Whenever they talk about Feng Xiaogang, netizens always jokingly call it “Feng Pants”. As if we were a head taller than him. But it was the same as the other great teacher who was ridiculed by everyone. Feng Xiaogang has come to today through his personal efforts. I have watched a documentary about Feng Xiaogang. It was taken in 2000. It seems to be called “Feng Xiaogang’s Day”. It’s a good shot. At the beginning of the film, Feng Xiaogang drove off and chatted with the director. “In this industry, some people, because of their parents, make them, as long as they spend a third of their effort, they can achieve very good results. Like me and Zhang Yimou, they are born to be killed by themselves.” After he finished speaking, he seemed to be again. Afraid of offending people, he added: “Of course, some of them are indeed talented.” Then Feng Xiaogang went to the dance academy to cast roles and went to the studio to discuss the script. During the break between work, Feng Xiaogang revealed why he had to do everything by himself, “Why are you busy because you have no sense of security. I dare not refuse others. When I was young, I was not valued by others. What is good is not necessarily my turn. So. Very eager for results.”
In the afternoon, Feng Xiaogang went to the General Administration for a meeting. At the meeting, the chairman praised Feng Xiaogang for his outstanding performance at the box office. It caused dissatisfaction with another director, He Qun. It is an unfair act to claim that Feng Xiaogang’s films have local protection measures, and he asks Feng Xiaogang to make a statement. Feng Xiaogang himself always laughed on the side, and in the end he didn’t dare to give an attitude.
The above dialogue is very helpful to figure out Feng Xiaogang’s character. On the one hand, it is the arrogant ambition to succeed, on the other hand, it is the inferiority derived from the family. For many years, Chinese movies have always been talked about by the children of the powerful and powerful in Beijing, so grass-headed people like Feng Xiaogang will have to do the scandal of flattery and flattery if they want to get ahead. And the reason why he wants to put away his ambitions and serve Wang Shuo, Ye Jing and others with tea and water is not to admire their talents, but is simply forced. When he started the era of Chinese New Year blockbuster films and had his own resources in his hands, he would inevitably be a little overwhelmed. In the end, the old eldest brothers were fired up. After revealing his shortcomings, our group of netizens laughed, Feng Xiaogang, it turns out that you are such a thing. In fact, how do people think of him, how can a person like Feng Xiaogang not know. For so many years, the big brothers laughed at him ugly, laughed at him greedy, laughed at him, he can bear it. But when we laugh at him, why should he bear it?
Feng Xiaogang looked down on others, and others looked down on him. This led to a stalemate, and Feng Xiaogang wanted to prove that he was not just a commercial film director, but also a big artist. As a result, he gave up on the commercial front that he had held for many years. I filmed the set number, the Tangshan Earthquake, 1942. I am not Pan Jinlian and other films, so I still want to take a breath. In fact, it’s strange to say that those of us who are flattering leaders and inferior to power in real life all day long will not laugh at those three-point talented second generation ancestors, but will laugh at Feng Xiaogang. The Chinese people’s fear of power is evident. To this day, we all think that having privileges is shameless, and that people who are suffering deserve to be incapable. This has led to the fact that we want to be like Feng Xiaogang, and hate being like that. In fact, Feng Xiaogang has something ridiculous. In order to make a movie, he had a heart attack several times and almost died on the set. Have stuck to it to this day. When he gets old, he wants to make a thankless film. If you say he is purely for fame and fortune, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Compared to those second generations who occupy the pit and can’t pull the shit, Comrade Xiaogang seems to be really sorry for Chinese movies. For the time being, we think that it is because of success and fame, Feng Xiaogang’s heart is left with the noble desire to contribute to Chinese films.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

how to say? It’s just that the current Spring Festival file has changed a lot from before. The audience has changed. It’s a business issue. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get the Spring Festival file or don’t have a New Year movie. After all, this is not a movie. If you can’t say that the Lunar New Year stalls are more profitable for their own things, then they won’t be. In Feng Xiaogang’s own words, when Zhang Yimou and the others were making art films, he was making money in New Year films. Now he has enough money, and he is not young, so he wants to shoot something he wants to shoot. I personally think this is a more real idea of ​​Feng Xiaogang, because many directors have capital and fame, they are more willing to show their artistic pursuits, I believe that if Feng Xiaogang still wants to make comedy, I dare not say so. Especially successful, but not bad. After all, his level of directorship is obvious to all. Feng’s comedy is also in line with the taste of the Chinese mainland market. But now he wants to make an art film and wants to express and want his own film art. Then this is understandable. . This is like Lee Ang’s original film is very deliberate, artistic, and has a strong film aesthetics, but now people are willing to play special effects and technology, so this is the case.

