Any hero will do. Buy an auxiliary gem, so you can get 5 gold coins every three seconds, which is 3/5 gold coins per second. There are 86400 seconds in a day. That day is 144000 gold coins. Let’s not discuss the value of gold coins. , Because the size and purity of the gold coin is unknown, and the gold price trend is unpredictable. Even if he is 144,000 yuan a day, divide 100 million by 144,000, which is about 695 days. That is to say, you don’t have to do anything, and the debt will be paid off automatically within two years. , As for what skills to choose, just leave it to your own mood. If you want to pay off your debts quickly, you can choose Cheng Yaojin, go to the nurse’s station to open a big move and donate blood, the golden legend, it’s so comfortable and eloquent, you can choose Cai Wenji, Ming Shiyin, Yang Yuhuan, and Bian Que can fool others to donate blood. You can add Sun Bin next to you, but you have to keep looking at the blood. It is always difficult to steal money if you can’t eat your eyes. King Lanling Once there is an unusual action, it will be obvious to keep the contract, you have to carry the money bag and keep sticking to the wall, then in case you have to cross the road, how to make it? In my opinion, it is better to use Da Qiao, directly face the money bag and put it back into the city. Ok, if you choose Agudo, you can go to work in the circus. Yang Jian can also perform a dog-to-human trick, and Zhang Fei can also perform a pooping orangutan Naklulu. Even if Mamahaha wants to curse Zhen Ji, She has a lot of water, so you can consider going to Japan. I mean to go to some arid areas in Japan to fight drought. Don’t think about strange things.



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7 months ago

Smaller, the pattern is smaller. I choose Jiang Ziya’s passive. Provide 25 experience to teammates every ten seconds, and experience increases with hero level. Let’s take it literally. Ten seconds, that is, ten seconds in reality. 25 experience (increasing level by level), according to the 15th level full level experience in the game (searched for a post at station b) about 12,500 points (only a lot more), even if each level does not increase, the level can be reached in 5000 seconds. Experience, literally, is just experience, that is, memory. What is the concept of 5000 seconds? 1.39 hours. What is the concept of full level? It can be regarded as reaching the pinnacle of this teammate’s basic attribute state, using experience to give full play to the full potential of his life. Teammate, usually refers to the collaborators in a common team, people other than yourself in the group formed to achieve a common purpose. In other words, you are an accountant, and so am I. After we have worked together for 1.39 hours, we can both go After taking various accounting certificates, CPA and Acca can do anything at will, and full marks are guaranteed. And no matter which company you throw it in, you will get started instantly, and the experience is so good. You are a soldier, and so am I. Let’s go to the actual combat exercise together. After 1.39 hours, please call us the king of soldiers. Due to the definition of teammates, I can join any professional and professional team at will. Even due to game restrictions, the number of teams cannot exceed 5 at the same time. The next step depends on how the country operates. Enter D, enter Group D, transfer to Group D*N… Enter the Association, Enter the Special Forces, Enter the Medical School, Enter the Research Group… 4 top-notch majors in each specialty are born every 1.39 hours. I go to work 8 hours a day and take a rest on weekends (don’t touch 996 or something illegal, I don’t take a break and others still rest), every two hours there is 0.61 hours of rest + personnel transfer + material preparation time. 16 top experts are trained every day, 250 working days this year, about 4,000 people with the same level as Yuan Longping, Deng Jiaxian, and Zhong Nanshan appear every year. The most extreme non-stop situation can train 25246.08 people every year. At that time, training tasks will be given priority in the fields of zz, military, medical, scientific research, etc. according to the principle of importance. My social interaction will be strictly controlled. My physical and mental health will be properly taken care of. My descendants will be closely guarded and tested for possible inherited traits. My life will be extended as much as possible. This involves the definition of life and death. It may be a good attempt to save a cancer cell that will never die to see if it can succeed. But by then, it doesn’t matter anymore. Twenty years, at most 500,000 top experts, and me, a super monster who has learned all the professional knowledge of mankind, how much change can I make to this world?

7 months ago

Daji, the skill of charm is the magical skill. If you are in a hurry, then you will be willing to transfer money to you, and the transaction with the transfer agreement is clean. There is no safe company from the beginning and the end to find a big boss, and the charm of the employees will show you along the way. Go to the boss and talk about the project. Do business steadily, but you will never be rejected. Isn’t it safe for you to do business, do business, whoever you want to cooperate with, whoever you want to cooperate with, just open whatever conditions you want As long as you negotiate with you on any terms, it’s a matter of being personal, and you can just keep your words, you are not tired of tossing about what Taiyi and what you keep the contract.

