks and amortize costs, for the Chinese stock market, the market is a long-term volatile upward trend. Investors need not panic when the market drops. Adhere to long-term fixed investment. Generally speaking, it is still profitable. .

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