7 months ago

Cui Yongyuan, Feng Xiaogang provoked this person who should not be provoked. Guo Degang didn’t dare to talk hard with Xiao Cui. Feng was equal to hitting the iron plate, and I have to say that Bingbing’s words also hit the muzzle of the gun, directly ruining his own future. Huayi was faced with a three-year loss-making delisting crisis, and encountered an epidemic again. The financial report is not good. Wang Zhongjun and Wang Zhonglei pledged most of their equity, and news of personal asset sales frequently broke out. The media used “Huayi only’brothers’ left” to describe their plight. Huayi Brothers was once the first domestic film and television stock, and its market value in 2015 was approaching 90 billion. Four years later, in 2019, the share price of Huayi Brothers fell to 3.21 yuan, and its market value fell below 9 billion yuan, a shrinkage of more than 90%. In 2013, the movie “1942” was not popular, causing Huayi Brothers to lose 1.3 billion in market value in two days. The multi-business transformation of Huayi Brothers, in addition to investing in Palmy Technology to bring huge returns, most of the subsequent investments did not meet expectations. After 2015, in addition to the two big hits of “Fang Hua” and “Predecessor 3: Goodbye to the Ex”, follow-ups include “Di Renjie: The Four Heavenly Kings”, “The Children of the Rivers and Lakes”, “Fatty Action Team”, “Yunnan Worm Valley” and other movie box office reputations. Very bleak. In addition, Feng Xiaogang, who has supported half of the Huayi Brothers, is also old. He is no longer the man who made movies at his peak. In 2019, the two important films of Huayi Brothers, “Eight Hundred” and “Mobile Phone 2”, were withdrawn and filming stopped due to various sensitive issues. Just one “Only Yun Knows” is still very popular. The failure of Huayi Brothers’ multi-line strategy has led to many artists leaving and becoming independent. In order to trouble the company due to the exodus problem, Huayi used a high premium to acquire celebrity cooperating companies to bundle the resources of artists and directors, resulting in huge losses. The release of “Eight Hundreds” is indeed a key part of Huayi Brothers’ “self-help”. Calculated with an investment cost of 500 million, the box office of “Eight Bai” is 1.5 billion. In the end, with a box office of 3.1 billion, it not only won the word of mouth, but also let Huayi Brothers breathe a breath after a long absence. Guan Hu was equivalent to taking the baton from Feng Xiaogang and giving Huayi a shot in the heart. The scenery faded Feng Xiaogang, with the gradual increase in age, coupled with the influence of the storm on word-of-mouth, it seems that it will be difficult to deliver the New Year’s film that has both word-of-mouth and box office every year as before.

7 months ago

Here I am going to steal a wave of about twelve. Three years ago, the views of famous film critics on “Watching Movies”, or criticisms, would not be exaggerated. Feng Xiaogang can never become a master, but he is always on the way to become a master! Now it seems that this sentence is still very correct. In my opinion, his pinnacle work is not the so-called New Year’s film such as “Party A and Party B”, “Where to See You”, but “The Story of the Editorial Department. These movies are nothing more than movie versions of skit-style sitcoms, or extensions. You see that all his movies are fragmentary burdens, and the main line is very weak. In other words, he can only tell a short story of ten minutes, not a big story of 140 minutes. I think he knows this too, so after “Mobile”, he always wanted to try to describe a relatively grand humanistic theme, but the following “A World Without Thieves” Mr. Feng couldn’t hold back it. On the whole, Very progressive work, abruptly inserted in a paragraph: fight! hit? Rob! Seen alone, it seems to be very warm and lively! In fact, if you are more confident, don’t do this. Although the whole movie lacks a smile, the protagonist’s self-salvation has been strengthened a lot, at least not weakened. At least when the audience looks back, they will not only think of Fan Wei’s facial makeup. The performance, don’t you think? This is actually a very unconfident performance. I always want to make a masterpiece that is famous for taking pictures. I also know where the mistakes are, but I dare not completely abandon my original craftsmanship. What is the investor’s requirement? I don’t think so. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Director Feng was in control of most of the resources of Chinese movies at that time, and he could do it in his own temper. Knowing that the dazzling clips have affected the rhythm of the whole movie and weakened the main line, but I always want to please the audience. It’s like you obviously want to have a break with your ex-girlfriend, but you just want to break the connection. Isn’t this just twisting? If you want to be a master, you must do subtraction, but you don’t dare to really reduce it all. In the later period of Director Feng’s film, you will find that the scheduling of his set, the emotional mobilization of the actors, and the control of the details, I dare not say that it is the ranks of the first-class directors, at least 80 points or more. However, the overall story is still very choppy and not convincing enough. The problem is still the original one. Although there is no sketchy scene, the plot is always distracted. Perhaps in Director Feng’s view, as long as the camera does not leave the protagonist, the main line will be clear. There are a lot of stories that can’t be told, but they are still added. In the final analysis, the most typical case where the subtraction is not done well is the “Assembly Number”. There are enough tears and brotherhood in front of it, but I have to go to the Korean battlefield to rescue an artillery division commander, even if this is the real protagonist. Experience, we can make choices when creating, right? It’s better to slowly take pictures of how he planed one by one. There is no drama conflict, but the effect may be better. Dramatic conflict is not the only way to express it, and white space may be more aftertaste. Even if it stopped abruptly, there was always a strong incomplete beauty. So my answer has nothing to do with the title. I just feel that it is a pity that such a good resource is so good. If I could allocate a little to those young directors! Director Feng, what do you think?