7 months ago

Liu Bang controls the battlefield, provides defense for designated teammates and teleports to the teammates, the world’s number one bodyguard. King Lanling’s shadow attack, can be invisible, the world’s number one killer. Bian Que is the master of life and the world’s number one genius doctor. Sun Ce sails through the waves and is the world’s number one sea king. Yuange Secret Skill Shadow, the world’s number one juggling king. Taiyi real person became alive, the world’s first circus. Daqiao Vortex Gate, the world’s first express delivery. The world’s number one never loses money, this is the three hundred and sixty line, the top pick!

7 months ago

I chose Baili’s invisibility mainly because I’m lazy, I can automatically invisible as soon as I lean against a wall, and it also has an acceleration effect, which can save energy for other things. Some people in the comments have been comparing my Anal Lanling King’s invisibility. Baili keeps the contract better. Of course, I know that King Lanling’s invisibility is better than Baili’s compliance. There is no outline and the risk of being discovered in the real world is very low, but he has to keep meowing, tired! I choose the ability to keep the contract and find a place against the wall to sleep and stay invisible. Do I have to stay invisible to the Lanling King to avoid debt collection by not going to bed all night? I consider the problem based on the real world combined with my own factors. There are always people who use game settings to analize me, saying that the skills I choose are not good enough. Okay, as long as you are happy.

7 months ago

Li Xin’s big move, a special transformation, the contemporary superman is me. Athena was passive, what she wanted to do after she died, of course, you can’t touch others, and the same people can’t touch you, and you will be seen by others. It doesn’t really matter whether you can speak. Biting gold is passive, the lower the blood volume, the higher the damage. When I am about to die, I will fight with the world boxing champion. You have to understand that there is no skill in the face of absolute power, and one punch will be the flying boxing champion. Although I am dead today, I am also the strongest man! If you want to become famous earlier, you can use Guan Yu to passively. I remember that when the speed reaches a certain amount, you can enter the charging state. Isn’t it good to train to run the Olympics? Luban’s second skill, although it doesn’t work well in the game, I ask you if you are afraid of the global missiles every ten seconds? Anti-missile is not necessarily useful. Nuwa’s big move, for the same reason, this time around the earth directly, and finally give it to myself, cooling for up to 30 seconds. Da Qiao’s second skill, Jack Ma, who is dying of old age, do you need this Chinese doctor or this American doctor, or my second skill? Liu Bangsan skills, online dating partner, I’m here! Liu Bang Express, arrived in three seconds! Ma Chao’s second skill, a gun falling from the sky, penetrates you from your head. Genghis Khan is a skill, aha, you are actually discussing how to start a war? Report, report! Bodhidharma’s big move, you asked me to fight in this alley? Yi Xing zooms in, don’t let them run away. (The other one with a debt of 100 million) Zhang Liang’s big move, I want to instill the truth of words into your mind! With the Baili 2 skill, only heroes can block my bullets. Of course, ordinary people like you are penetrated like wild monsters! Gongsun Liyi skill, scary and necessary, hey, I jumped over, and I’m leaving again. The monarch in the cloud is passive, and everything in the world, what makes me unable to pass through? Bothered Shield Mountain. Meng Ya’s big move, sir, are you still short of people here? Meng Tian’s big move, as my soldier, you must first learn to massage me. Hey, right there. With one skill, Sun Bin throws one at you in five seconds. I don’t think you are angry. Mozi’s second skill, hehehehahaha, be careful next door Pharaoh. Sikongzhen’s big move, is this the power of the gods? Kai’s big trick, what did you say upstairs? Di Renjie’s second skill, I don’t think he is more suitable for backhanding. Imagine you are knocked out. At this time, because you have Di Renjie’s second skill, your eyes are dark and there is a button (second skill). Click on you When he woke up, no one other than Zhuang Zhou could compare to him. Zhen Ji’s second skill, exclusive skill for group fights. The second skill, will there be a wife sitting on my hand when I release the skill. Yuange puppet, when you open the door, you will ask yourself if you are afraid. As for how to pay off the debt of 100 million, please feel free to make up for it.

7 months ago

Real Taiyi, keeping the promise or anything is too much trouble. My suggestion is to choose the first skill of Brother Yuan and put a puppet. There is no time limit for a puppet. The released puppet imitates your creditor, and then let the puppet kill the creditor, and then the puppet creditor transfers all the creditor’s assets to you. The puppet takes drugs in public and is caught in prison, commits suicide in the prison, and then takes the puppet back. There is no one in this world that you can’t afford, because you are him! If it is owed to the bank, just find a rich person and repeat the above steps.