7 months ago

Feng Xiaogang lost money in 1942, which made Feng Xiaogang sad. A great book that can retain its name in the history of Chinese film, but it can’t redeem the capital, and it’s still being scolded by a group of illiterate people. How can you make sense? Therefore, Feng Xiaogang complained to himself in the following private order, saying that he was tired of playing with vulgarity and had enough prizes. He wanted to play elegant, but he was poisoned. Feng Xiaogang satirized himself at the same time he satirized the film industry. I forgot the lines, which basically means that there are no good people in the film industry. Director Feng’s self-censorship actually showed that he was very unwilling and helpless. Director Feng has always looked down upon nonsensical farce, thinking that comedy has no connotation. On the other hand, the movie must have connotation. To put it bluntly, Director Feng believes that movies should be aesthetics. Even if it is a comedy movie, it has to be reasonable and has beautiful connotations. But the connotation of this beauty is less and less appreciated by the audience. This kind of social status cannot be called a tragedy. The tragedy is grand and solemn. It can only be called a tragedy. It is just a simple deconstruction without serious construction. The current Chinese film trend is like Hegel’s dialectical syllogism, affirmation, negation, and negation of negation. We are now in the second stage. We blindly deconstruct the classics, blindly deny authority, and are obsessed with all kinds of fragmented jokes, but there is no complete space for ourselves. Even some people especially like to use it as an authority to deny others, so-called, if the people like it, you are the oldest. Although the wording is crude, and the tone is arrogant, it also expresses the logic of the bad movie. The people’s liking is the reason, and the movie is the result. The result is necessarily smaller than the cause. The taste of the masses of the people is of course gorgeous and vulgar. If the aesthetics of the film is based on the masses of the people, and only pursues life but dare not to be higher than life, then the film must be bad. Director Feng used Li Chengru’s mouth to express his intention not to make New Year’s films anymore in the private order. To put it bluntly, sad.

7 months ago

From “Thailand” to this year’s “Li Huanying” box office explosion is the rise of the domestic economy and consumption level, not the level of comedy movies! Just like the unimaginable takeaway 10 years ago has become a daily phenomenon. If you want to compare the box office, compare the economy, wages and consumption level of the year with the box office of the year. It was a big deal for you to buy a mobile phone 15 years ago. Is it still? In fact, domestic comedy movies have regressed. Which of the so-called hot movies in recent years can surpass “Party A and Party B” and “A World Without Thieves” in terms of satire and humor, shooting aesthetics, storytelling, and artistic performance? Is there any comedy movie that can surpass Stephen Chow’s back then in terms of its amusement? Feng Xiaogang’s comedy films have cultural connotations, not only making you laugh, but also satirizing and implicating social phenomena. Compared with today’s domestic comedy movies, which are strong and happy, they are far from it! Feng Xiaogang can be said to be one of the rare domestic directors who balances business and art properly. Comedy movies have been leading the box office for many years, and drama movies have won many awards. With this achievement, the younger directors have surpassed and come back again! Winning once or twice doesn’t mean much, it’s really amazing to win many times!

7 months ago

Director Feng really couldn’t keep up with the times, and later he was full of hostility, fighting with netizens every day, this mentality is also difficult to create comedies, and Feng’s interest later turned to literary films, and he felt that he has nothing to do with it. Creativity, you let him remember the past, you let him talk about the present, he is really bad, especially he doesn’t understand young people’s life at all, no matter whether it is a dick or a white-collar worker, he used Ge You to represent a comedy in the past. Citizen group, when it comes to private order, although some young actors have been added, there is no description of young people at all, and neither knows nor wants to understand. After all, comedy needs to reach a relationship with young people. If it is fast to play, he is obviously not good. Compared with other great directors, director Feng’s creation dries up too quickly. Of course, it has a lot to do with his resolute refusal to reflect or accept new things.

7 months ago

Every successful literary and artistic creator will go through such a stage, which is the stage of success and fame. There are actually many people who have reached this stage, such as Liu Cixin, such as Jay Chou, such as Zhou Xingchi, such as Feng Xiaogang. From his obscurity to his success, there are various motivations such as fame, profit, external recognition, self-worth, etc., which promote him and allow him to create good works. However, once he reached this stage of success and fame, all of the above motivation disappeared all at once. If the original purpose of this person is not to really love his art, but to use art as a tool, the purpose is to achieve success. Then this person will probably not have any decent works anymore. And if this person takes this art as a lifelong pursuit, then he will continue to challenge himself after he is successful. It’s just that due to the decline in creativity and energy, it is difficult to achieve peak achievements. Such as Jackie Chan, such as Al Pacino. But there are also a few people who use their own experience and experience to supplement their lack of creativity and energy, and keep themselves at their peak forever. Such people will eventually become legends in their field. Such as Bob Dylan, such as Martin Scorsese, such as Woody Allen, such as George Ah Martin.

7 months ago

In the past, I wanted to make a serious film, but I was not treated by others and was not recognized and accepted by the mainstream film circle. I had to start anew. At that time, Chinese people did not have the habit of going to the cinema to watch movies, so they could only use this funny comedy to slowly cultivate. After so many years, I have already completed the accumulation of capital, contacts, qualifications, and resources are all available, so I can take my hands and feet to make movies that I want to like. So in 1993, he wanted to shoot “Reviewing the Past 1942”, but only officially started in 2011. I’ve seen many interviews with him a long time ago, and it probably means this. No matter what others think of him, in my heart Feng Xiaogang is the best director in mainland China! why? This person will not waste his talents, he can be flexible and capable in society, and can achieve the best effect of the work while compromising. When filming “If You Are the One”, he threw the cup angrily because of the need to plant a large number of sponsored advertisements in the film. Directing the Spring Festival Gala, faced with censorship and became angry: the artist’s judgment cannot be denied. The result is conceivable. In the end, he chose to compromise. The effect that was presented was definitely to arouse the audience’s resentment, but without compromise, you didn’t even have the opportunity to show your fists. He made Lunar New Year comedies, and the box office was good, and the story was good. He makes serious movies with diverse styles, which are worth exploring. The last time I watched “Only Yun Knows” on the Internet, I have been immersed in it and I can hardly extricate myself from it. This is what a good movie should look like. At the beginning, Zheng Yuanjie wrote some novels, but everyone still used the standards of children’s literature to read these works. In the end, they had no choice but to announce that these works must be published 100 years after his death. Some labels are too successful and it is difficult to remove them. People just want to make their favorite movies, but you have to say that they are old.

7 months ago

Every artist has a peak and a low period of creation, which is not shifted by human will. You can ask every writer why he doesn’t continue to write novels and why this work is not as good as the previous one. Feng Xiaogang is already an evergreen tree. The worst thing is that he became famous when he was young. The first or second work is a poet, writer, and artist at the pinnacle of art. In his later life, he has to face countless questions about himself, why is God only holding him for that period of time? The hand is writing in the painting in the guide. The second tragic thing is that life has been tossed for most of my life without accomplishing anything. I looked so coldly. As a result, I was about to retire. I made a mistake and made a big move. But those false names felt meaningless. I hate to be famous. Being able to shoot, write, and paint for a lifetime is already better than 99% of my colleagues in the world. I watched “Only Yun Knows” in the theater, and I sighed as I watched it. I sighed that Director Feng was finally reconciled with the world. I don’t want to twist it, I just want to shoot myself. But often only the people of Ningba, and only those with knots in their hearts, can have great works.

7 months ago

I don’t want to shoot anymore, I’m pursuing something different. Among directors of the same generation, let the audience choose movies that represent Feng Xiaogang, mostly like “Big Name” and “Party A and Party B”. Compared with Zhang Yimou’s “Red Sorghum”, Chen Kaige’s “Farewell My Concubine” appears to be “too grounded” in the film industry. But Feng Xiaogang’s art films, such as “Fanghua”, “Only Yun Knows” and “1942” are really bad. I feel that he has always wanted to make a decent award-winning work, a literary blockbuster. But he has not been satisfied, he is still working hard. In terms of the technical level of directors, Feng Xiaogang should be the weakest among directors of the same generation and the same grade, which limits him a lot. This one has to learn from Chen Kaige.

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