7 months ago

Athena’s Passivity: After death, it exists as a spirit body and can wander everywhere [For me, it’s good to be a lonely ghost, a value of 100 million] Sun Bin’s second skill: Looking back in time, 40% damage reduction [Mapping to reality probably Can live for many years (delay aging), and if the emergency does not die in the first time, the injury can be reduced by 40% (severely ill patient friendly)] Taiyi Passive: [Mapping to reality is probably a trade union to get a tip, better than normal 15% more income] Su Lie’s passive: [Initially mortal, it can be restored to 70% of the full state. The disadvantage is that someone needs to be around or the fatal threat cannot be a continuous attack, and there is a cooling cd] Taiyi’s big move: [Similar to Su Lie’s passive, but death must be predicted in advance, and can only be restored to 50%] Zhuang Zhou’s passive: enter the dream state every 6 seconds, automatically remove all negative states and increase movement speed [almost equivalent to not aging Sick, the disadvantage is that entering dreams every 6 seconds is mapped to reality similar to conscious sleepwalking? 】Passive: close to the edge of buildings and terrain and increase the speed of movement [very suitable for special occupations, but the king of Lanling will have warning and will show up after a long time, many do not explain] Shen Mengxi’s bomb: [State and terrorist organizations Talents like you are needed] There are also various heroes’ displacement and teleport skills that are quite affordable, and elemental attack skills (freeze and fireball, etc.) are also cost-effective.

7 months ago

In fact, at the beginning, I was still wondering if there is any skill like LeBlanc in the League of Legends, who owes another 100 million. . . There is a question, if I have king skills, what are the others? Is it a hero or a soldier? That’s the only one who has the skills, so the rest of you are pawns, brothers! Therefore, both Liu Bang and Nezha are not easy to use. Choose Nuwa? It’s not good, it’s better to come to a bicycle Taiyi is passive, you can’t choose a Taiyi to pay off debts for debt, you can only rely on traffic to pay back the money first, or be invited to drink tea and do important things. The skills of most of the heroes in Glory of Kings are more pragmatic. Even if it’s the bells and whistles of Xiao Qiao, at most you are a drama seller. When you post it to the Internet, people treat you as a pupil with special effects, just like the laser eye that is very popular on the Internet. One kind. So, choose Donghuang big trick, let others owe one hundred million

7 months ago

The second skill of the little salted egg is not to mention anything else. It’s nothing but a creation out of thin air. They are all missiles. You must not become the ultimate guest. The flying distance of this missile is still infinite for a few seconds. An intercontinental missile will ask if you are afraid or fly in a straight line. Never yaw, and the speed of this missile will increase with the distance of travel. You can see obvious speed changes in half of the Canyon of the Kings. It spans half of the earth. This kinetic energy will stimulate you to sit at home and demolish the Pentagon for you. Creditor ? What creditor? Launching into outer space is even more terrible. A few light-years away, not to mention approaching the speed of light, is not much difference. A dark forest strike in a few seconds. What is a god-level civilization (tactical backward) You are the swordsman of the entire universe.

7 months ago

1: Taiyi is passive. It is not easy to go to the stock market to make a hundred million. However, this passive is too buggy, and you may lose your freedom and be made a vegetative. 2: Big Joe’s second skill, send home full of people. I don’t know if it can be cured, at least all kinds of serious injuries can be treated, or whether it is a group skill. Payback is also fast. This skill is mainly used to treat injuries. As long as the charges are reasonable and protected by the state, there is no problem in living a normal life. It is easy to be called to work overtime in the middle of the night. 3: Liu Bang’s big move, there is no distance limit, the CD is super short, first be friends with an astronaut, and then you can transport some small supplies to the sky indefinitely. Isn’t the state giving me a salary of 100 million yuan too much? Since this skill can escape at any time, it must be teleported by a teammate. It cannot be used to do too dangerous things. It is protected by the state and there is no problem in living a normal life. 4: Shield Mountain is passive, helping to repair ancient buildings. It is not too difficult to earn one hundred million, and it has no strategic value. As long as you join a government department, it is not a big problem to live a normal life as a worker. highly recommended. Finally: Nuwa transmission has a distance limit. Taiyi’s resurrection skills need to know when they die in advance, and it seems that they cannot increase their lifespan. It is not very meaningful to resurrect on the spot and have a CD. All kinds of offensive skills don’t matter, a skill can’t even kill an individual, so it’s useless. Just forget about the skills that are gaining oneself, it is difficult to earn one hundred million back. Think of so much for the time being.

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